Passion's Discovery

Passion's Discovery

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A story about Christine and the rediscovery of her passion after a sexless marriage


A story about Christine and the rediscovery of her passion after a sexless marriage

Chapter1 (v.1) - Rediscovering Passion

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A story about Christine and the rediscovery of her passion after a sexless marriage

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 16, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 16, 2015



Christine rolled over in bed staring longingly at her husband. She could see the gentle swell of his cock through the sheets and she wanted it inside of her.

She nudged him playfully, trying to get his attention

"So what is a hot guy like you doing in a place like this?" Christine asked, doing her best to make her voice sultry and inviting

"ha ha" Alex said opening one eye to look at her, sleep still heavy on his face. "Why are you waking me up so early? I don't have to be up for another 20 min."

"I thought we could have some fun, I see part of you is very alert this morning." she said glancing at his cock.

"Not today, I have a presentation in the office to give and I need to focus on that." he said. He rolled over again resting for a moment before sitting up and making his way ploddingly over to the closet for a change of clothes and then out of the room.

She stared longingly as he left, frustrated again over his lack of interest.

After nearly 13 years of marriage their love life simply was not all that it was cracked up to be in the bedroom. Although they loved each other dearly, and had two wonderful children to show for it, their sex simply was not what had been. Once a passionate and rowdy affair, their love life had taken a decidedly mechanical turn as the pressures of work and family life left them both drained by the end of the day. Various efforts had been tried, costumes, toys, even some light bondage had been introduced in order to try and spice things up. But in the end nothing had really worked and they had dropped off to having sex around once a month and on special occasions, and even those occasions were usually brisk and uneventful.

She was sexually frustrated and she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do about it anymore. In every other way that mattered her husband was virtually perfect. He cleaned the house and provided for the family, he was even amazing with the kids, he just didn't seem like he was interested in having sex with her anymore. Alone in bed Christine decided to get some satisfaction of her own, something that had become a bit more of a routine lately than she cared to admit. She slid her hand down under the flimsy dress that she wore to bed,  and finding the spot between her legs she rubbed her fingers back and forth along the tender flesh of her aroused slit. She moaned quietly at the stimulation to her long neglected pussy. Although her husband wasn't interested lately she had always prided herself on her hygiene and she kept herself free of hair below her head. She thrilled at the touch on the smooth skin and the moisture that was already gathering there under her skilled touch.

In her minds eye she pictured her husbands hands on her instead of her own, his hands on her flesh, sliding up her shirt and grasping her breasts in passion desperate to have her in his arms again as he once had. Christine had always loved the feeling of his hands on her breasts and her nipples quickly reacted to the stimulation of her hands, rising and hardening under her fingers as she teased and manipulated them.The  fingers in her pussy increased their speed, sliding up and down her sensitive slit before diving inside. With two fingers she plunged inside, her hips bucking involuntarily at the sudden intrusion of the exploring digits.

In her mind her husband took her passionately, throwing her onto her back and forcing her legs apart, eager to dominate and control her in his lust. His hands and mouth explored her body, the sensation of their skin and their bodies pressing together and powerful aphrodisiac she knew. He took command of her body, and her legs spread apart he exposed her most private places to his touch, her body his to dominate.

She moaned in passion, her fantasy working her ever closer to her long awaited orgasm and the release it would bring with it.

He slid his erect cock along the length of her pussy, delighting in teasing her to ever higher levels of lust and expectation until she begged to have his cock inside of her.

"Oh god just fuck me..." she moaned into the empty room

Obliging the fantasy of her husband slammed his cock into her, his balls slapping against her ass as he sunk deep inside her. Working with furious speed he pounded her tender pussy, using her body as his sexual object. He grunted in delight as he watched her enormous breasts bounce and bob with his efforts.

"OH GOD YESS!" she cried out, forgetting to muffle herself in the throes of her passion. Her body rock and shook as she exploded into a mind numbing orgasm. In her fantasy her husband was able to cum at the same time, emptying his load into her and filling her with his cum.

