Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Two

Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Two

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


From law intern to beast of burden!


From law intern to beast of burden!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Two

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2017



Chapter Eight

Alastair awoke to the delicious aroma of eggs, bacon and coffee drifting up the stairs. For a second he was confused as to his whereabouts but then he remembered that he was in one of Jacob’s guestrooms. Naked under the blankets, he wrapped his hand around his stiff cock and gave it a few tugs. After the delights of witnessing Alisha’s first day of abject humiliation, he felt like a dog with two dicks, but he had deliberately refrained from ejaculating. The more seed he stored in his balls, the more pleasure he would derive from Alisha’s emotional and physical pain.

He showered and dressed and then joined his companions in the spacious kitchen. As he waited for his breakfast, he tried to catch up on the conversation whilst marveling at what an innocuous scene this appeared to be. A group of country folk sitting at a pine kitchen table chatting contentedly, while the pale autumn sunshine streamed in through the window. But these good people weren’t discussing next season’s crops or the price of a new tractor. No, their topic of discussion was the poor black law student who was, Alastair assumed, still trussed up and attached to a milking stall with a vibrator buzzing in her cunt!

“Let’s say she has an orgasm every fifteen minutes,” Tom Craddock was saying. “She’s been in there for,” he checked his watch, “fourteen hours, so that would mean she’s had about sixty climaxes throughout the night.”

“She’ll be fucking exhausted,” Richard giggled.

“Especially since she won’t have had any sleep,” his brother Matthew, added.

“Well, that’s too bad,” said Jacob, their father. “Because she’s got a hard day ahead of her, and she’ll have to perform well, if she wants to avoid another long night in the milking shed!”

“What’s have you got planned for her, pa?” asked Richard.

“We’ll feed and water her after administering her medication – who wants to be in charge of that today?”

“I will!” Tom Craddock said quickly.

“Tom, you’re always jumping in first,” Darius Nash chuckled. “Why not let Alastair have a turn?”

“Alright,” Tom said sulkily.

“You okay with that, Alastair?” Nash said.

“Sure,” Alastair shrugged, trying not to sound too eager. In truth, the thought of pushing an oversized suppository into the unfortunate young woman’s rectum was already giving him a semi hard-on!

“Good,” said Jacob. “Then we’ll put her to work in the field. Find out if those muscular legs are up to a bit of plowing.”

Plowing! Alastair nearly choked on his coffee. This just gets better and better!




On the way to the milking shed, Darius noticed a few farmhands going about their tasks.

“Don’t worry about them,” Jacob said. “They won’t say a word.”

Darius had no idea what kind of a hold Jacob had over them, and he didn’t want to ask. As they got closer, Darius could hear a series of high-pitched squeals emanating from the shed.

“Sounds like she’s having another one!” Richard laughed.

How mortifying for her! Darius thought. Not only is she being forced to climax over and over again, but she’s going to be caught in the throes of ecstasy just as we enter the building!

Sure enough, after Richard had pulled back the wooden door, Alisha was wriggling against her bonds, he face contorted with unwanted pleasure, her cheeks bulging as she puffed like a woman in labor.

As the six white men gathered around her, Alisha’s glazed eyes filled with tears of shame. Darius noticed that the real milk cows were gone, which meant that one or more of the farmhands had already seen her in this undignified and disgusting position!

After her spasms had subsided, Jacob smirked, “Have a good night’s rest, did we? Well, I hope so, because you’ve got some hard manual labor ahead of you today. And I won’t abide any slacking, either!”

He picked up his riding crop and waved it under Alisha’s nose, causing her to flinch. “Time for your daily dose. Don’t give me that look, either. In a few days time, you’ll be looking forward to your fix – and by the end of the week, you’ll be craving it! Alastair, would you mind?”

Darius watched as the elderly butler went over to the cardboard box on the workbench and selected one of the long, fat suppositories. But as he moved around to Alisha’s rear, he halted and took a step backwards. “Oh, my!”

As the rest of the men gathered around behind her, Darius noticed that Alisha had scrunched her eyes tightly shut and was slowly shaking her head from side to side. She obviously had full knowledge of whatever had just given Alastair pause!

“Oops! Did we have a little accident?” Tom Craddock tittered.

Darius joined the rest of them behind Alisha’s naked rump, and stared in wonderment at the pile of poop situated between Alisha’s parted legs! It was inevitable that she would have lost control of her bowels eventually of course, and judging from the damp patch surrounding her rude deposit, her bladder had let her down too. But even though everybody was aware that she was physically restrained from preventing such a devastating catastrophe, this would not detract from the fact that she had disgraced herself while they were all asleep! Nobody had forced her into it, although the poor girl was helpless to prevent it. Darius wondered how long she had battled with her aching bowels in order to avoid the ultimate shame she must be experiencing right now. It probably would have happened during one of the numerous orgasms she had been forced to endure during the night! What a humiliating conundrum for the hapless law intern, being forced to endure repeated urinations and defecations accompanied by despicable but inescapable sexual gratification!

“Matthew, clean that disgusting mess up so that Alastair can get at her shitty asshole!” Jacob said. “It’s clearly going to be a while before she’s housetrained.”

Matthew uncoiled a rubber hosepipe and turned the faucet on. After washing away Alisha’s dirty offering on the floor, he aimed the nozzle at her anus, causing the stricken black girl to gasp in shock.

“Cold, is it?” Jacob said, as Matthew focused the powerful stream at Alisha’s puckered opening. “Don’t forget to clean the inside as well,” he added to his son.

Matthew looked at him momentarily confused, before comprehending his father’s instructions. Then, with an expression of childish concentration, he pressed the nozzle up against Alisha’s anus. Water sprayed wildly in every direction, causing everyone to step backward.

“Push it in, you idiot!” Jacob yelled at his, now drenched, youngest son. Turning his face to one side, Matthew eventually succeeded in breaching Alisha’s sphincter.

“Ooh! Ugh! Take it out!” Alisha screamed, fighting against her bonds, but the nozzle of the hosepipe was now firmly embedded inside her. Matthew stepped back, his shirt drenched, and Darius whipped out his camera as the heaving, gasping, African American girl’s bowels began to rapidly fill with water.




Chapter Nine

As the icy flow accumulated inside her, Alisha desperately tried to keep her sanity intact. Even though the mental confusion that had engulfed her overnight had, if anything, intensified, she was still very much aware of her surroundings and her current nightmarish predicament.

She was physically shattered, the result of an endless series of body-wracking sexual climaxes over a long, sleepless night. Her extended nipples, sucked deep inside the milking cups, had gone numb, as had her tortured, and wickedly constrained arms and legs. The only physical sensations that remained were the excruciating aching in her back, and the deliciously sweet, yet so very unwelcome throbbing in her wet, swollen pussy. But all of this paled into insignificance compared to the endless screaming that was going on inside her head.

After all she had endured so far, Alisha hadn’t thought it possible that her self-esteem could have plummeted any further, but once again, she couldn’t have been more wrong! All of her life, she had strived to preserve a dignified and proud demeanor, refusing to lower herself whenever faced with prejudice and bigotry – and she had succeeded so admirably until she had fallen into the foul clutches of these twisted white people. It was tough enough out there in the real world just to make her way using her intellect, talent and perseverance, but now she was beginning to doubt whether she had the mental strength to get through this.

These total strangers had watched her crawling naked through a compost heap, had actually pissed all over her body, and then trussed her up for milking, before forcing her to low like a cow as she reached a sexual climax! How could she possibly hold her head up high again with that crushing memory in her head?

And yet, as impossible as it seemed, her defilement continued to get worse and worse! Now they had seen the fecal matter she had left on the floor, and the shame that was sweeping through her had now reached an intensity she had would never have previously thought possible. But even all of this emotional turmoil was now taking a backseat as, with her bowels almost full of water, the cramping in her abdomen began to take up all of her attention.

