F##k in the Truck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is a short story from the anthology Dirty Gay Daddies Vol. 2, available now.

He was my father's best friend, but he was the man I wanted most. Owen wasn't just any older guy; he was built like a god with an attitude to boot. I was 21 that summer, and I wanted to have my first time with a man so bad it hurt. I wanted that man to be Owen. One afternoon in his truck, I would find out he wanted me just as bad. At first it started with fooling around, but it would soon lead to full on f##king in his truck.
(Contains graphic descriptions of gay sex and graphic language.)

I felt sick because of how hot I was for my dad's friend Owen. But I couldn't help it. A 21-year-old gay guy like me had a cock like a radar - it could sense whenever there was a hot piece of man when they were around, and I couldn't stop it from getting hard around Owen. Owen was unbelievably sexy. He was 37, and he was ex-military. He had muscles that were huge. His arms were bigger than my head, and even his forearms made me stare with desire. He didn't know that I was gay. No one did. But he would definitely know that I liked men after I started sucking on his cock.

It happened on a Wednesday afternoon. I didn't have a car then, so I was waiting outside the library. I was in school then, studying to be a history teacher. I was a skinny, fair skinned, nerdy young man with straight, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I was wearing a pair of fit jeans that clung around my fit waist, and on my top I wore a tight black sweater that felt cozy in the cool autumn breeze. I was expecting my dad to pick me up like he always did, on his say home from work, but it wasn't his car that I saw driving into the parking lot.

My stomach dropped when I saw a big black truck pulling into the parking lot. Behind the wheel was Owen, and holy hell, I flinched when I saw him. He had one hand on the steering wheel, looking sexy as fuck as he backed his truck into a parking spot. I became so nervous I couldn't even walk out to meet him. He parked his truck, and then he stepped outside. He looked even sexier when he stood near his vehicle.

"Oh my God,” I whispered, my eyes glued to the sight of this mountain of masculine muscle as he shut his truck door.

Owen was wearing a tight black shirt and Wrangler jeans, the kind of rough jeans that shape a man's butt and make it look so good that one's mouth waters. My mouth felt dry because I was so nervous. My hands felt clammy. I was even starting to shake.

"Oh my God,” I repeated.

Owen was wearing a hat that said Marines on it, and damn it he wore it well. It made his gray and black beard look even more tempting. I wanted to rake my fingers through it. He saw me, and he waved. "Hey, Toby.” Chest out, shoulders looking like boulders under his shirt, he approached me. He walked with a confident strut suiting for a man like him. His thighs were a little bit apart, making me wonder just how big a package he was packing in between them. "Hey, buddy, your dad called me and said you needed a ride home.” He grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me in for a hug. "It's good to see you man. I haven't seen you in a while!"

I hesitantly put my arms around him, and I could feel all his hot muscle. It made my heart pump harder. It made the blood in my body rush straight south, straight in between my legs to my cock. I pulled away from him just as my cock started to harden. I stood still and put my backpack in front of my crotch, hoping to hide my erection from him.

Owen stood back. He patted my shoulders and looked me up and down. "Have you gotten taller? I swear, Toby, the last time I saw you, you didn't look this, mature.” He folded his arms, and he stroked his beard and gave me another look up and down. "I like it. You look good.”

"Thanks,” I said, feeling my cheeks get hot. I was blushing, so I looked down. "You look hot, too. I mean, uh, good. You look good!"

Owen laughed. His voice was deep and relaxed. I could shut my eyes and listen to it, and I could get off just listening to it. I could have sex with his voice if it was physically possible. "Thanks, man.” He pulled me back to him and put his arm around me. "Ready to go? Hate to rush you, but I do have a date lined up tonight.”

Great, I thought. Of course a guy like him has a hot date waiting for him, and I bet it's some bimbo with big breasts. And that lucky girl would probably get to sleep with him.

Owen put his arm around me. He squeezed my shoulders and then he pulled me close. "It's good to see you, Toby. I'm glad your dad asked me to come get you.” He led me to his truck and opened the door for me. "What do you think of my new ride?"

"It's awesome,” I answered. I climbed into the truck.

Owen paused before he shut the door for me. He leaned on the open door, and he looked me up and down again, a grin on his face. "Man, you've really grown up, Toby.” He winked at me, and then he shut the truck door.

When Owen started the engine, it roared in a way that both terrified me and excited me, but that was because I was both terrified and excited to be around the hunk of a man that was my dad's friend. He pulled out of the parking lot and we hit the highway. Owen leaned back in his seat, one hand on the wheel, his legs spread in a way that drew my attention to his crotch.

My eyes were drawn there, and u noticed the large bulge in between his legs. It was thick. It was large, and I wanted to grab it. I wanted to feel his manhood. I wanted to grip it and feel it and hold it in my palm. My mouth started to water, and I wanted to taste his cock.

"What are you looking at, buddy?" Owen asked.

I looked away fast. "Nothing, nothing at all.”

But Owen could see that I was hiding something. "Don't try and lie to me, Toby. I've known you since you were a kid. I know what you look like when you're lying.”

"Oh yeah.” I laughed, a little nervous, and a little excited. "What do I look like?"

