Light and Dark Eternal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"The sanctuary is protected. There will be no quarter, there will be no mercy."

Legends and rumors abound about the Isle of Frith. Once cut off and isolated from the rest of England, its now a tourist destination. The residents are warm, friendly, kind, and intensely private. The last ferry leaves at seven and no one is forgotten or left behind. Any who try to hide are found, expelled, and banned for life.

Children of the island, Darby and Larken Simone were born and raised away from their birthright, ignorant of the truth. Until fate drew them home.

Table of Contents

The Deal Is Made

The shove sent him face first into the soldier's back. With his wrist and hands bound, he had no control over his limbs. The soldier st... Read Chapter

Lost Daughters

Larken got out of the car, wincing as her legs and butt protested the cruel movement. An hour and a half of Judo and Hapkido had wiped ... Read Chapter

The Sentinel Stands

I changed the name from The Call to Light and Dark Eternal. It was a toss up to begin with, and in the end makes more sense. Read Chapter

Whispers of the Past

Larken feels the truth upon her and Darby is surrounded by echoes of anguish. Read Chapter

Howling Bay

Sparks fly between Larken and the ferryman on their journey to Frith. Darby is transported to the garden in the middle of the day, and finds him waiting.

Author's note: For the regular reader, if you haven't read the revision at the beginning of chapter 2, The Sentinel Stands, certain aspects of this chapter may confuse you. Read Chapter


  A witch. Larken’s heart jumped and danced at the thought. She loved reading about the pagan religions of old when she was youn... Read Chapter