Alisha really didn’t want to make eye contact with any of these lecherous men but as the pain level accelerated, she looked up pleadingly into Mister Jacob’s eyes. Unfortunately, all she saw there was a look of unrelenting cruelty.

“Please,” she whimpered, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Ignoring her protestations completely, Jacob said, “Alastair, when I give the command, I want you to be ready with the suppository. As soon as Matthew pulls the hosepipe out, be ready to plug her up again.”

The stabbing pains in her now-swollen guts were beginning to overwhelm her, but Alisha still understood the implications of Mister Jacob’s instructions. After the watery invasion was over, she would have to wait until the suppository had dissolved before she would be able to eject the liquid from inside her! How long would that take?




At Jacob’s bidding, Alastair squatted down behind Alisha’s exposed rear-end beside Matthew. The pink vibrator was still doing its vulgar work, spinning and churning between her dark, swollen cunt lips, while just above, the green hosepipe remained firmly wedged inside her asshole. It made for bizarre and obscene viewing, made all the more stimulating by Alisha’s obviously extreme and vocal discomfiture at the other end. Between her spread thighs, Alastair could see Alisha’s black belly hanging down as her insides stretched under the increasing water pressure.

“Now, Matthew,” Jacob said, and his younger son gripped the hosepipe and roughly tugged it free, eliciting a gasp of pain from the tortured young black woman.

Alisha’s anus remained briefly dilated a good inch in diameter, and before her sphincter had a chance to close, Alastair shoved the oversized suppository into her rectum. He felt a little resistance as Alisha instinctively attempted to expel the water inside her, but then her muscles contracted and she unwillingly sucked the torpedo-shaped medication into her bowels.

“Oh God, no!” Alisha yelled, her voice now oddly low, as if she were in the process of defecating again.

Unable to resist, Alastair ran his hand over Alisha’s distended gut. The dark brown skin was taut and smooth like a beach ball, and he gave it a little pat, which caused Alisha to yelp in distress.

“Let’s get that dildo out of her so that the mucky bitch doesn’t have another orgasm,” Jacob said.

Alastair eagerly did the honors, twisting the thrumming device out of her sopping, gaping pussy, her feminine scent filling his nostrils and sending a rush of blood to his dick. He turned the slick device off, stood up, and placed it on the workbench.

“Richard,” Jacob said, “unhook her udders, if you please.”

The elder son switched off the milking machine, and gently pulled on the twin cups attached to Alisha’s nipples. The agitated girl, already fraught from the aching in her distended belly, drew a sharp breath as the cups were slowly pulled downward, taking her nipples with them, before finally popping free.

Checking the steel receptacle, Richard said, “There’s not much in there, Pa. Just a dribble.”

“Give it a day or two, son” Jacob said as he unbuckled the leather bindings around Alisha’s ankles. “Once the medicine takes effect, she’ll be producing bucketsful on a daily basis.”

Once again, Alastair felt a warm churning of pleasure in his lower abdomen as he listened to this dignified young law student being talked about like a piece of livestock. He watched, rapt, as Jacob released her wrists from the frame, but the straps keeping her arms crossed behind her back remained in place, and unable to keep her balance, the shattered young woman immediately collapsed face forward, with her bare ass poking up in the air. As her bloated stomach squashed against the wooden dais, a low, mournful wail escaped her lips.

“Shut up and get on your knees,” Jacob said, without a trace of sympathy. “We haven’t got all day.”

With her arms disabled, this proved to be rather difficult, and after watching Alisha struggle on her face for a moment, Matthew and Richard pulled her upright. Alisha’s face was a mask of misery as, guided by the two brothers, she shuffled along on her knees, her cowbell clinking between her breasts, with her swollen belly wobbling comically below.




Even by his own depraved standards, Darius could not help but be impressed with Jacob’s endless and continuous assault on Alisha’s senses – physically, mentally and emotionally. Judging from the contorted expression on her usually lovely face, this once-proud African-American lady was fighting a losing battle to maintain even a tiny fraction of self-respect here. How utterly annihilated she must feel, down on her knees in front of a group of laughing white men, with her athletically toned, but now comically deformed and naked body on full view! And it was exactly this fall from grace that Darius had fantasized about when he had first met Alisha as she had exuded such self-confidence whilst sunning herself in her sexy bikini beside Helen’s swimming pool.

There was nothing confident about her now as she was positioned in front of a wooden bench that came up to chest height in her current kneeling position. A metal tray of dry oats was placed in front of her and Jacob said, “Eat it all up. You’re going to need your strength today.”

At first Alisha stared at the bland meal glumly – it was hardly a breakfast of champions – but after Richard pushed her head forward, she meekly opened her mouth and took in the first mouthful.

How humbling! Darius thought. And for the first time, she’s not putting up a fight.

But then he remembered the suppository that was slowly dissolving inside her rectum, and how amongst other things, it was putting her into a mental haze. Tired, humiliated, and in pain, it surely had to be the easiest option to simply follow orders, no matter how demeaning they might be.

Like the farm animal they were forcing her to become, Alisha chewed the mouthful of dry oats and with some difficulty, managed to swallow it.

“I think she needs a drink to go with that,” Darius said.

“You’re right,” Jacob said. “Richard, get the hosepipe over here.”

The elder son opened the faucet wide enough that there was a steady stream of cold water issuing from the nozzle. Then he dragged the hose across the floor and held it in front of Alisha’s face. The water wasn’t exactly gushing out, but it was certainly more than a dribble, and it splashed over Alisha’s closed mouth and down her neck.

“Open up, Daisy,” he said, but this time Alisha hesitated, keeping her mouth clamped shut.

“If you don’t obey,” Jacob warned her, “we’ll stick it back up your asshole. I’m sure that fat belly of yours can be stretched out a lot further!”

Despite her obvious discomfort and mental turmoil, Alisha appeared to decide that swallowing the water would be the preferable option, and so she parted her full lips, allowing Richard to direct the flow of water into her mouth.



Chapter Ten

For the next half hour, Alisha battled her way through the most humiliating and uncomfortable meal of her young life. Surrounded by this gang of odious spectators, she was forced to alternately chew a mouthful of the tasteless oats, followed by awkwardly trying to swallow the water from the hosepipe – which Richard was taking great pleasure in making as difficult for her as possible!

Now and then, to much general amusement, he would shove the nozzle up against the back of her throat, making her gag, or else he would deliberately aim the stream into her eyes, or up her nose, causing her to choke and cough. To make the ordeal that much more unbearable, as her stomach began to fill up, the mixture of oats and water was starting to expand in her already distended belly. The cramps were constant now, and even though the idea of relieving herself was unthinkable in front of these men, her bursting bowels were becoming increasingly insistent!

She could still feel the suppository plugging up her rectum, and she tried to remember how long it had taken the first one to dissolve. Suddenly, these little details were becoming very important –which was, of course, exactly what they wanted. Her days of worrying about her law studies, concerning herself with impressing her boss at work, or even mulling over which new clothes she would wear to the nightclubs suddenly seemed to be very much in the distant past – now her attention was increasingly centered upon urgent and disgusting bodily excretions and unwanted orgasms, and all in full view of her leering audience!

Dimly, she comprehended that this was all part of the dehumanization process that Nash had told her about. It was obviously vital to them that she not only behaved like a dumb animal – she had no choice in that matter anyway – but started to think like one too! Again, through the unfamiliar fuzziness of her thoughts, Alisha willed herself to dig deep. If she was going to have any future at all after these two weeks were up, it was imperative that she resist them and cling on to her true personality!

By the time she had been force-fed the last of the oats and water, Alisha felt as though she was about to explode! She could only imagine what a ridiculous spectacle she presented right now, but of course, Tom Craddock was only to happy to oblige her. “My God, woman! You look like a pregnant sow!”

