Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Three

Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Three

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Her shame and misery deepen while her future is decided.


Her shame and misery deepen while her future is decided.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Three

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2017



Chapter Seventeen

It had only been a week since their last visit but the leaves were already turning brown and the sky was thick with white cloud. Alastair had taken the precaution of bringing a coat and he was glad for its protection this morning as they followed the shingle path around to the rear of the house.

Beside him, Darius Nash had a deeply thoughtful look on his face, which he had maintained throughout their car journey to Jacob’s isolated farm. Alastair hadn’t bothered to ask why because frankly he wasn’t interested in Nash’s problems. The only reason Alastair was courteous to him at all was because of the amazing new world of sexual depravity that the twisted old freak had introduced him to!

Alastair had spent the week back at Pemberton Hall, fulfilling his regular duties as the head butler. There had only been Madam Sissy to attend to, and apart from the recent arrival of a rather fetching young housemaid – strictly off-limits to Alastair, of course – it had all been incredibly dull in comparison to the debauched weekends that he had become accustomed to spending with Nash and his perverted cronies.

There had been one quite delectable interlude earlier in the week when he had been privileged to witness his former mistress, Annabel, undergo yet another spirit-breaking episode of sexual degradation. This time she had been forced to act as a kind of faux-nurse, attending to the needs of a bunch of smelly hobos, and although Alastair had taken great delight in observing her miserable plight, unfortunately this time he hadn’t been invited to take part.

So it was with balls full of sperm – no masturbating in bed this week – that he followed Jacob and his two sons around to the back of the farmhouse, eager to find out what had happened to Annabel’s high-society buddy, Alisha, over the past five days.

The last time he had seen her, she was fastened to a metal frame with her breasts attached to milking cups, her once-proud features contorted into a mask of shame and woe. He knew that these ruthless country folk would not have eased up at all with her unceasing torments, but the only clue as to her current predicament was when Jacob had tersely informed them she was ‘out back with the pigs’.

That had been enough to fuel Alastair’s warped imagination, but the sight that greeted him when they reached the far end of the back yard was beyond his wildest expectations. There were two pigsties separated by a steel fence, the one on the right containing six pink and brown pigs who were contentedly rummaging through the dirt and manure that lined their enclosure. They began to grunt and squeal at the sight of the approaching humans, no doubt anticipating a feed, but the sole occupant of the other sty looked considerably less enthusiastic.

Just as when they had left her in the milking shed a week ago, Alisha was naked and on all fours, but there the similarity ended. It seemed that in the interests of authenticity, Jacob and his boys had made some modifications to the beautiful African-American law student that Alastair found delightfully amusing as well as highly stimulating!

She was still wearing the leather collar around her neck – albeit without the humiliating cow bell attached – but now a length of thin black cord had been secured to the back, and then pulled tight over the top of her crown and down the middle of her forehead, before it divided into two pieces that ended in little metal hooks. These had then been inserted inside Alisha’s nostrils, tugging them cruelly upward with the effect of elongating her nose into a flattened snout! Adding to her new porcine appearance, a rather unflattering headband had been fitted over her head, on top of which were mounted two triangular black piggy ears that pointed cartoonishly skyward!

As she scuttled away to avoid their faces, Alisha unwittingly presented them with a clear view of her final humiliating adornment – a curly, black plastic tail sticking rudely out of her asshole! To add insult to her emotional injuries, her dark cunt lips looked quite bloated and sore, which indicated that the wretched girl had recently been impaled on either a rubber dildo or Richard and Matthew’s cocks – probably both!

But it was the effect of the enforced suppositories that Alisha had been receiving on a daily basis that literally made Alastair gasp with surprise and joy. As Jacob had explained the previous week, Alisha was being systematically pumped full of a super-strength prolactin in order to stimulate her milk production. This would naturally lead to an increase in her breast size, but Alastair had been totally unprepared for the sheer enormity of the swollen brown udders that dangled beneath the clearly devastated young woman right now!

Even as Alisha tried in vain to squeeze behind the metal trough in her sty, Alastair saw that her outrageously bloated mammaries were dragging along in the dirt, making any kind of rapid motion impossible! With nowhere to hide, the mortified young black girl settled for hiding her distorted face behind the trough, leaving her broad buttocks thrust out on public display, the little tail quivering as she attempted to press her naked body down into the dirt.

“What do you think of our new little piglet?” Richard wickedly grinned. “We’ve been keeping her in a separate pen so that she doesn’t upset the other pigs with her black skin!”

“Yeah, she looks more like a niglet!” laughed Matthew.

“Come over here, little piggy!” Richard crooned. “You’ve got some visitors. Do you remember Mr. Nash and Mr. Barclay? They’re real human beings who can talk and stand up on two legs. Come on, say hello!”

Her nude body visibly trembling, Alisha slowly backed out from behind the trough, and keeping her head down, she shuffled across on her hands and knees, her nipples trailing along the damp earth. Unable to drag his eyes away from her mammoth tits, Alastair had to remind himself yet again that the bestial creature on the ground before them was the same young lady that he had lusted after at so many of Annabel’s pool parties at Pemberton Hall! He had no way of imagining what horrors she had been forced to endure over the past week – although he was sure Jacob would fill them in with all the details – but the net effect was quite perfect. They had most certainly succeeded in regressing Alisha to an animal-like status, although judging from her body language, her former self probably still remained in some way intact on the inside. What terrible anguish for such a dignified young professional woman to have to endure!

“Look at your guests when you greet them, you big-tittied sow!” Richard said.

Alastair noted with interest the way that Jacob’s two boys were now holding court while their father took a backseat – although his presence was undoubtedly still keenly observed by their quaking victim in the pig pen. Alisha had probably spent many hours performing like an animal for these two young white men – as well as sexually accommodating them – during the intervening days since their last visit. Whatever the outcome of her fortnight of hell on this farm, Alisha would have to carry the intimate memories of her enforced relationship with these two rustics for the rest of her days!

Very slowly, Alisha managed to force herself to raise her head and look up at her tormentors, and seeing her pretty face – if you ignored her new pug nose – Alastair now knew he had guessed right. Hate, fury, sorrow, self-pity, remorse, and deep shame were all reflected in those, big, brown, anguished eyes!

“Last time of asking,” Richard said. “You know what happens when you disobey!”

Alisha averted her eyes as she took in a deep, shuddering breath before, to Alastair’s amazement, she began to squeal like a pig at feeding time!




Chapter Eighteen

Even though she had previously been forced to low like a cow for them, Alisha had felt another piece of her soul vanish after Mister Jacob had earlier taken the extra step of forbidding her to speak like a human being at all until further notice. He had instructed her to communicate only by using the sounds of whichever animal he had her imitating, and Alisha recognized that this was designed to be another significant development in her dehumanization process.

