Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Smoke is a mysterious woman who elbowed her way into Dragon's life. They both need something from each other and it's more than sex. See if they can pull through for each other in their trek through hell and back.


Smoke is a mysterious woman who elbowed her way into Dragon's life. They both need something from each other and it's more than sex. See if they can pull through for each other in their trek through hell and back.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Smoking Hot

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Smoke is a mysterious woman who elbowed her way into Dragon's life. They both need something from each other and it's more than sex. See if they can pull through for each other in their trek through hell and back.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 25, 2012



Dragon sat in his chambers. He looked out his window over the vast landscape of hell that was visible from the palace.  This had to be his least favorite place to be, but it was home for the most part. Whenever he returned to hell for a visit he’d rather stay in his home in the Blood forest. Instead he was sprawling out in his bed in the palace of hell, waiting on the next woman to be brought to him. A knock came at the chamber doors and broke his thoughts.

“Speak of the little devil.” He jumped to his feet and swung the door open to see a beautiful Asian girl, probably Korean, huddled at his door frame. She was chained around the neck being lead by a cloven hoof demon. She was completely naked and at his mercy, just how he liked. He snagged the chain from the demon and yanked it, forcing the girl to fall into the room on her knees. “My, my what fun we’ll have.” He ran his forked tongue over his razor sharp teeth at the thought of the things he’d do to her.

“Please, don’t do this.” She begged as he reached for his belt buckle.

“Beg me. It’s so sexy.” His pants were open now, hanging from his hips. He walked over to her and fisted her hair. “I might not make it hurt so bad if you ask nicely.” Tears poured down her cheeks as he dropped his pants to his ankles, and he guided her face to his cock. Before she could get her small mouth around it a sound of cracking stone and bones blasted from behind him. He tossed the girl aside and yanked his pants back to his waist.

“Get your dirty claws off me!” A female’s voice grunted. He turned to see a guard demon locked in battle with a reed thin woman. She was so small and thin compared to the demon he had no idea how she held her own. “I’m not some filthy human!” She threw a fist and made contact with the beast’s eye. He had obviously let his grip loose on her because she twirled behind him and gripped his wings. The woman put her feet between the demon’s shoulder blades and pulled with all her might on the wings. As he bucked and slammed his body around, her grip never slipped or slacked, she only hunkered down for the ride. The demon howled as she twisted at the mangled joints of the wings, forcing him to his knees. Without slowing she grabbed a blade from her thigh holster and slashed and the wings, severing one almost completely. A sharp cry fell from his lips as he fell forward.

“Bitch!” The beast cried, he tried to reach his back and tear her off, but she managed to dodge just out of reach. Another twist of the wing and the demon fell forward on his hands. “You will burn! I sssswear!” he hissed.

“Enough!” Dragon shouted. The two stilled instantly, but the girl never took her attention from the demon at her feet.

“Master!” The demon hissed. Still she only glanced in Dragon’s direction.

“Let him go, and he will leave. Guard you are to leave without putting a hand on her. And take this with you.” He tugged at the human’s chain and tossed the end of it to the Guard. Finally the woman let go of his wings and stepped down from his back. Hurt and limping, he dragged the crying and screaming human out of the room.

“Thanks, I’ll remember to pay you back for that.” She was bloodied and bashed from head to toe and still stood tall like a warrior ready for more.

“You’ll pay me back now.” Dragon snapped. “Tell me your name.” The more he looked her over, the sexier she became. She was reed thin, but still had plump breasts that bubbled from her leather corset. Her hair was long, black, and flowed like an ink river down her back. Two platinum grey eyes bore into him from the distance of the room. He could make out tattoos in demonic writing all over her pale skin.

“Smoke.” Her words came out smooth as silk and as sultry as sin. She cocked one of those boney hips and set a delicate hand on in and he almost leapt at her. “And you are?” From the way her shirt rode up he saw her belly button had a spiked stud with a black diamond dangling from it. He swore to himself he’d lick and nibble it.

“Your master and that’s all you need to know.” He flared his wings from his back and uncoiled his tail from around his waist. “I think I won’t have to be so gentle with you.” as he closed the distance between them he coiled his tail around her, snaking up her leg, around her waist, over her back and finally around her neck. He didn’t squeeze though, just held her in place and the barbed end of his tail waved beside her face.