"Your cheeks get redder than a cherry.” He grabbed my face gently under my chin. He stroked the side of my face. "Just like they are right now.” He put his hand back in his lap, and I caught him grabbing his crotch and adjusting himself. "Actually I have to say, it's kind of cute.”


"Yeah.” He winked at me again. He steered the truck along the highway, getting into the left lane and climbing higher on the accelerator. The speed at which he was climbing made me feel hotter. It made my adrenaline rush. It had my heart pounding harder, and riding next to a man as hot as Owen made the rush amplify. My cock was stiffening, and I had to adjust myself just like Owen was.

Owen kept his hand on the bulge in between his legs. "You know, Toby, I gotta say, I've always thought you were a really handsome young man. And you've only gotten more handsome since you've gotten older.”

"Thanks.” I started to fidget in my seat. I had to grab my jeans and stretch them out to make room for my growing, young cock. "Fuck,” I said under my breath.

Owen smiled. "Does your dad know that you curse like that?"

I was blushing when I answered him. "No. He thinks I'm a good guy, the kind that doesn't swear.”

Owen put his hand on my knee. His hand was big and strong. He squeezed my leg gently. "I bet there's a lot your dad doesn't know about you.” He put his hand a little higher up on my thigh, moving it inward. "Man, these legs feels strong. You work out, Toby?"

"No sir,” I answered.

He took his hand away. He smiled at me, leaning coolly in his seat with a seductive, casual posture that had me staring. "Don't call me sir, buddy. Just call me Owen.”

"Yes sir, I mean, Owen.” I put my hands on my knees. I tapped my fingers nervously, pressing my thighs together a little and shifting in the ache of my erection.

"You're not in any hurry are you, man?"

"No. I don't have any plans. I thought you said you had a hot date.”

He laughed. "Yeah, I do. Trust me, buddy, this woman is smoking hot. But I was thinking, maybe I want to spend a little bit more time with you before I drop you off. Wanna stop and get something to eat?"

"I'm not really hungry,” I told him. I was too rattled with nerves and excitement.

"Not even ice cream?" He grinned at me, a twinkle in his eyes. "I remember how much you love rocky road.”

Owen took us to a little ice cream shop that was just off the highway and on the way home. We got small cups of ice cream, and we ate in his truck whole looking out at the open road from the parking lot. We talked about college. We talked about Owen's time in the military. We started talking about girls. "With as hot as you are, boy,” Owen said, "I bet the girls are crawling all over you.”

I ate a bite of cold ice cream, feeling it melt instantly in my mouth. "You think I'm hot?" I laughed a little, embarrassed and shy.

Owen smiled back at me. There was drop of white, wet ice cream dripping off my lips. He put his thumb on it and gently rubbed it off, caressing his thumb along my bottom lip. "Yeah, buddy, I do. You've got prettier eyes and lips than a lot of girls I know.”

I froze as he caressed my lip with his thumb. The simple touch sent shivers through my body, and I could almost sense the ice cream in my cup melting from the heat I was starting to feel. "Th-thanks,” I stammered.

Owen winked at me. "You're welcome.” He ate the last of his ice cream and set the empty cup on the dashboard.

I looked down at my cup, and I smoothed my ice cream slowly with my spoon, feeling nervous and a little scared of the secret I wanted to confess. "Owen, can I tell you something? Something I've never told anyone?"

"Of course you can.” He leaned back on his seat and lay his head against the head rest. He looked at me, kindness and trust in his brown eyes. "You can tell me anything, buddy.”

I took a deep breath, and I looked down into my lap. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. "I don't like girls,” I said. "I like guys. I'm gay.” I didn't have the courage to look up. It was the first time I had ever wait it out loud to anyone and I was damn terrified of what my dad's friend was about to say.

But Owen put his hand on my shoulder. "Relax, man. It's okay. You don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed. Liking guys is nothing to feel bad about.” He smiled at me, and he shrugged. "Hell, I wouldn't say that I'm completely straight, either.”

I raised one eyebrow at him, and I almost laughed in disbelief. "Yeah right, man. You're joking. There's no way a guy like you would be into other men.”

He leaned against the door and eyeballed me, stroking his beard. "Not normally, but when there's a beautiful guy like you? Yeah, I'm definitely attracted.”

We met gazes and stared into one another's eyes. I could feel his desire for me, the way he looked at me with hunger in his eyes, the way he slowly licked his lips. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"You're a handsome young man,” he said. "If I were gay, I would definitely date you.” He paused, and he put his hand on my leg. "Have you ever done anything with a man before?"

I gulped. "No sir. I mean, no, Owen.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. My cock was hurting now, bending because it was too hard to stay in my jeans.

Owen looked me in the eyes. "Do you want to?" He moved his hand a little closer to my crotch. "We have some time now, Toby. I could show you some things. If you want.” He moved his hand a little closer, dipping his palm to my inner thigh. "Do you want to?"

I looked down at his hand. My hips shifted, and my cock pulsed for his touch. "Yes,” I answered. "I want to. But what if my dad finds out? He would be furious if he knew we did anything, Owen.”

"Don't worry, man.” Owen leaned closer to me. "I won't tell your dad anything. Will you?"

I looked into his eyes. My nervousness was turning into pure excitement, pure arousal. "No sir. I won't say anything.”

He smiled and nodded. "Good.” He put his hand in between my legs and placed it on my bulge. "Wow, Toby. You're already hard as a rock.”