There had been moments when she had been left alone at night in the milking stall – mercifully without the awful leather bit jammed between her jaws – when she had reverted to quietly talking to herself. This, she told herself, was not a sign of oncoming madness, but a therapeutic technique by which she could verbally reassure herself that the true Alisha Royce was alive and well inside her. The sound of her own voice had become the only remaining link to her life in the city, an audible reminder that she was not really a stinking four-legged beast, but a proud member of the genus homo sapiens.

But Mister Jacob’s latest edict had now given her cause to wonder if somebody had been listening in on her nocturnal soliloquies, and that in the spirit of utmost cruelty he had decided to put a stop to that as well. The message was clear – on this white man’s farm she was nothing more than a lowly animal in every sense until Mister Jacob decided that she had earned the right to walk and talk like the rest of humanity again.

Today that meant spending the entire morning crawling around on all fours now that she had been designated the role of a fat sow! And Alisha certainly did feel overweight, even though her daily exercise regimen had helped her to shed every ounce of excess fat from her already well-toned body. No, the added heaviness was all down to her now grotesquely inflated breasts! She had always been a big girl in that department – and had once been rather proud of it – but in only a few days, her bust had grown out of all proportion, and although she had yet to see herself in a mirror, their sheer weight and bulk told her all she needed to know!

The worst of it was the constant aching as the pressure of her milk steadily built up inside them. She hadn’t been milked for two days, and she was desperate for relief! To her dismay, her nipples – now approximately two inches long! – were constantly lactating which meant leaving two sticky trails as she crawled around her sty in the tedious circles that Mister Jacob had insisted upon.

Of course, Richard and Matthew had been in almost constant attendance during her latest tribulation, providing her with a running commentary of how ugly she looked as they had stretched her nostrils painfully open, and then inserted the black, penis-shaped butt-plug into her anus so deep that her bowels throbbed constantly, leaving only the humiliating little pig tail on show. Then came the final indignity – the demeaning black ears! Oddly, she had found this the worst part of all, particularly when the boys had taken dozens of photographs while they laughed helplessly at her plight.

With her mind in a thick fog, Alisha had dragged her aching breasts around and around, listening to the real pigs snorting next door, and hoping desperately that she wouldn’t be forced to mix in with them later. Eventually, Mister Jacob had come along to inspect his sons’ handiwork, and even though Alisha had tried her best to behave like a good sow, he had still viciously shocked her on the buttocks with his cattle prod as a punishment for not squealing happily on his arrival.

So now she squeaked and screeched until her throat began to hurt, whilst looking mournfully up at Annabel’s former butler whose eyes twinkled with undisguised pleasure. She had no idea why Richard wanted her to make such a ridiculous noise other than add to her already excruciating embarrassment, but of course there was always going to be a fresh angle to their sick games.

“Sounds like our Miss Piggy is hungry,” Richard said. “I think you’d better fill up her trough, Matthew.”




Being the junior sibling, it was Matthew’s job to feed their human pig, and he eagerly went about his task, pouring the contents of a metal pail into her trough. His enthusiasm was clearly not born out of any desire to pacify her hunger because the white swill, mixed with half-rotted vegetables and other unidentifiable muck, looked decidedly inedible – even for the real swine next door!

Jacob must have noticed Alastair’s look of distaste because he said, “There are plenty of nutrients in there and it won’t make her ill, although the taste might make it difficult for her to keep down.”

“But she is going to eat it all up like a good piggy,” Richard added, “or she doesn’t get milked today, do you, my fat porker?”

Alisha stopped oinking and glanced up at him, her cavernous nostrils flaring as the foul odor of her ‘food’ rose out of the trough.

“And that means now,” said Jacob, with the cattle prod in hand, but Alisha, who had been staring in horror at the stinking mush, could only shake her head and emit a little whine through her closed lips.

The farmer didn’t need a second invitation and a sharp crackle split the air as he leaned over and touched the live prod against Alisha’s flank. Now she let out a most un-piglike squeal of agony, and her curly tail vibrated as her whole body convulsed in shock.

“Eat!” Jacob barked, and as Alisha wretchedly dipped her face into the unappetizing muck, Alastair again visualized her as before, sunbathing poolside at Pemberton Hall, her sunglasses perched on her head and a cocktail in her hand. She had always been a picture of elegance, her poise possibly only matched by Annabel’s, but now, through a most unfortunate sequence of events, here she was, her cheeks bulging and her face covered with the revolting white slops, her unwashed naked body shining in the cool autumn breeze, thick patches of wiry black hair sprouting from under her arms, and of course those massive, pendulous breasts, so engorged with milk that her extended nipples were squashed into the dirt!

And instead of designer bikinis and sunglasses, her constant nudity was merely enhanced by the various degrading and uncomfortable accessories – ears, tail and snout, today – that Jacob and his sons forced her to wear. Alastair’s eyes wandered over her prostrate form, from the pink soles of her feet up to her muscular thighs, and then to her round ass with the plastic coiled tail impudently emphasizing her lowly animal status, as Alisha gulped and swallowed, retched and burped, in her effort to empty the trough.

Beside him, the unusually taciturn Nash recorded the whole degrading spectacle on his camera, to what end Alastair could only guess other than to secure even more blackmail material, or perhaps he had another secret motive. It didn’t matter. Whatever Nash was involved in didn’t concern Alastair and he was happy in his ignorance as long as he got to watch snooty young women like Annabel and Alisha being subjected to disgusting and humiliating ordeals such as this one.

Incredibly, Alisha managed to empty the trough without puking, although with bits of vegetable skin and potato peel stuck to her white-coated face, she certainly looked quite a mess. As with all young women of her ilk, she most likely had a range of cosmetic cleansers and creams back in her city apartment, and never in her worst nightmare would she have once imagined that her soft, ebony skin would one day be plastered with food waste! Then again, considering the abject overall state she was in at the moment, what difference did a little decaying matter around her cheeks really make?

“Okay boys,” Jacob said, “get her out of there and give her a dousing, then bring her into the shed.”

Richard unhinged the gate, and Alisha hesitatingly crawled out of her enclosure. Down on her hands and knees, surrounded by fully-clothed white men, she suddenly looked extremely vulnerable, but there was no pity in Jacob’s voice when he said to her, “The boys are going to squeeze some of that milk out of your tits. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Alisha craned her neck but only got as far as Jacob’s knees. He tapped her on the top of her head with the uncharged shock-stick and said, “Up on your haunches like we’ve taught you, and say ‘thank you’!”

Flinching at the contact, Alisha pushed back on her arms and rose unsteadily up into a crouching position. Now the full extent of the growth of her breasts was evident as they wobbled like giant balloons in front of her. Alastair’s fascination now took on its familiar sexual dimension as his cock began to stiffen in his pants – her nipples, jutting out like black tent pegs, were absolutely awesome!

