My Stepmom

My Stepmom My Stepmom

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A young man fights and then gives in to his desire for his beautiful stepmom.


A young man fights and then gives in to his desire for his beautiful stepmom.


Submitted: December 05, 2015

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Submitted: December 05, 2015



My dad left the summer I turned 20, joining my mother in death. All I had left was my sister and my step mom. I love my step mom. Now let me be clear, I don't mean that I love her like a mother, I have never thought of her that way, I mean I am in love with her. She married my dad a few years after cancer claimed the life of my mother when I was 16. She was, and always will be to me, gorgeous, and from the moment I met her I wanted her to be mine. 

The first time I saw her naked is something that I will never forget. I snuck into their bedroom on one of the rare instances when both of them were out of the house and wired a small camera inside the bathroom vent, providing me with the perfect view of the master bedrooms shower. I knew that if the camera was ever found I was as good as dead, but these kind of thoughts simply didn't hold weight against the force of my desire.

Time went by until the perfect opportunity presented itself, I had to be exceedingly careful, as I wanted to be sure I did not accidently catch my father in the shower, since that is the kind of mental scarring that takes years of therapy to undo. I waited until a day when I was positive that he had left for work. The sound water running was heaven to my ears and I immediately pulled up the camera on my web browser.

As I punched up the security code to access the feed I thought I might have a heart attack when the picture came through. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. against all odds the camera was perfectly placed to give me a view of her, standing calmly under the flow of hot water that cascaded over her naked body, a sight that would fuel my dreams for years to come.  I watched as she ran her hands over her breasts, sliding over the slick flesh. She appeared to make a sound of deep satisfaction, though the camera was one of the cheaper models and didnt have sound. Her breasts were bigger than I had expected, standing proudly on her chest despite her age. Her body was well toned and showed the fruits of her labor as she worked so hard to stay in shape. She reached out of screen and picked up a bar of soap and a loofa, and set about to the task of cleaning her body. She quickly covered her breasts and her pussy in soap, rubbing her loofa over every nook and cranny. I could not have asked for a better show, she positioned herself almost as if she knew where the camera was and performed for it. She spent an inordinate amount of time on her breasts, rubbing and pawing at the soapy flesh. They bounced and swayed in the steamy air and I could tell that she had aroused herself, her nipples standing erect in the shower's warm embrace, her eyes closed in quiet satisfaction. After what seemed like ages her hands started to drift lower, dropping first to her smooth, flat stomach before finally sliding between her legs and finding the bare smooth skin of her vulva.

This was by far the best day of my life.

Her hands slipped back and forth between her legs, working with a frantic pace. One of her fingers penetrated between the lips of her perfectly smooth pussy, plunging deep insider of her. The soap appeared to facilitate her progress, providing ample lubrication for her erotic exploration. Her free hand rose up to clutch at one of her breasts, twisting and teasing the nipple savagely. Although I could hear nothing, her mouth opened in what was undoubtedly a moan of pleasure drowned out by the falling water that surrounded her. She shuddered and shook leaning against the wall of the shower as her body responded to her expert touch, as her orgasm rocked through her she relaxed against the shower wall, her eyes closed and a peaceful smile on her lips.

Although she had reached the end of her erotic interlude, my own mind was playing out a fantasy quite apart from reality. In my head I joined her in the shower, where she embraced me, her slick soap covered body sliding against mine, our mouths meeting. She was desperate for me, hungy for my cock. We wasted no time and our bodies merged with the frantic passion of those consumed by desire. I sat on the narrow shelf of a seat built into one wall of the shower, and she immediately found my lap, guiding my cock inside of her as she slipped down upon it. In one thrust taking all of my length into her tight, wet cunt. I groaned as my groin ached with desire, the fantasy of her warm pussy gripping my shaft. In my fantasy she called to me, begged me to fuck her as she had never been fucked before, a request which with which I eagerly complied. In the end she begged me to fill her with my cum, a plea which I fulfilled with gusto, filling her with my seed.

Reality again intruded as the aftermath of my orgasm ripped me away from our fantasy union and returned me to my room again, a wash of cum covering my hand and boxers, the fantasy faded and reality came back into focus. Instead of satiating my desire for her my fantasy renewed the burning passion to possess her in reality. But for now she was still in the shower, alone, and I was still in my bedroom.

Months passed and although I had the occasional chance to spy on her through the bathroom camera it did nothing but drive me to distraction with my desire for her. It consumed with with the sick obsession of one consumed by madness. My dreams soon joined my waking hours of obsession and in a way she possessed all of me.

Months after the first time I saw her naked another event would occur that would take its place forever in my dreams...

I heard sounds coming from the living room, which was particularly confusing since I had thought that my step mom had left to go to the store, and with my dad away on a business trip I had thought that I was alone in the house. At first my mind went to the thought that someone had broken into the house. I quickly grabbed the closest object I thought he could use as a weapon, a golf club that was leaning against the wall, and crept quietly towards the living room, intending to leap out and surprise the would be thief. As I snuck around the corner I almost dropped the golf club in surprise. It turned out that I was not the only one who thought they would have the house to themselves that day. A trail of clothes led from the hallway over to the couch, where the sounds were emanating. Two women, as bare as the day they entered the world, were on the couch, in a position that was known as a "69" in the porn world, one woman on her back while the other crouched over her on all fours, allowing ample access to each others cunts.

I instantly recognized the body of my step mom, since I had prior experience seeing her bare body, though her face was buried between the legs of the other woman. The wet sounds of penetration and desire emanated from that general area as she devoured the pussy of the stranger. At first I had no idea who the other woman was, though after a second I recognized the wife of the next door neighbor. Instead of pouncing out and surprising the two women, as had been my earlier plan, I crept back into the shadows of the hallway, finding a vantage point from which to watch where I was unlikely to be observed. I freed my cock, stroking it vigorously as I watched the two women in their intimate embrace.

