Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Four

Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Four

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


An unexpected visitor!


An unexpected visitor!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Alisha is Sent to the Farm - Part Four

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 27, 2017



Chapter Twenty-Four

It was her reflection that did it. If she hadn’t glanced up at the greenhouse as she had waddled awkwardly past, Alisha may well have managed to continue meandering through the days and weeks ahead, cocooned in the drug-induced bubble of mental confusion and bodily basic needs that had come to embrace her entire world. If she hadn’t actually seen what a physically grotesque creature they had turned her into, then perhaps she would have sunk so deeply into this swamp of mindless obedience that she would never have found her way back out.

After a few days of exhausting and agonizing pony training in the paddock, Alisha had eventually been taken to a remote wooden stall on the edge of the field and kept there in isolation without even the company of the other milk cows to comfort her. Her initial sense of relief at finally being left alone had soon begun to transform into a growing anxiety as the minutes and hours had ticked by, and the first night had fallen. Chained to a wooden cross-beam, Alisha had been forced to either kneel or crouch, and she had alternated between the two positions in turn to alleviate the cramping in her weary legs.

But of far greater concern had been the steadily increasing ache in her bloated, milk-laden breasts. Her brain was by now very much in tune with the ebbs and flows of her body, and she instinctively knew that if the pressure in her swollen mammaries was not released soon, she simply would not survive. With her arms attached horizontally to the beam, she was incapable of milking herself, and so as much as it grieved her, she had begun to hanker for the return of her cruel white masters, because they were the only ones who could provide her with the relief she so desperately needed.

Kneeling and then crouching for hour after hour in the cramped wooden stall, Alisha’s convoluted mind had at one point plucked a random scene of her former life from its memory banks. Like a ghost, she had floated through the polished marble lobby of her office building, and then past the rows of brightly lit cubicles up on the seventh floor where she worked, recognizing the faces of her colleagues, and she had even watched her former self striding confidently through the office. But it was as if the intelligent, vibrant young African-American career woman she was observing were another person entirely. Straight-backed, chin proudly raised, smartly dressed in a white blouse and navy skirt, with a stack of legal documents under her arm - was this really what she had looked like before? She had, for a while, been overcome by a deep sense of loss accompanied by a sudden need to escape and reclaim her former place, but eventually the image had been eclipsed by the far more urgent throbbing in her distended nipples, and in the morning, when they had come for her, the memory had receded to nothing more than a vague sense of unease.

Physically spent, she had feebly protested as Matthew had hosed her down with ice cold water, his bare hands roaming freely over her naked skin, but when his fingers had found her responsive teats, the blessed relief as he had squeezed off some excess milk had outweighed any sense of indecency. When the giggling white boys had then pried her ass cheeks apart and pressed the mysterious narcotic capsules inside her body, the pain and outrage had rapidly receded as the soothing drugs had taken effect. Much needed sleep had then engulfed her, and when she had opened her eyes she had felt amazingly fresh, flexing her toes in the dirt and listening to the early birds chirping in the trees. Her legs no longer hurt, and her breasts, although still brim full of milk, weren’t for once, the focus of her attention.

Although she was terrified of what long-term effect the drugs might be having on her, there was no doubting the feeling of well-being that followed their application. Clearly, Jacob and his associates knew exactly what they were doing, because in just a couple of hours, Alisha had been transformed from being physically shattered to fully energized. Unfortunately this meant that she was almost certainly due for another day of humiliating exercise for her captors’ amusement, of course.

But ominously, she sensed that there was something else that they had done to her while she had been out, and although she had no way of seeing what it was, she could feel the cool air around her neck and scalp, and with a sinking heart realized that they had been at her hair again. She suddenly recalled Richard brutally snipping her pony tail off in the paddock the week before, and the heart-wrenching sight of her beloved locks in his hand flashed before her eyes. When she had arrived at the farm, her hair – such a source of pride back in the city – had been straight and shoulder length. She had favored a fringe cut for the past few weeks, and the admiring looks from her male colleagues, as well as the compliments she had received from her friends, told her that once again she had chosen the style well.

Well, that’s all gone now, she thought woefully. But what have they left me with?

The absurdity of her sudden panic about her hair was not lost on her, given her permanent state of undress, he grossly inflated breasts, and the enforced hair growth under her arms and around her crotch. But as much as she knew that it was irrelevant in the big picture, she was suddenly quite anxious to discover what further changes they had made to her. Oh, for a little mirror on the back of the rough wooden door she was facing! Back in her city life, she had spent a great deal of her time studying herself vainly in the mirror, but then she’d had good reason to. Perhaps now she was better off not knowing what she looked like.