Richard patted him on the back, and said, “You could hang your hat on those babies, couldn’t you? Wait until you see them spurting milk across the shed. She can shoot over five feet when she gets going!”

Behind her white mask of scum, Alisha’s eyes glistened with shame at her young master’s words, which indicated to Alastair that not only was Richard’s claim true, but that she was also absolutely mortified at the prospect of himself and Nash witnessing such a titillating spectacle!

Jacob gave her another sharp rap on the crown of her head, and repeated his command, “Now say ‘thank you’, or you can go back into your pen without being milked, and without your medication!”

Alastair remembered being told that the suppositories were highly addictive, and clearly after a week they had taken their toll, because a look of panic flashed in Alisha’s eyes, and then, quite engagingly, she began to squeal again.

Squatting beneath them, her pumped-up boobs shuddering, her tiny black piggy ears sticking above her head, and her little curly tail poking out of her rear end, her vocal exertions now triggered a violent hiccup attack, punctuating her oinking, much to the amusement of Richard and Matthew.

Eek! Hic! Week! Hic! Wick!

Alastair paused a moment to watch Alisha lead her white male entourage back towards the milking shed, her ass cheeks shivering nicely as she felt the toe of Richard’s boot push up against her exposed cunt lips. It was all a very far cry from the air-conditioned, high rise law offices of Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon!




Chapter Nineteen

Under normal circumstances, Darius would have given his undivided attention to the spectacle of Jacob’s two sons hosing down Alisha’s naked body in the brisk, open air. Squatting on the flagstones with her head down and her ass up, her body shook as she gasped for air, and rivulets of icy water ran over her swollen breasts and then dripped off her protuberant nipples.

When he had first decided to entrap the young black law intern, he had been acting entirely alone, swept along by the heady rush that had accompanied his total domination of her high society friend, Annabel. Indeed, after attending Helen Parker’s pool party a few weeks previously, his lewd imagination had run riot as he had lusted after not only Alisha, but the other three bikini-clad females in attendance too. His subsequent discovery of Annabel’s ‘blackmail’ file on her laptop had opened up a veritable Pandora’s Box of opportunity, and he hadn’t hesitated to pounce when he had come across the incriminating photographs of Alisha.

But it seemed that his initial choice of victim had turned out to be, if not a mistake, then certainly an unnecessary complication. In his lecherous haste, he had neglected to undertake the background checks that the Fraternity usually required before procuring a new slave. Annabel had of course, been selected for him by his old acquaintance Sissy, who herself had once been a victim, and then subsequently a beneficiary, of this secret network whose tentacles extended into every part of society.

Enslaving and controlling carefully chosen individuals was only a part of the Fraternity’s manifold underground activities, and even though he would never be privy to their identities, Darius knew that its members included senior politicians, celebrities, captains of industry, as well as professionals at the highest levels of the judiciary. And it was from there that Alisha’s situation had come to the Fraternity leadership’s attention. Apparently, the snorting, shivering, naked black girl squatting before him was currently under the mentorship of a succesful African-American lawyer at Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon where she worked, and as luck would have it, one of the aforementioned partners also happened to be an upper echelon member of the Fraternity!

From his position on the fringes of the Fraternity, Darius wasn’t exactly sure if he had broken any rules by enslaving Alisha, but the connection had prompted a phone call from his ‘principal’ instructing him to continue with her training for now and await further instructions. This had left Darius feeling a little deflated because he had been rather pleased with the way in which he had carefully ensnared the beautiful young black woman. However, such was the dark power of the Fraternity that Darius knew Alisha was now no longer his own personal project, and that any decisions regarding her future were out of his hands.

With an inward sigh, he decided it was best to snap out of his gloomy mood and make the most of Alisha’s captivity while it lasted. Besides, he had already examined Annabel’s ‘blackmail’ files on her other so-called friends, Helen, Samantha and Chelsea – all of them, attractive upper-class bitches who could provide him with as much entertainment as Alisha and Annabel, if not more.




With violent hiccups wracking her body, Alisha crawled into the milking shed in a state of abject desolation. Naked and wet, her body shivering with the cold, her milk-laden breasts aching badly in unison with her plugged-up rectum, her stomach gurgling with the revolting swill, and her nostrils sore from being constantly stretched wide open, she had never felt so miserable.

Compounding her woe was the realization that she was actually looking forward to being milked, although just as with her daily dosage of the suppositories, the sensation of receiving physical relief at the hands of her leering tormentors would always be bittersweet.

She mounted the dais without any instruction required because she was familiar with the routine by now, and more to the point, if Mister Jacob changed his mind she would be facing several more exhausting hours groveling around in that filthy pig pen. As humiliating as it was going to be in front of Nash and Barclay, her manual milking session would still be preferable!

Because they weren’t going to be using the electrically powered milking machine, Alisha squatted down and put her arms out along the metal cross-beam. Her strong thighs parted automatically, giving her male spectators an unimpeded view of her hairy crotch, but her brain was too addled at this point to be overly worried about that. She just wanted Richard and Matthew to get on with it, although she knew that they would take great pleasure in making her wait.

While Matthew secured her arms in place with leather straps, Richard began lubing up Alisha’s bloated breasts with grease, wickedly giving her tender nipples a tweak, making her elicit an embarrassing little groan of pleasure.

Richard patted her on the cheek and said, “See how happy she is now? None of that city girl attitude she brought with her last week.”

Oh yes, there is! Alisha dimly thought through the swirling mists of her mind. You just don’t get to see it any more.

Now that she was firmly bound in place, Matthew took up position opposite his older brother so that they could take a breast each. Richard cupped his hand under Alisha’s right teat and patted it gently. “Wow, it’s really heavy! The prolactin seems to be working better every day!”

“Oh, it will do,” said his father. “Even when she goes back home, she will be carrying around increasing volumes of milk, which should be interesting when she’s at work. I’m sure she’ll be getting a lot of attention from her colleagues every time she wobbles off to the toilet!”

“Won’t she reduce production when she stops taking the suppositories?” asked Barclay.

“She would,” said Jacob, “but she’s not going to stop, is she? I’ll send her off with a good supply and she will be so addicted by then that she’ll be happily ramming them up her asshole every day all by herself!”

“What a fuck-up you’re going to be,” Richard sniggered, pinching Alisha’s flattened nose. “A junkie who can’t think straight, with two giant, milkified melons leaking through her blouse. Some lawyer you’re going to make!”

The idea of this miserable prospect would normally have been enough to make Alisha cry, but all of her attention was now focused upon her throbbing breasts. Both of the white boys were now gently caressing her nipples without actually drawing any milk, and the tension was enough to make her explode!

