Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part One

Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part One

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Life begins at the bottom of the food chain!


Life begins at the bottom of the food chain!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part One

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2017




Chapter One


“There has been a change of plan regarding your future,” Darius Nash announced.

Alisha stood before him, as naked as the day she was born, with her legs apart and her hands clasped behind her neck. Nash had instructed her to strip and assume the humiliating pose because he said he wanted to check on the progress of her underarm hair. Two weeks earlier, the perverted old fuck had instructed Alisha to stop shaving her armpits so that they would match the considerable bush flourishing between her thighs. To her consternation, the thick hair sprouting from her previously smooth armpits had grown at an astonishing rate, which to Nash’s obvious amusement made her look more like the savage that he was trying to turn her into.

“Annabel is going to be very busy now, so your lesbian relationship shall cease forthwith.”

Our relationship? Alisha seethed. Having to lick Annabel’s vagina made Alisha feel physically ill! Obviously they had been forced into having sex together by Nash, and yet here was the horrible little man insinuating that they were actually willing lovers!

“As for you,” he went on, “Your reconstruction is going to take place elsewhere.”

Alisha swallowed. Reconstruction? What does that mean?

“You remember my friend, Tom Craddock?” Nash asked. “Yes, of course you do – you sucked his cock last weekend.”

Alisha inwardly winced at being reminded of the revolting and demeaning act as Nash continued, “Well, his cousin Jacob has a small farmstead upstate, and I have decided that you are going to be placed under his guardianship for a couple of weeks. If you are entitled to any vacation time, take it. If not, well you’ll have to feign sickness or maybe invent a family emergency. I’m sure you’ll think of something, you’re a very resourceful girl.”

Alisha struggled to assimilate this sudden change of events. She was still in a permanent state of shock over her newly acquired slave-like status, but now she was being informed that she was going to be handed over to yet another twisted master!

“I’m going to work on a farm?”

Nash grinned wickedly. “Eventually, yes. But the first few days will be spent – how can I put it? – ‘altering’ you.”

Altering? Another sinister and bewildering word.

“I don’t understand,” Alisha said, truthfully. Having this conversation with this overweight, middle-aged white man was difficult enough without being forced to stand naked before him.

“I like to think of it as an experiment,” Nash explained. “You are a fascinating young lady, Alisha. I admire your strength, both physical and mental, not to mention your exceptional beauty. You are ambitious and have fought your way up out of the gutter, and you are determined to get to the top. But as you have already discovered, I and my friends take a great deal of pleasure in breaking high and mighty young ladies like yourself, and as you will also learn, Tom’s cousin is extremely accomplished at this.”

“But why?” Alisha said, hating herself for even thinking of bargaining with this despicable beast. “Can’t I spend my weekends here serving you, as we agreed?”

My God, she thought woefully. Am I really saying this?

“’Why’?” Nash pondered her question. “Well that’s the whole point of the game isn’t it? We want to see how you fight us, observe your suffering, find out what you’re really made of. Who knows? If you come through as an even stronger woman, you might even be grateful for this test of character.”

He’s mad! Totally unhinged! And there’s nothing I can do!

“What will happen to me?” Alisha’s words sounded lifeless to her. The well of despair into which she had fallen had suddenly become bottomless.

“Basically,” Nash said, “Jacob is going to revert you back to a ‘less-than-human’ status, to the point where you will barely be able to recognize yourself. After which, he will gradually rebuild you in the new mold that we have decided for you.”

Less than human! Alisha’s head began to swim as the significance of his words sank in.

“But my work?” she mumbled. “My career?”

“That will all be waiting for you after your stay at the farm. After a couple of weeks there, our agreement will revert back to weekends only, as before. However, it will be interesting to see whether the changes Jacob makes will overspill into your professional and personal life. A challenging examination of your willpower, don’t you think?”

I can’t do this! Alisha thought in a panic. She had already been subjected to some of the most degrading humiliations imaginable. Now it appeared that her ordeal was going to become substantially worse.

She became aware that she was shaking her head, because Nash said, “You have the right to refuse of course, but you know the consequences if you do. You have to decide. Are you prepared to make this sacrifice for the sake of your career?”

Alisha could have screamed at the injustice of it all! She wanted to tell him that she had already made countless sacrifices in her life! She had studied hard, saved her money, all to escape from the miserable trap of life in the projects. But this sick bastard was now going to make it all immeasurably tougher for her!

“It’s just for a fortnight,” Nash reminded her. “Nobody from your law firm will ever know anything about it – unless you are unable to hide it from them, that is.”

Standing naked before her abuser, a tear of anguish rolled down her cheek. She had come this far, so she knew she was going to have to accept whatever fate was planned for her.

“So,” Nash said, crossing his legs and leaning back in his armchair. “What’s it going to be?”




Alisha heard Barclay shut off the engine, and then felt Nash’s fingers fumbling with her blindfold. When he had removed it, she squinted in the light and tried to focus.

After she had unwillingly agreed to Nash’s twisted proposal, he had instructed her to call her boss at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon. Despite being a little bewildered, he had reluctantly granted her two weeks leave because of Alisha’s impeccable record at the company thus far. Even so, it was a blot on her copybook that she could have done without. The main thing however, was that she would still have a job to return to after this latest ordeal was over. A couple more calls to friends and neighbors meant that her apartment would be looked after, and her two week absence wouldn’t be questioned. The irony was not lost on Alisha that she was being forced to become an accomplice in her own ‘abduction’!

Satisfied, Nash had also made a phone call, and an hour later Alastair Barclay, Annabel’s former butler at Pemberton hall, had turned up in his Honda CV-R. To her consternation, Nash had informed Alisha that they would be leaving immediately and that she would not be needing any spare clothes or personal effects during her stay at Jacob’s farm. Everything she needed, he had explained, would be provided for her. She tried not to let her imagination run wild as to what that might actually be!

Once they had left the city limits and turned onto the interstate, Nash had blindfolded her, presumably so that if at some later date Alisha had a change of heart and decided to go to the police, she would have no idea where the farm was located. Deprived of her watch and cell-phone, she had sat silently beside Nash in the back seat for, she estimated, at least two hours. Then she had listened as the car had turned off the interstate and had begun weaving through some quieter roads. A window had been cracked open, bringing in the unfamiliar tangy smells of the countryside. Now they were here, and as Alisha’s eyes adjusted, she saw that they were parked in the forecourt of a white stucco farmhouse.

“Come on,” Nash said, opening the door. “It’s time to meet your new master.”

They got out of the vehicle, and Alisha stretched her legs and looked around. The farm appeared to consist of a meadow, a ploughed field, a paddock, a couple of outhouses, and a large pond, all of which was surrounded by dense woodlands. There was absolutely no way of telling where in the world they were!