She had always loved the sensation of his hot cum filling her up, it was usually enough all by itself to push her over the edge into an orgasm, though having to clean it up after was always something of a pain. She had noticed that cumming in a woman was something of a fetish that every man she had known had possessed, and she was glad that her own fetish matched up so well in this respect

She sighed to herself as her passion and her fantasy collapsed, leaving her again in an empty room. Instead of being left with a load of cum in her pussy like she would have preferred she was left with a sore wrist and some sticky fingers.

She rested in bed a few minutes, thinking of all that she had to do during the day. Her morning release had become something of a tradition, although she would much prefer her husband joining her in this ritual, and the time after she came was often the calm before the storm. She knew that soon her children would be up and getting ready for school, if she hadn't accidentally woken them up already when she came, and she would have to jump in the shower quickly if she was going to be ready to cook them breakfast by the time they were up.

Picking out a red dress she pondered what underwear to wear that day. She settled for a beige pair that were extremely comfortable. One of the downsides to having large breasts was the corresponding back problems, not to mention the added cost for underwear, and as a result she did not own many pairs that were what many would call "sexy", which was something that her husband had complained about often. She thought for a moment about getting online and ordering some sexy lingerie to see if her husband would be interested in her then... but she just as quickly dropped it. The cost and added effort that it would require to find something in her size would make the effort humiliating if he ended up turning her down anyway. She thought sometimes that it was just easier not to try than to try and be rejected. Which was, she thought sarcastically to herself, perhaps part of the problem.

She had also considered going to marriage counseling but aside from their sex lives they really didn't have any other major problems, and the thought of going to a sex therapist was simply to embarrassing to consider, not to mention her husband would absolutely forbid either of those options as he wouldn't want to air their problems to a stranger. In the end she was simply doomed to celibacy and her morning ritual, she thought to herself sadly.

Gathering up her clothes she headed into the master bathroom, she dropped her clothing in the bin that was specially for her. Her husband had a touch of OCD, and had insisted that they have their own dirty clothes hampers. She examined herself in the mirror. She pushed and poked at her stomach, sucking it in a little in a vain effort to hide the slowly growing roll of fat that middle age had brought to her. Yoga and nightly runs had toned most of her body but there was just a little bit of a pooch that she simply could not get completely rid of. Her large E sized breasts hung slightly, and she played with her nipples, absently pulling up each breast by the nipple and letting it drop down again. Having two children had not passed without having left a mark on her body, but she was proud of how she looked, toned and tan. A length of dark brown hair that bordered on black hung to just below her collarbone framing her face in the mirror. She pondered whether or not to wear her hair up or down today before deciding that the headache she would get from having it in a bun all day wasn't worth it.

She stepped into the shower jumping back in surprise as a sudden chill ran through her as the water took slightly longer to warm up than usual this morning. She sighed as the water gradually worked its way up to the proper temperature.

She had always enjoyed showers, something about the way skin felt when it was covered by a sheen of water, slick and smooth always made her feel more erotic. Shower sex was always the best sex in her mind too. Something about having sex standing up and the way a cock hit her g-spot just right when she was standing always gave her the best orgasms.

She worked the soap into a lather running her hands over her breasts and down between her legs. Although she had just masturbated, cleaning her pussy reawakened her temporarily sated sex drive. She started to slide her hands over her slit again, tempted to try for a second time in the morning.

Her thoughts were however interrupted by the sounds of her children fighting over the shower in the other room. She grumbled to herself but sighed as the moment was lost. Although she had a brief lapse earlier in the morning she tried to be circumsepct in her sexuality and mastuabating when her kids were one paper thin wall away was anything but circumspect.

She finished washing and cleaning herself and got ready for the day.

With all that had been going on between herself and her husband lately she had never felt closer with her children. She went out of her way to make sure that they had a fresh and healthy breakfast made from scratch every day, and that they actually sat down as a family to eat it. Although some early morning grumpiness occasionally interfered with the vibe that she was going for. Her son was not really the morning person that she and her daughter were, all in all it was a part of the day that she valued before her family headed out into the world for the day.

Christine savored the sounds of her family and the home, the little things that let someone know that a family lived here. The her kids moving around the house looking for their school things, the sound of water running as they brushed their teeth and got ready, the sound of the skillet sizzling as she cooked breakfast. It was the little things that she so often took for granted that made such a difference. She set the table for breakfast and closed her eyes, enjoying the morning sun streaming in through the dining room window.