Please, stop talking! Just milk me!

Even though she didn’t vocalize her plea, she must have been making some kind of animal noises, becauseRichard said, “Sounds like our ‘piggy-cow’ wants us to get started. It might be an idea if you stood to one side, gents!”




With her little triangular ears, porcine snout, and enormous udders, Alisha really did seem to represent some kind of hybrid farm animal. As she crouched on the dais with her thighs spread, Alastair’s eyes were drawn to her puffed-up pussy lips that poked through her thick pubic thatch, and when the boys began to tug on her distended nipples, her black labia actually began to grow before his very eyes!

Dear me! The wretched girl is getting turned on by this! How humiliating this must be for her!

He was so engrossed by the bestial sight that he was taken by surprise when Jacob tugged him backward by his jacket – just in time to avoid being sprayed by the first two salvos of milk that erupted from Alisha’s nipples!

Urrgh! Alisha let out a loud moan as she began to steadily spurt with every pull on her tits, while astonishingly, a sticky line of vaginal fluid dripped between her parted legs! There was no collecting bucket, and just as Richard had predicted, Alisha was shooting her lactate a clear five feet across the shed where it splattered over the floor. Clearly there was to be no pretense of any farmyard activity going on now – this was just plain, cruel sport!

Alisha’s groans of pleasure filled the milking shed as spurt after spurt of her milk arced through the air. It was a mesmerizing sight that Alastair would never forget, and it only got better as Alisha reached her first crescendo, her thighs quivering, and the dribble of her feminine vaginal secretions now dripping down to the surface of the dais.

Unable to resist, Richard planted his lips over Alisha’s nipple and began to suckle on it. The convulsing black girl closed her eyes and warbled with sheer ecstasy as Richard found her open cunt and slipped his fingers easily inside, building up a rhythm as he greedily fed. It didn’t take long for his digital masturbation to bring Alisha off again, and the poor girl seemed to lose any semblance of control as she threw back her head and alternately squealed and mooed at the top of her lungs, while tears of shame and confusion rolled freely down her cheeks!




Chapter Twenty

“Up! Up! Get those knees up, Black Beauty! No slacking!”

Richard, her sadistic taskmaster, tapped his riding crop against his boot as he barked out his relentless instructions. After two days and nights in the pig pen, Alisha had now been ‘upgraded’ to the horses’ paddock. As much as she had hated the stink and degradation of crawling around in the dirt and her own filth in the pen, at least she had been left to her own devices much of the time, and she had gratefully taken the opportunity to try and rest. Now that she was being trained as a ‘show pony’ as Richard had put it, there wasn’t a single moment that either he or Matthew weren’t putting her through her paces!

What made the continuous exercise even harder to bear was the uncomfortable and humiliating ‘equipment’ she had been fitted with. After an icy hose-down, Alisha had been made to stand still on trembling legs until she dried off under the pale morning sun. Her piggy ears, nose hooks, and butt-plug tail had been removed, leaving her with just the leather collar around her neck – an ever-present reminder of her slave status here on the farm.

After pulling her hair back into a pony-tail and fastening it with rubber bands, the boys had then proceeded to strap a leather bridle over her head, tightly fastening it under her chin, which forced her to bite down hard on the rubber bit between her teeth. Unlike the other bridle she had worn for her plowing sessions the previous week, this one also had leather horses ears attached to it as well as wide blinkers on either side that severely narrowed down her field of vision. In Alisha’s mind though, the most humiliating component was the colorful feather plume that flew from the top of the bridle! It was these little details that hurt her wounded pride the most – animal ears, cow bells, now a show-pony plume, all for the express purpose of amusing of her white, male captors.

And it was Matthew, the younger sibling, who had come up with Alisha’s latest pet name –Black Beauty! Apart from the fact that Alisha found it both racially and sexually abusive, naming her after a fictitious horse was another way of further removing her from her true identity. Over the past week, whilst completely naked, she had been forced to crawl, run and jump, worked like an ox, milked like an animal, compelled to defecate and urinate in front of them – as well as endure countless embarrassing orgasms in public – and now, not only was she forbidden to speak, but they weren’t even using her true name anymore!

With her headset in place, the boys had then produced a most sinister-looking device which was comprised of a combination of leather straps and buckles hanging from an enormous black rubber dildo with a long tail of horsehair attached to the end. Alisha was slowly becoming accustomed to anal penetration but by the look of it, that thick phallus was going to rip her apart!

Richard had then ordered Alisha to bend over and link her arms behind her back. While she waited in this degrading and uncomfortable position, her feather plume and engorged breasts practically touching the grass, and her knees trembling, Matthew had pushed the dildo between her pussy lips and moved it in and out of her vagina, quickly working her up until the sex toy was slick with her fluids. Thus lubricated, Alisha had clamped her teeth down even harder on the rubber bit as the bulbous end of the dildo was pressed against her anal opening. Like the pony they wanted her to be, she had then snorted and whinnied in pain as the giant rubber cock had been forced into her rectum, stretching her butthole wide and sending a searing fire through her innards.

Even after being endlessly plugged with the suppositories, Alisha had been ill-prepared for this, and her head had come up sharply when the full nine inches had been driven home. With her insides aching terribly, the two white boys had straightened Alisha up again – now with a long tail hanging from between her buttocks – and begun arranging the complicated network of buckles and straps around her torso. Connected to the agonizing dildo-tail sticking out of her rump, a strap was passed under Alisha’s crotch and pulled tightly up between her damp labia, before joining up with a horizontal strap that encircled her middle and bound her arms at the elbows and wrists. This was then linked to a vertical strap running up to the back of her collar, and pulled so tightly that her interlocked arms were tugged high up her back.

With her arms now immobilized, the boys had moved on to her final adornment, and from his pocket, Richard had produced two vicious little serrated metal clips with spherical bells attached. As Alisha’s eyes had grown wide in horror, he had squeezed opened the first clip and held it over her elongated nipple. She had begun to snort through her nostrils and shake her head as Richard had closed the clip agonizingly slowly over her sensitive teat. If it hadn’t been for the rubber bit pressing down on her tongue, Alisha would have screamed the place down, such was the burning pain. He had then repeated the procedure on her other nipple, leaving her squirming in agony.

To distract her from the pain in her nipples, Richard had then given her two sharp cracks across her ass with the crop which had apparently signaled the beginning of her training, because for the past fifteen minutes, she had been marking time on the spot, lifting her knees high, as her fat breasts swung around crazily and the little bells jingled in the open country air. As she ran in place, Alisha breathed hard though her nostrils, her throat sore and dry, and her legs already cramping intolerably.