I squirmed as he felt my bulge. I bit my bottom lip. It felt so good to have his hand on me, squeezing and rubbing me. I looked back into his eyes. He was waiting to see if I would stop him. He was judging my reaction to his touch, and he could tell that I wanted more. He grabbed the button of my jeans and undid them. He grabbed the zipper, and he slowly pulled it down.

I had to wiggle my hips a little to get the right angle for him to pull the zipper down all the way. I put my hands on legs. I watched his hand as he pulled down my boxers and slipped his fingers underneath. Then I felt his warm fingertips brush through my trimmed bush of pubic hair and then to my horny young prick. He grabbed my shaft. He pulled it out of my boxers, and my cock was free and standing at full attention.

"Damn, buddy,” he said. "This thing is impressive.”

"Thanks,” I gasped. I was so excited, and I didn't know what to do, that I just sat there stiff.

Owen wrapped his hand around my shaft, and he gently stroked up to the head of my cock. "Don't worry, Toby. We won't tell your dad about this.”

I could feel the intense ache in my groin, that undeniable need of release. It made me whimper for his hand. It made me stiff. It made me want more. I looked back into his eyes. "This will stay just between us?"

He nodded. "Yes.” With his hand around my cock, he looked out the front windshield. "We should probably get out of this parking lot, though, just in case anyone from this ice cream shop sees us.” He took his hand away from my cock, and he put the truck in drive.

Out on the highway, I sat still. My cock was still out of my jeans, and it was rigid and hard. I wasn't bold enough to stroke myself in front of Owen, not until he asked me.

"Are you horny?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Go ahead and stroke your cock, man. It's just me. It's okay.”

I slowly wrapped my hand around my shaft. It was so hard that just squeezing it made me squirm in my seat. I started stroking myself, up to the had and back down. I leaned my head back against the seat of the truck and sighed in a growing pleasure.

"Yeah, man,” Owen said. "That's hot. I like watching you pleasure yourself.”

My eyes looked downward, in between his legs. I saw him as he groped his bulge. I wanted it, and with the way I was turned on, I wasn't going to deny myself the pleasure of feeling his manhood. I put my hand on his leg. I was nervous, but I wanted it.

"Go ahead, Toby,” he said. "You can feel my cock.”

I took a deep breath. I moved my hand into his inner thigh and felt his massive and muscular his leg was. And then I moved my hand up his leg until I felt his large bulge. I could feel the shape of his cock inside his jeans, massive and thick. I squeezed it in my hand. I stroked it. I could feel it pulsing and growing larger.

Owen groaned under his breath. He held onto the steering wheel. When I gave his cock a good squeeze the engine revved because he instinctively pressed down harder on the pedal. "Man, I want you to grab my cock, Toby.” He looked my way. "Do you want to feel it?"

"Yes,” I answered. Without any further permission, I found my hand undoing the button of his jeans. I used two hands to pull down the zipper, and then, as my stomach fluttered in excitement, I dug my hand into his boxers.

First, I felt his hairy pubic hair. It was coarse and thick, the bush of a man. I reached lower until my fingers came upon the base of his thick, warm shaft.

"Go ahead,” he said to me. "Grab my cock.”

I grabbed the base of his shaft and pulled his cock our his jeans. His manhood was thick, long and beautiful. It was the kind of cock I had seen in porn videos, the kind of cock I had always fantasized about. "Whoa,” I said, staring at his cock.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes sir.”

He took my hand and pulled it to his dick. "Go ahead, Toby. You can feel it.”

I wrapped my eager young palm around his shaft. My fingertips barely touched from his girth. I stroked it, slowly, taking my time and getting a feel for it, all the way up to his swollen head.

"Yeah, buddy, just like that,” he groaned.

I stroked back down. I squeezed the base of his shaft. Curious, I dipped my hand down into his jeans again and felt his full bulls. They were warm. They were bigger than my hand. My mouth started to water.

Owen kept his hand on the wheel and steered the truck through traffic. It wouldn't be long before the exit we needed came up. "Do you want to put it in your mouth?"

I hesitated with his cock in my hand. "I've never done this,” I said,  a little nervous.

He put his hand on the back of my neck. "It's okay. With lips like those, I bet you would be amazing with my cock in your mouth.”

I licked my lips. I still felt nervous, but I wanted it. I looked down at his cock, and the thing was practically calling to me to get in between my lips. I bit my bottom lip, and I squeezed his cock again. It was so thick and so long. I wasn't sure that I would be able to take it in my mouth, but I found myself leaning over into his lap as he continued to drive us forward. I took another moment, gathering my wits and facing his cock like it was a thing to be conquered, thick and pulsing in my hand, just waiting for me to put my lips around it. I opened my mouth, and I slipped the head of his cock in between my lips.

"Fuck,” Owen groaned. "I knew those lips would feel good.”

The instant that my lips closed around the head of his dick, I felt it swell. And I felt a surge of excitement course through me. I opened my mouth a little wider and took more of his cock inside. I took it halfway down, keeping my hand around the base of his shaft. I moaned as I took his cock into mouth.

"Yes,” he groaned. He put his hand on the back of my head. "Fuck, your mouth is so wet and warm. And your lips are so soft.” His fingers curled through my hair. "That feels so good, Toby.”