So this is to be my home for the next two weeks, she thought miserably.

The farmhouse door swung open and a stocky man dressed in a straw hat, checked shirt, dungarees, and rubber boots, strode towards them brandishing a bamboo cane. He was followed by that horrible little pig Tom Craddock – with whom Alisha had already had the misfortune of becoming so sexually intimate – and two ruddy faced young men of about Alisha’s own age.

Tom introduced Jacob and his two sons, Matthew and Richard, and they briefly exchanged pleasantries with Nash and Barclay without so much as acknowledging Alisha’s presence. Even though her stomach was knotted in dread, Alisha was accustomed to being looked at, and she experienced an irrational stab of unworthiness. She thought back to what Nash had said about reducing her to something ‘less than human’ and with an internal shudder, wondered if this was how it was going to be from now on – ignored and utterly irrelevant to their white, male world!

Finally they turned to look at her, and when Jacob spoke, Alisha suddenly wished that she was still being disregarded.

“So this is the new livestock,” he said, appraising her scornfully. “Not quite what I was hoping for.”

A geyser of rage erupted inside Alisha. “What did you just call me?”

There was a moment of stunned silence amongst the men, before Jacob addressed Nash. “I thought you’d been preparing her. Still plenty of resistance, I see.”

“That’s why I’ve brought her,” Nash said. “Nobody does this better than you.”

“And I think I’d better get to work as soon as possible,” Jacob said, and unexpectedly lashed out with the cane, landing a stinging blow across Alisha’s thighs. Never in her twenty years had Alisha felt such intense pain! She cried out and doubled over as Jacob said, “You don’t speak unless I tell you to, you arrogant bitch!”

Alisha was so stunned at the speed and violence of the attack that she just looked at him open-mouthed. There was a venomous look in his eyes that chilled her to the bone. Whereas she found Nash vile and repugnant, this man was altogether terrifying!

Rubbing her thighs, she took a step backwards, and Nash said, “Remember your predicament, Alisha. The same rules apply up here. If you fail to cooperate, your career in the city is over.”

Alisha was about to reply, but then her shoulders slumped in defeat. Somehow she was going to have to find a way of enduring the abuse of this horrible man. Whatever monstrosities they had planned for her, she would have to hold on to the thought of her future, and how hard she had already worked just to get her foot on the ladder. She just prayed that she would have the strength of character to do it.




Chapter Two

“Are you going to behave?” Nash asked.

Alisha nodded and took a deep breath, her ample bust rising under her sweater.

“No more talking back? You’ll obey Jacob’s commands without hesitation or question?”

Again she nodded her head, chin raised slightly in defiance, her dark, almond-shaped eyes blazing with hatred.

“Look at that face!” Richard chuckled. “She’s a fighter, isn’t she?”

“I’ll soon beat that out of her,” Jacob muttered, swishing his cane through the air and making Alisha flinch. “Yeah, you didn’t like that at all, did you? Wait till you get it across your bare ass!”

Alisha looked at him, alarmed, and Jacob said, “Oh, yes, you heard right. Barnyard animals don’t wear clothes, and until you prove yourself worthy of being human, neither will you. Now strip naked!”

With a look of alarm, Alisha opened her mouth to protest, but Nash waggled his finger at her. “Uh-uh. Think carefully, Alisha.”

For a moment the wretched girl seemed to go though a mental tug of war as she debated whether to cross this terrifying threshold. Alastair could clearly understand why. Even though he, Nash and Tom were already privy to Alisha’s lovely body, having to expose herself to three more leering rubes in the open country air would be an altogether new experience. He couldn’t imagine what she must be thinking right now.

“Last chance, Alisha,” Nash admonished.

Alisha gave him one last imploring look, before taking the hem of her sweater between her fingers and slowly raising it up over her flat, brown belly. As her cream-colored brassiere came into view, Alastair’s penis grew in his underpants. He had seen her naked before of course, when she had been forced to perform that demeaning faux-tribal dance and then put on a lesbian show with Annabel at Nash’s place, but watching this agonizingly slow alfresco striptease was proving to be a far bigger turn on.

As she pulled the sweater over her head, she shook her hair free, making her enormous breasts wobble splendidly. After a brief hesitation she reached for the button on her jeans, but Jacob said, “Bra next.”

Alisha’s hands hovered in front of her as she again contemplated her situation. She had to know that if she wanted to keep her future intact, then getting naked in front of these white farmers was inevitable – and yet to do so must have grated against everything that this principled and dignified young city girl had ever stood for. Alastair wondered if she realized that her moral turmoil only served to heighten their pleasure!

Finally Alisha took a deep breath, reached around behind her, and unhooked her bra. Jacob’s two boys actually leaned forward as she pulled the straps down her arms and then took away the two large cups. Still unable to bring herself to expose her bare breasts to them, she held the garment up against her, one arm folded across her chest.

“For God’s sake!” Jacob hissed. “Perhaps you misjudged this one, Darius. It looks like she’s going to be too much like hard work.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Nash sighed. “I would have thought that after all she’s been through, this would have been easier for her. Okay Alisha, I’ve had enough of…”

“No, wait!” Alisha had the look of a trapped animal, her eyes wide, and her nostrils flaring. Then, looking skywards, she abruptly let go of the cups and allowed the undergarment to fall to her feet. Balling her fists and pursing her lips, Alisha managed to keep her arms by her sides, allowing them all a leisurely view of her wonderfully full, dark breasts, their chunky black nipples already growing hard in the cool breeze.

“Wow! Those are fucking beautiful!” said Matthew, and Alastair caught himself nodding in agreement.




“Look at me,” Jacob said.

The last thing Alisha wanted was to face them now that she was topless, but the chilling tone of Jacob’s voice suggested that it would be foolish to disobey him. Summoning all of her resolve, she lowered her chin and made eye contact with her new oppressor. Unlike his sons, Jacob wasn’t staring at her naked breasts, and to her consternation, Alisha recognized the triumphant look in his eyes as that of a confirmed misogynist!

Unable to stand the sight of the curling sneer on his lips, she turned her eyes towards Matthew, who was ogling her exposed boobs with such lustful intensity that she had to fight the urge to cover herself again.

“Shoes and socks, then your jeans,” Jacob said, with the quiet authority of a man confident that he had just conquered his prey.

Alisha turned her now-glistening eyes back to him and, noting the threatening way he was caressing his cane, crouched down and slipped out of her flats. She instinctively held one arm across her dangling breasts to stop them from swaying as she tugged off her socks, and then she straightened up and popped the buttons on her jeans. She could feel her heart pounding as she awkwardly pulled the denim down over her thighs and calves before leaving them with the gradually growing pile of clothing at her feet.