Just when she thought she was going to collapse, Richard ordered her to rest. She stood on weary legs, her stomach and breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Take one knee, like a well-trained pony!” Mister Jacob’s voice took her by surprise because the blinkers only allowed her to see what was going on in front of her. Angling her head to the side, Alisha saw to her dismay that he was not alone and that a few of the farmhands were watching, including the older black man who had watched her plowing the fields the previous week.

Once again, Alisha’s mortification plumbed new depths as a male member of her own race was bearing witness to her utter degradation. As crushing as it felt to be incessantly mocked and humiliated by the white folk, displaying her total submission in this way in front of one of her own people, stranger or not, was a hundred times worse!

She knelt down with her right knee up and her left one down on the damp grass, her protuberant teats already numb, and her rectum so well and truly corked, it felt as if she hadn’t defecated for days! A dribble of sweat ran into her right eye, and as she instinctively shook her head to clear it, Alisha spotted someone that instantly made her heart jump up into her throat! Because her elaborate headgear had so limited her vision, she hadn’t seen the well-dressed gentleman standing beside Mister Jacob the first time, but now a wave of terror swept over her as she recognized his handsome, ebony face.

Martin! Oh, no, no, no, NO!

All of her training thus far was instantly forgotten as she locked eyes with the one man who she respected, trusted, and secretly loved more than any other – her mentor at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon! In a blind panic, Alisha struggled to her feet, literally turned tail, and ran away as fast as she could.




It had been a curious morning for Martin Price, J.D., junior partner at the prestigious city law firm of Bale, Thomas and Farringdon. Settling down at his desk long before the rest of the staff as was his custom, he had received an unexpected call from David Van Hook, one of the senior partners, requesting his presence on the hallowed penthouse floor.

Not only was this a highly rare occurrence – the partners were a tight-knit group – but also a cause of some concern. Van Hook, an elderly conservative WASP, wasn’t exactly known for either his generosity or approachability. Thirty minutes later, Martin had emerged from Van Hook’s luxurious office wondering what the hell had just happened. He had basically been given a mission – a very unusual one – which he had had no choice other than to accept. Not only that, but he had been sworn to absolute secrecy, and failure to do so would result not only in his instant dismissal at the firm, but would also see a premature end to his meteoric career.

Even though he knew he had the right to refuse, Martin knew enough about the machinations of the legal profession to agree to this bizarre task, with the added incentive that Van Hook carried considerable clout when it came to approving new senior partners. As an African-American from a middle-class background, and proud of his heritage though he was, Martin was street-wise enough to understand that this wasn’t a request, but a straight order from the white man!

Still in the dark as to the exact nature of his task, he had taken his Canon VIXIA camcorder, and followed the directions given him to the country farm owned by a certain Jacob Johnson, where all would be explained.

So it was with much bewilderment and more than a little irritation that he found himself trudging across a soggy field in his Brooks Brothers wool three-piece and John Doe Oxfords behind the vulgar little farmer. Apparently whatever he was supposed to be filming was in the paddock up ahead, and now his confusion was turning to outright resentment. Had Van Hook chosen him to check out some horse he was interested in buying? Surely he was aware that Martin had a lot more important things to do at the office and could have sent one of the interns?

But as they approached the paddock, he suddenly sensed that there was something seriously amiss here. A group of men were leaning on the fence watching a strange-looking creature that was definitely not a horse, although he could see that it had ears and a tail. It was only when they joined the other onlookers that Martin saw in detail what was being kept in the paddock, and yet his brain at first refused to acknowledge what he was looking at.

A naked young woman was standing meekly before them, her shining skin as dark as his own, and with the biggest breasts he had ever seen in his life! She was wearing a most ludicrous piece of headgear – a bit jammed into her mouth, leather ears and blinkers, and a multicolored feather plume waving above her head, all secured tightly by leather straps and buckles – while more straps secured her arms behind her back and ran snugly up through the thick pubic bush between her legs. Last but not least, the wretched young woman had a long tail hanging down from between her buttocks!

“What in God’s name is going on here?” he asked in little more than an incredulous whisper.

Ignoring him, Jacob said to the hapless black girl, “Take one knee, like a well-trained pony!”

As the poor wretch assumed the submissive position she shook her head, and quite suddenly he was looking straight into her rapidly widening eyes. And despite the rest of her comically grotesque appearance, Martin would have recognized that stunningly beautiful face anywhere.

Alisha? It can’t be!

But even in such a humbling and ridiculous get up, there was no doubting those lovely, almond shaped eyes, which were now seized with sudden dread. And then she was up on her bare feet and away, the muscles in her powerful thighs rippling, her oversized breasts bouncing high, and her tail dancing behind her!




Chapter Twenty-One

It’s over! My career is over!

Her mind was in too much of a fog to analyze in that split-second why Martin, of all people, should be standing beside these degenerate rustics, but she had retained just about enough of a grip on reality to know that his presence here spelled total disaster for her! This whole nightmare had been hinged around saving her career, and although she had slipped several gears mentally and emotionally over the past week, that was the one and only prize she had been clinging to. And even though she had bolted the instant she had seen him, there was no doubt that Martin had recognized her – the look in his eyes had said it all!

As she charged pell-mell towards the opposite fence, with her inflated, aching breasts slapping her in the face and the little bells tinkling merrily on her flying nipples, she had only one hope left – if she could just clear the fence, she would keep on going through the woods, and maybe, just maybe, Martin might walk away and somehow convince himself that it was a case of mistaken identity. Right now, Alisha had to get free of these maniacs and try to rescue something, anything, of her rapidly disintegrating life!

These barely coherent thoughts whizzed through her mind in a flash as her legs pumped harder and harder, her restricted vision focused only on the fence that was now bearing down on her fast. She was peripherally aware of her male audience shouting at her – or were they laughing? – as she launched herself from the slippery grass, skidded on her bare heels, and then her huge brown boobs were in front of her face as she slammed backwards into the ground with the wind knocked out of her.

She stayed where she was for a while, looking up at the grey cloud cover, fleetingly too physically shattered to even worry about what Martin must be thinking – then Richard and Matthew’s grinning faces appeared above her. “Where do you think you are galloping off to, Black Beauty?”

Alisha could only lay there panting, legs splayed, aware that they were ogling her hairy bush at their leisure, but right now that wasn’t her major concern, because she just knew that they were going to take her back to the other side of the paddock where Martin would be waiting and watching!

They roughly hoisted her to her feet, and as she stood powerlessly before them, Matthew hooked a rope to her collar. It seemed inconceivable that she was passively letting this happen under these horrendous new circumstances, but Alisha actually allowed the two white boys to lead her back across the paddock to face her ultimate nightmare. Somewhere in her muddled mind, she understood that under the terms of her agreement with Nash, they no longer had a hold on her, and yet she was so used to following their orders, that she now felt compelled to obey!