She wasn't sure why but she knew that today was going to be a good day.


Christine pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket. Circling the long lanes hunting for a parking spot she mused to herself about the direction that he life had gone. She had never been as sexually frustrated in her life as she was at this point.  With the exception of her frequent masturbation session she could practically join a nunnery given how celibate she had been.

Finding a spot and pulling in she headed into the store. She pulled the list of items the family needed out of her purse and started meandering her way around the store, taking the scenic route as it were, to the items on her list. She was grateful to get out of the house, with her husband at work and her kids in school much of her day was spent alone with only the cats and the TV for company. The joys of domestic life.

"Oh Christine! How are you doing?" a voice asked

"Hmm?" Christine said, she had been so lost in her own musings she had nearly run into another cart. She realized that it was her neighbor Lori from down the street. Lori was someone who Christine had a secret crush on since they had met. Not normally one to fall for the fairer sex everyone had at least one they would bend the rules for, Lori was her one. Bright red hair and a bubbly personality made her a joy to be around. It also helped that she was blindingly beautiful. Skin that was nearly flawless drew the eyes into the swell of her breasts which rose to stand proudly on her chest. She had been blessed in the genetic lottery with graceful curves and an outstanding figure that made Christine both envious and lustful.

"Oh hi Lori" Christine said, she did her best to mask her confusion after being snapped out of her private thoughts so abruptly. The two women embraced and Christine secretly thrilled at the touch of her skin and the feeling of their breasts pressing together through the thin cloth of her dress.

"I am sorry, I didn't see you there. I have been lost in my own thoughts all day today." Christine joked

"Oh don't worry about it." Lori smiled, her smile just like the rest of her caused Christine's heart to beat a little faster. All she could think about at the moment was what Lori looked like naked, and what it would feel like to take her in her arms, the feeling of her body and their skin pressing together. The thoughts sent an electric jolt down her body and she instantly became aroused.

"How are you doing?" Christine asked, trying hard to keep her eyes off the gentle swell of her breasts.

"Oh you know the same old thing, have to get stuff to make dinner tonight" Lori answered, rolling her eyes as if to communicate her own frustration with the drudgery of daily life.

"Yea I know what you mean, I have to do the same." she said

"Well I will see you later." Lori said, "I have a lot to do today." She maneuvered her cart around Christine and continued her shopping.

"Yea, me too..." Christine said sadly.

She watched as Lori wandered off down the aisle glancing at the objects stacked so carefully for her inspection. Christine's eyes were instantly locked on her buttocks and she practically drooled, she loved the way they moved in her dress, the gentle shift from side to side was graceful in a way that so few could manage. It was almost as though she were dancing through the store, oblivious in her grace. Christine's thoughts went back to the day that she had seen Lori and her husband having sex.


She was out taking her evening run when she took a detour from her normal route through the park. It was a path that she had never taken before and  she didn't know yet that it ended in Lori's back yard.

Living up on a small rise Lori's house was a modern work, and the side that faced the park was a massive collection of floor to ceiling windows, allowing the evening light to illuminate the house.

She glanced around and realized where she was, embarrassed at her trespass she was preparing to turn around and head back when a movement caught her eyes. There in the second floor bedroom had stood Lori in all her nude glory. Her legs spread slightly and her breasts exposed proudly, swaying slightly from the movement from behind she stood in front of the picture window as her husband took her from behind.

Christine had quickly ducked behind a tree to avoid being spotted by the couple. Her first instinct had been to sneak away so as not to be caught where she shouldn't be, but something in her begged her to stay and watch.

Lori's husband took a handful of her hair, pulling her body back towards him in and arch as he reached around, cupping her breast with his free hand, which he used as added leverage, his hold giving him the position drive his cock into her with increasing force.

Although Christine could not hear anything from where she was standing she could see the look on Lori's face as her husbands cock pounded into her, her eyes closed in pleasure and her hips rose to meet his thrusts. Her mouth was open, the straight even rows of teeth communicating the sounds of her pleasure as she cried out.