“If you ever thought about being gentle then there’s no point in me staying around.” Smoke said huskily. She trailed a finger up the boney, thin length of his tail that had looped around her hips. “I hope you’re stronger than that last one.” She finally closed the distance between them and she stood just far enough so they didn’t touch bodies. “Because I’m all worked up with no one to play with.”

“Play time is over, way over.” Dragon whispered in her point tipped ear. They both shared a wicked grin and with a flick of his tail he tossed her to the bed. Before she could bounce he had descended on her, wings stretched to the max span of twenty feet. She fisted his hair and pulled him down into a deep, hot kiss.

“I’m going to make sure you never forget me.” She snarled as she clawed at his back. She found the point where the main tendon went into his back and she tickled a nail over it. To winged demon’s it was the most erotic thing you could do. “How’s that for starters?” Smoke pressed soft kisses to Dragons neck as he worked at the ties on her leather pants. When he finally wiggled them down off her ankles she spread her legs wide for him.

“That is as good of a start as this is.” He said as he pressed his thumb to her clit. She grunted her satisfaction and began to rub at the tendon harder. Soon their motions became in sync as they both grunted and moaned with unending pleasure.

“Get on your back.” Smoke groaned as she flipped him over. She worked at his pants and got them to his knees before her lips pressed gently to his cock. She pressed kiss after kiss all down the shaft until she reached the base. She opened her mouth and took one testicle in, then blew the moisture of her mouth away. She laved at them, sucked at them, nibbled at them until she could feel him throbbing in her fist. She flicked her tongue over the head of his cock and finally took it in her mouth.

“You dirty little bitch.” He hissed as he grabbed her hair and twisted it.  He felt the back of her throat slam onto the tip and she began to suck and ride her lips up and down faster and faster. She hummed and he felt it vibrate down to his bones. She kept sucking and licking until his hips lifted off the bed and he began to growl.

“Are you ready for me, Master?” she purred. He looked down to see her corset pulled down, baring her rosy tipped breasts. Her platinum eyes eating him up and she bit her bottom lip to hold herself back. “I’m extra wet and ready for you.” She traced her left nipple slowly as she massaged a hand over his thigh.

“Keep calling me that and I’ll make you scream.” Slowly she crawled up his body until her wet, naked core was poised at his tip. She lowered herself and rocked her clit gently against him.

“Take me now. Make me your bitch right now, master.” She whispered as she began to rock against him harder. “Own me.” Dragon couldn’t hold himself back. He rolled her onto her back and snaked his tail around her neck. He put his hands on her knees and spread her as far as she’d go. He bent his head to taste her pussy. His forked tongue darted over and around her clit.

“You are ready for me. I’m going to wreck your pussy, bitch.” Finally he pushed the head of his cock into her. “Damn, you’re so tight.” He pushed deeper and she cried out. He grabbed her hair and her hands began to work at the sensitive tendon of his wings.

“Come on, Master. I’ll need more than that.” She pushed her hips forward and sank him as deep as he’d go. “Please, I need it harder. I’m begging you give it to me!” Dragon lost it and settled her ankles on his shoulders. He began to slam in and out of her tight, wet pussy making her moan with every thrust.

“Keep begging. It makes me so hard for you.”

“Please don’t stop. I’ll get on my knees if you like, just don’t stop this.” Her voice cracked as he coiled his tail tighter around her throat. “More, please I need more!” He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her hands and knees.

“I like the thought of you on your knees, Smoke.” He angled her hips and drove right back into fucking her hard. She began to pant and sigh with every thrust. He grabbed her hair and tugged forcing a scream from her lips. The whimpers came louder and closer together.

“Oh yes! Yes yes yes!” She screamed and her limbs began to tremble. “I’m so close, Master. Harder, make me cum!” He finally pushed so deep into her hot liquid spewed down her legs and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Dragon slowed his strokes until she stopped shaking. He pulled her to him so they were both only on their knees, his chest to her back. As he sped up his thrusts again, he played at her nipple with one hand and rubbed her clit roughly with the other. He began to growl in her ear and she settled into him.  “Come on, give it to me.” She coaxed him. “The sooner you cum the sooner I can lick you clean.” Finally dragon hit his climax and filled her with his seed.

“Now lick it clean.” He turned her to face him and she pushed him to his back. She dug her nails into his thigh as she took his length in her mouth. “Oh, yes. Good girl.” He petted her hair as she licked their juices from his cock. When she finished she settled next to him on the floor. And he unwound his tail from her neck and let it fall limp to the floor.

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