I leaned up to the head, and then I sucked back down his cock until half of it was in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock, getting faster. I moaned, loving every single inch of his cock that slid in between my lips.

"Yes, buddy, yes!" He held onto the back of my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock. His foot pressed harder on the accelerator, and I knew that I was doing a good job. He reached in between my legs and grabbed my hard prick. He began to stroke me at the same time that I was sucking him.

I was nearly out of breath, but I couldn't stop sucking him. It was the first cock I had ever had inside my mouth, and I was drunk on it. I grabbed the base of his shaft and held it. I sucked up and down, whimpering and moaning, getting so much cock that I could hardly stand it. I didn't notice the way that my cock was starting to pulse in his hand as he stroked me. My cock throbbed, and he could feel it, and he squeezed it harder. "Are you about to come, Toby?"

"Uh huh,” I answered with his cock in my mouth. It felt so good, the way he stroked me, that I couldn't even suck his cock right. I just held it in my mouth, and then my hips bucked upward as I came uncontrollably. I could feel my warm, sticky juices flowing over his hand and dripping down in between my legs.

His foot was hard on the accelerator. His cock started to throb in between my lips. I wanted a breath of air. I tried to lean back and take his cock out of my mouth, but he wouldn't let me. He held the back of my head and forced me to keep his cock in my mouth. And suddenly, my longing to stop became a rush to continue. I liked the way that he forced me to keep his cock in my mouth. And then I loved the way that he made me slide my mouth up and down his cock. I could taste the saltiness of his precome, sticky and gooey and coating my tongue. He started bucking his hips up, making his cock go further back until the head of his prick was punching the back of my throat.

I moaned loud, taking his cock, taking it as hard as he would thrust it into my mouth. He was screwing my face, and I was getting drunk on every second. "Fuck yes,” he roared. "Fuck yes!" He shoved his cock to the back of my throat, and then I felt his warm come as it flowed into my mouth. It went straight to the back of my throat, and naturally, I swallowed. But I started to gag. But he held my head down. He forced me to keep my mouth around his cock. "Yes, Toby. Fucking take it. Take my come!" His fingers curled in my hair and he wouldn't let me off his cock. He made me take every single drop, even when I gagged on it. It seemed like he came a gallon, so much I could hardly breathe. And then he released me.

I leaned back and caught my breath. "Holy shit!" I sighed. I wiped my lips, and I swallowed what were left of his juices.

"You're amazing,” he said to me. He put his hand around the back of my neck and massaged it. "So fucking hot, man.” He looked down. "Looks like you couldn't hold back, either.”

I saw the pool of come I had shot over  my jeans and over the seat of his truck. "I'm sorry,” I said with heavy breath. "I didn't mean to-"

He squeezed the back of my neck. "It's fine, man. Don't worry about it.” He smiled as he sat up straight. "Man, I'm still hard. You were amazing.”

"So were you,” I said. "You know, your cock.” I was red on the face and blushing. "Sorry that sounded stupid.”

"Hey, come here.” He put his arm around me and scooted me closer to him. "It's not stupid. You're awesome, Toby.”

He took me home that afternoon, and I never forgot about my first time with another man. I was young then, and less experienced. "Sorry if I wasn't good enough,” I said to him when he dropped me off.

He put his arm around me again. "Toby, you were amazing. What do you say I pick you up again next time you're at the library?"

For the next few days, Owen was all I could think about. The sound of his voice... The feeling of his arms and hands... The taste of his cock... My dad would give me a ride to community college in the morning. He would be listening to the radio whole the morning dew gathered on the windows. I would watch the little drops of morning dew drizzle down the windows, and I would long to be in Owen’s truck again. It was a relatively small town we lived in, so there weren't many other gay men I could confide in. Owen and I had our secret now, and I desired it further, to explore it deeper.

The following week, I was at the library again on a Saturday. I hurried to finish all the homework I had to do, because Owen was going to pick me up when I was done. My fingers moved furiously on the computer keyboard. K typed up an essay so fast and so mindless that I accidentally wrote the words “Owen' and “come” instead of what I had meant to write. When I was done, I popped in some mint gum into my mouth and waited outside. It was getting colder in that autumn, but I was warm in my sweater. I was warm because my heart was pounding and the blood in my body was racing.

I saw his big, black truck pull into the parking lot and I started breathing a little faster and shorter. "Come on, Toby, calm down.” I took a deep breath, and I approached the truck when he parked for me.

"You look good today,” Owen said. He smiled at me. His hair was combed and short and dark. He was wearing a sweater that clung tightly to his arms and his pecs, making his muscles seem gigantic. He started the drive home. "How was school this week, Toby?"

I wasn't in any mood to talk about school. I didn't answer his question.  Instead, I let my impulses take over. I was 21 and I was horny as hell, and I could not resist my desire to touch the hottest piece of man I ever had a chance with. I put my hand in between his legs and felt his bulge.

"Whoa,” Owen said. He didn't know where to put his hand at first. He rested it on my shoulder as I leaned over into his lap and started undoing his jeans. "Toby, you're gonna make me crash, buddy.”