Christine begin to feel herself getting aroused. One hand slid down the front of her running shorts, finding her clit she began to rub, sliding her index and middle finger over her aroused pussy. Her other hand snaked up under her sports bra, mauling one breast. She had never been a voyeur before but the thought that she could watch her neighbor getting fucked turned her on immensely.

Lori dropped to her hands and knees as her husbands thrusts increased in speed, gripping her hips tightly he slammed into her, each thrust sinking all the way into her. Her breasts bounced enticingly with each thrust.

Christine slid two fingers inside her pussy, she bit her lip to prevent her from inadvertently making a sound and giving herself away. She worked her fingers around with increasing speed, matching the timing of her fingers to the thrusts that were driving into Lori's pussy, imagining that their places were reversed.


Christine snapped back into the moment, aware that she had been staring off into space for a moment. She blushed as she realized that she was aroused from thinking about her erotic spying. Moisture soaked into her panties as her body reacted to her thoughts. She had been close to griping her breasts and changed the motion rather smoothly to just adjusting her bra.

Gathering up her things she headed through the checkout line and prepared to head back to reality.


Christine stopped at an intersection as the light changed to red. Although she had been this route many times before she noticed a store for the first time. A small run down looking porn store shared a parking lot with a few other stores in a shopping complex that had seen better days. This part of town was known to cater to more base desires and in addition to the porn store there were several strip clubs and half a dozen bars within a mile of where she was stopped.

As the light changed she acted on a sudden impulse, steering her car into the parking lot, ignoring the sounds of the horn from the car behind her as she crossed two lanes of traffic without signalling. Finding a spot in front of a run down nail salon she headed towards the store, glancing around to make sure no one was watching as she ducked inside the door, pulling it closed quickly behind her.

The store was surprisingly clean.

She wasn't quite sure what she had expected but the freshly mopped floors and aisles and displays of products was not it. She glanced down an aisle of dildos and was moderately surprised at the variety and selection that was offered. She was not a complete novice when it came to sex toys, her husband had introduced some into the bedroom when their sex life and first started to go down hill but she had never seen the types that they offered here. On particular model had beads inside of it that spun around as it vibrated and had an extra arm that came up, presumably to stimulate the clit at the same time.

The toys went anywhere from the size of her pinky finger all the way up to the size of her arm, that last one in particular was a little disturbing and she could not imagine how that would feel inside of her.

She glanced around at some of the different options that were available, lingering on a small vibrator that was shaped like a tube of lipstick. She still wasn't quite sure why she had come in here until a sign near the back of the store caught her attention. It was an advertisement for some viewing booths.

She headed towards the back of the store and ducked through a doorway. A long hall of doors stretched for the length of the store, each having a number on them and a sign at one end explaining the rates for viewing movies.

For the second time that day Christine took a risk and went against her better judgement. She headed down the hall and choose a booth in the middle of the row, she was surprised at the number of booths that were occupied in the middle of the afternoon on a work day.

She stepped inside the small dark booth. A screen took up the majority of one wall playing a looping recording of the title screen for what was evidently the last video that had been played. There were controls along one side that explained how to choose the video and a spot for payment. Unlike the rest of the store the booth was anything but clean. Graffiti was scrawled across all of the walls depicting various profane statements and illustrations of cocks. Christine peered leerily at a hole that had been cut into one side of the booth, she could see the dim lighting of another booth that appeared to be empty.

She sat down on the chair provided for that purpose and selected a video from the choices provided. With thoughts of Lori still fresh on her mind she decided on a video that appeared to be about two girls in a locker room. She didn't care much about the plot and fast forwarded through the start of the movie until the two young performers finally stripped out of their clothes and got down to business. She was instantly excited when the two women got into the shower and started exploring each others bodies. She loved shower sex and even watching it was better than normal sex.

She hiked up her dress and moved her panties to one side, exposing her pussy to the dark viewing booth. She was already wet and excited from her earlier fantasy about Lori and was ready to go.

She slid two fingers inside biting her lip to stifle herself. Something about masturbating in a dark booth in a seedy porn store made the entire experience more erotic. She thought about the other people in the booths she had passed and the thought of so many people getting off made her incredibly horny.

