Lilly's Adventures

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

When Lilly, a young and innocently naive schoolgirl, accidently forgets to wear panties to school one day she ends up giving the whole class and eye full. This tragic wardrobe malfunction rockets her into the seedy underbelly of her school and exposes the dark and sexual activities of the staff, the students, and seemingly everyone she knows... Lilly starts to lose her innocence, and finds that she likes it better that way!

Table of Contents

Lilly Meets the Headmaster

Lilly meets the headmaster and discovers the dark and sexy underbelly of her expensive private school Read Chapter

Lilly Meets the Football Team

At Home The light filtered in softly through the drawn blinds in Lilly’s room illuminating her face and pulling her out of the g... Read Chapter

Lilly and the Sorority

After Lilly's adventures with the football team she makes a new friend and has some excitement in the school showers before heading to an all lesbian sorority for a night out on the town. Read Chapter

Lilly Gets Arrested

Lilly gets caught drinking and is taken to jail while things get sorted out. She has an adventure with some of the inmates before figuring out a creative way to get out of her charges. Read Chapter

Lilly's First Date

Lilly has a date with the man of her dreams, she also gets to have some fun in the changing room. Read Chapter