New waves of shame swept over her as she was once again reminded of how far she had allowed her life to disintegrate. It was hard enough to keep her wits about her, but through the pain and confusion she was still aware of her current circumstances – which were the exact polar opposite of where she had been striving to be for her entire life! She was naked, with a humiliating cowbell hanging around her neck, her aching stomach obscenely swollen, her nipples sore and extended, all while perched on her knees in front of a bunch of laughing white rustics – how much worse could this get?

Her question was answered all too soon as Jacob said, “Okay boys, let’s get the fat bitch outside. A bit of manual labor might help her shed some of that weight.”

As she was raised unsteadily to her feet, Alisha could now feel the full weight of her inflated stomach, and worse, even after a loud and unexpected belch, the gurgling and sloshing sound of the liquid inside her was audible to all. The pressure inside her was reaching breaking point, and as she staggered along with Matthew and Richard each holding one of her bound arms, she couldn’t help but emit a series of unladylike grunting sounds.

“I thought she was supposed to be a cow, not a pig!” Tom Craddock quipped from behind her.

“Pigs are intelligent animals,” Jacob growled. “She’s not ready to join them yet.”

In spite of the relentless aching inside her body, and the dazed and befuddled state of her mind, Alisha still felt a stab of indignation at her new master’s cruel remarks. Ordinarily, in the outside world, she would run intellectual rings around these people – but now, after Craddock’s quibbling about her porcine versus bovine status, Mister Jacob was inferring that she didn’t even have the mental capacity of a pig!

It was clear and sunny outside, but the early fall breeze was cold on her wet body. As she was led around the corner of the milking shed followed by her perverted entourage, Alisha’s bare feet skidded in the mud as she instinctively put the brakes on. Early that morning, before dawn had broken, she had suffered the enormous humiliation of being studied curiously by a young farmhand who had come into the shed to take the cows out to pasture.

He hadn’t spoken to her, which had made her predicament even more emotionally painful, as he had seemed to quite naturally regard her as just another part of the livestock! Such had been her acute embarrassment that Alisha too, a remained silent, merely turning her face away he had examined the pile of excrement she had earlier left on the floor. Now, as they approached the fallow field behind the shed, Alisha saw him again – but this time he was not alone!




Casting his eyes towards the field, Alastair quickly saw what had caused Alisha to panic. There were six or seven farmhands going about their tasks on the small farm, which he guessed heightened her sense of abashment. But of far more significance, one of the laborers, who was helping to load bales of straw onto the back of a pick-up, was black!

During her travails of recent times, Alisha had revealed the depth of pride she had in herself, and of course, an upwardly mobile African-American city girl like that would also be fiercely passionate about defending her racial heritage. So it should have come as no surprise to him that she was so mortified at having one of her own kind watch her inquisitively as she was manhandled past.

Even more interesting to Alastair was the man didn’t show any signs of outrage our indignation at seeing one of his negro sisters being degraded in this fashion. Obviously, Jacob’s workers were accustomed to seeing this kind of thing, and even though Alisha might have been the first black girl brought here, it clearly made no difference to these guys. What a peculiar, but delightful set-up! Jacob had really created a maledom fantasy world up here, where a female slave – whatever her color – had absolutely no rights at all!

Alastair noticed Alisha averting her eyes in disgrace as Matthew swung the gate open and they stepped out onto the grassy verge of the field. For a couple of hundred yards, there was nothing but flat, cold, mud, leading out across to the distant tree line. Lying on the mud next to the grass was an old-fashioned moldboard plow, the like of which Alastair hadn’t seen since a childhood field trip to Colonial Williamsburg!

Richard pulled the plow into an upright position, while his younger brother strapped Alisha into a leather harness coupled to the wooden frame. With her arms bound tightly behind her, and the straps running above and below her breasts, Alisha was ready to begin her newest role on the farm – as a beast of burden!




Chapter Eleven

Darius recorded the moment that Alisha was strapped into the harness with his trusty Sure Shot. His video and image library of Alisha’s shameful experiences was growing steadily, and he intending to put it to full use when her training on the farm was completed. It would serve as more blackmail material to keep the unhappy girl under his control, as well as a useful device to keep reminding her of what she had been through here, lest she try to forget.

Steered by the elbow off the verge, Alisha led out a mewl of protest as her bare feet sank into the cloying mud. Her naked, fat belly and breasts wobbled comically as Richard, his own body protected by a winter warmer, jeans, and rubber boots, pulled the straps even tighter, pushing them forward like dark brown torpedoes.

Biting her lip with anguish and pain, Alisha’s turned her face towards the trees, and glancing behind him, Darius saw why. Three of the male farmhands were leaning on the fence to enjoy the lewd spectacle, including the older black man. His had an intensely fascinated expression on his face, and it was interesting to Darius that he was clearly deriving pleasure from the bizarre and perverted scene.

Up until this point, Alisha had seemed too preoccupied with her pain and embarrassment to offer any resistance, but when Richard pulled a bridle out of one of his pockets, the woeful girl began to shake her head frantically. It was much like the one that Jacob had threatened her with the previous day, but Darius noticed that the bit was made of rubber and not steel. The intention then, was to humiliate more than to hurt in this instance.

“Hold still now Daisy, you stupid cow,” Richard said, as she twisted her neck away from him.

“Or would you prefer to taste the steel one?” Jacob added.

With a moan of resignation, Alisha opened her mouth, allowing Richard to slip the rubber bit between her teeth. Then he did up the straps, pulling them around the back of her head and also over the top of her crown. The resulting view was priceless! With her arms pinioned behind her, her thick underarm hair poking out on display, her large breasts thrust obscenely forward, her swollen belly jiggling below, another dense thatch of hair covering her crotch with outgrowths crawling up to her navel as well as up her butt crack, and her naked feet buried in the mud up to her ankles, she looked beautifully bestial and delightfully absurd!

Now that she was securely trussed up, Richard fished into another pocket on his jacket and produced a short-handled whip, shaking it out so that the leather lashes hung loosely down. Holding it up in front of her wide and fearful eyes, he said, “When you feel this across your back, its time to get to work.”

Then he moved back around behind the ancient farming device and, framed in Darius’ viewfinder, raised the whip high above his head.




Which was worst? The awful cramps in her bloated stomach, the searing pain across her back and buttocks each time Richard whipped her, or the aching in her thighs and calves as she pulled her cold bare feet out of the sucking mud?

None of the above. As she focused on the tree line, Alisha could not get the image of the black farm worker’s face out of her head. The addition of yet more witnesses to her degradation had been a nasty shock to her. Somehow, after being stripped, made to crawl around in rotting compost, and then later milked and forced into endless orgasms in front of Nash and his accomplices, Alisha had crossed a kind of emotional threshold. It wasn’t that she didn’t find it any less humiliating – on the contrary, the burning shame she felt was constant – but now that they had all seen her this way, a slight sense of resignation had descended upon her. Maybe it was a safety mechanism, but she was already compartmentalizing this traumatic nightmare, separating it from her real life in the city. This Alisha, naked and humbled, was a separate identity to the respected young law student that she truly was.

However, this illusion kept being sorely tested each time new spectators were added to the picture. First, it had just been Nash, then he had introduced a few of his close friends, then Jacob and his sons, and each time the perverted circle of onlookers had widened, she was cruelly whisked back to her original emotional reaction of humiliation and outrage. So performing in front of nine men now, fresh waves of embarrassment washed over her – but it was the African-American’s presence that had cut through her defenses the most.

She had only briefly glimpsed him before quickly averting her eyes, but what she had seen in that brief moment had both chilled and disgusted her. This man was one of her own, and ludicrously, she had fleetingly assumed that he was also here in bondage, but there had been no downcast expression on his face, no sadness or sympathy in his eyes. No, he had the same fascinated and lustful glint in his eye as the rest of the terrible white folk here!

