The Milk Shortage

The Milk Shortage

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



In a world where cows have gone extinct women are forced to contribute their milk to the world to provide for cereal and coffee... But what happens in the milk collection centers?


In a world where cows have gone extinct women are forced to contribute their milk to the world to provide for cereal and coffee... But what happens in the milk collection centers?


Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2015



It had happened all at once, the cows had started dying. The scientists still were not really sure what had caused them all to die, but whatever it was had struck quickly and had eradicated nearly all of them before anyone knew what was happening. At first people made due, the loss of steak and beef was crippling to the economy but it was the loss of the milk that really did most of the people in. Of course many people switched to the alternatives, soy milk, or any of the various other substitutes, but it just wasn't the same. People needed milk.

What happened next occurred so quickly that like the death of the cows it was over before people really knew it had started. The American's passed a law requiring that all women submit to be milked on a regular basis, and shortly after all of the countries around the world followed suit. There were riots of course, but they were swiftly put down, and people came to see that if they wanted milk for their breakfasts, their coffee, their tea, than this was simply the only way.


Sia was mortified. She had only just turned 21 and was on her way to her first official milking. She had practiced with the home kits, like women were expected to, so that she knew what to expect, but she still had butterflies in her stomach. They always sent people out to the woman's house for the first milking, to make sure that she showed up, and she knew that she would be chained and subdued the first time. But she also knew that they would be gentle, and if she didn't resist and went along with it then they wouldn't subdue her the next time. She knew what happened to the women who resisted... She had seen the videos, met the women, some of them had lurid bruises from the restraints, and if you really acted up they tattooed you with the resisters mark, meaning you would be chained for life.

She got to the milking facility, lucky for her it was only a short distance away, and she was escorted to one of the changing rooms. For some reason she didn't really understand women were expected to be naked for the milking procedure. She slipped out of her clothing, just a simple sun dress since she had known what to expect, and slipped on the metal collar she was handed by one of the guards. She shuddered as it closed with a click around her neck, echoing in the small room with a sound of finality. She tried not to notice the way the guards looked her up and down, their eyes lingering on her expansive breasts. She had heard that sometimes the guards in the facility would have sex with the first timers. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. On the one hand she didn't really want her first time to be chained to a rack while she was being milked, but on the other the drugs they gave women to make them lactate played hell on their sex drives and she was horny as hell. Her parents were fundamentalists and forbid her to have sex before marriage, even masturbaiting was forbidden. So she supposed that this might be a chance to get fucked for once.

They escorted her to the milking room, a small wooden room with a metal rack bolted to the floor in the center, a farm grade milking machine off to one side. She watched as another woman was dragged kicking and screaming down the hall, the resistors mark tattooed across her breasts. The sounds of milking came from the other rooms nearby, some accompanied by moans of pleasure, others by moans of pain. She had heard that some women enjoyed the milking procedure, especially since the chemicals really made their breasts swell. The guards gently nudged her, encouraging her to approach the rack. Shackles hung down at foot level and as she stepped up to the rack one of the guards knelt down to secure her legs. She shivered a bit as the cold steel circled her ankle and the guard gave her a sympathetic look. She was made to bend over partly, resting against the metal bar just above her hips, and her collar was secured to another bar. Lastly she placed her arms behind her back and they were secured there by an additional pair of cuffs one of the guards produced from his belt.

She shuddered again as the sound of machinery filled the air as one of the guards activated the milking machine. The other gently massaged her breasts, ostensibly to get her milk flowing, although he looked like he enjoyed it as well. She shivered as she felt herself start to get aroused. Even before the monthly shots that had started her lactation and caused her breasts to grow and swell she had always enjoyed having her breasts played with. She would secretly bring herself close to orgasm in the seclusion of the shower where her parents couldn't keep track of her. She bit her lip to hold back a moan at the guards manipulations of her sensitive breasts and was only partially successful. She hung her head a little as the guard smirked at her with a knowing look. The machinery on and tested the ends were attached to the tips of her breasts, immediately suctioning them on.

She gasped a little at the sensation, so much like the home kit she had used before, but stronger by far. Her milk immediately started flowing into the machine, which consumed it with hungry slurps.

