Saintly Dream Comes True

Saintly Dream Comes True

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Stella Saint had an erotic dream, which disturbed her every night. She discussed the odd situation with Denise Moore, who persuaded her to enact the dream. Stella agreed to do so at a hotel. Little did she know that someone else had planned to make out with her.


Stella Saint had an erotic dream, which disturbed her every night. She discussed the odd situation with Denise Moore, who persuaded her to enact the dream. Stella agreed to do so at a hotel. Little did she know that someone else had planned to make out with her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Saintly Dream Comes True

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Stella Saint had an erotic dream, which disturbed her every night. She discussed the odd situation with Denise Moore, who persuaded her to enact the dream. Stella agreed to do so at a hotel. Little did she know that someone else had planned to make out with her.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 07, 2014



Cast of Characters:


Major Characters:

Stella Saint:Protagonist.

Denise Moore: Stella’s friend and an intelligent psychology major.

Leona:A lesbian felina.


Minor Characters:

Jonathan Wood: A businessman and Stella’s boyfriend.

Clark Dawson: Denise’s classmate.

Crewmember: A burly man employed at McDonald’s.

Lupe:A call girl.

Receptionist: A redhead employed at Baisamé Hotel.



Stella Saint entered into a well-furnished spacious room. She looked about her. Nobody was there and she asked herself, ‘Now, where is she?’


Suddenly, the door opened. She turned around, and saw a grey tabby entering the room. The cat was wagging its bushy tail as it walked toward Stella. Its minty green eyes had a mesmerizing effect on her. The door closed automatically behind the animal and a feminine voice echoed into her mind, ‘Come on baby! Let’s make out.’


Stella felt a soft touch on her shoulders. Her clothes went off to shreds. She shivered while a fleshy and wet thing flicked over her voluptuous body. Then, she was hurled on a bed. The tabby jumped and got higher before it landed slowly on her torso.


Instantly, the smiling face of a girl hovered above her. She had short streaked hair and grey complexion. That girl spoke something to Stella but she could not understand a word.


The girl kissed her lips. Stella closed her eyes submissively. The outlandish lesbian breathed along her neck. She nuzzled her head into Stella’s mega tits, and opened her mouth to suck them.


Stella laughed for a delightful sensation on her tits. She opened her eyes and found the tabby instead of the girl. The cat’s whiskers tickled her smooth skin as it licked her nipples swiftly. Soon, they were hardened and her pussy twitched in pleasure. She began to moan.


Stella’s moans distracted the cat. It rose and mewed. She could perceive an indignant look in the feline eyes. Almost immediately, it waxed and turned into a silhouette. She felt the same soft touch on her legs. They were splayed in plain automaticity. The silhouette distorted, demarcated, and defined itself as the grey girl who was holding Stella’s round thighs apart.


The girl opened her mouth and there came out a phallic shaft; it was her tongue. Stella hissed as it invaded her pussy. The shapeshifter retracted her weapon and propelled it once again into the welcoming cunt. Then, she kept up the good work and her fucking pace developed with each push.


The tongue was hitting Stella to the hilt. Soon, all the sensation centered within her pussy. She bit her lip. The walls of her cunt quivered in pleasure. She screamed as torrents of her cum gushed into grey girl’s mouth…


And she woke up in her dim-lighted boudoir. That vivid and weird dream had roused her again. It had been disturbing her for five consecutive nights. Stella could not ignore it even though she was a realist. Dreaming about the grey girl was a terrible thing for her but Jonathan Wood, her boyfriend, used to say that she would drive a lesbian crazy with her stunning beauty.


Stella was 28 years old. She had an oval face. It looked alluring due to wide-set brown eyes, thick eyelashes, straight nose, and heart-shaped lips. Her honey blonde hair was long, glossy, and copious. Moreover, she was endowed with an hourglass figure and inviting looks. Jonathan loved to fondle and suck her full tits; 36E bras were fit for them. He used to stroke along her wide hips and squeeze her plump ass-cheeks. Since he was a good tease, she always urged him to eat her out and he complied with her avidly. When she was ready for him, he fucked her to his gratification.


Stella blinked at the ceiling. She was recalling her dream. A cold jet from the air conditioner caressed her and she felt the dankness between her thighs. Hence, she reached down and touched herself. “Ah! Not again,” she said.


Stella sat up and pushed her fingers deep. They got soaked within her lubed pussy. The top sheet, already laid in a mess beside her, was not worth a damn. She raised her hand to observe her cum. Then, she felt the bed sheet. There was a wet spot between her legs. “Shit,” she said.


