A Subs Life.

A Subs Life.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



Caroline Thomson is hell bent on servicing and pleasing her Dominant to the fullest. Sol Specter has high expectations but no one is perfect.


Caroline Thomson is hell bent on servicing and pleasing her Dominant to the fullest. Sol Specter has high expectations but no one is perfect.

Prolog (v.1) - Caroline and Sir

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I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will have a proper cover uploaded soon. Please feel free to message me, or leave comments about your likes and dislikes. <br /> -Lu

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 25, 2016




~Sol~ I had always been a Dominant at heart. I had many different relationships with women of different ages, different likes, different dislikes...

Before we go into that, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Sol Specter. I'm a CEO and I had worked my ass off to build an empire. My (ex)wife had supported me every step of the way. We had married when I was only 21 and she 19. I had always been dominant in our marital bed but we never took anything further then that. One kid, a dog, a successful business and ten yeats later we had divorced.

That was really when I started experiencing outside of the bedroom. It's my lifestyle. Over the past six years I had subs in and out of my life. Well over 15 different ones which had never lasted more then two months. But a year and a half ago a 21 year old, petite little brunette college student named Caroline Thomson had came into my life. She was brand new, innocent, a virgin that I had gotten the privilege of breaking in and down. I was her Boss, Sir, Master,Lover all wrapped in one and she was all mine.

~ Work had gone well for me that day. I had managed to get things done early and picked up some Chinese for dinner. Caroline wouldn't have to cook dinner tonight, I had even decided to go to my jeweler and get her a chocolate diamond necklace worth well over a grand.

It was four by the time I pulled into the parking garage. The entire ride I would imagine her waiting for me by the door like a good girl, preferably naked. I loved it when she did that.

But when I went through the front door it was silent. No music, or TV, no pots and pans clinging. Where was my submissive little girl?

The condo was spotless, smelling of fresh lemon polish that she used on the wood and the earthly scented freshener she used on the carpets before vacuuming.

"Caroline?" I called and sat the the takeout on the counter along with the long black velvet box containing a gift. No answer. I knew she was here because her purse and the keys to her car were thrown upon the sofa. I slipped my suite jacket off and went though the family room, down the hall and to our bedroom. Maybe she was having a hotbath with her earbuds in? I pushed the ajared door further open and there she was, laying on her belly. Perfect, naked and sleeping. Her brown curls pooled around her and as I stepped further in, quietly, I noticed her thighs were glistening. She had been playing without permission. Her pink vibrator that laid close only confirmed that.

There went all hope of having a nice, punishment free night. I clenched my jaw as I wanted to take my belt off and punish her, not caring if she was sleeping. But I didn't, I backed out of the room and went back to the front of the condo. I would wait for her wake up completely satiated and then she would be pay for her transgressions. For the next hour or so I waited, drank several beers and watched the five o'clock news. I was becoming very impatient. But usually I never got in before seven and as long as she did her daily chores, napping was up to her...playing with what belonged to me, Now that was not up to her.

As I was halfway done with my fourth beer Caroline walked into the room, fully clothed and looking refreshed, no doubt.

"You're home early." Caroline said and frowned when she noticed me there, sitting on the sofa. By the way her cheeks flushed and she bit the inside of her cheek she knew she had gotten herself into trouble. Was she hoping I hadn't gone into our room, seeking her whereabouts?

"I am." When I said no more Caroline walked over to chaise and sat at the end of it. "How was your day?" I finally asked her after several minutes watching her intwerine her fingers and look around the room but never meeting my eyes.

"Good, Sir. I um, baked some cookies for the colleges charity event and I cleaned. I took a nap because-You should have woken me, Sir." Caroline was rambling and I bit back an amused grin. She did that when she was nervous or guilty, rambled and tended not to look at me.

I nodded slowly and got up from the sofa to receive that velvet box she would not be getting tonight. "I see...Well, was is good when you were cumming all over our duvet without my permission?" My selfish, greedy, disobedient sub just stared over me. "Was it? I expect you to answer me, Caroline. Don't lie."

"Yes Sir. It was good." She said quietly and I chuckled as I walked back over to the couch to sit. "I brought home Chinese-which is cold now by the way and I brought you home...a gift." Her eyes flew to the necklace when I opened the lid. "Beautiful, isn't it." I sat it down onto the coffee table before I sitting back and crossing my leg, ankle over the knee. "So do you feel like you don't need my permission to cum anymore? Has something changed that I don't know of?"

"No Sir-I mean Yes. Yes I do need your permission and nothing has changed." Caroline's answer was rather malaise and she shifted in her seat as her eyes fell to her lap.

"Look at me...I want you to look at me when we are talking." For the first time my voice was stern and she immediately looked up, her hazel eyes had nervous glint in them. "So you decided to just disobey me or did you have a good reason? Tell me because I am still quite confused, Caroline."

"I don't know." Suddenly she raked her fingers through her disarrayed hair as if she was frustrated.

"You don't know?"

"I don't know, Sol. I was just...really horny and you weren't here so I thought that-"

"Sol? So I'm Sol now and Caroline gets cum whenever Caroline wants to cum?" I snapped and sat up. She looked surprised at first but quickly recalled her mistake.