Feeling pins and needles in her calves, Alisha shifted forward onto her knees, her tender nipples prodding against the door. She flexed her shoulders and turned her head from side to side, and felt the thick leather collar digging into her neck – another permanent reminder of her slave-like status.

Her hair temporarily forgotten, Alisha’s mind drifted under the numbing effects of the drugs in her system. This time there were no flashbacks to her city life, just endless loops of the unspeakable indignities she had suffered since her ordeal had begun, and in particular, the leering, laughing faces of the white men that now controlled her wretched existence.

Maybe she had slept in her kneeling position, but she was snapped out of her nightmare when the door was jerked open, sunlight pouring into her stall, and she squinted up the silhouettes of Richard and Matthew. Even though their appearance meant further torment was surely coming her way, Alisha was actually a little relieved to see them again, because anything was surely better than the endless monotony of sitting this tiny wooden stall.

She heard the clinking of a chain as Richard reached inside and freed her arms from the crossbeam, and then with a jerk on her collar she was pulled out into the open air. Still on her knees, Alisha stared submissively at Richard’s boots as he grabbed her arms and pulled them roughly up behind her head. She heard a solid click as her wrist cuffs were fastened to the collar, forcing her to keep her hands up behind her neck. Immediately she felt bare skin on the back of her head, and her heart began to pound in trepidation.

Oh, dear God no! They’ve shaved my head!

“Let’s go, Daisy!” Richard said, jerking on her leash. “You’ve got visitors.”

The implications of Richard’s words were momentarily lost on Alisha as she struggled to come to terms with the fact that she was now bald! But then did it really make any difference now? She was permanently naked in front of them, and they had fucked her repeatedly, she had swallowed their semen, she had wallowed in compost, crawled around in a pig pen, had been milked like a cow, performed like a show pony – was there really anything left to preserve of her dignity?

As she maneuvered herself upright, Alisha resolved to turn herself mentally inward again. To try and become the observer and pretend that this body she was occupying belonged to some other unfortunate slave, that the real Alisha Royce, with her long straightened hair, her well-toned sexy figure, and her beautiful wardrobe, was patiently waiting for her back in the city.

“Down on your haunches, Daisy!” Richard said, giving the leash a tug that made Alisha stumble forward. Still declining to look up at her tormentors, Alisha rose into a squatting position, and after feeling two more jerks on the chain, began to waddle forward behind Richard, her outlandish breasts bouncing in front of her.

“How are you feeling today, Daisy?” she heard Matthew say from behind her. “Nicely refreshed? Ready for another good workout?”

Unlike Richard and Master Jacob, Alisha wasn’t totally afraid of Matthew. More than once he had displayed a little affection for her, and if it weren’t for these nightmarish circumstances, he would probably have been just another tongue-tied admirer like so many of the other pathetic white boys in the law firm where she worked. But of course because of his undeserved position of power over her on the farm, Matthew didn’t have to impress her in order to enjoy her charms – indeed after learning to overcome his initial coyness, Matthew had quickly gotten into the habit of taking advantage of Alisha’s naked body far more frequently than his older brother!

Perhaps it was because of this unwanted familiarity that Alisha chose to ignore him, and so they continued around the field in silence, a huge-breasted black girl with her hands locked behind her head, waddling along on a leash between two white farm boys.

Lord, give me the strength to survive this hell! Alisha thought as they approached the milking shed behind the farmhouse. Richard had said there were visitors waiting, and as the moment of their introduction neared, her heart began to race a little faster. It was always the same in situations like these – no matter what she had managed to endure so far, it was always worse when new faces came to witness her misery and degradation.

Because of the effort in trying to maintain her balance, Alisha had been concentrating on the dirt path in front of her, but as they passed the greenhouse the glinting sunlight caught her eye and for the first time in days, she finally got to see what she actually looked like!

The concept of having her head shaved, devastating enough in itself, wasn’t even close to the effect the sight of her reflection had on her. She was staring straight into the eyes of an ape-like creature with muscular legs that were bent under a pair of monstrous breasts jutting impudently forward like floating zeppelins, their dark skin stretched and shiny in the morning light. Alisha had been carrying their increasingly burdensome weight for so many days now that although the sight of them was not a complete surprise, it still came as a shock.