From the sounds that she was making I guessed that my stepmother was quite skilled at her work, I could almost follow the quick darts of her tongue as the slipped in and out of the other womans cunt, interrupted only by the occasional moan of pleasure of her own from the other womans work. She cried out and announced to the room that she was cumming, an announcement that did nothing to slow my stepmother's tongue. On the contrary she increased her pace lapping at the other womans cunt as though eager to devour every drop of moisture that resulted from her orgasm. I continued to stroke my cock, the sight of the two devouring each others bodies was enough to urge me towards climax quickly. I did all that I could to stifle the sounds of my own pleasure but a grunt or two escaped my lips. I thought that my step mother must have heard me at least once, since she paused at one point and glanced in my general direction, a wide smile cracking her face as she gazed into the shadows that covered me before returning to the waiting cunt of the neighbors wife. My orgasm erupted from me with little warning, a wash of cum spraying from me all at once, although I did what I could to contain the flood of cum, a spurt splashed onto one of the bras that littered the floor in front of me. I quietly pulled up my pants and crept back down the hall, leaving the two to their embrace behind me.

It was after this event that I started to suspect that she knew of my desire for her. Although she did nothing to betray my interest to my father I was often on the receiving end of smug smiles and gentle flirting. Offers of back rubs that had never occurred before started to happen on a regular basis. She would take the time to hug me, pressing her full breasts against my body and giving me a secret smile when she felt my cock press against her in response. It was not until my father passed however that we took things to the next step...

It was a sunny afternoon when we found each other at last. In the time since my father's death the madness that was my desire for her consumed my very soul. I started to drink heavily in an effort to stave off the thoughts of her. It was in this drunken stupor that she found me, and it was the drink that gave me the courage to finally confess my desire for her. I expected a harsh rebuke, but I was unprepared for her response to my pronouncement. She stopped me with a kiss, needing no words to communicate that she reciprocated my desires. As our desires mounted we undressed each other, her hands sure and steady, while I fumbled with her clothing the alcohol in my system making my clumsy.

She dropped to her knees in front of me, taking my cock in both hands. She was already bare before me and my cock hardened from the combination of her exposed body and her expert touch. She started to run her hands along my length, stroking and sliding back and forth before she placed her mouth over the head. I groaned in pleasure as the warm, wet heat of her mouth enveloped the tip of my cock. She smiled and looked up at me without breaking her stroking movement. She took my cock as deep into her mouth as she could, the tip brushing against the back of her throat before she stopped. I was nothing if not well endowed and she wasn't able to take all of my cock in without gagging. Her breasts swayed gently as she bobbed back and forth. One of her hands cradled my balls and she squeezed them gently in one hand in time with her sucking motions.

"I want to fuck your tits." I said, she smiled up at me and leaned back obediently, allowing my cock to drop from her mouth. She cupped her breasts together, pushing them up to envelop my cock between the warm globes of flesh. She spit down into her cleavage, providing lubrication for my thrusting cock. I held her face, pulling her eyes upwards to meet mine as I thrust against her ample chest. She moaned as I penetrated her bust, my cock slipping in and out from between her breasts. She exhaled with each thrust, the force of my efforts pushing the air from her lungs. The movements got easier as precum leaked from the head of my cock, coating her breasts in the slick substance and facilitating the movements.

By now I was maddened by lust, I could take no more of this teasing. I lifted her bodily from the ground and pulled her tight against me, my erect cock spreading her ass cheeks as I pressed against her exposed body. With one deft movement I reached down and inserted my cock inside of her, spearing up into her perfect pussy, the moisture of her own desire matching mine. She moaned loudly as my cock slammed inside of her. I reached around, grasping her massive breasts and pulling her body back against mine. Her hands slipped up and cupped my own, imploring me to knead her breasts. Her pussy was like heaven, tight and wet and full of the most delicious heat, like sliding my cock into an oven. I could smell her desire from where I stood, the scent of sex and lust wafting up to me as I slammed my cock into her desperate hole.

"God yes! Fuck me! I need this so bad!" she moaned, her eyes were hazy with lust as my own, our twin desires driving away any thought about the consequences of our actions. Though she was my stepmother in that moment all she was to me was a woman, a woman I wanted as I had wanted no other before her in my life.

I released my hold on her breasts and she dropped down to her hands, leaning against a nearby chair as I continued to thrust inside of her. I gripped at her waist, my hand sliding around the hourglass of her wide hips, pulling on the flesh I found there to strengthen my thrust into her tender flesh. She continued to pant and moan as her mind was overridden with desire. She begged me to fuck her harder, longer, rougher, and I did all that I could to oblige her desires, thrusting into her with unbridled lust. I was sure that we would both be sore the next day, but in that moment none of that mattered to me. This was the culmination of years of teasing and secret desires, the fulfillment of all of my teenage fantasies, nothing was going to stop me from experiencing this to the fullest amount possible.

In the end I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I did not feel my orgasm coming and it surprised us both. In our haste to satisfy our lust we had failed to take the time to use protection and wave after wave of cum painted the inside of her cunt, coating her womb in my seed.

In the months to come her stomach would swell and her breasts would grow even fuller as our baby grew inside of her, the proof of our passion and the start of our relationship. We moved from my father's house, it somehow seemed wrong for us to live together there now, and moved far away from the accusing eyes and daming whispers of the people we knew. Although she was many years my senior our love made us both as horny teenagers, and I filled her cunt with my cum many many times after that first time together. In the end we found something more than just lust and sex, we found love.

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