"I've been thinking about this all day,” I said fast. I yanked open the button of his jeans. "I've wanted your cock all week long, sir!" I yanked down his zipper. I reached inside, and I retrieved his cock. It was half hard so it was easy to pull out of his jeans. I took it into my soft hand, and then I opened my lips and accepted it into my mouth. It felt softer, but the skin was warm and quickly growing in between my lips.

"Holy fuck,” Owen swore. "I gotta pull over.” He steered the truck off the highway, squirming in his seat. His cock grew rock hard in my mouth, and it began to throb as I sucked him fast and breathlessly.

My spit was dripping down his shaft. My fingers were searching inside his boxers for more of his manhood. I cradled his balls and gently squeezed them, making him groan. His cock grew rock hard in between my lips. I leaned back, and as I took a breath, I stared at his cock and admired it. So thick. So hard and twitching.

Owen grabbed my shoulder and made me lean back. "Toby, wait a second. We need to find a good spot.”

"You can't drive while I suck your cock?" I asked with a grin and a twinkle in my eyes.

He shook his head. "No. I've been wanting this all week, too, and I feel too damn turned on to drive and feel your sweet lips around my cock.”

Owen drove us to an abandoned truck stop. The building was unmarked, and the windows were boarded up. He drove us around to the back where there were a few abandoned gas pumps. Tumble weeds blew across the parking lot in the cold, Texas autumn. He put his truck in park.

I looked him in the eyes. I reached my hand in between his legs and took a hold of his cock. "Now?"

"Yeah,” he answered.

I leaned over into his lap, and this time I was able to move slower. I took a deep breath, and I put his cock into my wet and wanting mouth. I moaned because it felt so good to have his hard shaft inside me, across my tongue, and I licked around it and could taste the sticky salt of his precome.

"Damn it, buddy, your lips could make me shoot right now.”

I considered that a challenge. I wanted to see how fast I could make this man come. I squeezed the bottom of his shaft and then I started sucking faster, squeezing my lips a little harder, picking and wiggling my tongue around the head of his cock.

Owen put his fingers through the back of my hair. "Holy fuck, Toby. You're going to make me come. You're going to me make me..." He threw his head back. He couldn't control the orgasm that his body achieved. He flinched, and all his powerful muscle tensed and flexed. His cock throbbed.

I shut my eyes and moaned loud as his cock spewed juices into my mouth. It was so much hot and sticky come that it spilled off my lips and down his shaft. I clutched his thigh. I whimpered, loving every drop. His orgasm passed and he went limp on his seat. I could still feel his cock as it twitched in between my lips and against my tongue. I leaned back, and I caught my breath, wiping his come off my lips with my thumb. "That was so much, Owen!"

He stated at me, a fire in his dark eyes. "God damn it, Toby!" He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me across my seat. He pulled me to him.

I froze. I didn't know if he was mad or not. I had never seen a man look at me like he did. But I let him pull me to him, and then to my shock, he tilted his head and he put his lips on mine. At first, I didn't react to his wild and lusty kiss, but after two seconds I melted into it. I put my hand on his leg, and then on his chest, and I moved my lips with his. He made me part my lips with his lips and then he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He groaned as he tasted me, sliding his tongue over and around my own. He leaned back, leaving me light headed and dazed. "Get in the back seat, Toby.”

"Yes sir!" My heart was pounding and my skin was tingling as I climbed into the backseat of his truck.

Owen’s cock was still hard and thick as he followed me, climbing into the backseat, getting on top of me and making me lay across the seat. He pinned me down. He put his hands on my sides. He looked down at me with that glare of something I doesn't recognize before, but I recognized it now. It was desire, passion and desire, so hot that his gaze was burning me. He leaned down and kissed me again.

"Oh my God,” I whispered. I was sinking into the desires he let flow over me, all that masculine passion, all that muscle. I could smell his musk in his sweat, mixing with his cologne in the most intoxicating fragrance my young lungs had ever breathed. His hands went up my shirt, and I leaned up and let him take it off me. His hands slipped under my jeans. I leaned my hips and let him undo them. He moved them down my waist,  then down my legs until my jeans were at my ankles. He kissed my thighs. I looked down and saw his lips moving closer to my rigid and dripping cock. I grabbed the side of the truck seat to steady myself because I was shaking.

Little beads of sweat formed on his forehead. The heat inside this truck was consuming us. I could feel sweat forming on my skin. He kissed my inner thighs, and his beard tickled. I shuddered in delight, keeping my eyes on him, anticipating his next move as he kissed closer to my private parts.

Finally, he placed his lips in between my legs and gently kissed my smooth shaven sack. My eyes rolled back. And my cock started to pulse hard. "Oh God,” I groaned. I lay my head back on the seat. I started panting. My chest was rising and falling in the heat. When my eyes opened, I stared out the truck window, out into the clear blue autumn sky, and it felt like I was starting to fly. I felt his warm, wet mouth wrap around my hard young cock, and my head shot back up and I stared at him. "Fuck!"

My cock was halfway into his mouth, and his beard tickled my groin. I clutched at his hair and then the side of his chiseled face. He had stopped, keeping my cock inside his mouth, waiting to see if I would stop him. When he saw that I wouldn't, when he saw that I wanted this, he sucked me deeper into his mouth. He engulfed my cock, making my entire body start to tremble.

