The Alpha's Choice

The Alpha's Choice The Alpha's Choice

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Unsuspecting, Luna Moor is chosen by the Alpha, Edward Gracey, to be his mate for life. Though overwhelmed at first with the need to be with him, Luna soon discovers that not being a "pure-blooded" werewolf causes difficulties she's not prepared to face.



Unsuspecting, Luna Moor is chosen by the Alpha, Edward Gracey, to be his mate for life. Though overwhelmed at first with the need to be with him, Luna soon discovers that not being a "pure-blooded" werewolf causes difficulties she's not prepared to face.

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



I felt everyone's eyes on me and I could practically hear them thinking "defiled" with discust. I couldn't blame them. It was rare that an Alpha chose a mate who wasn't a pure blood, and no one in the pack had ever thought much of me. That is, until now.

Edward Gracey slowly licked the mark he'd just made on my neck. As he did so, I felt all of my senses turn towards him, taking him in, needing him. He was gorgeous, tall, and lean, with dark hair and eyes and a sex appeal so intoxicating that it almost hurt to look at him. He was smiling at me now and I heard a low growl rumble in his chest, not threatening but clearly possesive.

I was so shocked that he had chosen me that I couldn't speak. Me, a defiled, a bitten human, a nobody. Edward could literally have any female he wanted, and yet he had chosen me. I was skinny and almost curvless. I dressed in ratty clothes and usually wore my hair in a messy bun; I was no one's first choice in anything.

And yet, here I was, melting in front of Edward, hearing him say "Please excuse us" in a low, silky voice as gently gently turned my towards the stairs.

As we walked up the steps, I could feel his need was as strong as mine. We got to a spare bedroom and he closed the door, blocking out the sounds of the party that continued below us. In the silence I finally found my voice.

"Why me?" I asked him, my voice wavering a little.

I could feel my pulse drumming in my veins. He smiled at me, a smile that told me he was eager to please, and took a slow step forward. His eyes were half lidded with a lustful expression.

"I don't know," he said softly. "I can't explain it. All I know is that I suddenly felt I needed you in every bone in my body. My whole self knew the second you walked into the room that you were my mate."

I must have looked frightened because he quikly added ,

"Please don't be afraid. I'll never hurt you...Luna."

That name was given to me when I was bitten. It was was they called all defiled. He said my name like I was the answer to all of his prayers. Pure lust filling me and my clit throbbed. I shook my head.

"I'm not afraid," I said.

He took another step forward and I could his breaths against my neck.

"We don't have to go all the way. Not yet," he said.

I nodded and pressed myself against him, and I could feel his arousel against my tight jeans. He reached down and ran his finger slowly over the hem of my shirt before pulling it slowly over my head. My uper body was suddenly exposed and I felt the cold air against my skin. His eyes grazed my body before he bent down and kissed me slowly, tenderly. His lips were burning hot against as they pressed against mine over and over again. I felt his tongue asking for entrance as it grazed my lower lip, and I moaned slightly as I parted my lips and felt his tongue slip gently into my mouth. He placed his hands on my side and slid them up to my back where the clasp of my bra strap was. He undid the clasp and suddenly pushed me back on my bed. He looked down at me for a moment, then I gasped as I felt his hands close around my breasts, his thumbs sliding over my nipples, making them harden and become sensitive. His lips caught mine again and then moved down my neck and over my collar bone, just stopping as they hovered over my left breast. I could see him grinning as he waited.

"Please," I begged.

His lips slid down to my nipples and brushed against it, making my clit swell and my body squirm under him. My hands burried themselves in his hair as he began to suck first one nipples and then the next, kneading the other breast as he did so.

I was gasping for breaths, writhing with sheer pleasure. My poor clit was begging to be touched. I tried to rub against him but he pulled away and I almost sobbed.

"Don't stop!" I cried.

"Do you want your clit rubbed?" He purred.

"Y-yes," I said, gulping for air.

He went back to suckling my nipples circling it in quick, merciless movements. It began to grind against him again, only this time rubbing against the throbbing rod in his pants. He suddenly reached down and tore my jeans off of my legs, then pulled of my underwear. My clit was so swollen that it almost hurt. He reached his hand between my thighs and rubbed gently, watching as I gripped the bed sheets to keep from moving. His fingers began to rub my out lips with precise movements, working steadily inwards. When he reached my clit I screamed his name, not caring even if they heard me downstairs. He lowered his head and began to suck my little nub with growing force. His tongue was hot and slick with saliva, and it swirled and stocked me until I felt almost dizzy with the pleasure. Soon I felt the huge waves of orgasm was he over me, and I spasm ed in his arms until the waves slowed.

He kissed me then, and I could taste my own saltiness in his mouth as he did so. Then he pulled back and said,

"That's enough for tonight. For now, just sleep."

I was too spent to protest. I fell fast asleep in his arms, thinking 'how could I deserve to be his mate?'

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