Now she was only wearing a pair of plain white boxers – after her previous experiences at Nash’s house, she had been loathe to wear anything that he might deem as sexually provocative, although deep down she knew it made no difference to these nasty men what she was wearing, because it was all going to go. Even so, she made a last-ditch attempt to stand her ground – if Jacob wanted her to take them off, he would have to say so.

He did. “What are you waiting for? Get those ugly knickers off!”

Despite having tried to prepare herself mentally for this, Alisha found herself in an emotional turmoil as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her boxers. Was she was really doing this? Stripping naked beside a country meadow in front of a group of lecherous white men?

As she reluctantly worked her underwear down her legs, the face of her boss and mentor at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon unexpectedly popped into her mind. He had once complimented Alisha upon her dignity and poise in the office – God forbid what he would think if he could see her now!

Her cheeks burning, Alisha stepped out of her underwear and, reflexively placing her hands over her crotch, waited nervously for the next stage of her ordeal.




Watching this stunning African-American girl cowering nude in front of these rustic white folk, Darius felt as though he had been whisked back in time a hundred and fifty years! Alisha was now effectively a farm slave, and modern society with its rules and moral standards had absolutely no relevance on this private and isolated piece of land!

For his part, Jacob was the ideal nemesis for Alisha, a cold-hearted woman-hater and bigot who represented everything that she would abhor in a man. It would be fascinating to observe how this unequal relationship was going to evolve.

“Hands behind your head,” Jacob said.

For a moment it looked as though Alisha was physically incapable of complying, because when she attempted to move her hands away she immediately panicked and put them back in front of her pubes. Darius opened his mouth to warn her again, but seeing him, Alisha quickly stammered, “Okay, I…just … give me a second.”

Despite his stern expression, Darius was actually finding Alisha’s agitation most titillating. Her reluctance to expose herself was only adding to his excitement! There was still a chance that she would grab her clothes and make a run for it, but Darius was confident that wasn’t going to happen after everything she had already endured.

Sure enough, after taking another deep breath, Alisha willed her arms slowly upward and then clasped her hands together at the back of her head. The only sounds were the wind in the trees and the clucking of the hens in the yard as the group of men ogled Alisha’s nude form.

Finally Matthew giggled, “Holy crap! Look at those hairy armpits!”

“She’s a fucking native!” Richard exclaimed.

Even though he had seen her naked before, Darius had to agree that Alisha presented an erotically primitive picture. He savored every detail of her well-toned body, her muscular thighs, the clearly defined abs on her drum-tight stomach, her exceptionally large but very firm breasts, her deliciously round ass, and under a lush covering of curly black pubic hair, her prominent vulva.

But for Darius, the best part was the anguished expression in her lovely dark eyes. The shame she was feeling right now had to be almost unbearable, and yet here she stood, displaying her nakedness to these white strangers.

How desperately she must want to protect her career!

Jacob stepped forward to examine her more closely, and although Alisha wobbled slightly on her bare feet, she managed to stand her ground. The farmer circled her slowly, tapping his cane lightly against her legs and buttocks before coming to a halt in front of her. Significantly, Alisha averted her eyes.

“She looks strong enough,” Jacob said. “I’ll give her that much.”

“We could put her to work in the fields, Pa,” Richard suggested.

“Not yet,” Jacob replied. “This one will start at the bottom of the food chain. She’ll move up when she proves she deserves it.”

Even as warped as he own mind was, Darius couldn’t imagine what the bottom might be – but he quickly found out when Jacob said, “She can spend an hour or so in the compost – see how she likes that.”



Chapter Three

They walked to the far side of the meadow, Alisha leading the way with her hands stills clasped behind her head so that they could all admire the seductive roll of her generous buttocks. Alastair took up the rear, once again unable to believe his good fortune. After spending the best part of his life as a frustrated bachelor, he was now an active participant in the sexual humiliation of not one, but two stunningly beautiful young women! And thanks to Nash and his perverted circle of acquaintances, he was witnessing depravities that he could never have imagined in even his most disgusting sexual fantasies! Were they really going to make this self-respecting young law intern sit naked in a stinking compost heap?

As they neared the tree line, the heady stench of decay drifted towards them, and immediately, Alastair and Nash produced handkerchiefs which they pressed to their noses. Alisha too, forgetting her instructions, automatically put her fingertips against her nostrils.

“Hands behind your head!” Jacob barked, tapping her on the ass with his cane. Turning towards Alastair, he added, “You get used to the smell after a while – I’m sure our slave will eventually!”

Peering into the enclosure, Alastair now understood why it had been situated so far away from the farmhouse. Surrounded by dilapidated, moss-covered wooden fencing, the compost heap consisted largely of dead grass and weeds, rotting vegetables, and food waste. Even through his scented handkerchief, he found the stink overpowering.

“Okay, girl,” Jacob said. “Climb in.”

Alisha tuned to face him with wide eyes. “You’re joking! I’m not getting in there!”

“Oh, yes you are,” Jacob snarled menacingly.

“But…” Alisha started desperately, but she was cut short as Jacob whipped his cane across her right ass cheek.

“Yah!” Alisha screamed, bringing up her leg defensively.

“Get in there right now, or I’m going back to my farmhouse and we’re done,” Jacob said.

Alisha let out a hopeless sob and shook her head. “Please don’t make me do this…”

“Ok, that’s it! Sorry Darius, I’ve got better things to do with my time than argue with this snooty cow!” Jacob said, abruptly turning on his heel.

“What a shame,” Nash said to Alisha through his handkerchief. “And you’d come so far, too.”

Alisha let out an exasperated moan and took a huge lungful of air before, cheeks bulging and lips sealed, she put her hands on the rickety fencing and then climbed over the top.

Alastair watched entranced as the naked black girl dropped down into the revolting heap of refuse, her bare legs sinking in up to her knees. She did her best to hold her breath, but the smell was so overpowering that it was only a few seconds before she involuntarily dry-heaved and then breathed in a lungful of fetid air.

It was yet another sight to behold for Alastair as he recalled the many times he had served Alisha drinks beside the pool at Pemberton Hall. Now she was standing stark naked in a compost heap, trying not to throw up in front of her captivated audience – and this was just the beginning!




The assault on Alisha’s senses was overwhelming. Her nostrils were filled with the foul stench of rotting vegetation, manure, and God knew whatever else was down there, and she could feel something slimy squelching between her bare toes!

Oh, God! This is so gross! she thought, mortified, and then involuntarily retched again.

