A Lucky Oppertunity

A Lucky Oppertunity

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A boy gets a lucky opportunity when he comes across the woman he has lusted after his whole life bound and helpless.


A boy gets a lucky opportunity when he comes across the woman he has lusted after his whole life bound and helpless.


Submitted: September 05, 2015

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Submitted: September 05, 2015



My best friends mom... What can I say about her? She made every boy on the block drool. Now to be fair I wasn't a bad as some of his friends, who were only friends with him so they could be around her as much as possible. But lets just say that I never turned down an offer to hang out either...

Although she was only a hair over five foot she was built like a goddess, enormous breasts constantly straining against the tight shirts she seemed to prefer, setting up her cleavage like the grand canyon. I had lusted after her since I was old enough to start liking girls, and I could populate a small planet with the amount of cum I had spilled over thoughts of her.

The first time it happened by accident.

I spent most of my afternoons at his house waiting until I absolutely had to go home. Although I was already 18 I didn't have the funds yet to move out and I couldn't stand being at home any more than I absolutely had to. I even had a key to his house since I spent so much time there.

I headed over to his house after school like I always did. It wasn't until I got inside that I realized that he was probably at drama club today and wouldn't be home for a few hours still.

It started as soon as I opened the door.

"Help!" a voice cried

I dropped my keys in surprise.

"Mrs. Smith?" I called, curious and a little nervous

"I'm in the living room" she called "Help me"

Nothing in this world could have prepared me for the sight that greeted me next. As I walked into the living room I came saw her, her hands had been bound over her head and all of her clothing had been stripped away. The remains of some pantyhose still covered her legs but the crotch had been ripped out to expose her cleanly shaven pussy. Crips white rope was wrapped around her neck and her enormous tits pulling them up and together like some twisted sort of bra. She was standing but additional ropes around her legs kept her in a slightly hunched position, allowing ample access to her cunt from behind.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked, I tried to suppress the surge of lust that flowed through me at seeing her like this. Years of secret desire warred against my better nature, and my morals though fighting diligently were in a losing battle.

"My boyfriend broke up with me, and he thought it would be funny to leave me like this for my son to find me, thank god you came here first!" she cried

"That sick bastard!" I said. She struggled as I stood there watching, valiantly to free herself but it was abundantly clear that she had been trying for awhile and no amount of struggling was going to free her from her present predicament without outside help.

I approached with every intention of helping her, but when I got close and moved my hand to undo her restraints I brushed against her smooth warm flesh, and in that moment I was lost. My hand dropped back down, brushing against her face before following to her bound breasts. I squeezed one of the enormous mounds of flesh and my cock hardened at the supple feel of her tit in my hand.

"Uh... what are you doing?" she asked, concern coloring her voice "hurry up and untie me?"

"I'm sorry... I really am..." I said "I just cant pass this up, I have been waiting years for a chance like this!" I said her head hung a little in shame at my words and she made no effort to resist the exploring of my hands. My left hand continued to cup and fondle her breasts while the other dropped down between her legs, finding the warm wet hole where they met. Her pussy was completely smooth and already sopping wet with her desire. A small groan escaped her lips as my probing fingers found her clit.

Ever so slowly her hips struggled and writhed as much as her bonds permitted, her eyes closed and she groaned again, louder than before.

"You like that huh?" I asked, my heart was beating out of my chest as a mixture of pure lust and desire fueled me.

"yes..." she whispered

I turned her head towards mine and our eyes met. I expected hatred, or fear, but what I found was lust that burned with the same fury as my own. I swiftly leaned in and our lips met, although her eyes widened in surprise at my gesture, her tongue found its way into my mouth, darting in to caress my own.

Spurred on by her grown desire my finger ceased their work on her clit and forced their way inside her waiting hole.

"Oh god..." she moaned, her hips writhed again, straining at the bonds that held her tight, fighting for every extra inch she could get inside of her.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, the air between her legs was thick with the scent of her desire and my cock strained within my pants. With all the care of a collector taking the first draw on a fresh bottle of wine I slipped my tongue between the lips of her pussy. I found her clit quickly in the folds of her silken lips and flicked it gently with my tongue. Although I was vaguely aware that this elicited a reaction from her, the information was distant in the face of my desire. I sucked and probed, exploring every nook and cranny of her womanhood with my mouth. A shudder went through her body as she convulsed within her restraints.

"Oh god I'm cumming!" she moaned.

I watched in utter fascination as her eyes rolled back into her head and her body rocked in the throes of her passion. After a moment that seemed like ages her body quited again, sagging within her bonds. She hung there, her breathing rough and her eyes closed as she rode the aftermath of her orgasm. I took the chance and freed my cock from the restrictive prison of my pants. As I approached her eyes opened lazily, and a short look of confusion painted her features, as though she was confused about where she was. All at once her eyes locked on my cock, exposed and erect in front of her. A look of insatiable desire mixed with a hint of fear passed over her eyes, but no sound escaped her lips. Her eyes remained fixed on my member, tracking it as I approached with the same determination and focus that a hawk shows towards a field mouse. Although she could move scarcely an inch with, I got the distinct impression that she attempted to spread her legs further. I lined the head of my cock up with the opening of her wanton hole, still leaking fluids from her own orgasm. I slipped the tip back and forth through the exposed lips of her pussy, gathering her moisture upon it.

Our eyes met again, and held as I slid my cock inside of her. Slowly at first but with increasing speed a worked my cock in and out of her. She bit her lip in an effort to restrain the sounds of her enjoyment but eventually she lost the war and a throaty groan escaped from between her lips.

"fuck yes!" she moaned "fuck me!"

I obliged her.

I pulled her body tight against mine, feeling her breast press against my chest. I was frustrated that the bonds which held her complicated my penetration. Her moans continued as my cock continued to spear inside of her, with all the colorful language of a dockyard slut she instructed me in no uncertain terms what she wanted me to do to her. An inarticulate cry escaped her lips as another orgasm shook her body. I could feel my own rapidly approaching and with scarce seconds to spare I freed my cock from inside of her. I tick stream of cum erupted from my cock spraying her breasts and eliciting a surprised cry as the thick white fluid coated her body.

I stood there, watching my cum drip down her breasts, leaving a sticky trail behind.

After an eternity of silence, interrupted only by our ragged breathing, I spoke. "I'm sorry..." I said lamely, I realized the enormity of what I had just done as the fog of my lust cleared to let in the harsh light of clarity.

"It's ok, most guys dont last that long inside of me" she said "now if you let me down we can try that again upstairs"

My mind couldn't quite make sense of what was going on, I thought for sure that she was going to yell at me, or threaten me, anything but invite me up to her bedroom. My hands fumbled with her bonds, releasing the knots and the ropes that held her fast. The last rope was released and she stretched, a pained expression flitting across her face.

"What do you mean go upstairs?" I asked finally, "aren't you going to like call the cops or something?" I asked

"Do you want me to?" she said

"Well... no, obviously" I responded

"Then lets go upstairs" she said. She turned to walk upstairs. She turned around and winked at me "just because my boyfriend is a freak, doesnt mean Im not too... After all I taught him everything he knows..."

I watched the sway of her hips as she walked away, my cock stirring to new life, before hurrying to follow her.

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