"Yes,” I moaned. "Oh, yes!" I lay my head back down on the seat. The daylight seemed brighter as it came in through the truck window. I shut my eyes, and all I did was feel. I felt his wet mouth around my hard young prick. I felt his hand as it grabbed the base of my shaft. He started to stroke me, and he sucked me. My cock was pulsing in his control.

"Yes,” I moaned louder. "Oh my God, yes!" My back arched. My nipples were hard and my chest felt hot. I put my hands on my chest, my flat and smooth chest. I grabbed my nipple, and I pinched. I started to buck my hips upward into his mouth, getting higher off every lick and suck he gave my cock.

He groaned as he sucked me, earning my precome and swallowing it. He leaned back and caught his breath, keeping his hand around my cock. "Mmm, that cock tastes good, Toby.” He sucked on the head again, and he loves his tongue around it. "So damn good, boy.” He sucked my cock back into his mouth, going as far as he could until I could feel the back of his throat with the head of my cock.

I shuddered in intense pleasure. "Yes!" I thrust my hips up and forced my cock deeper into his mouth. I felt a drop of his spit dripping down my shaft and over my sack. Then, I felt his warm hand as he cupped my balls. They grew tight. They ached, and I was starting to feel an orgasm taking over me. "Oh, yes!" I cried out. "Keep going! Don't stop!"

He dipped his hand lower, and then I felt the tip of his middle finger tickle my taint, right above my asshole.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him. "Owen?"

He held my wet and throbbing cock, and he pressed his middle finger in between my legs and to my hot, tight little hole, just barely, barely enough to make me shake. "Have you ever had your ass played with, Toby?"

I shook my head. I bit my lip, hoping that he would take control and give me what I was too afraid to ask for.

He licked his middle finger. Eyes on mine, he stuck it back in between my legs and to my horny, young hole. He did circles around my asshole with the tip of his finger. He stroked my cock at the same time. He kept his eyes on me, and they narrowed in that intense gaze of desire. "Fuck, this hole feels so good,” he growled.

My chest was rising and falling as I breathed fast and heavy. "It feels good, sir. I like it.” My fingers curled into the seat. I licked my lips again, and my body shuddered as the sensation he gave me started to radiate through every inch of me. I shifted my hips. I moaned louder. I whimpered for him as he gently slid his finger into my hole.

He pushed his middle finger in, going slow and easy, making sure I could take it. "Damn, this is tight. It's turning me on like crazy, boy!" He slowly pulled out, and then he inserted his finger again into my ass. He went in and out, making my hole start to relax and open. When it was inside me, deep inside me, he slowly curled his finger inside me and hit a spot that made me shoot up and grab the back of his hair. "You okay?"

"Yes!" I was shaking. "It feels so, so fucking good!"

Owen smiled. He leaned up. He tilted his head. "I'm glad you like it. I could play with your ass all day, Toby.”

My fingers curled through the back of his hair. I leaned down and slammed his lips with a hard and fast kiss. I couldn't help my aggression because the way he was driving me crazy with his finger and hand made me wild. I kissed him, biting his lips, slipping my tongue over his, whimpering and clawing at him as he curled his finger over and over against the spot inside me that had me oozing precome and shaking. I rested my forehead on his, and my reddened face winced in an expression of extreme pleasure. "Owen, it feels so good. Put two fingers in.” I was panting, and my hole felt hot and in need of more pressure.

Owen licked two middle fingers. He jammed them in between my legs. He found my hole, and he pushed his fingers inside.

My eyes rolled back and I tossed my head back. My back arched and my hips wiggled. "Yes!" The stretching felt so good I almost started crying. "Keep going. Don't stop!" I trembled as his fingers curled inside my ass, giving me the sensation I had longed for. He stroked my cock at the same time, and then he put it back into his mouth.

My body tightened. My asshole squeezed tight around his fingers. My cock was throbbing beyond my control. I couldn't hold back. I couldn't stop this orgasm. "Yes, yes!" I held tight to him. My eyes shut. It felt like rockets were going off inside my body, making me tremble and then convulse so hard that I had to hold on tighter to Owen to keep from falling off the truck seat. My come exploded from my cock harder than I had ever felt.

Owen grunted loud, letting me come inside his mouth, taking everything. I heard him cough and gag, but he held my cock in his mouth and took everything.

"Fuck!" I cried out. I could feel my asshole winking and pulsing around his fingers. It seemed like a minute passed, a hard minute of hard coming, so intense a tear rolled down my cheek. I leaned back and collapsed across the truck seat, still twitching, panting, and my head became light as I stared out the window at the beautiful blue sky. "Holy fuck,” I sighed.

Owen sucked the last bit of come off my cock. He gently slid his finger out of me. He leaned over me, keeping his weight off my exhausted body. He smiled down at me. "How are you feeling?"

I let out a deep breath as I ran my fingertips over my bare skin. It felt amazing, the slight touch of anything to my body. I was tingling with pleasure. I smiled back at him, my eyes shut, a dopy expression across my young face. "I want more.”

"You do?" He put his hand in between my legs. He grazed his fingers down my swollen shaft, and then over my sack, and back to my hole. "Because I can give you more, Toby. I can give you something you've never had before.” He leaned down. He kissed the side of my neck, making me sigh in pleasure, as he slipped his middle finger back into my hot hole. "I can give you my cock,” he whispered into my ear.