As they neared the fence, Alisha couldn’t help but look at Martin’s face, and his expression of shock and amazement with his eyes fixed upon her milk-enlarged tits, suddenly triggered a stark, new question – why exactly was he here? There was no way he could have known what had happened to her unless it had something to do with the law firm! For a brief moment, she clung to the tiny hope that he had come to rescue her, that perhaps he was here to pay them off. But that glimpse of salvation evaporated in the next instant when Mister Jacob said, “Well, Mr. Price? What do you think of your young rising star now?”

As Martin gawped at her ludicrous get-up, Alisha prayed that the earth would open up and swallow her! She knew from the way he looked at her that Martin, like most of the male employees and Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon, desired her sexually, and Alisha had to admit that she had used her charms to the maximum advantage. Not that she didn’t have the brains or drive to succeed in that cutthroat world – far from it, in fact. But Alisha had always been astute enough to know that a black girl without any social connections had to use everything at her disposal to move up the company ladder. Certainly Martin would not have backed her so strongly had she not been up to the workload, but the fact that he secretly coveted her – and she him – had made their professional relationship an especially good one.

Until now. Whereas before he could only dream and imagine, now he was perusing her practically naked body at his leisure, especially her massive, bare breasts, no longer enticingly concealed under a tight fitting blouse in the office. But that cock-teasing was suddenly a thing of the past, and Martin seemed hypnotized by them. And how they had changed! Enormous udders punctuated by long, erect teats with little bells dangling from them! There was no way Martin would ever be attracted to her again after seeing her like this. Suddenly all remnants of fight seemed to drain from her body as her eyes brimmed with tears of utter shame.

“W-what have you done to her?” Martin stammered.

“She’s in training,” Mister Jacob said proudly. “By the time she is done here, you’ll have a very obedient little filly to answer to your every need.”

“This… this is outrageous!” Martin said. “This is worse than slavery! You’re not even treating her like a human!”

“She hasn’t earned the right yet!” Mister Jacob snapped. “And I think you’d be wise to think of your boss Mr. Van Hook, before you get any ideas about interfering.”

Alisha had been mournfully following the exchange with her eyes cast down – even looking at Martin’s face was too painful to bear right now – but when one of the senior partners was mentioned, she snapped her head up in shocked surprise. What could this possibly mean?

“Now, Richard,” Mister Jacob continued. “I want you to show Mr. Price how we treat disobedient ponies around here! Mr. Price, I understand you are under instructions to film all of this?”

Now Alisha’s world descended further into the abyss as she fearfully watched Richard menacingly swish his crop through the air. With Matthew holding her in place by the rope, Richard slowly circled her, grinning wickedly. Even though intense pain was imminent, Alisha’s main focus of attention was on Martin, because to her growing consternation, he had slowly raised his camcorder and was pointing it in her direction!

He’s going to film me! That means he is a part of this!

She couldn’t accept that he would have abruptly turned against her, which meant that he was being in some way coerced, but that didn’t change the fact that not only was he about to witness her humiliating punishment but that he would have video footage of it to view whenever he wanted!

“Where’s it going to be?” Richard said from behind her as he patted her on the butt. “These big, wobbly ass cheeks? Or perhaps the soles of the feet? Maybe those deformed nipples, eh? What do you think little brother?”

“How about her cunt?” Matthew suggested.

“Yes! Great idea! That will give her something to remember! Open your legs, Black Beauty!”

Alisha was in such a stupor that she failed to immediately respond, which prompted Richard to tap her inner thighs with the crop. The contact made her jump, and then guided by the tongue of the crop, she moved her feet apart until they were spread a few feet apart. Then she felt the crop again, this time across her buttocks, a little harder, and with considerably more bite!

“Get those hips forward!” Richard barked. “I know you’ve got a big, hairy snatch, but I need to get a good shot at it!”

He was standing to the side of her now, and she could see Jacob’s leering face directly in front of her, and beside him, her beloved Martin, his own chiseled features hidden behind his camcorder. Unable to look left or right, Alisha heard and felt the first blow simultaneously, which was followed by a searing fire in her swollen labia.

She yelped through the leather bit and brought her knees together, prompting another stinging blow across her backside. “Keep your legs apart or you’ll only make things worse for yourself!” Richard shouted.

Oh dear God, that hurt! Alisha thought manically. For a split second she almost fled again, but through her anguish she understood that they would only bring her back again and her punishment would be become much worse.

A second electrifying blow landed on the leather strip running up her crotch, and again the pain was so intense that she snorted through her nostrils before letting out a gargling bellow. It was as much as she could do to hold her position as Richard proceeded to mete out stroke after stroke, the thin fiberglass crop smacking into her crotch again as its leather keeper flicked against her inflamed labia.

As the assault continued, Alisha’s miserable universe contracted to the area around her groin. The pain was intense, almost unbearable, and yet as Richard went relentlessly on and on, she began to experience another, more pleasant, but most unwelcome sensation down there. Through the red haze that had descended upon her, Alisha realized to her horror that her body was actually responding to this savage beating directly upon her most sensitive place. Now she understood what the expression ‘sweet pain’ really meant, and her reactions frightened her more than ever before.

Please don’t make me come in front of Martin! she silently begged her young, white master.




Chapter Twenty-Two

Watching the writhing young law intern in the outlandish pony-girl gear having her genitals brutally whipped, Martin felt as though he had stepped through a time warp and landed back in a nineteenth-century southern plantation! Except the almost-naked black slave girl was a young woman whom Martin had become accustomed to watching strut imperiously around the polished floors of a top law firm, dressed in smart business suits, her hair straightened into an elegant asymmetrical bob, and her beautiful face a picture of composure and inner-strength!

Now he filmed her toes curling in the grass – he had never even seen her bare feet before! – then moved the lens up over her mound, with her dark, moist labia thrusting through her thick thatch of pubic hair, up to her outrageously huge breasts, before settling on her contorted face. How in the world did the poor kid get herself into this hellish mess?

He momentarily lowered the camcorder, feeling ashamed of himself that he should even be collaborating with these evil white folk. He knew in his heart that he should be doing something to help her, but the sick little farmer’s recent comment still rang in his ears – if he failed to deliver, then his own career would be in jeopardy. So, somewhat sheepishly, he continued filming as the white youth kept on flicking the crop at her groin.

Then something happened that shocked him to the core. After about ten minutes of the excruciating torture, Alisha suddenly bucked at the hips and emitted a most beastlike cry. Her body shook and her head hung forward as twin streams of urine gushed out from either side of the leather gusset.

Dear Lord! Has she had an orgasm and wet herself at the same time?

