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Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Hot Sexy Fantasy about us


Hot Sexy Fantasy about us


Submitted: April 13, 2019

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Submitted: April 13, 2019



Right now 


I am thinking of you, of us together, you in bed lying on your back, wearing only your undies. Your cock starts to harden as I slowly slip off my dress and show you my new undies.They are very, very sexy a one piece lacy Basque, black lace and blue satin that pulls my waist in tight and pushes my big tits up high so my nipples are almost peeking out. I am wearing stockings and a g-string with a satin front and lace thong you can see me from behind in the mirror.


You know you are filming me 


I don't 


I kneel on the bed and kiss you 


your face 


your lips


your neck 


your chest 


the fabric rubs against you as I slide down your body, the silky stockings rub against your sides


you know I want you 


your cock swells more and begins to ooze 


my tongue licks your nipples. They are small and neat and harden quickly 


my tongue licks your tummy reaching the top of your undies 


your cock, now throbbing, moves towards my mouth and you thrust your hips forward.


 You moan as I move away 


letting my tongue run over your thighs.I swirl my tongue hot and wet over them 


licking and kissing your legs. I spread your legs and lick and bite over the fabric that is between your balls and my mouth 


you moan, it feels good; very good .


you can see my panties are already damp, the satin slightly darker and you can smell me now


I bring my cunt close to your mouth spreading my legs and kneeling over your face 


as I pull my g-string to one side letting you taste a little of my juices 


You are very excited 


I am very excited 


your tongue is hot on my lips and you blow hot and soft on my wet shiny pussie lips.


I moan as I move away 


sliding my body over yours like a snake rubbing the soft satin and rough lace over your skin 


My mouth tugs your big cock out of your undies  and I gasp at how hard and how big you are 


I want it Graham.I really want it! 


I pull your foreskin back and eagerly lick your precum squeezing it through your slit to get more. 


Then my mouth begins to cover it farther and farther down your shaft until my mouth is full and I gag on it you thrust pushing it deeper in my mouth and your hands hold my head as I look up at you.


My fingers massage and stroke your balls and you feel you will explode in my mouth. I can feel you swelling as I move my mouth up and down your shaft. I pull away I have other plans for you.


My legs slip either side of your hips and I use fingers to pull my panties aside and open my wet hole so you can slip your cock in me filling me deeply with big hard cock that I am so desperate to have. 


It feels fantastic every bit of my pussie filled as I begin to ride your cock, my tits bouncing as I slide my cunt up and down it.Your fingers move to my clit and one hand on my ass helping me ride you.My hand reaches your balls and I massage them as I ride you. You hear me cry that I am cumming. 


Cum in me , cum with me, fill me with it baby. 


I want you so much. 


You moan and shudder as you cum.After you have softened I can still feel you, every inch of you in me. Your arms pull me in tight and you stroke my hair and kiss my forehead and wonder what the camera captured x 


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