Annabel and Mr. Nash

Annabel and Mr. Nash

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


An arrogant and beautiful young heiress has to spend a year under the supervision of an older man – where she receives a depraved sexual education she will never forget!


An arrogant and beautiful young heiress has to spend a year under the supervision of an older man – where she receives a depraved sexual education she will never forget!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Annabel and Mr. Nash - Part One

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An arrogant and beautiful young heiress has to spend a year under the supervision of an older man – where she receives a depraved sexual education she will never forget!<br /> <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 21, 2015



Annabel and Mr. Nash






Chapter One


“This is just so unfair!” Annabel exclaimed, pushing out her bottom lip.

Across the table, Aunt Sissy shook her head sadly and wondered what had happened to the sweet young girl she had been raising for the past twenty years.

“Think of it as a learning experience,” Aunt Sissy said. “Before I put such a vast sum of money at your disposal, I want to be sure you are mature enough to handle it responsibly. I wouldn’t want you squandering it all before your reach your thirties.”

“I am mature enough!” Annabel pouted, folding her hands across her breasts.

 Oh yes, and don’t you just look it! Aunt Sissy couldn’t help smiling. Nevertheless, looking at Annabel’s sulky expression right now, she was certain that she had made the correct decision.

Aunt Sissy had decided several years earlier that she would bequeath a large portion of her money to Annabel when she reached the age of twenty-one. In the form of a trust fund, the cash would made available in monthly increments. She had informed Annabel about her good fortune several years ago, but now she wondered if she had made a mistake in doing so. As the pretty girl had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, so her personality had deteriorated. Perhaps it was the certain knowledge that she would never have to work for a living that had made her become so arrogant. Whatever the reason, as Aunt Sissy had watched her transformation with growing alarm, she had concluded that drastic measures needed to be taken.

That was why she had hired Mr. Darius Nash to take on the role of Annabel’s guardian until she came of age. Mr. Nash was an old acquaintance with a reputation as a strict disciplinarian. Sissy was certain that after a year under his tutelage, Annabel would emerge a quite different young lady. And to make sure that Annabel played her part, Sissy had just informed her niece that it would be for Mr. Nash to decide whether he felt she was worthy of her bequeathal or not. In short, he had been given total power over her financial future for the period of one year.

“I’m afraid, Annabel,” Aunt Sissy said, as Barclay the butler refilled her wine glass, “that this is not negotiable. Either you buckle down for a year, or I can think of any number of worthy charities that would benefit from your loss.”

Seeing that her aunt was absolutely in earnest, Annabel calmed down a little and said sulkily, “Well, what would I have to do then?”

“That is entirely up to Mr. Nash. He knows what his job is, and he’s very good at it. Hopefully he will be able to mold you into a sensible, polite young lady. If he cannot, then he will still get paid, and the only loser will be yourself.”

Annabel’s sweet blue eyes grew wider. “You mean I have to do anything he tells me?”

“That is the deal, Annabel.”

Using her full name like that, rather than her pet name of ‘Bell’, confirmed that her aunt was indeed serious. Nonetheless Annabel remained defiant.

 “What if I simply refuse to obey him?”

“Then Mr. Nash will inform me that he has failed in his task, and you will have to go to work for a living.”

Annabel considered this. She supposed she could go to work, but it was a miserable prospect when an alternative life of idle luxury awaited her. How bad could a year under the supervision of this man be? He might even turn out to be a nice person. Annabel was certain she could use her considerable charms to twist him around her little finger – he was a man after all.

“Alright,” she said petulantly. “I’m really unhappy about this, but I suppose if you insist. When is he due to arrive?”

Now was the time, Aunt Sissy knew, when Annabel’s resolve was about to be severely tested.

“I’m afraid you won’t be staying here,” Aunt Sissy said.

Annabel dropped her fork. “What?”

“Mr. Nash was quite clear about that. You’ll be moving into his house for the duration.”

Annabel stared at her aunt in shocked silence. She had lived her entire life at Pemberton Hall. She knew every inch of the twelve bedroomed mansion – the spacious kitchen, the recreation room, the sauna, the heated pool – how could she live without all that? Ever since she was a small child, she had roamed its landscaped grounds, showing envious friends around the small lake, the gazebo, the rose arbor, and the copse of ancient trees where she had received her first kiss.

His house? You’ve got to be kidding!” Annabel cried.

“I can assure you I am not,” Aunt Sissy said firmly.

“You mean I’ve got to sleep there?”

“Of course. You’ll be living there with him full time.”

Annabel’s head was now in a spin. “Well what if he, you know, tries something?”

“I have the utmost faith in Mr. Nash’s professionalism. You will be perfectly safe,” Aunt Sissy said. “Now you’ve got twenty-four hours to think about it. If you decide to accept, Barclay will drive you to Mr. Nash’s residence tomorrow morning. If not, you’d better start scouring the job vacancies in the newspaper.”

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