Locker Room Fun

Locker Room Fun Locker Room Fun

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two girls have fun in the locker room.


Two girls have fun in the locker room.


Submitted: June 05, 2015

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Submitted: June 05, 2015



The bell for class had already rung three times, signaling that anyone who was still in the halls was now officially late for the last class of the day. Jen peaked out from behind the lockers nervously. She knew that she was dead meat if she got caught, but she also knew that the locker rooms and the gym that they were attached to would be abandoned until the cleaning staff came to clean them after all of the students had gone home for the day. There were never any gym classes on Thursdays and none of the girls teams had practice today. They were alone.


Jen had been looking for the perfect spot to hide out with her girlfriend during school hours. They had already gotten caught in an abandoned classroom, a janitor's closet, and a second floor bathroom in the past month. They had been warned that if they were caught again they would be suspended.


"The coast is clear" she whispered


"You don't really need to whisper then do you?" answered her girlfriend


" ass..." Jen answered


"The rest of me is pretty sharp too!" she answered. She smacked Jen's ass, eliciting a surprised cry from her "shhhhh!" She said sarcastically.


"Lets get in the shower!" Jen said


Her girlfriend started to strip in mute answer to her proposal. Jen stopped and admired her body. She was lucky to have someone so beautiful. Full pouting lips (on both ends...), wide hips, and ample breasts combined to make her simply irresistible. Had she been into men she could have had her pick, and indeed was often hit on.


The two girls stripped off the remainder of their clothing and stood in the chill air of the locker room examining each others bodies for a moment. Jen felt her nipples start to harden and she shivered in response. The locker room wa always kept just short of frigid for some unknown reason. In perfect coordination both girls turned and hurried to the long bank for showers that filled one part of the room. They stepped into the stream of hot water and sighed in unison.


The moved closer together and Jen embraced the other girl under the flow of water. Her hands slid over the others flesh, made smooth and slick by the water's presence. Before long she found her hands slipping down between the other girls legs, sliding one finger along the edges of her slit before finding her clit and flicking it delicately, eliciting a moan of approval.


She dropped to her knees in front of her girlfriend, allowing the showers water to cascade over their bodies in rivulets and streams. Her girlfriend lifted her leg, exposing her pussy, which was clean shaven with the exception for a small patch of hair directly above her slit, almost forming an arrow pointing to where all the interesting things were. She buried her face in between her girlfriend's legs, enjoying the satisfied groan that she made in response.


"God yes! Eat my pussy!" she cried


Jen continued her task.


She savored the taste of her girlfriends excitement, the scent and smell of her pussy was intoxicating and she was desperate for more. Her tongue slid along her slit, probing just beneath the surface of her delicate lips, licking up her pussy and the showers water together. Her girlfriend continued to moan and cry, grinding her pussy against Jen's face in an effort to get more stimulation.


Jen enjoyed teasing her, leaving her tongue just outside of her girlfriends pussy, poking and probing at her clit without giving her any satisfaction.


"God just make me cum!" her girlfriend begged


Jen smiled to herself and decided to oblige her, flicking her tongue across the sensitive hole she isolated her clit, pushing it back against her pelvis and pinning it there with her tongue. She used what leverage she had to grind the sensitive organ back and forth with her mouth. Jen could feel her girlfriend's body shudder as she came, a wash of new tastes flooding out of her pussy and merging with the showers water into an erotic cocktail that Jen devoured without restraint.


"I snuck something in today so we could have some fun..." Jen said


"Oh? What did you bring?" her girlfriend asked


"You will see..." she replied with a sly smile. Stepping out of the shower she rushed over to her locker, shuddering  in the cold still air of the locker room her body was instantly covered in goose bumps away from the warm water. She dug through her bag until she found what she had been saving. A long pale dildo and a matching red belt. She shivered again, this time in anticipation rather than from the cold. While she had played with sex toys before, both with partners and alone, she had never used a strapon before. She grabbed the toy out of her bag and rushed back to the showers steamy embrace.


"I brought this." Jen said showing her girlfriend the strap on


"What are you going to do with that?" asked her girlfriend warily


"I was hoping you would fuck me with it..." Jen said mischievously


A smile was all that she got in response. She watched as her girlfriend stepped into the harness, pulling it up and adjusting the straps so that it hung securely from between her legs.


"So this is what it is like to have a penis...." she said with a grin


She approached Jen and the two girls embraced passionately, she could feel the synthetic cock pressing against her pelvis and she kissed her deeply in response. Breaking the kiss Jen laid down on the shower floor and spread her legs. Her girlfriend kneeled between her legs, inserting the dildo into her eager hole. Jen cried out as she slipped the full length of the dildo into her. She started a gentle up and down motion, sliding the dildo a few inches in either direction. Jen raised her hips to meet each thrust reveling in the feeling of the cock inside her tight, wet pussy. It stretched her eager hole and its presence induced a mixture of pleasure and pain.


The two girls embraced, continuing the gentle in and out motion. The water continued to pour over them creating a waterfall over their supine forms and wrapping them in steam and warmth.


Pulling the dildo out of her pussy Jen shifted positions, she rolled over onto her hands and knees, presenting her waiting pussy to be used again. She groaned again in ecstasy as the thick shaft found its way into her again. Her girlfriend resumed her pace, thrusting and grinding against her. Jen yelped as her ass was smacked with a resounding wet slap, her girlfriend laughed at her reaction. Jen shuddered and convulsed in a mini seizure as an orgasm rocked through her, the wet floor and the steam filled shower disappearing momentarily as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.


She had never been fucked quite like this before, the shower, the strap on, and the risk of getting caught all joined together to form a special sort of ecstasy. Her pussy ached from the size of the intruding member, but instead of wanting it to stop the pain urged her own.


"God fuck me harder!" Jen cried, urging the other woman to increase her pace. "Make me your little whore!" she moaned. Jen had always been a submissive and nothing turned her on more than when her girlfriend was dominate with her. She felt a hand slide up her back and her head jerked back as a fist gripped a handful of her hair and pulled. Her body contorted and bent upwards with the sudden force. She realized with a moment of clarity that being naked, on all fours in a locker room shower, with her girlfriend fucking her with a strap on was possibly one of the most erotic moments of her life so far.


"Get on top" her girlfriend commanded.


Jen obliged, climbing up to her knees and straddling the other woman. She positioned the cock and slid her hips down to encompass its length fully. The other woman grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her from below. She bucked and rode the cock the way an expert cowboy would ride a bucking bronco at the rodeo. Attempting to keep her balance on the slippery shower floor she used her free hand to stimulate her clit. Her final orgasm, bigger than any of the ones before came upon her. She bucked and thrashed in its grip, her moans filling the empty locker room.


"Girls! What are you doing?!" Cried a voice


Both girls jumped in surprise at the intrusion into their formerly empty locker room. The two girls looked up guiltily at the girls volleyball coach who stared back at them in shock.


"You two are in big trouble this time!" She said, her shock slowly changing to anger.

"Both of you get dressed and report directly to the headmaster's office! He will have something to say about your behavior!"


"Yes Ma'm" the two girls said in unison, their heads hung in shame.

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