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Library Fun Library Fun

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A girl has to have some fun in a public library in order to join a coveted sorority


A girl has to have some fun in a public library in order to join a coveted sorority


Submitted: June 05, 2015

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Submitted: June 05, 2015



She couldn't believe what she was about to do. She ducked past the first row of books, past the studying students back to the back of what the students called the stacks. She had wanted to be in the Delta Gamma sorority since her mother had told her about it when she was a kid. As the child of a former member she should have been able to skate in, but she had been told that they had a lot of pledges this year and she would have to pass some sort of test if she wanted to get in. But she hadn't thought it would be anything like this... but she wanted it so bad.


She had expected to have to do something gross, clean the bathrooms, eat a bug, drink a bunch of beer and run around the house. Something that you see on movies and tv shows. Hell she had even been ready to flash her tits or something. When she had been told what she had to do she had almost backed out. But she wanted it so bad.


She headed back to the back of the stacks and located the camera she had been told would be there. On of the sisters in the sorority worked for the university as security and she had been told when her shift was and what section she would be watching, the stacks fell under her purview and she often had to go and break up couples who came to the mostly abandoned part of the library for sex.


She started to strip.


She had been careful in what she was wearing in preparation for what she had to do. Just a white tank top and some sweat pants, no bra or panties (something that was rather uncomfortable for her given the size of her breasts as it was quite clear to anyone who looked that she was not wearing one)


She aligned herself with the camera and started to strip, pulling her shirt up and over her head in one smooth motion and exposing her breasts to the camera and anyone else who happened to come along and catch her. Next she stripped off her pants, she folded each up carefully and set them on a shelf next to her. The sisters had been quite clear on what she was supposed to do:


Step 1: Find the camera in the back of the library in the stacks

Step 2: Strip off all of her clothing

Step 3: Masturbate to orgasm

Step 4: Get out of the library without getting caught


They were quite clear on the last step, if she got caught doing what she was going to do then they didn't know her, they hadn't ever met her, and they had not told her to do this. Complete denial.


The air in the library was cold, though it was late in the spring and the temperature outside had already risen into the high 80's and low 90's the air conditioner was working overtime. She felt her nipples start to harden in the chill air and a wash of goose bumps spread over her exposed skin.


She ran her hands over her body, exploring the exposed skin and trying hard to embrace the feeling of being so exposed in a public location, the most risky thing she had done before this was giving a hand job to a boyfriend in his care outside her parents home, and she had felt terrified of getting caught then.


She could feel her heart racing at the thought of being caught. She jumped at every sound, every creak of the floor. She could hear some students in a study group a few aisles away and she prayed desperately that they did not head in her direction. Mixed in with the fear of being caught was a strange sense of eroticism, there was something about the risk of being caught and being in public that excited her.


"Well lets get this shit show on the road..." she said to herself


She started to play with her breasts, fondling and handling them in the open air. Her nipples already hard from their exposure to the air conditioned environment of the library hardened further through her play. She twisted and played with them. She had always loved the sensation of someone playing with her breasts, she wasn't sure if it had something to do with their size or just some stroke of luck but her nipples were very sensitive, in fact she had even cum several times just through nipple play.


She worked at her breasts, each hand taking a nipple and twisting and pinching them. She made sure that she was facing the camera so that the sister on the other end would have a good show and be able to see everything that she was doing. She could feel her pussy start to get wet and one of her hands automatically drifted down between her legs, sliding back and forth across the lips of her pussy.


"oh god..." she whispered to herself, biting back a moan her pussy was already wet and aching to be played with from the stimulation she had been giving to her breasts.


She sat down on the carpeted floor of the library and faced towards the watching camera. She spread her legs as wide as she could and started to play with herself. She found her clit and started to stroke it.


"mmmmm..." she moaned to herself, a little louder this time.


Her pussy was aching to be used and she wished momentarily that she had thought to bring her vibrator, as that would have sped up this process significantly.


She continued to stroke and rub her pussy, working herself closer to orgasm. One finger slid inside her pussy and she began to slide them in and out, using her thumb to work on her clit at the same time. Her other hand continued to play with her breast, pinching and flicking at her nipple.


She started to lose herself in the pleasure and forget where she was, consumed by the stimulation. Her hips bucked in an involuntary motion and she increased the force of her fingers. She bit back another moan, nearly loud enough to get her caught none the less.


She felt an orgasm building and she increased her pace again, plunging her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her orgasm exploded inside of her, the pleasure pulsing in time with her rapid heartbeat like a tiny star inside of her.


She could have been done in that moment, she could have gathered her clothes up and left the library to join the sorority, but she was too wrapped up in what she was doing. She had lost awareness of where she was and the risk that she was in, she never stopped at just cumming once.


She worked at her pussy, stroking and playing with her clit.


"Oh God!" she moaned loudly


As quickly as the first orgasm had come another rocked through her body, leaving her weak and giddy in its passing.


All of a sudden she heard someone heading in her direction. She realized that she had been too loud when she had cum and now people where coming to investigate what was going on.


Although she wanted to continue, her pussy practically begged her to keep going, she jumped up and grabbed her clothes. The footsteps approached and she realized that she did not have enough time to get dressed again before someone found her. Taking her clothes she rushed in the opposite direction of the approaching investigators and ducked down the next closest aisle. She followed it all the way to the end and found the door to a janitor's closet, she tried the handle and finding it open ducked inside closing the door behind her. She huddled in the darkness and listened to the searchers outside. She ducked down, she didnt dare move an inch to get dressed in case they heard her. After a few minutes the searchers moved away from where she was hiding and she sighed in relief. She realized how close she had come to being caught, which would have cost her not only her chance to join the sorority but could have gotten her kicked out of the university as well. She slipped her clothes on hastily and ducked out of closet and headed out of the building, mentally patting herself on the back for getting away with it.


"Hey" a voice said from behind her.


Her heart jumped. A male student was sitting at one of the study tables that she had to pass in order to leave.


"Your pants are on inside out" He said


"Oh... Thanks..." she said blushing furiously.


She rushed out of the building and headed back to the sorority house, this wasn't a day that she was likely to forget any time soon.

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