Through watery eyes, she could see her spectators grinning at her and she realized that she must be presenting a crude but also amusing picture standing up to her knees in this filth without a stitch on! The fact that she had allowed herself to be put in this vile situation was still beyond her comprehension, but now that she was here, she willed herself to endure it for as long as possible – she just hoped that it wouldn’t be for too long!

But that wish was ruthlessly crushed a moment later when Jacob said to her, “Now this is a working farm and you’re going to have to earn your keep. We need to aerate the compost, something the earthworms down there normally do, so while you are in there you can help them by stirring it all up.”

Alisha’s jaw dropped. What did he mean? Did he want her to put her hands into that moldering heap of shit? Unfortunately for Alisha, she couldn’t have been more horribly wrong.

“Down on your hands and knees,” Jacob said casually, prompting a high-pitched snigger from Nash who, adding to Alisha’s dismay, had now produced his trusty Canon Sure Shot camera.

Alisha remained motionless, suddenly feeling unsteady on her feet. This simply could not be happening! And yet, as much as she tried to convince herself that this was all just a horrible nightmare, there was no denying the sensation of the cool air on her exposed skin, the background chorus of birdsong, and the very real presence of these insane men gawping hungrily at her naked form.

“I said, get down now!” Jacob shouted, whipping the cane down onto the fence. The sharp crack snapped Alisha back to attention, and with a pitiful whimper she slowly bent her knees and then stretched out her trembling arms before plunging them into the decaying pile. Down at this level the stench was even more offensive and Alisha turned her face away and heaved again.

“Get going!” Jacob said. “I want you to keep crawling around until I tell you to stop.”

Wrinkling her nose in disgust, with her nipples dragging across the canopy of rotted cabbage leaves and old potato skins, Alisha began to crawl like an animal for them. Aware of their beady eyes on her exposed backside, she moved cautiously, afraid of what she might be putting her hands and knees into. Without the protection of any clothing, she really did feel like a lowly beast, and she shuddered to think of what she must look like. Thank God Nash hadn’t invited the rest of her friends up here to witness her ultimate downfall!

As she made her way gingerly through the stinking compost, Alisha recalled Nash’s words back at his house – they were going to reduce her to something ‘less than human’. Well, surely there wasn’t anything worse than this, was there? Crawling around in putrefying filth, stark naked like a hungry pig, had to be the absolute rock bottom! Somewhere in the back of her tortured mind, she reminded herself that if she could somehow manage to stomach this heartless and degrading treatment, everything else they had to offer surely had to pale into insignificance!

But once again, Alisha had underestimated just how depraved these people were. As she pushed through the foul refuse trying to inhale as lightly as possible, she heard Jacob say, “Here’s something you city slickers probably wouldn’t know – a healthy person’s urine can be used as a fertilizer in compost.”

She was in such a state of emotional turmoil, that Alisha listened to the ensuing exchange without fully processing its awful implications.

“Urine?” Nash said.

“That’s correct,” Jacob said. “It destroys pathogens and actually keeps the compost sanitary, unlike feces which attracts flies and other parasites.”

“Let me get this straight,” Nash said. “You piss into the compost?”

“Absolutely,” Jacob said. “Boys, would you like to give our guests a demonstration?”




Darius had no idea what a ‘pathogen’ was, but his dirty imagination told him exactly where this was heading. And as Richard and Matthew eagerly unzipped themselves, it looked as though the penny had dropped for Alisha too! The terrified girl, still half submerged in the decaying waste, stopped in her tracks and looked up in disbelief as the two young men stepped up to the wobbly fence and aimed their limp, white cocks in her direction.

Anticipating her impending flight, Jacob waved the bamboo cane menacingly, which prompted Darius to add a piece of verbal reinforcement. “Think about your future, young lady.”

Even as her wide eyes were fixed on the two penises, she must have registered the warning, because she remained in place and emitted a despairing wail.

Excellent! Darius thought to himself. She has descended into a living hell but she is still conscious of the reason why she is here. Just what I was hoping for!

Matthew broke water first, a yellowish trickle which quickly picked up momentum and turned into a looping arc that splashed onto Alisha’s back. The stricken girl flinched and yelled as if she had been electrically shocked, shuffling her body around to protect her face, but in doing so, she unthinkingly presented Mathew with a another beautiful target in the shape of her lovely big black ass!

Now Richard was also pissing freely in the open air, and he side-stepped away from his brother so that he could cover the front part of Alisha’s body. His watery discharge landed just in front of Alisha, bouncing off the compost and splattering her screwed-up features. By leaning backwards, he increased the trajectory of his urinary attack and succeeded in hitting her dangling breasts. The contact caused Alisha to jump backwards, only for Matthew’s micturition to hit her on the back of her head, soaking her long hair.

All the while, Darius was filming through his Sure Shot, and as the beautiful black girl became steadily drenched in piss, he felt his hard-on intensifying. As poor Annabel had learned to her cost, he wasn’t above a little watersports play himself – he found something deeply stimulating about forcing a hygienic, morally upstanding woman into playing in her own – or even better, a complete stranger’s – bodily waste!

As the two brothers’ watery assault gradually diminished in strength, Darius lowered his camera and gazed enraptured at the sobbing, gasping wreck that Alisha had so quickly been transformed into.




Chapter Four

The sun had dipped behind the tree line and the fall air cooled Alisha’s nude body while she continued to burrow through the stinking compost. Her cruel audience had retired to the house a while ago, but Jacob had issued a warning that she should continue to crawl around in there until she was given permission to get out.

Dazed and confused, she had numbly obeyed, feeling the boys’ urine gradually drying on her skin as the shadows had lengthened. Although the stench still burned in her nostrils, she realized that she must have started to become accustomed to it because her dry-hacking episodes had become less frequent. This knowledge did little to comfort her because the tiny portion of her brain that was still functioning rationally had resolved to do everything in her power to preserve her true personality. This animal that they were forcing her to become would exist only on the farm, and she was determined to shut these hideous experiences out of her mind once it was all over. Coming to accept her treatment, however slightly, was therefore unacceptable to her.

As she pushed through the muck, her mind kept drifting back to her cozy little apartment in the city where she should now be poring over legal texts in preparation for her upcoming exams. When her two weeks were up she would be behind on her studies for the first time. God forbid she should fail! Her employers had come to expect nothing but the best from her. She visualized herself having to explain herself to her disappointed boss at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon. Well, it’s like this Martin. Instead of preparing for the exams, I spent the final few weeks crawling around naked in a compost heap – watched by a group of perverted white men, of course!

A voice brought her back to the present. “So how’s our human worm doing, then? Ready to move up the food chain?”