Still filming, he watched in fascinated horror as Alisha’s micturition went on and on, splashing her feet and soaking into the grass, while the little bells attached to her obscenely stretched nipples tinkled in the country air, accompanied by Alisha’s choked sobs of despair.

One of the things that Martin had always found most fascinating about Alisha in the office was her air of mystery. She had always kept a slight, knowing smile on her face, and had never offered too much information about herself whenever they took lunch together. Even though he had never had the courage to ask her out on a date, he had been forced to admit to himself that he was quite hooked on this composed, seriously hot, and secretive young African-American girl.

But now, in the space of a few minutes, most of those enigmas had been savagely pried open! He already knew what she basically looked like unclothed, even though her bust, impressive though it had once been, was never even close to the size of the abnormally overgrown pair he was recording right now! And on top of that, he was quite sure he had just watched her come and piss herself in front of a lecherous male audience! All of the mystique had vanished in an instant, and with it – he had to say it – his respect for her. In fact, all he could feel right now was pity for the sad creature that was somehow deriving erotic pleasure from her lewd debasement – and yet, despite all of this, to his shock and chagrin, Martin felt his member getting harder!

How could I possibly be getting aroused by this depraved spectacle?

He lowered the camcorder as casually as possibly so that it covered his groin. If this cackling bunch of perverts spotted his semi-erection, he would never live it down!

“Did you enjoy that, Black beauty?” Jacob laughed. “You see what an animal she has become, Mr. Price?”

Martin would not even dignify that question with a reply, but he couldn’t deny that there was nothing of the old Alisha left that he could see. He wondered how long she had been here, and more significantly, how long she was to stay. She had asked him for a couple of weeks leave, citing a family matter, and although he had been a little surprised given her upcoming exams, he had agreed. Now he knew that she had lied to him, although he figured that she had done so under duress, which made him wonder where David Van Hook fitted into all this?

Thinking of the senior partner, he decided to use him as an excuse walk away from this disgusting performance for a moment. “I have to call my boss,” he said, still hiding his growing erection with the camcorder. “I’ll be right back.”




Coming back to her senses, Alisha watched Martin walk away and another wave of deep despair washed over her. He’s disgusted with me! Of course he is! I look like a freak! And he thinks I’m getting pleasure out of this! How will I ever be able to look him in the eyes again?

Such was her state of wretchedness, that when Richard tugged on her ponytail, she barely noticed. “What a mess your hair is! Don’t upwardly-mobile city women take pride in their hair these days?”

Now alert to his presence behind her again, it occurred to Alisha that she hadn’t even seen herself once in a mirror since her ordeal on the farm began. She could only guess how she must look in the bridle, leather harness and dildo-tail, but such had been her continual state of woe that this was the first time she had actually thought about her hair!

She hadn’t been give access to shampoo, her only cleansings coming in the form of the occasional icy hose-down. Now she wondered miserably how her hair must be looking after a week without the application of the array of flat irons, relaxers and sprays she kept at her apartment. As much as she despised him, Richard was correct – her lustrous hair had always been a source of great pride to her. But why was he talking about it now?

She received the dreadful answer to that question the very next moment when she felt him painfully jerking her head back, as the sound of metal scissors cut into the air.

No! Not my hair!

Alisha shook her head violently, but it was all in vain because there was a sudden release in tension as she felt her cherished locks coming away! Tears welled up in her eyes as she processed that another price of her identity had been literally ripped away from her.

In the next moment, Richard’s fist appeared in front of her face and it was grasping a thick bunch of dry, frizzy hair – now she knew all too well how her hair had deteriorated over the past week! They had tied it back with rubber bands quite severely, and judging from the amount he was holding, he had cut the entire pony-tail off! She watched, transfixed, as Richard waved her once-gorgeous tresses like a trophy and to her disgust and astonishment, the laughing farmhands actually applauded!

“I’m going to attach this to your dildo,” he said. “When you come to the paddock tomorrow, it will be your own hair sticking out of your ass!”

Alisha’s vision began to blur as his nasty words sunk in – they were actually going to use something stolen from her own body as an adornment for her! Richard handed her shorn locks to his younger brother and said, “Now my Black Beauty, we are going to put you over the jumps!”




“Van Hook.”

Back in his car with his hard-on subsiding, Martin said in a shaky voice, “I’ve uploaded the video, Mr. Van Hook. I really don’t understand any of this, but I’ve done as you asked.”

“Very good, Price. I didn’t ask you to understand, but I do expect you to follow orders, and above all, keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes, sir,” Martin said, feeling just as angry with himself as these sexual deviants he was apparently now working for.

“Ah,” Van Hook’s voice came through the speaker. “I see it. Good, good.”

On the passenger seat, Martin’s camcorder was linked up with his ThinkPad and he could see the replay of Alisha’s embarrassing crotch-thrashing that Van Hook was also currently viewing. He wanted to turn his face away, but when Alisha began to spasm, and the liquid cascade erupted from between her legs, he couldn’t help staring again, and the unbidden rush to his penis returned.

Finally, Van Hook said, “Yes, yes, excellent! They’re doing a wonderful job. I understand the young woman is very bright. One of your favorites too, I hear.”

“Yes, Alisha was – I mean, is – a very smart and ambitious young lady,” Martin said, feeling the heat rising in his cheeks.

“Well, I’m afraid she won’t have much of a future at the bar after this, but she doesn’t need to know that just yet. I want you to inform her trainer that she is to remain on the farm until further notice. As far as the girl is concerned, tell her that she will be extending her stay but that her job at the firm is quite safe, and she will remain on full pay. Understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Van Hook, but may I ask…?”

“All I can say is it would be in your best interest not to ask questions and simply do as you are told. If you cooperate without any trouble, then you will be well rewarded. On the other hand, if you start making waves, well there are people in very high places who will not be at all happy with you. Do I make myself clear?”

Martin let out a trembling breath. “Yes sir, quite clear.”

“Good. Now you can tell the farmer that from now on you will be my intermediary. You will pass on all communications regarding the girl’s future development and the farmer’s remuneration.”

Oh, hell! Martin thought. I’m going to have to come back here?

“Also,” Van Hook continued, “I would like you to put yourself at the farmer’s disposal whenever you visit.”

Martin blinked out of the windscreen. In the paddock he saw sunlight glinting off metal somewhere near Alisha’s head.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“He may require you to participate in some of Alisha’s training. I would appreciate it if you co-operate with him.”

Participate? I still can’t believe that I actually saw it!

“Um, how should I..?”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get a taste for it. In fact, when she finally comes back to work, your wonderful protégé will be a very different, and extremely compliant creature! You’ll probably be most happy with her! Good day.”