So involved was she in the video and her private fantasy that she didn't notice the door to the stall next to her open.

All thought of being quiet ended as Christine became more involved in the fantasy, she could almost taste the pussy of the girl on the screen, mixed with the showers water leaving her slick and delicious. She yearned for the touch of another woman, to feel their breasts beneath her hands, the sensuous feeling of their pussy under her tongue and fingers, to work them into a lather and leave them begging for more.

She could feel an orgasm building within her when something caught her eye, distracting her from her fantasy.

Christine gawked at the cock that slid its way through the hole in the darkened booth. Although she was not so naive as to have never heard of a glory hole before she had never thought to find herself in one. The cock bobbed enticingly in front of her, almost as though it were impatient for her to do something. Gingerly Christine took the throbbing member in one hand, her body thrilled at the touch of the warm flesh in her hand and she moaned slightly in anticipation. She began to stroke the strange cock her passion mounting. It had been a long time since she had held a cock in her hands, and longer since she had given anyone a hand job. She could feel the strangers pulse in her hand. She increased the speed of her motion, running her tongue lightly over the head with each motion. All at once a think stream of cum exploded out of the tip erupting onto her face before running down her chin and onto her breasts. She moaned, louder this time as her passion continued to grow. She felt dirty and used, and she found that she loved the experience. The glory hole offered her something that she was missing in her life, free sex with no strings attached.


The first cock withdrew through the hole, its load spent. Christine groaned in disappointment. She started to gather her things, thinking that her fun was at an end when another cock slid through the hole. Immediately she sat down, taking the strange new member in her hands. This time she acted without reserve sliding it into her mouth. She circled the tip with her tongue delighting in the strange taste and feel.

She started to finger herself as she sucked on the strange cock, she hadn't realized how wet she had gotten until her finger slid inside her without the slightest resistance. Although by no means inexperienced in sex, her children attested to that, Christine had only been with two men with her husband being one of them. Thrusting the cock deeper into her mouth she gagged slightly as it hit the back of her throat. She had never gagged before and realized that this man was much bigger than her husband.

Her passion finally at her limit she released the strangers cock from her mouth, dropping her panties completely to the ground she hiked her dress up over her hips exposing her already dripping wet pussy. Taking the cock in one hand she guided it into her wanton hole. She heard a grunt through the wall as it slid home inside of her. She pressed her ass against the wall of the booth forcing the cock deeper inside of her.  She worked her pussy back and forth along the strange cock, almost releasing it from inside her before slamming it back again. She ground herself against the hole wishing that she was in a bed where she could be taken more completely, but simultaneously enjoying the elicit feeling of the cramped and dirty booth. She could feel her orgasm start to build within her, the muscles of her pussy starting to tighten and release rhythmically as it neared. Without warning she felt the cock twitch within her and an explosion of warm cum filled her pussy. She cried out in passion as her orgasm rocked through her body pulling the cum deeper inside her. She pressed her ass against the hole, desperate to have as much cock in her as she came as she possibly could. She collapsed onto the dirty floor of the booth, her orgasm taking the strength from her legs, she lay there, enjoying the afterglow as she watched the strange cock withdraw through the hole. She could feel the slow trickle of cum leaking out from between her legs onto the already dirty floor and wondered what she would tell her husband if she got pregnant.

She gathered up her things as she prepared to leave, she decided to forgo wearing panties again today, both because of how wet they already were from her earlier excitement, but also because it made her feel a little reckless to be exposed like that. She would have to be careful and clean herself up before her husband got home so that he wouldn't be suspicious. Instead of releasing her sexual desire she found herself more turned on then she had ever been, she was eager for more strange cock and decided that she would have to visit this place again.

She felt a momentary twinge of guilt, she supposed that many would consider what she had just done cheating on her husband. Although she loved her husband dearly he simply was not interested in having sex with her at the moment and she had needs that had to be met. She vowed that she would never have a romantic relationship with another man, and would never pass up sex with her husband if he was interested. But she would continue to explore her sexuality and satisfy her desires.

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