As she pulled the plow past them, Alisha could feel his eyes wandering over her perspiring, nude form, and she had a sudden desperate urge to cover herself. A part of her had kind of accepted the white people having unlimited viewing access to her most intimate parts, but not another one of her own race! Then again, was he even viewing her as a woman, or merely as an animal working the soil? Woefully, she realized that in total contrast to her sophisticated city lifestyle, she was currently a creature far below even a lowly colored farmhand in the social pecking order.

These ramblings passed quickly through Alisha’s disordered mind while she leaned forward in order to drag the plow through the cloying mud. It was forty yards or so to the right side of the field and the nasty comments coming from Tom and Matthew began to fade on the wind. She was left with the bestial sounds of her nasal snorting, and the incongruous chirping of the birds in the trees. Reaching the grassy bank at the end, Alisha lurched in agony as Richard applied another lash across the small of her back.

“Turn it around, Daisy!”

Raising her knees to drag her feet clear, she succeeded with some effort to pull the hateful plow around. Facing back up the field, she had been clinging to a the vain hope that her merciless spectators might have left, but there they all were, still lined up eagerly behind the fence. Her heart sinking, Alisha began the slow and tortuous journey back up the field. As exhausted as she felt, her legs managed to keep going, and although she had always kept herself in shape, Alisha was frankly amazed at the extra levels of energy she was somehow drawing upon. Could that be one of the effects of the drugs they were implanting inside her?

Drawing alongside the men, Alisha’s brain received a sudden and mortifying message from her bowels. She wasn’t sure if turning her attention to the suppository had triggered the reaction, or it had simply dissolved away, but to her absolute horror, she knew she was going to relieve herself directly in front of them.

Oh please God, no! Not here!

But there was to be no denying nature’s call. The excruciating pressure inside her demanded release, and with a despairing howl around the rubber bit, Alisha felt her sphincter opening as the first powerful spurt of water broke free.




Chapter Twelve

My word! Alastair though breathlessly. Does it get any better than this?

As she drew up alongside them, Alisha quite unexpectedly ejected a powerful jet of brownish water onto the muddy field below. The unseemly act was accompanied by a bestial bellow that betrayed her wretched shame as well as her utter relief.

From the size of her stomach, Alastair knew that she had taken an obscenely large amount of water on board, and now the laws of physics – as well as physiology – were taking over as blast after powerful blast erupted from Alisha’s backside.

“There she blows! Not only plowing the field but fertilizing it too!” Tom Craddock roared as Alisha rolled her eyes madly, clearly relishing the relief whilst inwardly dying from the humiliation of fulfilling this most personal of bodily functions in public. To make her suffering even worse, Richard brought the lash across her contused back to ensure she kept moving along!

This was the second time in a day that they had been privy to her anal issue, and Alastair was certain that it would be repeated in various despicable guises over the coming fortnight. Watching her lovely round ass as she disappeared up field, still squirting her waste-water behind her, it suddenly struck Alastair how much this young lady had fallen already – and this was only day two!

What other delightfully depraved abuses did Jacob have in store for her? She had been an earthworm and was now a cow. He guessed that eventually she would graduate to being a house slave, but he was sure there would be many steps on the ladder before that happened. What other animals had he seen on this farm? There had been a pig pen, as well as a paddock containing a few ponies. There were also a few dogs and chickens running freely around.

Would Alisha have to become each one of them in turn before she was returned to a low-level human status? The possibilities were as mouthwatering as they were endless, and the only pity was that Alastair would be resuming his manservant duties at Pemberton Hall in the evening. But he was already deeply curious as to what condition Alisha would be in when he returned the following weekend!




It was no use trying to hold them back – tears of desolation rolled down over Alisha’s high cheekbones as snot streamed from her flaring nostrils, running around her bit-stretched lips to join the rivulets of saliva drooling from the corners of her mouth, while an anal drizzle continued from her hindquarters, now newly accompanied by intermittent spurts of urine. Amidst the full body sweat worked up by her strenuous exertions, the flow of her fluid wastes seemed to know no end. With her evil audience’s cackles and roars of laughter reverberating in her ears, she twice stopped to concentrate on the blessed relief that had been so long in coming. How was it possible to feel so emotionally destroyed but physically sated at the same time? Each pause earned her the sharp sting of the leather whip across her back, jerking her forward with the filthy waterfall still cascading down her inner thighs.

How much more was there? Even as she reached the opposite end of the field and started her slippery, slimy, about-turn, the water was still pouring out of her! Making her next approach to her ‘grandstand’ crowd, Alisha unfairly felt disgusted with herself that her body could have held such a great volume of liquid. Is that all she was now? A human receptacle?

At least the crushing pressure in her torso had abated, but still she was not to be spared any saving graces. Why her body continuously conspired against her in this way, she could not work out, but just as she was back within earshot of the men, the last vestiges of the dripping water were interspersed with a crude series of noisy farts!

The uproarious laughter that greeted these loud gaseous emissions was even more painful than the smarting whip, and the most crushing part was that she was unable to control them! Making her second pass-by, Alisha continued to break wind in a most undignified manner, and the constant stream of nasty comments only added fuel to her mortification.

“Do you fart like that at work?”

“All that proud bullshit you gave us when you arrived. Now we can see how you really are.”

“I’ll bet she picks her nose, too! Surely she doesn’t blow out the snot in the office like she’s doing now?”

“And spits in the street to keep from drooling at her desk!”

“Probably keeps a bucket under her desk for when she can’t make it to the toilet!”

“Do you chew your own toenails at home, Daisy?”

“Ha! I’d like to see that. Maybe we can try that later!”

Blinking back the tears, Alisha tried desperately to ignore them. She was a good, clean girl and she had to keep reminding herself of that. The only reason she was doing these vile things was because… because… why? Why was she here? There was a reason she was here, wasn’t there? She didn’t belong here, surely?

Then she remembered again. Of course – Nash and the blackmail photos. Her work at – what was it? – Bale and Farringdon. No, Bale, Thomas and Farringdon. Come on girl, clear your head! What the hell is wrong with me? Who is your mentor there? She tried to picture his face. He was a handsome African-American man, whom she intuitively knew was very much attracted to her, although she had kept their relationship strictly professional so far. What was his name though? How could she have forgotten something like that?

She tried to picture his face, but all she got was the older black farmhand leaning on the fence. Get out! Get out of my head! I don’t want you, I want the other one!

A sharp crack across the buttocks brought Alisha back to the present and she discovered that they were back at the other end of the field. She was no longer breaking wind, but her body had now launched into a series of violent hiccups, each one jerking her breasts upward and clanging the tin bell hanging between them.

Turning, she skidded in the mud, and unable to support herself with her arms, fell to her knees and then over onto her face. She lay there for a moment, her face in the clammy mud, grateful for the rest, but then she felt the burning fury of the whip across her buttocks, once, twice, and then after the third one, she maneuvered herself over onto her side, and squirming in the mud, managed to get back onto her knees.

Richard had come around from behind the plow, and gripping her arms, yanked her to her feet. She couldn’t see him because she had mud in her eyes, but then she felt his thumbs rubbing her eye sockets and her vision gradually returned.

Richard gave her a look of contempt and said, “Look at the state of you. What a mess! If you can’t complete a simple task like this, how are you ever going to prove to my Pa that you deserve to be let in the house?”

Alisha had no answer. Maybe he was right. It was a rhetorical question because she was incapable of speech with the rubber bit clamped between her teeth, so instead she hiccupped loudly, making her feel even more foolish, if that was at all possible.

“Good God, Daisy, come on!” Richard said. “We’ve got the whole field to cover, and at this rate we’ll be here all morning.”

Caked in mud, naked in an open country field, a bridle fastened around her head, and harnessed to an old-fashioned plow with a cow bell around her neck, Alisha had never felt so unworthy in her life. Again she asked herself if it could possibly get any worse, but then again, she had asked herself that question several times already – and each time, it had!