Stella turned her eyes to look at the wall clock. It was 6 a.m. She never changed the bed sheet or showered at late night before that nagging dream. While speculating on it, she resolved to communicate with her bosom friend. Hence, she took her cell phone from the nightstand and browsed through the Contacts folder to locate Denise Moore. She texted her: I need to talk to you. Call me when you get up.


Denise called her after two hours. “Hi”, answered Stella.


“Hey! What’s the news, Ella?” Denise asked.


“All is well,” she said.


“Whew! Girl, you had me worried.”


“I’m sorry Denni,” Stella apologized, “but you are the only person I open my heart to.”


“Well thanks, but don’t tell me Jonathan wasn’t with you last night.”


“Oh, you know he can’t be here yet,” said Stella. Jonathan was out in Atlanta for some business transaction.


“Yeah, he hasn’t been here for six days. Hey! Are you both planning something terrible? I hope he isn’t running away.”


“Shut up! It’s a dream I want to talk to you about.”


“You want to talk about a-WHAT?”


“It’s a dream.”


“What a big surprise! Ok, I’m ready.”


Stella recounted her dream from A to Z and said, “That’s all.”


“Oh my,” said Denise, “what a fabulous cat! It can transform itself into a lesbo, a silhouette, and someone invisible who can speak into your mind. Oh how I wish to have such a pet!”


“DENNI, that’s just a dream!”


“Yeah, and what a great dream it is!”


“Are you kidding? That dream of yours has shaken me up, OKAY.”


“It isn’t my dream, sweetie. You are the one who had it.”


“Ah, please Denni! I can’t sleep well. That stupid dream is disturbing me every night and-I don’t know WHY?”


“That is a very good question but you have to wait for an answer until-7 p.m.”


“Ok. Should I call you then?”


“Gosh! How can you forget? Today is FRIDAY.”


Stella gasped. She and Denise used to go out on Friday nights. “Oh yeah,” she said. “You’re right! That dream is really getting on my nerves.”


“I understand, baby. We need to work something out for this. Um-right now, I’ll go and see Clark. He has been so helpful and supportive you know, and…”


“Oh Ella, he’s so sweet, so dashing, so charming,” Stella said mimicking Denise’s accent. Clark Dawson, a psychology major, was a handsome guy. He was carrying out research into dreams. Denise and other female classmates fancied him, but he seemed too busy to be interested.


“Er-well, see you then,” said Denise and she ended her call. Stella chuckled, and she put her cell phone back on the nightstand. She spent her time watching television, eating her lunch, and taking a nap.


Stella slept like a log until six thirty-five. Her jaw dropped as she looked at the wall clock. “Gosh! I’ve taken a long siesta,” she said. “Denni will kill me for sure.”


Stella removed the top sheet hastily, got out of bed, and walked over to the wardrobe. She opened it, and looked at her dresses. “Aha,” she said. “This will be spot-on.” She chose a red sheath dress with patent belt. Then, she stooped down to her shoe cabinet and fished out a pair of matching heels.


After attiring herself, Stella put on some make-up and combed her hair. Her lips curved into a smile as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. “Wow,” she said, “I love you darling. You’re so...”


Stella froze as she noticed a young girl who stood behind her. She sported a boy crop hairstyle. Her round face was pleasant, yet it had an apprehensive expression owing to the prominent green eyes and downward-turning lips. She had a grey complexion and pointed ears, which made her look inhuman.


Stella turned around but to her astonishment, there was no sign of the grey girl. When she looked back at the mirror, she could only see her reflection.


Stella frowned. ‘That’s strange, really strange,’ she wondered. ‘A girl who doesn’t exist but I can see her in the mirror, and she resembles the lesbian in my dream. Golly! Am I losing my mind? Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much about her.’


The alert tone startled her. She picked up the cell phone. Denise had sent her a message and she read it: Where the heck are you? I’m at McDonald’s, watching people like an imbecile. She replied: Hang on dear. I’m on my way. Then, she took her white handbag and got out to the carport.


Stella stopped in her tracks as she saw a grey tabby sitting on the hood of her Mercedes-Benz. The cat fixed its minty green eyes on her. It was watchful and ready to flee if she made a move. Instead, she stared at the animal and felt that it was a look-alike of the cat in her dream. Then, she shook her head. “That’s absurd,” she said. “It isn’t necessary to correlate any tabby with the one in my dream.”


The tabby mewed. It leaped down and disappeared behind the car. Stella resumed walking, and opened the car door. She cast a glance at her right but the cat was nowhere in sight.

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