Lost in her tormented thoughts, Alisha was startled to see Richard and Matthew approaching the enclosure. She stopped crawling and blinked up at them. When they reached the fence, Richard said, “Come on stinky, out you come!”

Stinky? The insulting nickname echoed in her head as she rose unsteadily to her feet. This was so unfair! These two smirking young men were the ones who had pissed on her naked body! Alisha was a very clean girl, almost obsessively so, but now she was reeking of garbage and dried urine so there was no denying the truth in the horrible bastard’s description of her.

A new bubble of fury welled up inside her but she managed to just about keep her counsel. Then, after disgustedly plucking a piece of eggshell off her thigh, Alisha raised her leg to climb over the fence, leaving one hand between her buttocks to protect any remaining dignity she may have left. Her foot, covered in brown muck, slipped on the moss and she momentarily lost balance. Aware of their eyes on her wobbling breasts, she awkwardly completed the maneuver as modestly as possible.

Standing before them, she wrapped her arms over her breasts but quickly removed them when she felt the ooze squirming beneath her fingers. Oh, what she would have given for a hot, soapy shower right then!

It was only after this degrading performance that she noticed that Richard was dangling a silver bell in his hand. She gazed at it, perplexed, trying to fathom its meaning. It was crudely constructed, made of badly shaped tin, large and clunky, but even more concerning was the leather strap threaded through the metal loop at it’s top. Intellectually, Alisha comprehended what this disgusting device was intended for, but she was in such a distraught state of mind that she was unable to connect it with her current state of reality.

“Hands behind your head,” Richard commanded, raising the bell while wrinkling his nose in distaste at her foul odor.

“I…” Alisha began, a kaleidoscope of thought and emotions whirling through her mind.

Richard grinned at her. “Do we really want to get caned again?”

Alisha had arrived at the ultimate crossroad. She had spent the last couple of hours crawling around naked in decomposing, stinking refuse, but now she was expected to accept having a cowbell tied around her neck! Could she actually do this? She had thought that the compost heap would have been the worst that they could do, but apart from the earthworms and the cockroaches, she had at least been permitted to endure that awful indignity alone – the specter of having to interact with actual farm animals had been hovering in the back of her mind from the moment of her arrival, but now what were they planning for her?

Again she thought of her precious career, the humiliations she had already suffered, and that awful man Jacob, with his vicious cane. Trembling, her woeful eyes moist with shame, Alisha slowly placed her hands behind her head. Holding his breath, Richard secured the leather collar around her neck and then stepped back. Alisha could feel the bell, cold between her breasts, but it was the symbolism that hurt the most.

“Come on, my little heifer,” Richard sniggered. “Everybody is waiting for you in the milking shed.”

He waved his arm, keeping his distance, and in the fading light, Alisha reluctantly walked ahead of them, acutely aware of her nakedness again now that she was upright, listening to the tuneless clinking of the cowbell, conscious too of the unsightly tufts of hair sprouting from her armpits, and filled with a brand new dread as they neared the milking shed.




After a pleasant hour relaxing in front of the fireplace in Jacob’s living room, Alastair Barclay was once again itching to get back outside and see how Alisha was getting on. While they had been enjoying their host’s twelve-year-old scotch, the poor girl had been left to crawl around naked in the smelly compost all by herself.

She hadn’t even been given the opportunity to disobey in their absence because before departing, Jacob had informed her that he would be observing her from the farmhouse with a powerful pair of binoculars – and he hadn’t been bluffing! Periodically, he had left his armchair to ensure that their captive slave was still on all fours moving around through the rotting refuse.

To Alastair’s amazement, she had been doing just that for the entire time! Jacob had even lent him the glasses to have a look, and the girl’s face was understandably a mask of misery. And yet, such was Jacob’s increasingly tightening grip on her psyche, she had forced herself to stick with it, milling around and around in a demeaning and pointless exercise designed only to fill her with shame, and more importantly, break her spirit.

Now Jacob was holding up a pale blue torpedo-shaped object that he had just removed from a large cardboard box. “This, gentlemen, contains a rather interesting chemical compound created by Darius’ good friend, Doctor Schafer.”

Alastair had heard Darius mention this man before. Apparently he was a deranged and banned doctor who nowadays earned his living giving humiliating and painful medical exams to female prisoners of his like-minded friends. Indeed Miss Annabel who had for many years bossed Alastair around at Pemberton Hall had already undergone one such ordeal – sadly, Alastair had not been present for that one.

“What is it?” Asked Tom Craddock, eagerly.

“A pharmacological cocktail containing various psychoactive drugs, including barbiturates and amphetamines, as well as a large and enhanced dosage of prolactin.”

Alastair looked as confused as Tom Craddock, so Nash explained for them. “The modified prolactin will rapidly stimulate Alisha’s milk production whilst dramatically increasing her breast size, while the uppers and downers will put her into an emotional fog, so that her mental faculties will become severely compromised. Furthermore, the whole concoction is highly addictive, which will give Jacob even more leverage during her training period.”

While Alastair was still digesting the heady implications of all this, Craddock said, “How is she supposed to swallow that thing?”

He had a good point. The capsule was at least four inches long and an inch in diameter. Jacob grinned wickedly. “She’s not. It’s an anal suppository.”

Craddock let out a choked laugh of surprise. “She’s going to have to stick it up her asshole?”

“Well, as you are about to discover, she won’t be able to do it herself,” Jacob said. “Somebody else is going to have to insert it into her.”

Before Craddock could volunteer, the heavy oak front door swung open and Matthew stepped inside. “She’s in the shed, Pa.”

“Excellent,” said Jacob, standing, and handing Alastair the box. “Would you mind carrying this?”

Alastair nodded dumbly and when he looked inside, he drew a breath of delighted surprise – there were at least another fifty suppositories inside there!

“Is she going to have to take all of these?” he asked.

“Yep. One a day, until she’s completely and irreversibly hooked,” said Jacob. “Shall we?”




Chapter Five

Although Jacob had previously outlined his plans for Alisha, Darius had been content with not knowing the details. Even though he planned to enjoy many future hours tormenting both Alisha and Annabel himself, he found it equally thrilling being a spectator, especially when he had no idea what was coming up next.

As they entered the milking shed, Darius had to stifle a giggle of amusement. Six stalls already occupied by dairy cattle lined the right hand wall, as one would have expected, but at the far end of the building, another separate stall had been constructed, presumably for the sole purpose of accommodating its human occupant.

It consisted of a wooden dais, surrounded by an iron frame with a center crossbeam, over which Alisha was bent with her ass in the air and her huge tits hanging unceremoniously beneath her. Her arms had been crossed over behind her back and bound by the elbows and wrists by leather straps which were tightly secured to the metal frame.

