My So Called Fairytale Life?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The real fairytales were filled with torture, abuse and tragedy. Basically sums up my life.

Table of Contents

A Fairytale Life?

The real fairytales were filled with torture, abuse and tragedy. Basically sums up my life. Read Chapter

The Once Upon A Time

Like every fairytale we begin with a young child filled with love and curiosity, like all innocents. There was an older couple in the hou... Read Chapter

No Fairy Princess Here

With so much negativity floating around in the household Teri was often out and about. Going to the park alone, walking to friends homes ... Read Chapter

Absence Does Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder

This is when Teri really began questioning everything. All she had done, every little attempt to make "improvements" on herself for the s... Read Chapter

An Unexpected Influence

Just another evening as Teri sat on her laptop staring blankly at the screen. Every now and then she would type in names of crushes ... Read Chapter

New Lease on Life

Teri is finally starting to feel more like a human again, slowly discovering her old self through the help of an old friends and a few new ones. Read Chapter

Friends for a Lifetime

Sometimes people just click, as though they have known each other for centuries... Read Chapter

A vivid imagination

Teri's mind keeps wandering to places it should not go. Read Chapter

Forgive my thoughts while I'm Asleep

** I wish you could hear the song "Devotion" performed by Hurts and Kylie Minogue. The lines "Forgive my thoughts while I'm asleep, forgive these words I've yet to speak, I feel so ashamed" best describe this chapter. Read Chapter

And that is why they call it a "Crush"

I think a crush can perhaps be even more meaningful when it is with the right person. For me I much enjoy the sexual tension portion almost more than the act of sex itself. Read Chapter