My eyes shot open. My hole clenched around his finger. I looked into his eyes. "Yes,” I answered. I started breathing faster and heavier, all over again, and I could feel the heat return to my ass, where I needed pressure again, needed to be stuffed. "Fuck me,” I whispered back to him. I grabbed the back of his hair. I raised my mouth to his and kissed him. "Owen, fuck me!"

He ran his hands down my body, my shivering, hot and sweaty body. He kissed my chest. He bit my nipple and growled. He grabbed me by my waist and then flipped me over onto my stomach. My hard cock pressed against the side of his truck seat. I held into the edge of the seat, and I could feel the warm daylight as it spilled in through the window and onto my skin.

His hands were on my butt, squeezing my cheeks. Then, he spread them. I heard him groan before he told me, "You're hole is so fucking pretty, boy.” next thing I felt, was his beard as it tickled my butt. Then, his tongue slipped inside my hole and wiggled.

I shut my eyes and winced in pleasure. I panted. I sweat. I squirmed on the seat, so overcome by the sensation of his tongue in my ass that I was whimpering loud. My little hole winked and puckered as he licked me. "Yes,” I moaned for him. "It feels so good!"

He flattened his tongue and licked from my swollen taint all the way up to the top of my hole. He licked his thumb and put it in my ass. He wiggled it to open me up more.

"Yes! Owen, yes!"

He plunged his tongue back into my ass. Growling and breathing heavy, he rimmed me until I was soaked in his spit. He grabbed my cheeks. He jiggled them and spanked me. He flattened his tongue licked me hard and slow. Again and again. He licked me and made me shake.

"You have such a hot little virgin ass!" He spanked me again, making a clap sound and making he yelp. "I'm going to be the first man to fuck your hole, boy.”

"Yes sir!" I moaned as my eyes rolled back.

He stuck his tongue back into my ass. He licked me, over and over, more aggressive this time like my ass was candy to him. He grunted as he took control of my body. He spanked me and grabbed me and clawed at me, his manhood whacking against my ankle that rested on the floorboard near him. He grabbed his cock and stroked it with his tongue in my mouth.

I turned my head to the side and I could see his cock sticking out from his jeans. It was hard and thick, dripping precome, sticky and dangling from the head. I wanted it. My asshole winked as he licked me, and looking at his cock made me crave it inside me. It was a hunger I had never felt before, a hunger for his manhood. My tight little virgin hole was begging for it. "Fuck me, Owen. Please, fuck me!"

"Is that what you need?" He teased me, sliding his middle finger in and out of my ass. "Do you need me to stuff your virgin ass with my cock?"

"Yes, please!" I whined. My eyelids fluttered. I bit on the truck seat, and I tasted the hot leather. The seat was getting slick underneath me as I continued to sweat. I could feel his spit dripping off my hole and down my sack. My balls felt tight again, ready to come. My cock was rigid and pulsing underneath my lower belly, under the weight of my body, aching to shoot again. "I need your cock inside me, sir.”

He rubbed my butt. "I like the way you call me, sir, Toby. I love the way you beg for my cock.”

"Please!" I whined, my asshole winking at him. "I need it so bad!"

He reached forward and grabbed the back of my hair. "You're such a pretty young man, Toby. And now I'm going to make you my fuck boy. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass and claim it!" His voice was deep and rugged, a man's voice. The power of it had me shaking.

I opened my eyes and saw him as he maneuvered to pull down his jeans. He brought them to his ankles, and his cock and balls were free and bared for my hungry eyes. His cock was thick, full of desire, pumping and aching for my hole. His balls were full, full of come and full of tension. He needed the same kind of release that I did. He spit into his palm and used it to wet his shaft. He wiped some sweat from his brow with his forearm, and then he grabbed me by my waist and positioned me so that my butt was presented to him.

"Yes,” I whispered. I bit onto the edge of the ruck seat again. "Yes, please!" My hole was so hot and craving cock that I could practically feel it screaming for it. Then, I felt the aching sensation of Owen rubbing the head of his manhood against my hole.

Owen slid the head of his cock around my ass, doing circles, teasing me with it. "Fuck, your hole is so hot, Toby. I've never put my cock inside anything more tempting.”

"Fuck me,” I whispered. "Sir, please fuck me!"

He pinned me down. He put his hand on my lower back and held me still. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into my hot and wet asshole, stretching me and making me open up for him.

I clutched the truck seat and threw my head back. A tear rolled down my cheeks because his cock felt so good, but it hurt, too. "Oh my God!"

"Relax, buddy,” he said with a hot breath. He kept his hand on my back. He kept his cock in my ass, letting my rim get used to the thickness. "Your virgin ass is so tight, I have to open you up.”

"Yes sir!" My body was stiff and my muscles tight. I could feel my virgin hole pulsing hard around the head of his shaft. The pressure was intense, making me shake and tremble. It sent shivers straight to my cock, all the way to the head that was rubbing against the side of the leather seat. I was dripping precome, so excited and so ready for more even though the pain was near unbearable. "Give it to me, sir. Give it to me!"

He slowly pushed his cock deeper inside me with a loud groan. "Fuck yes! Your hole feels so damn good, Toby. So hot and tight!" His shaft was pulsing inside me. He slowly eased it back out to the head, and then he slipped it back in another inch. "There you go, boy. Open up for me. Open your hole up for my cock.”