But it was the cowbell that almost stopped Darius in his tracks. Roughly fashioned out of tin, it swung from a leather collar around Alisha’s neck, clanging away as Alisha looked up at them in alarm. How exquisitely deviant of Jacob to have thought of that! Even the real cows in the shed weren’t being subjected to such an indignity!

Circling behind, Darius saw that Alisha’s ankles were also tightly secured so that her legs were forced wide apart, pulling open her buttocks, and exposing her puckered asshole and the meaty labia beneath. She was so neatly secured that any movement was impossible, save wigging her fingers and toes or shaking her head – which she was currently doing with considerable gusto. “Stop! No! Let me out of here!”

“Struggle to get her in, boys?” asked Jacob as he took the box of suppositories from Alastair and set it on the straw-covered floor.

“Not at all, Pa,” Richard said. “She was quite docile until you all arrived.”

It came as no surprise to Darius that Alisha should be suffering from a fresh surge of shame now that she was harnessed in the milking shed. He had witnessed this with Annabel on many occasions – no matter how many times they were forced to strip naked and perform disgusting acts in front of strangers, each time a new scenario was created, they would react as if it was the first time. It was like pressing an emotional reset button, and it thrilled Darius no end that these hapless wenches could be put through the same level of humiliation over and over again!

The six cows on the far side of the shed watched their strange new companion curiously as Alisha screamed and bellowed while she struggled against her unforgiving bonds, her pendulous breasts swinging in time with the tuneless bell. Alisha’s normally attractive almond-shaped eyes had grown as large as saucers and spittle flew from her curling lips as she vented her disapproval.

Jacob, as ever, quickly found the means of quietening the stricken girl down. He went over to a wall rack adorned with a variety of sinister-looking items that, from their appearance, could have been equally at home in a barnyard or a torture chamber. He returned with a riding crop in one hand and a steel and leather ensemble in the other.


It took just one vicious swipe of the crop across Alisha’s buttocks to instantly silence the wretched young woman. Then Jacob crouched in front of her tear-streaked face and waved the other object under her nose.

“This is a steel bridle. We use it to calm down frisky horses. It’s much more painful than rubber and it doesn’t take long to break even the liveliest of animals. Now if you don’t settle down, you’ll be wearing this for the rest of the night – and I’ll be sure to tie it on extra hard. Now what’s it to be? Are you going to behave?”

With a shuddering sniff, Alisha focused her round eyes on the evil contraption and then gave a slight nod of her head.

“Fine. Let’s get on with it then,” Jacob said, straightening up. “We’ll start with her medication, so if you’ll all gather round her hindquarters, I’ll demonstrate how to administer it.”

Darius’ cock was jutting against the fabric of his underpants as he joined the rest of them behind Alisha’s prone and naked body. He wondered what was going through her mind at this point. On top of the fact that Alisha wouldn’t have reckoned on being drugged while she was here, the method of delivery was likely to come as her biggest shock yet!




Standing to one side of the group for a better view, Alastair felt that familiar surge of excitement as Jacob knelt down between Alisha’s parted thighs. Trussed up so securely, Alisha was completely at his mercy, and as she waited anxiously to find out what was going to happen, her muscular black thighs began to quiver.

I can’t believe she’s put up with this much already, Alastair mused. She must be really dedicated to her career!

“Not much to it, really,” Jacob said, pointing the tip of the suppository at Alisha’s tight asshole. “Need to give it a bit of lubrication first.”

Then, to Alastair’s surprise and joy, Jacob spat on her opening and then placed the tip of his thumb against it. Alisha’s head came up with a gasp as he worked his thumb around her anus and then applied a little more pressure until the tip of the digit was inside her orifice.

“Oh!” Alisha moaned, but somehow managed to refrain from saying anything more.

After working his thumb around for a moment, Jacob put the suppository in place and started to push. Now Alisha did start complaining. “Aah! Stop! Please!”

“Quit your moaning,” Jacob said, “or you’ll be gagged – painfully!”

Alastair watched entranced, as the inch-thick capsule disappeared slowly inside Alisha’s body.

“Got to make sure it’s all deep inside to maximize absorption,” Jacob said, pressing with both thumbs now. All of a sudden, Alisha’s rectum appeared to suck the intruder inside and it was quickly out of sight. At the other end, Alisha emitted an undignified grunt, followed by a groan of despair.

“It will take a day or two for the effects to kick in properly,” Jacob said to his guests. “But Dr. Schafer said that the ingredients are fast-acting, so we should see some results before you go home on Sunday.”

What had Nash told them earlier? Alastair thought. Increased breast size and milk production mixed with mental confusion, all triggered by a highly addictive chemical compound? The poor girl won’t know what has hit her!




Alisha stared rigidly at the shed’s main door, trying to avoid their faces as her tormentors returned to the front of the milking stall. Quite apart from the ridiculous and demeaning cowbell chiming away beneath her, she was extremely conscious of the way her large, brown breasts were hanging obscenely downward. On top of that, whatever that bastard Jacob had just inserted into her rectum was making her bowels move and she had to concentrate hard not to push it out. If she disgraced herself in front of them now, that would surely be the end of her!

“Are we going to milk her now, Pa?” asked Richard.

“It’s too early for her to be producing,” Jacob said. “But it won’t hurt for you to get in a little practice. It’s exactly the same procedure as with the cows, anyhow. You know where the machine is.”

Her mind was in a blur, but even after going through this depraved charade, Alisha couldn’t actually believe they were talking about her as if she really were some dumb barnyard animal!

I am Alisha Royce! I am one of the most promising law interns at Bale, Thomas, Farringdon. I am going to be a hotshot prosecutor one day – and when I do, I swear I will come after these sick fuckers!

Her internal mantra was interrupted by the sight of Richard squatting in front of her, an impudent grin on his face. “Ready to go, my little milch cow?”

Alisha drew a breath as two cold steel cups were placed over her dangling teats, and Richard called out, "Fire her up!” There was an electrical whirring sound and immediately the milking cups attached themselves to her nipples and sucked them inside. Richard stood up and wiped his hands together. “All done.”

“Very good, son,” Jacob said. “Now there’s just one more thing to do. Dr. Schafer says that the quality of her milk will be enhanced if she is kept in a state of sexual arousal whilst lactating – so Darius has brought along one of her toys.”

My toys? What the hell is he talking about?

The combination of the suction on her sensitive nipples and the plugging up of her rear end, made it difficult to follow the next development, but Nash was only to happy to show her anyway.

“I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this tonight, my dear,” he cackled, and to her horror, Alisha saw that he was brandishing an enormous pink vibrator!




