Dark Nights

Dark Nights Dark Nights

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When a man stalks a woman he met in a bar they both discover how much fun it can be to have an uninvited guest.


When a man stalks a woman he met in a bar they both discover how much fun it can be to have an uninvited guest.


Submitted: January 09, 2016

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Submitted: January 09, 2016



He watched her sidle up to the bar to pay her tab, gazing at her as she carefully rifled through her oversized purse to find her wallet. He had been watching her since she came in, almost an hour before, and they were the last two people left at this point. She had come in and immediately headed for the bar. At first it had appeared as though she was there to meet someone, and she had looked around the bar for awhile before settling down and ordering a drink. When he realized that she was waiting for someone he had almost given up, but when it became apparent that she was alone his interest was refreshed. He watched her with the hungry gaze of a predator on the hunt. He followed her movements as she paid her tab and headed out the door with an intensity that might have frightened her had she noticed, waiting only a moment before he followed her example.


The door to the bar slammed shut behind him, the owner turning the heavy deadbolt on the door and turning out the lights, cutting off any possible retreat. The streets were mostly empty at this time of the night, and a thick layer of fog obscured the empty walkways of the city. The path they walked together was lit only by the street lights and the occasional beams of a passing car. He saw with a sense of satisfaction that his prey was still ahead of him, walking slowly down the street in front of him. He followed in hot pursuit, eating up the distance between them until he nearly ruined the chase itself when she turned at the sound of his eager footsteps.

She walked quickly after that, glancing over her shoulder often and forcing him to stay back in the shadows. More than once she paused in her headlong flight to safety, as though to verify that the echos of her own harried footsteps was all that followed her through the empty darkness of the abandoned streets.

He watched her with a hungry gaze as she rushed inside, turning on the lights and slamming the door to the house.

\"\"Pulling out a pair of binoculars he watched her, safely ensconced in the shadows that draped the side street that overlooked her house. She glanced out the windows, the light of the room blinding her to the darkness outside as she sought to confirm that any concern about being followed was just empty concern. Her fears assuaged she poured herself a full glass of a dark amber liquid, a balm on her nerves and round out her evening. She headed to bed, stumbling a few times, and he figured that her drink must have been a bit stronger than he thought, or she was a lighter weight than he thought.

He gave her a healthy amount of time to descend into sleep, letting the dulling effect of the alcohol she had ingested drag her down into blissful oblivion. He waited, suppressing the urge to pace or rock from side to side in his impatience. When at last he decided that she must have had plenty of time to fall asleep he crossed the street to her house.

\"\"He quietly closed the door behind him, drawing the deadbolt silently into place. He knew from his observation that despite the fact that the lights were on she was asleep alone in her bedroom. He crept quietly through the house, pausing only to examine a laundry basket near the bedroom which appeared to hold her discarded clothes. He scooped up a pair of panties and inhaled deeply. The strong scent of her femininity filled his nose, his cock stiffened in his pants as it penetrated deep inside of olfactory center awakening a primordial lust that only powerful pheromones had the ability to evoke. The scent of her pussy was heavenly and he could tell that these must have been the panties that she was wearing earlier that night.

He continued his approach to the bedroom, his heart racing in his chest. His heart beat not in fear of getting caught, such a thought never even occurred to him, but from the thrill of the chase, of the struggle and the hunt that awaited him in the next room. He slipped the bedroom door open, wincing as the hinges protested. He could see her splayed out on the bed, snoring softly in sleep. She moved restlessly as he entered the room, either due to the hinges cries, or through some instinctual sense of his presence. She lay uncovered, her blankets already pushed to one side in her restless sleep, a book open on the bed beside her as testament to her last activity before falling asleep. She wore a t-shirt and a light pair of cotton shorts. The material of the shorts indicated that they must be a favorite pair, or else laundry day was imminent, because they failed to cover essential portions of her anatomy. The smooth hairless slit of her pussy peeked out to one side of her shorts, tantalizing him. He took his time, glancing around the room silently, and then started to disrobe, removing his pants and boxers. His cock stood at full attention now, and he was eager to move on to the next part of this evenings activities.

He gently climbed onto the bed, being careful not to make any movement that was unnecessary and freezing in place when she started to roll over in her sleep. He took careful hold of her shorts and pulled them off of her, exposing fully the smooth clean lips of her cunt. He expected her to wake up at this point, and he was ready to deal with such an event, but instead she continued snoring softly.

"Deep sleeper" he thought to himself as he smiled, she wouldn't sleep through the next part... He took his cock and slid it back and forth through the outer lips of her pussy. He was shocked at how wet she was as his cock slid easily between her swollen lips. Taking one last moment to savor the silence he slipped his cock all the way inside her. She moaned quietly before her eyes sprang open. She started to fight and managed to slip herself onto her hands and knees before he pinned her back against the bed, his cock sliding back into her hole.

He whispered quiet threats into her ear and informed her that if she wanted to survive the rest of the night intact that she would be wise not to resist. He had no plan of actually hurting her, after all he had never hurt anyone before, but it sounded good and she stopped struggling. He pulled her shirt off, revealing her breasts with their nipples already pointed in the chill air of the apartment as he started to fuck her.

Absent was any of the care that he normally took with a partner. Instead of gentle and considerate he was brutal and rough, taking pleasure in the sounds of his flesh smacking against hers. She cried and whimpered, as much in pleasure as in fear, and she convulsed at one point as an orgasm was inflicted upon her unwilling body. He lost himself in the sensation, in the way that her cunt gripped his cock with each stroke, as though her body was begging him to stay inside of her. With each thrust more of her resistance faded. First she accepted what was happening, then she enjoyed it. Slowly at first but with gathering strength she started to push back against his thrusts, her hips rising to meet his as his cock slammed into her once unwilling cunt. Her moans increased in volume, not cries for salvation but cries of desire. She begged him to go rougher.

"You want me to fuck you, you dirty whore?" he asked

"God yes! Fuck me!" She cried out, her voice was tinged with desperation and longing

"You want me to use you don't you?" he asked again

"Yes! Use my pussy!" She cried

"I am going to fill you up!" He said, he expected her to object, to resist, but he was shocked at her response to his announcement.

"Fuck yes! Pump me full of cum! Fill me up!" She begged, any sense of who she was or what was happening was gone, she was a dog in heat, lost to the needs of her body as they coupled in a primal way.

He plea was to much for him to take and he could feel his orgasm building. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, now matted with sweat and rough handling, lifting her roughly off the bed. She squealed in pain as he pulled but she did not protest further. He continued to assault her cunt, each thrust bringing him closer to his climax. At last he couldn't take it any longer and his cock exploded inside of her, coating her womb with his cum. Even as he came he continued to thrust into her, drilling his cum into the deepest depths of her cunt and filling her utterly with his seed. She moaned and writhed as her orgasm joined his and at last he released her head, allowing her to collapse onto the bed in an exhausted pile of flesh.

"How was that?" she asked after a moment, looking up at him.

"Pretty good, though you could probably struggle a bit harder next time, and not give in so quickly" he responded. He slapped her resoundingly on the ass eliciting another squeal in response. Although she had given in quickly their first attempt at role playing had been enjoyable, and something about taking her against her will, even in pretend, had satisfied him in a way that was primal in its intensity, almost to the point that it scared him.

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