Mother's Day Fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

A fantasy on mother's day

He watched as his best friend and his dad drove off with their boat in tow. He wasn't sure what they were thinking leaving to go fishing on mother's day but their loss might be his gain. He had been working on his friends mom for years, longing gazes and complementary remarks betraying his interest to anyone who was paying attention.

Mrs. Johnson was the type of woman that any teenage boy with a pulse had a crush on. Enormous breasts and an inclination towards low cut tops and bikinis made Billy's house a popular hang out spot during the summers.

He was lucky enough to live next door to them, and the discovery that he could see into their bedroom window from his, coupled with her frequently forgetting to close the blinds, had been the high point of his puberty. Now well past 18 he decided that today was the day that he wanted to make his move.

He headed out his back door and rang the bell just as the boat dipped out of sight over the hill.

"Hi Mrs Johnson, is Billy home?" He said. His pulse raced as she opened the door. She was wearing one of the tops that she was famous for and he could already feel an erection growing.

"No he is out with his father... They went fishing all day today." she said. She pouted a little, betraying her frustration with being left alone on a day that should have been all about her.

"But it is mother's day?!" he said. He attempted to pack his voice with as much shock and dismay as he could.

"Well at least someone remembers!" She said with a huff. She crossed her arms with a huff, frustrated.


In his mind the whole scene played itself out before him, every plan coming true in a best case scenario.


"Can I come inside?" he asked, smiling roguishly

"Of course!" she answered, eyeing his growing erection with a lusty grin.

He groaned as she pulled his pants down, exposing his erect cock. Her breasts bounced invitingly, swaying with the motion of her body.

He had watched her from afar for so long that to finally have her in front of him, down on her hands and knees, was like something out of a dream.

He could see a small bead of precum adorning the tip of his cock briefly before it was enveloped by her mouth. He almost lost it in that moment. The heat, the gentle pressure and the sensation of her lips and tongue around his cock was almost enough to push him over the edge. He managed to hold on. She stroked his cock vigorously, causing her exposed breasts to bounce again. She already had one hand between her legs, her red dress pulled up enough to highlight two facts. First that she wasn't wearing any panties, and second that she shaved her pussy.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, pushing back against her head. Years of watching his best friends mom on trips to the lake and back yard pool parties had left him with a powerful desire to get his cock between her amazing breasts.

"I want to fuck your tits." he said.

She smiled without saying another word. She wrapped both of her enormous and perfectly shaped breasts around his erect cock, sliding them back and forth along his length. He grabbed her shoulders, using them as leverage to slide his cock back and forth. She leaned over, catching the head of his cock with her tongue each time he exited her cleavage.

"Now it is my turn for some fun" She said with a lusty grin.

She pulled him to the floor before climbing on top of him. He felt her hand firmly guide his cock into her waiting hole. She ground her hips against his, sinking his cock deep inside her waiting pussy. He lay on his back as she rode his cock. He had never been with a woman who had this kind of raw passion, she ground and gyrated her hips, keeping his stiff cock trapped between her legs. He reached up to feel her breasts but she pinned his hands against the ground, simultaneously burying his face between her breasts. She worked atop him, thrusting and grinding her hips as she desperately worked closer to an orgasms.

"Oh god! I'm cumming!" she shrieked

He could feel the muscles of her pussy flex rhythmically along the length of his cock as she came. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, almost as though she were having a seizure. She collapsed against him, his cock still inside her unsatisfied. The feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest was electric and he starting to thrust up from below, using his ass and abs to push against the floor, each thrust lifting her body off the ground.

Changing positions he rolled over to the side. They both groaned as his cock slipped out from between her legs.

With haste born of lust he flipped her over onto her knees, lifting her bodily from the ground and into position. He bent her over exposing her ass and pussy to him. Pulling her arms behind her he locked his own between his. His cock again found the warm wet heat between her legs as he slid inside of her. She cried out filling the empty house with the sound of her moans and the eroitc sound of his cock slamming into her pussy.

He could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew that he was close to cumming. He increased his pace, each thrust bringing them closer to their mutual climax.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed for a second time. Her position left her at his mercy, arms pinned behind her as he slammed his cock into her eager hole.

Letting go of her arms he grabbed on to her hips, sinking his cock as deep into her as he could, her pussy all but latched on to his cock, gripping and flexing each time he slipped inside of her. He could resist it no more, his orgasm exploding out of him he painted the inside of her pussy with his seed. She moaned as his molten cum filled her and the collapsed onto the floor, panting and covered in sweat and cum, the only sound in the house that of their heavy breathing.

Coming back to reality he found that he was still standing on her front porch.

"Can I come in?" he asked, smiling roguishly


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Submitted: May 11, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Luke Ashwood. All rights reserved.

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So it was his fantasy not hers. He should have given her Mother's Day gift instead of dreaming about it. Aren't boys stupid sometimes. Great story loved it. You should write it now from her prospective. Maybe she'll final get her gift.

Tue, May 12th, 2015 5:01pm


That is a good idea!

Tue, May 12th, 2015 2:58pm

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