Chapter Six

The giddy spectacle of his latest human possession bent almost double whilst firmly secured in place, her ass in the air, and stark naked except for the collar and bell, and the milking cups stuck to her breasts, was so crude and arousing for Darius that he could happily have slipped his rock-hard member into Alisha’s exposed pussy in front of everyone.

But he had an image to uphold. His guests were always free to play with his young female captives in public – at Darius’ discretion, of course – but he himself would only dally with them in private. Besides, even though he enjoyed farming them out to like-minded friends, ultimately Alisha and Annabel now belonged to him – part of a collection of unfortunate young women that he fully intended to expand.

So, horny though he was, he would sit back and continue to let Jacob run the show – the man was a master of his art after all – and remain a witness to her steady demise. His sweet little red-headed Annabel would always be available to provide him with release when he got home.

He handed the gigantic plastic phallus to Matthew and said, “Would you mind doing the honors?”

The young man was looking rather flushed, and Darius suspected that he had taken something of a shine to the unfortunate black girl who was now at their mercy. Hesitatingly, Matthew unwound the electric cord and plugged it into a wall socket. Then he knelt down behind Alisha and placed the tip of the vibrator against her puffy, dark, labia.

“Pull her lips apart, boy,” Jacob said. “It’ll go in easier.”

“He’s a bit nervous,” Richard giggled. “Hasn’t had much experience with women.”

“I’m sure he will have learned plenty by the time Alisha’s training period is up,” said Darius.

Although that’s an understatement, he thought to himself In just a few days time, I expect this faltering young man will be penetrating all of Alisha’s orifices whenever he feels like it – alongside his older brother!

His eyes wide with curiosity, Matthew slowly parted Alisha’s outer labia with his left hand, exposing the pink and glistening interior. As he started to push the enormous dildo inside her, Alisha let out a startled gasp.

“You’re a big girl, you can take it!” Jacob chuckled. “Push it in all the way, Matthew.”

Giving the dildo a little twist, Matthew worked it in a few inches further, stretching Alisha’s cunt wider with its bulbous helmet. Darius had selected the device from the collection he had assembled for Annabel at home, and he remembered how much she had shrieked and squealed when he had used it on her.

Alisha it seemed however, had a more accommodating pussy, and although she was making some rather peculiar noises and strained expressions, Matthew succeeded in inserting the entire ten inches of the vulgar object inside her body.

“Turn it on, boy,” Jacob said to his son.

The flat base of the electric dildo immediately began to rotate as the sound of its motor joined the low hum of the milking machine. As it twisted inside her cunt, Alisha opened her mouth and let out a low, tormented moan.

“Full speed, Matthew,” Jacob prompted.

The fascinated young man turned the control up to its limit, causing the vibrator to dance crazily inside Alisha’s pussy. The mortified woman quickly began to jerk and writhe under her restricting bonds, her face contorting into a mad expression of passion mixed with shame.

“Ooh! No! Please turn it off!”

“As I mentioned earlier, when the lactation medication starts to take effect, the quality of her milk will be increased if she is kept in a constant state of arousal while she is producing,” Jacob said, raising his voice over the growing din. “It should sell pretty well.”

“Look at the state of her! She’s like a bitch on heat!” Tom Craddock laughed, as Alisha moaned and panted, her body starting to glow with perspiration. As she swung her head wildly, the cow bell clanged to add to the growing noise.

“How now brown cow,” said Richard. “How about giving us a little ‘moo’, huh?”

“Yes, good idea!” Tom Craddock clapped his hands in delight. “Tell the other cows how happy you are!”




From somewhere within the confusing mists of humiliation and unwanted lust that had consumed her, the part of Alisha’s mind that remained coherent somehow registered the ludicrous and demeaning command. Now outrage joined the myriad conflicting emotions she was experiencing.

Even though the giant plastic vibrator was making her involuntarily grunt and gasp, she was absolutely determined not to comply with Richard’s cruel suggestion. To imitate the sound of these farmyard beasts would be like a tacit admission that she really was indeed no longer human! And it was her humanity that she was desperately clinging to now. These vile white men were trying to make her lose her mind, so that when she was allowed to return to the real world, the old, proud, respected, and happy Alisha Royce would cease to exist. Already, she realized, this had come down to a frantic mental battle for survival!

“You heard Richard,” Jacob said from behind her. “Start mooing like the milch cow you are!”

I will not! You can’t have this from me! Just leave me with something!

“Come on, Daisy!” Tom Craddock laughed. “I would have thought an educated law student would know how to make a simple animal noise!”

Fuck you! I won’t do it! Not ever!

“No?” She heard Jacob say. “Well, maybe this will help you.”


Without warning, Alisha’s buttocks were suddenly on fire!


“Eek!” Alisha’s threw her head back and emitted a pitiful wail. The pain was intolerable!


“I’ll keep going until you start mooing,” Jacob said.

Please stop! … Please stop! … Please stop!




Alastair watched in awe as Jacob delivered yet another stinging blow across Alisha’s exposed buttocks. It was quickly followed by another, and now her cries had merged into one long bestial howl. Her dark skin was shining with sweat and her breasts swung to and fro, the milking cups clinging determinedly to her nipples as she writhed in pain.

Surely she can’t take much more of this! Alastair thought, but right at that moment there was a noticeable change in the pitch of Alisha’s cries. Tears flooding down her cheeks, and her eyes wide and crazed, Alisha’s trembling lips morphed into a perfect circle as she finally began to low like a cow!

“Moo! Mooo! Moooo!”

With a satisfied grin, Jacob lowered the crop, and said, “Keep it going. Let’s hear what a contented milking cow you are.”

Alastair watched Alisha’s face as she filled the air with her lowing. There was a glazed look in her eyes, although her contorted features gave away the sheer depth of the shame she must have been feeling. Then, quite comically, she went cross-eyed and balled her fists behind her back.

Oh, mercy! She’s going to come!

As Alisha’s gleaming nude body began to quiver, something quite unexpected happened. Alastair wasn’t sure if it was because they could scent Alisha’s musk, or whether they really thought she was one of their own, but to everyone’s amazement, the other cows in the shed began to low as well!

Jacob’s two boys were almost bent double with laughter, but Alastair just stared at the deliciously depraved scene, open-mouthed, while his erection grew even harder.

“Moo! Moo! Moogh! Urgh! Aah!!”

The huge vibrator whirring away inside her had done its job. Alisha groaned loudly as she bucked against her bonds. The other cows kept up their chorus as Alisha raised her head and let out a gargled, anguished scream. It was a bizarre, perverted, display that almost had Alastair coming in his pants!