But it was her head that immediately cornered her attention, and for a moment she hardly recognized herself. The last time she had gazed upon her reflection back at her apartment, her head had been adorned with thick, black lustrous tresses. As she had suspected, they were history now, but on closer inspection she saw that the boys hadn’t completely shaved her scalp – although it would have been kinder if they had. No, they had decided to make her look even more ridiculous by leaving a thin Mohican patch on top, and two more tufts just above each ear! The effect was both clown-like and, for a girl who had always spent so much time and money on her hair, deeply humiliating!

Stunned by the preposterous spectacle she presented, Alisha dug her toes into the earth and pulled back on her leash. Taken unawares, Richard stopped and turned, but after following her gaze, a broad grin spread upon his lips.

“Oh, yes,” he sniggered. “We thought a little haircut might be in order before you received your new guests.”

He tugged on the leash and Alisha lurched forward with a whimper. “Please, take me back,” she whined. “I can’t let anybody see me like this!”

“Don’t be silly!” Matthew crooned, patting her on her almost-bald pate. “You look adorable – and I think Mr. Price and his assistant will think so too!”




Chapter Twenty-Five

“Well I must say, Martin,” Gretchen said with a sarcastic smile. “You really know how to spoil a girl!”

Martin Price sat on the end of the bed and looked out of the window across the fields. They had been taken to the poky little guest cottage by Jacob Johnson’s housekeeper who had informed them that dinner would be served in the farmhouse at seven, and after giving Gretchen a perfunctory onceover, had then left them alone together.

He glanced over at the tall, blonde law intern, and said, “I’ve already explained that this is a business trip, sanctioned by the highest levels of the company. This wasn’t my idea at all.”

“So you’ve been constantly reminding me,” Gretchen said, folding her arms underneath her small, pert breasts. “And all this secrecy! What could be so important that ‘both our futures are in the balance’, as you put it?”

Her whimsical tone irritated Martin, although it was understandable that until she saw what was going on at this madhouse of a farm, she wouldn’t be able to grasp the seriousness of it all. After witnessing Alisha’s utter degradation the previous week, Martin had quietly hoped that he might be spared from any further involvement in this sick enterprise, whatever the hell in fact it was. Unfortunately, Mr. Van Hook had no intention of letting him get out of it that easily, and when he had instructed him to bring Gretchen along too, Martin had got the distinct impression that they were all being watched very closely by the powers that be at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon.

“Trust me, Gretchen,” Martin said. “If you want your promising start to your legal career to continue, you will do as you are told, and keep your pretty mouth firmly shut!”

Gretchen blinked at him, and for once words failed the sharp-witted young woman. Martin too, had surprised himself with his uncharacteristically blunt words. He was an educated and civilized man who always treated his staff with the utmost respect. But these were unusual circumstances to say the least, and the simple fact was, he was extremely vexed about this whole situation which seemed to be spiraling way out of control. He still hadn’t recovered from witnessing Alisha put on that degrading pony-show performance in the paddock, nor from his unexpected and shamefully aroused reaction to it.

To make matters worse, it didn’t help that he found Gretchen extremely attractive, and again, he couldn’t help wondering if Van Hook had somehow picked up on this, which may very well be the reason why they were now sharing this stark country bedroom together. It seemed absurd, but he was beginning to feel as though he had been unwittingly selected to participate in some kind of depraved sexual-social experiment!

It couldn’t have been coincidence either, that Alisha and Gretchen worked closely together with him at the firm, and Martin had always been only too aware that they competed for his attention. Of course, having these two attractive, intelligent interns vying for his affections had stoked his male ego, but as a professional he had never attempted to take things any further with either of them – no matter how tempting that may have been. Now here he was, alone with Gretchen, while somewhere on this weird farm, Alisha was being held captive and, he could only guess, being subjected to another humiliating ordeal. Before long, the two girls were sure to meet up – just what was Mr. Van Hook expecting to happen then?




With a sigh, Martin reluctantly laid his iPad to one side. He had spent the past hour dealing with e-mails and writing up a work-related report, but with nothing else outstanding on his task list, he was forced to return his attention to this world of insanity in which he now found himself trapped. Back in his own workplace, he was governed by rules, precedents and strict conformity, and he reveled in the control and discipline it required of him. Out here on this farm, the atmosphere fizzed with a dark and unstable latent energy, ready at any moment to explode into a frenzy of cruelty and depravity – always based upon the promise of perverted, unhealthy sex. And as much as he hated himself for it, Martin could not deny how much he had felt its powerful allure as soon as he had driven through the front gate.