"Im Sorry-."

"Come here." I commanded and pointed at the floor in front of me. She was rather quick about getting up and coming to me. I grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her to her knees. " You know all you had to do was call me and ask. I almost never deny you self pleasure. So tell me why you disobeyed my rules." I had reached out so I could run my finger along the curve of her soft, tan neck. There was a light bruise there from this morning when she had guided my lips there and silently asked me to bite while she came. My Sub loved to be bitten.

Caroline swallowed before she answered, "I have no good explanation, Sir. I was just being greedy and I thought I could get away with it."

"And you might have, hadn't you been so careless...What happens when you are greedy...what happens when you are careless, my little slut?" Her face turned a deep crimson at my question and I knew it was from being called a slut. "Hmmm?" "I get punished, Sir." "That's right. You do get punished." My hand had moved up her cheek and I moved a brown curl behind her ear. "Go into our playroom and wait for me there." At my demand, Caroline bit her quivering lip and nodded.

"Yes Sir."

~Caroline~ I had been a good girl for days. No punishments and on several occasions I had to beg just for a damn spanking. I shouldn't have let the girl between my legs do the thinking. I should have called Sir when I had felt the first signs of arousal but my vibrator was right there. At the time I hadn't planned on foolishly falling asleep and leaving the evidence to be discovered. But irrelevant explanations and what I should or shouldn't have done didn't matter. Oh no, because I would still be right here, arms cuffed above my head, toes burning from the little slack I had to stand and my ass filled with one of our many buttplugs. He knew I hated it...I couldn't stand having anything in there unless it was his cock.

"Why do you have to be punished?" Sir asked as I watched him go to the maroon painted wall and grabbing his cane. I couldn't help notice how amazing his back looked bare... Muscley and his jeans sat low on his hip bones.

"Because, I played with your pussy without permission, Sir." I answered him. His face soften with satisfaction at my answer. My belly fluttered as he walked over to me, twirling the device I could live without in his hand.

I watched him as he circled me, leaving teasing trails along my belly and ass with the end of the cane as he did so. Goosebumps rose on my skin.

"Ten strikes on your ass and then five on your breast because you do not call me Sol, ever. Do you understand me?" He said against my ear as the wood rested across my ass.

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Count and if you lose count then I will add two more, Everytime." Sir said except now he was not whispering in my ear.

I didn't expect him to start so soon. Usually he caressed my ass first. But he was upset, I supposed. When the thin wood met my ass I moaned quietly, not liking the sting.

"One." And nine more to go. The second one came quick and the third, then forth. By the fifth one tears stung my eyes. "Im sorry...I promise I will be a good girl...please-Ah!" I pulled against the cuffs, trying to look back at him but failed.

"No talking, Caroline ." Sir snapped just as the cane cracked against my ass again. Seven down. It felt like someone had thrown a bucket of boiling water on my ass.

He was not gentle with the last three. My cheeks were hot and wet with tears. My poor breasts were about to get the same treatment. It was quiet for several dreadful minutes before he came to stand in front of me.

"Do we cum when we want?" He asked me and wiped my tears away gently.

"No Sir." I muttered, my eyes lowered. My feelings were hurt and I wanted him to know that.

"Look at me." He said, standing only a couple inches away. I didn't. I bit my quivering lip and kept my eyes on his bare chest. "Look at me, Caroline." He said more firmly and my eyes fluttered upward to meet his. "Are you gonna be a good girl and take the rest of your punishment?" He asked me. No..I didn't want my C's to endure that but I nodded my head anyway.

"Yes Sir."

Sir took a few steps back and I braced myself as he rose the cane and brought it down hard on my left breast. I cried out as my nipple felt like someone had cut it off. It instantly reddened. Then the same for my right. I cried out again and plead with my eyes. Seeking mercy to no avail.

Left...scream...right...scream. And finally the fifth strike landed on both breasts. I gazed down at the red imprints the cane had left. My nipples were swollen, throbbing. He came foward and released me from the restraints. Thankfully he was standing there or I would have hit the floor.

"You took that so well, My Love. Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes Sir. Thank you." I rubbed my pink wrists and noticed his jutting arousal beneath his lips.

"Show me, how thankful you are." I hid my smile and very happily dropped to my knees in front of him. It only took me seconds before his cock was standing in front of my face, veiny and huge. I licked my dry lips, prepared to feast when Sir's hand tangled in my hair. A groan escaped his lips when I gripped him in my hand and as I moved in with my tongue he held my head at bay. I moaned quietly in disappointed and looked at him. There was a small smile playing his lips as I pouteded up at him like a deprived...slut.

I tried again to no avail as his hand tightened. Finally I got the gist and I met his gaze again.

"Please give me your cock, Sir." I barely managed to get 'Sir' out he pushed into my mouth. My eyes closed and I moaned in satisfaction. For several minutes I lazily sucked him and finally he coaxed me deeper and deeper until he was in the back of my throat.

"Mmm, you are doing such a good job baby...." Thank me properly and I will Fuck you every which way imaginable until you cant move, He promised.

To be continued...


I will be writing another part to this. So if you enjoyed keep an eye out!!


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