He was so engrossed with the vulgar spectacle that he was taken quite by surprise when Tom Craddock loomed in front of Alisha with his rock-hard cock in his hand.




Chapter Seven

You dirty old bastard! Darius smiled inwardly. Typical Tom. Always the first one to crack!

At the sight of Tom’s cock, Alisha turned her face to the side – and immediately she received another stroke of the crop across her contused rump.

“Moo!” she reflexively shrieked, which sent Matthew and Richard into another round of uncontrollable giggles. As she opened her mouth, Tom quickly slipped his dick inside. Even though she was effectively gagged by his penis, amazingly, Alisha continued to try and make muffled lowing noises around it.!

For Darius, it was a precious ‘Kodak moment’, and he whipped out his trusty Canon Sure Shot and began adding to his ever growing collection of pictures. As he clicked away, he made a mental note to force Alisha to view all of these shots on a regular basis when she returned to her weekend duty at his house. Not only would that constantly remind her of how far she had fallen – because the young lady would most certainly attempt to block this ordeal out of her mind – but it would also serve as additional blackmail material to ensure her continued cooperation.

Slowly circling the milking stall, he captured every minute detail of her disgusting predicament. First he zoomed in on the metal cups sucking on her elongated nipples. Then he moved around behind her and took a variety of angled shots of the huge pink dildo thrusting and spinning inside her pussy. Here he moved in for a couple of close-ups because her labia was wet and plump and there was a heavenly trickle of her love juice dangling between her parted thighs!

Finally he came back around to the front and immortalized her face pressed up against Tom’s belly, her cheeks blown out, and her neck muscles straining, as he pumped in and out of her mouth with increasing rapidity. Making sure he had the humiliating collar and cowbell in the frame, Darius switched to video mode as Tom came with a grunt, and then pulled his cock out in time to shoot a sticky line of semen over her face.

There was a brief look of confusion on the stricken African-American girl’s pretty features, followed by a warbled cry as she herself climaxed a second time. Tears of anguish and frustration mingled with the ejaculate dribbling over her nose, mouth and chin, as her whole body shook furiously.

When her delirium finally subsided, she dropped her head in shame, her long, black tresses covering her face, and began sobbing openly, while Jacob’s sons continued to laugh hysterically at her miserable plight.

“Well, that should do it for tonight, folks,” Jacob said. “We’ll leave our horny milking cow trussed up like this until morning. I doubt if she’ll get any sleep, but she’ll have plenty to ponder in between orgasms. Now, I do believe it’s time for dinner.”




Alisha gazed mournfully ahead of her at the wooden door. After a couple of hours, the view had already become brain-numbingly monotonous – or would have been if it weren’t for the frenzied activity going on between her legs – but the alternative was to look left at the row of cows staring at her with their big brown eyes. Why were they watching her so intently? Because she was different? Or was it because she was sexually climaxing every fifteen minutes in front of them? Maybe they could sense what she was doing!

The revolting vibrator they had left inside her was relentless! She had already experienced at least eight orgasms since the cruel bastards had left her alone with these bovine animals. Each time she had tried to keep her orgasmic cries of pleasure to a minimum – with limited success. It was humiliating enough to have to go through such an intimate and personal act in public, but being compelled to lose control again and again while these dumb beasts observed her with interest was proving to be a soul-crushing experience. And the most devastating part of it was that she was actually capable of deriving physical pleasure from such a depraved and disgusting situation!

Stupid, they may have been, but at least the cows were in control of their bodily functions, and had relative freedom of movement. Alisha was limited to flexing her fingers and toes and moving her head and shoulders. Except of course, when the dreaded orgasms arrived. Then, trying her utmost to ignore the bestial presence beside her, she would be forced to bite her lip as the unwanted euphoria swept through her body, making her quiver and shake so that her cowbell chimed almost mockingly below her. For some reason, her biggest concern was making so much noise that the cows would start mooing again. When that had happened earlier in front of her cruel spectators, she could have died on the spot! Even now, Matthew and Richard’s delighted laughter was still ringing in her ears.

Quite apart from her constant sense of shame, she also felt so filthy! Even though her nostrils had become a little accustomed to it by now, she still stank of dried human urine and rotted vegetation. Even the cows smelled nicer than her!

As the time ticked by, Alisha found her addled mind wandering back to her life in the city. She wondered what her friends were doing now. It was Saturday night, the only night that Alisha used to allow herself to go out and party – although even that pleasure had been taken away from her since being blackmailed by Nash. She thought of Helen and Samantha who right now, would probably be at a nightclub with their boyfriends, Bobby and Drew.

Of course, she knew where Annabel would be – almost certainly undergoing some demeaning or painful task under the sadistic eye of that old bitch Mrs. Craddock. Not that Alisha had any sympathy for Annabel – it was her greed and stupidity that had delivered them both into the evil clutches of Darius Nash.

But at least Annabel was being treated like a human being. Right now, Alisha would have happily traded places with her. She wasn’t an animal, she was a proud human being, a smart, ambitious young African-American woman with a future in the legal profession.

To keep her sanity, she tried to focus on that future now, in an attempt to mentally lift herself away from this awful reality. But as the hours ticked by, she found it harder and harder to concentrate. To her chagrin, she found herself actually welcoming the frequent orgasms, exhausting though they were, because they at least afforded her a measure of relief from the tedium.

It eventually became a lot easier to flow with the rhythms of her body than to try and tax her befuddled mind. She had no idea why she was thinking like this and it made her sad that she was so willing to bypass her previously lawyer-sharp mind. But she was so tired, and the whole thought process was becoming so hard!

A tear escaped her eye as she felt the beginnings of yet another energy sapping orgasm.

No more, please! I just want to sleep!

But then the waves of ecstasy started to surge through her, and for a couple of minutes, Alisha was in a carnal paradise. But when it was over, the humiliation and misery at her plight enveloped her once more. The shame of feeling so physically gratified in front of an audience of milk cows was almost unbearable.

And she herself was now nothing more than an animal to her captors, and the only way to be treated as a human – even as a lowly slave – would be to please Mr. Jacob. Only he had the power to allow her to stand upright on her own two feet again. She would be naked for him, and she would do whatever he asked, if only she could have the dignity of being a person again…

Mr. Jacob? Mister? What the hell are you thinking? You want to please that evil beast? Come on girl, you’ve got to fight like you’ve been doing your entire life!

And she would, Alisha dimly agreed with herself. In the morning, or whenever it was they decided to release her from this awful milking stall, she would get her head together, but right now she was just too fatigued to think about tomorrow. Thinking had suddenly become so complicated, so instead she closed her eyes in readiness for another earth-shattering orgasm.

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