She had expected the guards to leave once she was secured and hooked up to the machine, but only one of them left the room. The guard who had been massaging her breasts closed the door behind his partner and looked at her with undisguised lust in his eyes. She supposed that everything she had heard about what they did to first timers was probably true. Her body shook again, but this time not in fear but in lust, she felt her pussy start to moisten as the thought of the large, well muscled guard pounding into her sensitive cunt filled her head. Another moan struggled to escape her mouth as the combination of the machine sucking greedily at her breasts and her erotic fantasies combined to fill her with a raging storm of lust.

er mind continued to fill her with lustful and wicked images as the guard approached her. He circled behind her and she struggled to turn her head to watch him, but her collar held her fast. She heard the rustle of cloth and then a wholly unexpected sound. The buzzing sound of a vibrator. She felt his hand caress her ass, trailing down her thigh before rising up between her legs. His index finger slipped easily between the lips of her pussy, already sopping wet with her desire to be fucked. She moaned at the sudden intrusion of the rogue digit and heard him chuckle in response.

"You enjoy that huh?" he asked

"Yes sir..." she said in what she hoped was a submissive tone of voice rather than one filled with lust, she didn't want to appear to eager after all.

"Good, it will be easier this way. Saves me the effort of getting a ball gag on you too!" he laughed.

The tip of the vibrator followed the same trail his finger had, caressing the side of her ass before trailing down one side of her thigh and rising up between her legs. She jumped as though she had been hit with an electric shock when the powerful vibrations stimulated her clit. She moaned loudly in response.

"Women seem to give more milk if they cum while they are hooked up." The guard commented in an offhand kind of way. "Suits most of us just fine that way too, call it a perk of the job..." he finished

The vibrator slipped its way inside her pussy, stretching her walls to accept the plastic invader. The powerful vibrations corsed through her body and mixed with the sensation of the machine, which continued to suck on the tips of her breasts. She came instantly and explosively. She shook and rattled in the machine as the orgasm rocked through her body, leaving her limp and helpless in her wake. She could see that just as the guard had predicted the milk flow had increased as she had cum. The guard however was relentless, driving the enormous black vibrator deeper into her waiting pussy before shifting it around in an effort to locate her g spot. She experienced another explosive orgasm as he succeeded. She cried out, her pleasure overpowering the sound of the machine stealing the milk from her breasts and echoed down the hall, joining the chorus of pleasure and pain that permeated the building.

She heaved a sigh as the vibrator was pulled from her tired hole, half in relief and half in disappointment. Her body wasn't used to such a workout, since she had been forbidden to masturbate at home and had never orgasmed before. She was, however, surprised with the sound of a zipper reacher her ears.

"You had yours... now I can have mine..." The guard whispered in her ear "Don't worry honey, you will enjoy this just as much"

Her heart raced in her chest, threatening to drown out everything else in the room. So loud was the pounding that she was sure they must have been able to hear it down the room. Although she was tired from cumming so explosively in such short succession she was eager to finally lose her virginity. The synthetic cock had done its work well but nothing matched the real thing. She also knew if she got pregnant, and it was a girl, she would get a huge stipend from the government, girls were always needed for the milk effort.

She felt him rubbing his cock back and forth over the lips of her pussy before he slid it inside of her. She moaned as he thrust inside. In that moment she went from girl to woman, the last vestiges of her childhood gone with the thrust of a cock. She tried to position her hips to meet his next thrust but the rack held her tight. She moaned in frustration, eager to be used a bit more forcefully and a little less gently.

"Harder" she moaned.

"What?" He asked, a mixture of amusement and surprise in his tone.

"Please fuck me harder sir..." she moaned more loudly.

"Ask and you shall receive." he laughed.

She cried out in surprise as he slapped her ass playfully, leaving behind a red handprint on her ass, but he obliged her request and his cock slammed into her with more force, rocking the rack on its bolts, making a sound like an animal rattling its cage. She yearned to be free so that she could get fucked properly, but some part of her reveled in not having a choice, in being used like an animal.

His pace increased and she struggled to brace herself against his savage assault on her pussy. All at once a wave of molten cum exploded inside her pussy, causing her to thrash and scream as she exploded into her own orgasm in response to his, stronger than any of the ones she had experienced so far. She was half aware of his cock sliding free of her hole, a thin trickle of cum leaking down her leg and dripping onto the floor beneath her. She hardly responded as he slapped her ass again and complimented her for having a "grade A cunt". Her mind was foggy as her body recovered. She slowly regained her sense of awareness as an alarm sounded in the room, signaling the end of her milking procedure. She sighed in relief as the equipment was removed from her breasts and she was freed from her restraints. She was looking forward to coming back here next month, though of course she would never tell anyone that. She wondered if she could request to be put back in the rack again...

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