Chapter Thirteen

After consuming a rather filling plowman’s lunch, Jacob took Darius, Alastair, and Tom back over to the milking shed, to check on Alisha’s progress. They had left her struggling through the mud – and covered from head to foot in it – with Matthew helming the old plow behind her. The two brothers were sharing the task, because the glutinous earth had a tendency to suck on their rubber boots making it rather heavy going.

Alisha, of course, had no such luxury, and would have to cover the entire four acres herself. Of course, she was doing all the hard work anyway, the boys merely having to follow behind and keep the plow upright. This had caused Darius to comment over lunch on Alisha’s incredible resources of energy, but Jacob had explained that there were some powerful stimulants included in the suppositories that would ensure the girl did not pass out no matter how drained she might feel.

Quite amazing, Darius mused as they entered the shed. Jacob really has covered every angle!

Inside, he permitted himself a wry chuckle at the arousing sight that greeted them. Her morning’s work complete, Alisha was now having a bath. But far from being a pleasant soak in a tubful of warm water, predictably, this experience was intended to be every bit as unpleasant as all the others.

She was perched on the rim of a tin tub, bent over on all fours with her toes and fingers clinging precariously to the hard edges. Her obscene position meant that her head and breasts hung down, and her rump was pushed up into the air with her thighs wide apart. Matthew and Richard were sponging the mud from her body with cold, soapy water, clearly relishing taking their time as they carefully covered every minute part of her nude body.

Richard was currently working on her crotch and thighs, taking particular care to ensure that her meaty hammock was well cleaned, stroking the sponge up and down her labia, and making Alisha gasp and whimper. Matthew was at her other end, pouring water over her back, and then working his sponge underneath to wash her stomach and heavy, dangling breasts.

From the look of her hardened nipples, the water in the tub was quite cold, although Darius couldn’t decide whether her shaking legs were caused by the low temperature or the effort to maintain her undignified position. After her long and sleepless night, followed by a morning of hard labor, it was incredible that she hadn’t collapsed into the tub already!

Knowing the numbing effect that the drugs were having on her brain, Darius wondered if Alisha was still lucid enough to be aware of the significance of this latest insult to her dignity. On this farm, she wasn’t even entitled to wash herself yet, instead having to submit to having two young white men pawing her naked body. Quite a comedown for this once-proud young woman!

When every trace of the clinging mud had been removed, Alisha was ordered down from the tub, and told to stand with her legs wide and her arms outstretched. As she became aware of the arrival of the rest of them, Alisha lowered her eyes, which indicated to Darius that she was indeed still acutely aware of her indecent condition.

Matthew finished the job of rinsing her down as she exposed her full-frontal nudity to the rest of them. Darius himself had never been put in such a position before, but he guessed that one would never really entirely get used to being constantly naked when everyone around you was fully clothed – and of the opposite sex!

Her cleansing complete, Jacob said, “Right, it’s time for some more medication, and then she can have something to eat.”




Under Jacob’s direction, Alisha’s falteringly lowered her wet and shaking body, and got down on all fours on the hard floor. It was hard for Alastair to gauge her mental condition at this point because her damp hair was plastered across her face.

Watching her in the plowing field earlier, she had run the whole gamut of expressions, ranging from excruciating pain to complete and utter humiliation when she’d had no option other than to relieve her bowels of the water she had been carrying around. Jacob’s methodology was quite brilliant Alastair concluded – intended to break the girl’s physical resistance whilst keeping her inner sense of pride alive. There was always a constant glimmer of rage and denial detectable in Alisha’s eyes, which made each degradation she suffered that much more enjoyable for her audience. After all, where was the fun in humiliating a person who simply didn’t care anymore?

Richard went over to the box of suppositories and his father said, “Let’s give her two. I want her to start producing as soon as possible.”

With a mischievous grin on his face, Richard guided the black girl further down onto her elbows and knees and knelt down behind her spread thighs. Placing his left hand on her ass, her spread her cheeks with thumb and index finger before twisting the suppository into her anus.

Alastair would have thought that Alisha would have been starting to get used to having objects stuck up her asshole by now, but she still emitted a grunt of disapproval, wriggling her buttocks and squeezing them together at this latest violation. With a swift swat on the ass from Richard, Alisha gave out a yelp and her cheeks promptly parted again. When the light blue capsule had disappeared from sight, Richard immediately took advantage of the dilation of her sphincter by pressing the second one home.

Now Alisha’s protest evolved into a low moan as yet again, she would have to endure a period of uncomfortable fullness before the suppositories were absorbed into her system. With her medication implanted inside her, it was now time for Alisha’s lunch. Alastair was expecting her to have to eat off the low bench again, but dear old Jacob was full of surprises.

While his brother was stuffing Alisha’s asshole, Matthew had been busy filling a sackcloth nosebag with oats, which, to Alisha’s obvious distaste, he now hooked over her head and around neck. With her face hidden inside the bag, the stricken girl had no choice but to chomp away until the level of oats was too low for her to reach with her mouth.

And so, while Nash snapped away with his camera, his black slave spent the next twenty minutes or so eating her lunch straight out of a horse’s nosebag, on her hands and knees, while the cool autumn air dried her naked body.




Full. Stuffed. Bloated. These were the only words that spun around Alisha’s head. If it wasn’t water, it was oats – or worse those horrible blue pellets they kept jamming into her rectum. But although the actual sensation was both painful and uncomfortable, now that they were in there, unlike the day before, a strange sense of relief had settled upon her. It was almost as is there was something missing when she wasn’t plugged up back there. This new development was as worrying as it was baffling.

She was still on her hands and knees, and that was a small mercy because, as demeaning a position as it was, at least she was spared the pain of looking her tormentors in the eye. She felt Richard’s hands brushing her hair away from her face, and then Jacob said, “I expect you could do with a drink.”

That was the understatement of the weekend! She hadn’t had anything to drink since the hosepipe ordeal in the early morning, and after hours of traipsing through that thick mud, followed by devouring several mouthfuls of dry oats, she was utterly parched! Even if they used the hosepipe again, Alisha wouldn’t fight it. But as ever, the rules of the game were constantly changing.

“Stay on the floor and follow Richard over to the water trough,” Jacob commanded.

Stay on the floor? He wants me to crawl over there!

Even though she had crawled around for hours in the compost heap the previous day, and had then been bound-up on all fours through the night, having to shuffle along on her hands and knees so that she could quench her thirst seemed somehow even more belittling. This time she was crawling for something that she desperately needed, and even in the knowledge that before her entrapment she would rather have died than get down on all fours in front of white folk, she dejectedly complied without hesitation.

The metal trough was shallow enough that Alisha could reach the water with her mouth, but as she began to suck it up, she heard Jacob say, “Not like that! Animal’s lap with their tongue, don’t they?”

Despite all she had been put through, Alisha still bristled at being referred to as an animal, but the clear water close beneath her, looked so inviting, and fearful of Jacob changing his mind, she poked out her pink tongue and began to scoop up the water to the best of her ability.

This was yet another low as she listened to the men’s nasty comments behind her, fully aware that her hairy genitals and butt-crack were on full display to them. Oddly, as she flicked her tongue in and out, Alisha wondered if the last suppository was visible to them – a little blue bullet head protruding from her anus – but she was sure that Tom Craddock would have made some lewd joke about it by now. Besides, unlike the first dosages, she hadn’t tried to eject these ones, because – to her chagrin – she found the plugging sensation inside her strangely comforting.

When she had drunk her fill, Jacob said, “Stand up, and put your hands behind your head. It’s time to examine your breasts.”




Chapter Fourteen

Richard guided Alisha back to the center of the shed, where she stood in front of the semi-circle of white male observers. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Darius to assess her state of mind, because her facial expressions were constantly changing. Obviously the drugs were beginning to fudge her mental faculties, but the slight hint of resistance still remained in her eyes. From the look of her, Alisha appeared to be immersed in a steadily increasing turmoil of mental and emotional confusion herself right now!