"Yes sir!" I made a fist with my right hand and bit onto my knuckles. I didn't care how bad it hurt. I wanted to be fucked! I could feel my asshole slowly start to relax and open for him. After another minute of his slow sliding of his cock, the pain dissipated. And all that was left was the body-shaking pleasure that his cock was giving me. My eyes rolled back. I grabbed the seat. I started pushing my asshole onto his cock to feel it deeper inside.

"Yeah, boy,” he growled. He grabbed my waist. He pushed his shaft deeper inside me. He opened me. His cock was halfway in. "There you go! I can feel your hole opening for my cock.”

"Yes sir!"

He slid his manhood half way in, held it, and then he pulled it out to the head. He pushed it back in halfway, and then he pulled it out completely. He paused, with his cock hard as stone and pulsing to get back inside me. He stripped off his sweater and threw it down. He grabbed my butt, aligned his cock to my ass, and then he slowly pushed it inside me.

The feeling of his insertion made me yell out. "Yes!" Every time he pushed his cock back into me, it felt like I was having a little orgasm. My asshole gripped and pulsed around his shaft. My cock twitched, and then it started to throb. I reached down and felt my cock. I squeezed the head, and I could feel my precome oozing over my fingers. "It feels so good!" I kept squeezing the head of my cock, each squeeze feeling more achingly better than the last.

Owen pushed his cock even deeper. He pulled out to the head. He pushed back in. "Yes, that hole is going to make me come so hard, boy.” He began fucking me, going all the way in, so deep and fast that his balls slapped against me. "Fuck!"

I was under his control. My body was limp, but it felt tight. He fucked me hard, and it felt like I was coming over and over again. He pressed down harder on my back and pinned me to the seat. "Yes,” I begged. "Oh my God, yes!" My voice was high in pitch, shaking as my body trembled. "Please, keep fucking me. Don't stop!"

He started grunting louder. "Damn it, boy, you're gonna make me come. I'm going to shoot inside your little virgin ass!" He thrust deep into my ass, hard and thrusts, deep, and he paused in between each one, keeping my hole stretched and filled.

I grabbed the head of my cock. My entire shaft started to throb and my hole squeezed tight around his shaft. "Don't stop,” I begged of him. "You're going to make me come. You're going to make me- ah!" I couldn't help it. My body tensed and then shivered in a hot sweat as he fucked me and made me come. As his cock pounded my ass, my cock exploded with hot young come that spilled down the seat of the truck and onto the floorboard. It was like a volcano erupting, and I couldn't hold back. It felt so good I stopped breathing for thirty seconds, and then when I caught my breath I screamed our as he fucked me and kept making my body pump come out like a river. When it passed, I lay limp, stroking the head of aching cock. I lay there and he kept fucking me, sending me to heaven, a heaven of cock.

"Yes,” he roared. He put both hands on my waist. He forced my body back and forth onto his shaft at the same time that he fucked me. "Fuck!" He thrust his cock into me one last time, and then his damn huge manhood throbbed and swelled inside my virgin hole. He flooded my ass with white hot come, and I could feel every pump.

"It's so warm,” I moaned. I shut my eyes and moaned with pleasure. I sucked on my thumb, wishing it was his cock, so drunk on sex that I wished I could be stuffed in both holes. "It's so big!"

His hands were hot and sweaty on my smooth flesh. He slowly slid his throbbing cock in and out of my hole, and it kept pulsing, dripping come. He slowly pulled his cock out, and some of his juices dripped out of me. He turned me over onto my back.

"I'm going to leak your come,” I said, still out of breath.

He leaned over me. He put his hands only body and ran his fingers along my hot skin. He kissed me. "I don't care, Toby. That was the hottest fuck I've ever had.”

Eyes shut, I wore a sleepy smile and put my hand on his chest. "You really popped my cherry, sir.”

He lay down on me, breathing heavy and exhausted. "Yeah, I sure did. And I can't wait to do it again.”




One year later, the seasons changed, and eventually I left that town to go to college out of state. I was a different man when I left. I had grown up. I had blossomed, matured. I had become a proud gay man who wasn't shy about his sexuality anymore, and it was thanks to my dad's friend who had helped me see that side of myself.

Even though I had left town, I never forgot about Owen. He was on my mind all the times, so when I came back that summer, I couldn't wait to see him again.

I was at the library, a year older and so much more grown. I had my own car then, but I waited outside in the parking lot to see a big black truck rolling into the parking lot.

Owen wore a tight grey shirt and a smile. He rolled down his window and winked at me. "Hey, buddy, long time..."

"Yeah.” I smiled back at him and leaned on the driver's door of his truck. "Looks like I don't need a ride anymore.”

"You sure?" he joked. "Not even a ride on something... long and hard?" He still has his heard that I wanted to run m fingers through. He still had that smile that made me melt. "I've got a house to myself now, on the edge of town. Maybe you could follow me there.”

My heart started to race. And my cock started to harden. I knew it was going to be a great summer. "Let's go.”

The end. 


Submitted: February 04, 2021

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Amy F. Turner

Very well written short story and kept my interest. Great descriptions throughout. Thanks for sharing.

Sun, February 7th, 2021 1:00am

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Short Story / Gay and Lesbian