Chapter Twenty-Three

Because of her literally blinkered view of the world, Alisha hadn’t noticed all of the obstacles that were arranged around the edges of the paddock. As distraught as she was about the loss of her long tresses, she now focused on each of them in turn as she was slowly rotated by Matthew using the rope attached to her collar. There were three low jumps made of suspended wooden posts resting at about two feet in height. But in the middle of them was another jump at least a foot higher consisting of a wooden frame packed with straw, followed by a grassy incline that descended on the other side down into a small rectangle of water. The whole circuit was arranged in a circle around the inside of the paddock fences. Already worn out from her previous exertions – not to mention her recent agonizing orgasm – Alisha vaguely wondered if she was going to make it around without collapsing.

Matthew unhooked the rope and Richard patted her on the butt as he informed her, “If you get back round to me in less than three minutes, we’ll let you go back to the milking shed to rest. If you don’t, you’ll just keep on going on around until you are fast enough. Ready?”

Alisha could only look at him dumbly, but then she felt the sting of the crop on her rump.

“Go, you stupid mare!”

She hesitated, her brain in a state of miserable confusion, before receiving another sharp crack of the crop. “The clock is ticking, Black Beauty!”

This time she did move, with enough of her faculties intact to comprehend that the faster she ran, the fewer circuits she would have to complete. She cleared the first two low hurdles with ease, her feet pounding hard on the grass, while her throbbing bell-clamped nipples danced crazily in front of her eyes. But then came the straw jump, and as she approached it she knew that the only way she was going to get over was by propelling herself off the top. With a animal grunt, she drove herself off the ground, but when her bare sole landed on the sharp straw ends, she winced in pain and staggered back, just about managing to keep her feet. Now she had to run around in a circle to get a decent run up, and this time, bracing herself for the painful straw stubble, she found the strength to lever herself over to the other side.

The incline was another ten yards ahead, and although only a few feet high, she discovered that it was steep enough to force her to lean forward to in order to make it to the apex. What she hadn’t counted on was the muddy surface on the other side, and as soon as her foot touched the ground, she skidded over onto her back, feeling the cool mud under her rump while her weight shoved her dildo-tail further up her rectum. She shrieked in pain as she slithered down to the water, and then she was in it, cold and murky, up to her waist. Now she had to wade, her long nipples dragging under the surface, the slippery, slimy bottom squelching between her toes. With much effort, she made it to the other side, lifting her aching legs out of the water, and then she set off to tackle the last low jump.

By now she was puffing hard and her throat was burning, and the last of the low jumps had suddenly become much more daunting than the first two. Somehow she willed herself over it, and then half-ran, half-staggered back to the staring point where Richard was waiting with his stopwatch.

“Three minutes, forty-three seconds,” he announced to the men behind the fence. “Not good enough, I’m afraid. You’ll have to go again, Black Beauty!”

Right away? Alisha would have wept openly were it not for the bit between her teeth.

“I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath, and then you can try it again. My pa won’t allow lazy show ponies on his farm!”




Returning to the gathering of lunatics, Martin related the details of his unsettling phone call back to Jacob, and then turned his attention to what was occurring inside the paddock. Alisha was panting heavily, saliva dripping from her chin onto her monstrous heaving tits, while Jacob’s sons patted her wet buttocks and pulled on her nipple bells.

Because she had her back to him, Martin could now see what the glinting metal had been all about – her pony-tail was gone, and in its place was a little stub of hair held together by rubber bands! He sighed as he reluctantly raised his camcorder again. At least her new, roughly hewn haircut and enlarged breasts didn’t yet matter as far as work was concerned – the poor young woman was destined to be spending a lot more time on this ‘farm-from-hell’!

Through his viewfinder, Martin observed Richard whipping his riding crop across Alisha’s bare ass, and the clearly tired girl set off towards the first jump. He watched her tail bounce gaily behind her as she rose over the jump and then cleared the next one ten yards further away. As he recorded her prancing away to the far side of the paddock, Martin still couldn’t comprehend that this was actually happening to his favorite intern – it was all so surreal!

This time he took in every detail – her headgear with the demeaning horse ears, colorful plume, blinkers and mouth bit; the tail protruding from between her buttocks; the jangling little bells attached to her deformed nipples; and of course her breasts, more like udders, so utterly out of place on her athletic frame.

Alisha hurled herself up onto a straw jump, tumbling forward but her momentum keeping her going up a small hillock, and then she skidded on her ass down the other side into a pool of water. For a second, she disappeared from view, only her plume visible above the surface. But then she bobbed up, coughing and spluttering through her bit, and pressed on through the water. With her arms bound tightly behind her back, her tinkling nipples led the way as she struggled up and out of the water and then propelled herself forward again towards the final jump. Now visibly exhausted, she clipped the wooden pole with her toes and she let out a muffled shriek of anguish, but she still managed to maintain her balance as she returned to her starting point.

That’s my girl, Martin thought with a heavy heart. Always a fighter!

“Oh dear,” Richard said, looking at his stopwatch. “Four minutes and four seconds. You’re getting worse, Black Beauty! I’ll give you a few moments to catch your breath and then you can try again.”

While she gathered herself, her stomach sucking in and out, her nude body wet and glistening, Alisha and Martin inadvertently made eye contact. For a brief moment, he read everything there was to see in those lovely almond-shaped eyes – shame, humiliation and despair certainly, but also, fury, resistance, and yes, even now, hope.

She looked coyly away from him and, embarrassed for her, Martin glanced at the watching farmhands. He had been so preoccupied the first time round that he hadn’t even noticed that one of them was black! And yet looking at him, he realized the older guy seemed to be deriving as much pleasure from Alisha’s suffering as the rest of the white men. It seemed that this wasn’t specifically about race then, but he was sure that from what he had been told by Van Hook, that there was a large, powerful, and sinister mechanism at work here, and Alisha was likely just one of many other girls in the same awful situation!

What’s in store for her? he wondered as she set off on a third soul-destroying round of jumps. Would they ever let her return to her old position at Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon? Or was she destined to become the plaything of rich and omnipotent members of society for the rest of her life? Van Hook had indicated that she would indeed one day return to the firm, but in what capacity? And how badly would Martin’s relationship with her be affected?

Watching her leap yet again over a jump, like the good little pony she had become, Martin doubted if he could ever secretly love her in the way he had before, knowing that he most certainly wouldn’t ever be able to erase this day from his memory! And yet he was ashamed to admit to himself that his melancholy mood was tinged with another uncalled for stirring in his loins. It was an immoral feeling, so wrong, and yet so disturbingly exciting. What would he do if Jacob called upon him to perform some degrading punishment on the wretched girl? Could he bring himself to do it? Would he actually enjoy it? As he pondered these emotionally painful, yet tantalizing questions, he felt his erection once more start to grow inside his pants.

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