She adopted the now-familiar posture with far more readiness than on her arrival at the farm the previous day. Incredible, Darius mused, what a difference twenty-four hours can make!

Once again, Jacob had his sons take the lead, while Tom Craddock and Alastair Barclay looked wistfully on. Unlike them, Darius was quite happy to play the role of voyeur in Alisha’s destruction. He would have plenty of time over the coming months – possibly years – to sample Alisha’s fleshly delights. Besides, dear sweet Annabel was waiting at home to submit to his twisted demands!

Now Darius watched in fascination as the boys approached the disoriented black girl and took hold of one large tit each. This then, was not going to be a proper medical examination, but simply another device for Richard and Matthew to have some fun at Alisha’s expense.

Simultaneously, the boys raised their respective breasts in the air and then bounced them up and down, purportedly, Darius imagined, to test their weight. There was a certain logic behind this, he realized, because Dr. Schafer had included that overdose of prolactin in her drug cocktail, so that she would soon be producing large quantities of milk on a daily basis. The other side-effect of course, would be a dramatic increase in Alisha’s breast size. She was already carrying a splendid rack, but any significant increase would surely look quite absurd. Add into the equation the fact that she would be firmly addicted by the time her trial on the farm was over – and Darius would ensure that she had a good supply when she returned to her apartment – the poor woman would most certainly raise more than a few eyebrows back in the city.

“What do you say, lads?” Jacob said. “How do they feel?”

Raising Alisha’s left breast and pulling on its dark brown nipple, Richard said, “Heavy and tensile. Watch how they bounce.”

By way of a demonstration, he allowed Alisha’s udder to flop back against her ribcage, and even though her breasts had been quite firm beforehand, Darius had to admit that there was a noticeable increase in springiness as it wobbled slowly to a halt.

“That’s not the most scientific approach now, is it?” Jacob chuckled. “Here, take this measure and make a note of the results. I want you to record their exact size every day.”

Richard took the proffered tape measure from his father, and passed one end to Matthew

“Matthew,” Jacob said, “Hold the end up against her spine, and then bring the tape back around under her armpit.”

“It might get lost in all that jungle of hair!” Tom Craddock wise-cracked, and Darius caught a brief reaction in Alisha’s eyes.

After his brother had completed his part, Richard drew the tape across Alisha’s prominent nipples and then around behind her back. “Thirty-six inches, pa.”

“Okay, now do the same again, but pass the tape over the top of her udders.”

“Thirty two inches,” Richard said, when the task was done.

Jacob pulled a smartphone from his pocket and after tapping a few icons, pronounced, “That’s a thirty-two D.”

Amazing! Darius thought. This crude old farmer is certainly full of surprises!




“How in heavens did you work that out?” Alastair exclaimed.

“Just a simple calculator I downloaded,” Jacob said. “I figured it would come in useful with this one.”

Alastair smiled and shook his head. The man thinks of everything, and he is clearly passionate about his wonderfully depraved work!

“What was your bra-size the last time you checked, Daisy?” Jacob said.

All through this degrading measuring exercise, Alisha had kept a bland expression on her face, which Alastair had interpreted as an indication of resigned defeat. But reacting to her demeaning new nickname, she glanced quickly at her current master.

“Answer me,” Jacob said, “or you’ll be receiving six strokes across your ass.”

Alisha opened her mouth, but no words came out. It was hard to tell, but Alastair was sure she was blushing. After all she has endured, divulging feminine, personal information is still a major source of embarrassment to her!

“You want me to fetch the cane?” Jacob said.

Alisha drew a large intake of air through her nostrils, and said in a barely audible voice, “Thirty-two C.”

Jacob entered the figures into his phone app. “Well it’s a start. She’s started producing then. Boys, could you squeeze a few drops out for me?”

Grinning naughtily, Matthew pinched Alisha’s right nipple and began tweaking and pulling it as if he were hand-milking a cow. Very quickly, white, viscous droplets began to form around her erect nub.

“Well she’s certainly not squirting yet but that will come soon enough,” Jacob said. “Why don’t you have a taste, son?”

Needing no further encouragement, Matthew leaned down and poked out his tongue. As he lapped up her sticky milk, Alisha hissed loudly through her teeth, betraying to everybody how sensitive her breasts and nipples had become after a whole night of mechanical suction.

Not wishing to be outdone by his younger sibling, Richard got to work on Alisha’s left nub, and soon the two brothers were vying with each other, squeezing and licking, while their helpless victim stood wretchedly between them.

All to soon, the boys’ suckling had taken on a distinctly sexual overtone – as evidenced by the considerable bulges in their pants! Meanwhile, as their salivary assault continued, Alisha began to wriggle and squirm whilst issuing a series of undignified gasps, squeaks and whimpers.

Observing her reaction, Jacob said, “You like that do you? Enjoy being ravished by two white men at the same time?”

Wordlessly, Alisha shook her head, despite her obvious arousal being quite apparent to all present.

“Well, it certainly looks that way. What do you think, fellas?”

“She’s loving every minute of it, the dirty cow,” Tom Craddock said. “I’ll bet this has been her secret fantasy since she reached puberty!”

“Is that right?” Jacob asked Alisha. “Under that haughty exterior, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be taken by two Caucasian men?”

Now Alisha’s fluttering eyelids opened wide as she weighed up the implications of Jacob’s line of questioned, and she finally found her voice. “No!” she gasped frantically. “I’m not like that, at all… Mister Jacob, sir!”

“First off, I don’t believe you,” Jacob said gruffly. “Second, I’m going to make you admit to everybody here how you really feel about your filthy spit-roasting daydreams.”

Alastair wondered if anybody else had noticed the new honorific that Alisha had surprisingly bestowed upon her white master. Was this an early sign of her regression back to a humble slave-like persona? But events were moving apace and now he watched spellbound as the sadistic farmer went across to the workbench and took a long silver stick with a black handle down from a wall peg.




Chapter Fifteen

The humiliation Alisha was experiencing at being forced to breast-feed two white men of her own age, was multiplied by the very unwelcome sexual arousal it gave her. Her tender nipples were rock hard, and there was an undeniable dampness between her thighs! What made this latest horror even more unbearable was that she wasn’t being mechanically stimulated by a vibrator this time. What could that possibly mean? Was she on some dark, subconscious level, actually getting off on this depravity?

These distressing thoughts flitting through her convoluted mind, even as she processed Jacob’s question. Spit roast! Alisha wasn’t a naïve girl, and although she hadn’t actually heard the term before, she had a pretty good idea what he was getting at!

Matthew and Richard pulled off her sore nipples with a stereo popping sound and, their chins slick with Alisha’s lactation, high-fived each other before stepping back on each side. Now that terrifying man, Mister Jacob stood before her, malice in his eyes, and a metal pole in his hand. A knot tightened in Alisha’s stomach, but she knew better by now than to flee, so she remained in place, knees trembling and hands behind her head, nervously awaiting her next public abasement.

Brandishing the sinister-looking pole, Mister Jacob said, “Now tell everybody about your perverted sexual fantasies.”

For some reason Alisha couldn’t stop looking into his cold eyes, but even though she dimly understood what he wanted her to say, she simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. “I… I…”

The next moment she felt an excruciating fire throbbing through her abdomen, and with a shriek, she fell to her knees.

“I haven’t got time for your insubordination,” Mister Jacob said, and before she had time to recover from the first shock, he touched the tip of the stick against her right thigh. If Alisha had thought that the cane and crop were the worst pains imaginable, her education in sadomasochism had suddenly been dramatically broadened!

She lurched backward now, so that her legs were bent double and the back of her head rested on the floor. Dimly, amid the agony, Alisha realized that she had adopted this absurd position because of the effect of the electricity on her muscles, although it was less a thought than a biological understanding.

Mister Jacob, the inflictor of incomprehensible pain, pointed the terrible stick towards her right breast, but Alisha brought up her hand and shook her head wildly.

“Mmm, mmph!” was all she could manage in her agony and terror.

“Getting the idea now?” Jacob said. “If you don’t want any more, you’ll get back up on your feet and answer the questions correctly and truthfully. What’s it going to be?”




After giving Alisha a few seconds to regain a semblance of composure, Jacob said, “So, are you ready to tell us?”

With moist eyes, and her ample breasts heaving, Alisha mumbled, “I like… like to be… spit-roasted.”

“Not good enough,” Jacob said, raising the cattle prod. “I want details, descriptions – and passion. Prove that you adore being fucked in all your holes by two white men at the same time. And make it convincing, or else!”

Wow! Darius thought. I thought I was good at mind-fucking young women, but this guy is on a whole new level!

Cowering in front of her cruel master, Alisha, her eyes hypnotically watching every movement of the cattle prod, sniffled, “I-I love to be taken by w-white men, M-Mister Jacob, sir.”

“Taken? What does that mean?” Jacob said. “Dirty little bitches don’t talk that way! Use the proper vernacular! Talk dirty, bitch!”

Alisha, bottom lip quivering, made the mistake of dawdling over this a second too long, and Jacob’s arm shot out, stunning the distraught girl on the left nipple. Given the treatment that her teats had been subjected to over the past twenty-four hours, the pain she felt must have been excruciating. Indeed, with a woeful scream, Alisha’s legs jerked out wide, as a stream of yellow piss erupted from between her legs.

Doubled over, with her hand again raised in submission, Alisha cried, “P-Please… Mister Jacob, Sir… no more!”

“Then let’s get it right, this time. Describe your wet dreams in the filthiest ways imaginable. I know that proud exterior is just a veneer, and I want you to show everybody here just what a low-life whore you really are!”

He’s digging into her psyche! Darius thought. He knows that she’s holding onto her hard-won dignity somewhere deep inside, and he means to reach in there and crush it! And what better way than to force her to pretend that she really is a sex-craved harlot?




Alastair had seen a lot of physical and psychological torture of young women since his association with Darius Nash, but the mental and emotional devastation he was witnessing now was almost beyond the pale! Perhaps a man of greater moral fiber would have at least walked outside, but Alastair was unable to tear his eyes away from the tormented African-American girl’s plight.

Again giving Alisha time to compose herself, Jacob retreated a few yards to where the rest of the group were assembled. Alisha clearly understood what was required of her now, because she took a deep shuddering breath, and then said, “I-I love… b-being f-fucked by two w-white men at the same time.”

She had raised her eyes so that she was looking over their heads, and ruthlessly, Jacob said, “Look at us – all of us – while you are confessing your mortal sins.”

With a wretchedness in her eyes that Alastair couldn’t find words to describe, Alisha faced them all directly.

“How do you love it?” Jacob said. “Describe it to us.”

Her eyes welling up, Alisha said, “I like to have one up m-my…” she paused as if hitting an emotional hurdle, then continued, “…c-cunt, and the other in my m-mouth!”

“One what?” Jacob prompted. “What do you call them?”

A tear of despair escaped Alisha’s eye as she finally blurted out, “C-Cocks! Dicks! Hard, white, tools! Th-throbbing meaty rods of hot, white flesh, pushed all the way down my throat as I suck and lick them and enjoy them filling my s-soaking t-twat, until I come over and over again!”

Still with her hands clasped behind her head, Alisha sank to her knees, sobbing loudly, but Jacob didn’t tell her to stand up again – the submissive posture was far more effective.

“Now we’re getting nearer the truth,” Jacob said mockingly. “You’re never going to be an attorney are you? That career path is reserved for middle-class girls of virtue. Your destiny is to be a lowly servant girl, following orders from a stern housekeeper, not even holding any rank among the household menials. You will get the worst of the chores that nobody else wants to do. Scrubbing floors down on all fours like the lowly creature you have become. Cleaning bathrooms and toilets, provided of course, that you have been toilet-trained yourself. By God, with so little control over your bodily functions, you don’t even seem fit to be a house-pet, much less a servant girl of the lowest order!”

Alisha now raised her face to her tormentor, an expression of indescribable despair in her almond-shaped eyes. Alastair had to confess her radiant beauty seemed to have been amplified through her trauma, a vulnerability that now exposed her very soul!

“And yet, if we can manage to set aside our disgust at your repugnant lack of hygiene and housetraining, we may be able to further develop one talent which may give you some redeeming value as a servant girl – one which will become quite apparent to whichever white masters you will come to serve,” Jacob went mercilessly on. “And on those days when their wives are away from home, you will be honored to service them down in their basements, even though the other domestics will be very aware of what a filthy whore you are, further increasing their disdain and contempt for you.”

Alisha was slowly shaking her head as she watched Jacob through blurry eyes. He had hit a vital nerve, Alastair realized, and his verbose description of her bleak future must have sounded quite plausible in her current servile position.

“Now,” Jacob said, apparently finally winding his rhetoric down, “if you are so desperate to be used by two white men, you can start by asking my two strong sons to oblige.”




Chapter Sixteen

For a second, Alisha failed to digest Mister Jacob’s last sentence. She had been hanging on to his every word, mesmerized, as she actually visualized herself in some distant household, being treated like dirt by the other housemaids, suffering endless beatings and whippings for the slightest of infringements, and then, on a regular basis, slowly removing her chambermaid’s uniform in front of the master of the house – a mustachioed white gentleman in a suit – until, naked, she would work her tongue up and down his thick penis until he spurted his semen down her throat. By way of a reward, he might present her with some trinket or tawdry piece of lingerie tossed away by the lady of the house, for which she would be childishly grateful, kissing his polished shoes in a show of humble respect.

It had all looked so stomach-churningly real, and unlike other fantasy daydreams, this was one which she was frantically trying to withdraw from. But the reality she returned to was exactly the same! She wasn’t in her cozy apartment, or at a cocktail bar with friends, or even at her tidy desk at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon, but here on her knees, stark naked in front of a leering group of white men, with her hands behind her head!

“Did you hear me?” Mister Jacob’s words seemed to come from miles away. “Or would you like some more shock treatment?”

Alisha realized that she must indeed have heard him, because the thought of another assault from that vile instrument jerked her back to life. Looking up at the two smirking boys who had just sexually aroused her so shamefully, she said, “Would you like to…? I mean, I would like to…I want you to…”

“Stop blathering girl!” Jacob snapped. “Beg them like you mean it! And for the last time, talk dirty!”

Alisha had crossed the Rubicon now, and as much as she hated herself for it, rather than suffer any more electrical shocks, she rallied herself once more, and said, “Please f-f-fuck me, Richard and Matthew! I want…I want your c-c-cocks! I-I want to fuck you and suck your white c-cocks!”

God forbid that my African-American mentor and any of my other professional work colleagues should ever hear me now! Alisha shuddered at the thought, whilst simultaneously wondering if she should have addressed the white boys as ‘Mister’ or ‘Master’.

“Why do you want to fuck us both?” Richard sneered. “Are you a disgusting little black whore?”

Hesitating only the briefest of moments, Alisha nodded eagerly. “Yes, I am! I’m a… d-disgusting black wh-whore who is only good for f-f-fucking and s-s-sucking and being used and abused by my white b-b-betters whenever and however they want!”

Alisha had no idea where these debauched words were coming from, but she couldn’t deny she was actually verbalizing them. She thought again of the lustful sensations that had swept through her when they had earlier sucked her breast milk out, and now to her horror, just thinking about it and hearing herself actually begging to suck and fuck them had shamefully gotten her vaginal juices gushing again!

“Then beg,” Richard said, already pulling his braces down over his shoulders. “Crawl over to us and beg to be fucked.”

Had she finally reached her nadir? She had come this far, how much more hurt could they inflict upon her? Yes she was about to plead for a double-up with these white boys, but who was to know in the outside world? The logic of her internal argument made sense, but it didn’t make the degrading journey on her hands and knees across the hard floor any easier to accept in her heart.




Darius filmed Alisha’s labored progress to Richard and Matthew’s feet, making sure to capture in close up the contorted expression of misery and humiliation on her beautifully chiseled face. He wasn’t convinced that Jacob had entirely broken this strong-willed and proud girl yet, but certainly great strides had been made. This finely blended mixture of physical pain, emotional torture, chemically induced mental and physical alteration, as well as endless meaningless hard labor, would surely break down the most resilient of souls.

Still kneeling, her luxurious black hair hiding her features, Alisha bent down and kissed, then licked, both brother’s shoes in turn – to everybody’s delight and amazement – and then she looked up into their eyes and humbly said, “Please, my white masters, I am an unworthy n-n-negro slave who… would be so honored to r-r-receive your pure white s-s-seed inside my womb and belly!”

My dear God! Darius thought. Where has all this come from? Has she been playing us?

Even the wicked Richard seemed a little taken aback by this beautifully deferential entreaty, but after a quick glance at his father, he said, “Oh, very well. Crawl over to the center of the shed.”

Darius caught one more glimpse of her face as she swiveled away, and the rapid shift in her lovely features reassured him that she was indeed still a million miles away from being in control of this situation. He had to admire her enduring spirit, though. After having one indignity after another heaped upon her, this smart girl had somehow managed to tap a new level of defense to hide behind. No, she was feeling all of the pain, embarrassment and shame, as well as the fury that must be fizzing around inside her, alright. But her survival mode must have automatically kicked in, just as it had for so many of her ancestors during the slavery years – give the white man what he wants, suffer the pain and humiliation, but bury it deep inside so that he thinks he has won.

As he gazed at her delightfully undulating buttocks, and the delicious hammock nestled between them, Darius realized that although Jacob had achieved much with this clever and resourceful girl, there remained much, much more to do.




It was with more than a little envy that Alastair observed the youthful erections of Jacob’s two sons. No Viagra required there! Richard had quickly stripped from the waist down, and now his impressive rod thrust out rudely from under his shirt. Matthew, clearly less experienced, had rather more coyly followed his brother’s lead, but his arousal was no less intense, and his throbbing member literally quivered with anticipation!

Their hapless victim was positioned on all fours, her face inches from Richard’s purple and swollen bell-end. It was evident from her expression that she was about to embark on the most loathsome act of her entire life. Alastair knew from eavesdropping on Annabel’s friends’ visits to Pemberton Hall, that Alisha was only interested in black men. Indeed, Alisha’s last boyfriend had been a star college running-back who had his pick of the ladies, but he had chosen Alisha over them all – until of course, Annabel had leaked evidence of Alisha’s uncharacteristic indiscretion at a New Year’s eve party!

As she open her mouth to accommodate Richards engorged cock, Alastair reflected on how much her life had collapsed in the few short weeks since Darius Nash had exploited the blackmail material he had procured from Annabel’s laptop. And there could be no going back for the stricken missy, either. Up until now, she had been faithful to her people, and proud of her racial heritage. Yes, she had already sucked Tom Craddock’s, Eddie Yeats’, and of course, Alastair’s cocks, but the circumstances had been a little different in that there could have been no pretending that she was a willing participant that day.

Jacob on the other hand, had carefully set the scene for an enthusiastic performance from Alisha – and all of it would be faithfully recorded on Nash’s camera!




It was past midnight, and Alisha was alone in the milking shed again – alone, if she didn’t include the six cow in their stalls, that is! She was once again firmly secured to the metal frame that ensured she would spend a long and uncomfortable night on her knees, bent over with her breasts dangling beneath her, attached to the relentlessly sucking milking cups. Of course, the hateful tin cowbell had been reattached by its collar around her neck, but tonight she had been spared the ignominy of the vibrator.

Perhaps Jacob had decided her pussy deserved a rest, because Lord knew it had been heavily worked over during the afternoon! The visual details of those awful ‘spit-roast’ sessions stubbornly refused to go away, the degrading events spinning round and round in her jumbled mind.

As revolting as she had found it all, Alisha had somehow managed to slip into a kind of actress mode, and trying to hide her shame and self-loathing, she had made quite an effective job of slathering her tongue up and down Richard’s rigid shaft, before working the tip around his bulbous glans, and then taking him in inch by inch.

Alisha had only engaged in oral sex a couple of times – not including the rough ‘face-fucking’ that those bastards Craddock, Yeats and Barclay had previously inflicted on her, and it definitely wasn’t her favorite pastime, so she had even surprised herself at how accomplished she had been. But therein lay the troubling problem – it was only because of the threat of the cattle prod that she had adopted the performance of such an eager participant. Yet, as the lewd act had developed, and Matthew had penetrated her easily from behind, the line between truth and illusion had become disconcertingly blurred.

She couldn’t deny the reaction her body was having as she deep-throated Richard while his younger brother pumped in and out of her sopping pussy. And the worst of it all had been her pulsing climax as Richard had shot his load into her mouth. When he had pulled out, she had been forced to wait a few minutes more on all fours with Richard’s semen dribbling down her chin, until Matthew completed his business and spurted his seed into her womb. And all this recorded up close by Nash, accompanied by a suggestion from Craddock that they should upload the pornographic scene onto the internet!

When the two boys were sated, Alisha had been forced to ask that fat little pig Tom Craddock, and the old butler Barclay to repeat the performance. Again, she had been compelled to make it convincing, so that if the video were released into the public domain, it would appear as if she were a cheap black slut who loved fucking white men – young and old!

When she had finished servicing the two middle-aged perverts, Jacob’s two boys had re-sharpened their pencils and were eagerly lining up for a second round. Exhausted now, her arms, knees and back aching terribly, Alisha had made another zealous show for the camera, before once again exploding into a powerful and embarrassing orgasm of her own!

Now that they were gone, she was left with the cows to her left, the steady hum of the milking machine, and her disturbed thoughts as she stared numbly at the wooden door ahead. Before departing, Richard had plugged up her asshole with yet another blue suppository, and as outraged as she was to have that small personal orifice repeatedly violated, she was quickly enveloped in that warm and sheltered feeling again. She had no idea why her body was reacting this way, but she knew that subconsciously she was coming to welcome these anal invasions. It was as if she were somehow incomplete without them, as ridiculous as that might sound.

Happy to have rural white men shove capsules up my butt? Oh God, what am I thinking? What is to become of me?

Unbidden tears rolled freely down her cheeks as, in the relative silence of the shed, she fully comprehended what had happened today. She had tried to sucker punch them by staying strong on the inside while appearing to succumb on the outside. But the reality was, what had happened had happened. They probably didn’t care about her inner struggle to keep her identity intact. They had what they wanted didn’t they?

Her brain suddenly felt as if it was sliding down her spine. It was so much hard work to keep focusing on the law firm where she worked. Far easier to go with this depravity. Enjoy the cocooning effect of the drugs, play the dumb animal while they laughed and taunted her, suck cock well and eagerly offer them her orifices whenever they demanded it, and helplessly cum harder than she could possibly imagine.

But if I do that, then I am lost and helpless. My only hope is to fix my attention on the end game. Freedom. The city. My career. Yes, but by trying to stay sane in all this madness, I am compelled to relive all of these horrors over and over with all of the emotional hurt they bring. Who am I? Will Alisha Royce still exist in a fortnight’s time? Or will I have fully accepted the fact that I am Daisy the cow, or whichever demeaning persona Mister Jacob wishes to bestow upon me?

Who am I…?

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