With this carnal fervor simmering in the back of his mind, he had decided to bury himself in work in order to distract himself from the sleeping form of Gretchen over on the bed. Now, feeling a little guilty, he took the opportunity to gaze at his leisure upon her long, slender legs under tight blue jeans. Her blonde fringe had fallen across her eyes and she was still clutching her Samsung smartphone as she gently breathed through slightly parted lips. Not for the first time on this bizarre farm, Martin felt his penis swelling at the sight of one of his female interns – except when he had witnessed Alisha in bondage, it had triggered an altogether different, and shameful kind of lust!

A few weeks previously, he had taken both Gretchen and Alisha to lunch, officially to discuss a work project, but also – as all three were intuitively aware – as a rather cheeky excuse to explore the personal vibrations that had clearly developed between them. It had been naughty and exciting because not only was it unethical for him to have personal relations with an intern, it was also a violation of company regulations. But because of the close nature of their professional relationship, Martin had found himself in a position where he had a legitimate excuse to literally mix business with pleasure without attracting the attention of his superiors – or so it had seemed.

As he had enjoyed his salad whilst listening to the two bright young law students verbally jousting with each other in an attempt to score brownie points with him, Martin had reveled in the subtle body language, the covert glances from Gretchen, the slight but unmistakable thrust of Alisha’s generous bust, each of them attempting to outdo the other under a veil of conviviality and comradeship.

Martin had on occasion caught himself pondering what it might be like to take things further with one, or indeed both of them, but of course he knew that it was never going to happen. Indeed the girls were almost certainly using their sexuality to gain a professional advantage and nothing more – should Martin have been foolhardy enough to suggest anything untoward, he would probably have been facing an embarrassing, if kindly, let down from both of them.

And so they had let it hang there, this whiff of sexual anticipation that had most certainly, for him at least, added spice to his often trying workdays. The concept of intimate involvement with Alisha and Gretchen, either together or individually, would remain just that – an idea and a fantasy, which was a much safer place for it.

But then he had received that fateful summons from David Van Hook, and everything had changed dramatically. Alisha was now a slave, not even being treated as human, and Martin had been coerced into witnessing the poor woman’s utter degradation. An unbidden image of her galloping around the paddock, stark naked except for her bridle, headdress and butt-plug tail, forced its way into his mind. He could still clearly see her glistening black skin, her rippling thigh muscles, and most of all, the look of abject shame in her beautiful eyes as she had glanced briefly into his!

A sharp knock at the door snapped him out of his shameful reverie and as he jumped smartly out of his chair, he became aware of the huge erection that had grown in his pants. Startled by the noise, Gretchen opened her eyes, and before he could hide it, immediately spotted his bulging crotch. She blinked, looked up at him quizzically, and sat up.

The illusion is already disintegrating! Our hypocritical little flirting game is over! Martin thought desperately. We’re rats in a cage and there’s nowhere to hide!

Before he or Gretchen could say anything, there was another impatient rap at the door.





Chapter Twenty-Six

Gretchen rubbed her eyes and climbed off the bed while Martin answered the door. She hadn’t intended to fall asleep, and having spotted the obvious erection under Martin’s pants, she suddenly felt oddly vulnerable. Had he been getting aroused watching her while she dozed?

Although a little taken unawares at first, Gretchen now smiled to herself. If she was indeed the cause of Martin’s excitement – and why wouldn’t she be? – she was finally winning her war of attrition with Alisha. Although the two interns got on well enough together, there was no doubting the rivalry that sizzled between them. Physically, you couldn’t have brought together a more unlikely pair – Gretchen was lean, blonde and pale, while Alisha’s skin was rich and dark, and her curves voluptuous beyond description.

Although she would never openly admit it, Gretchen was privately jealous of Alisha. She had keenly observed the lustful looks that the dignified African-American girl constantly received from her male colleagues at Bale, Thomas and Farringdon. Oh sure, Gretchen got them too, but somehow the men seemed to regard Alisha with a certain awe that Gretchen never seemed to command. Anyhow, those losers had never been of any interest to her. Martin was the prize, and out here she was finally alone with him, although the circumstances of their trip remained a total mystery to her.

When Martin had taken her to one side and said that he needed her for a special assignment, Gretchen had been ecstatic. Alisha had been on leave for a fortnight – family issues, or something – leaving Gretchen in a position to work on Martin without any competition. She had until now been a little disappointed that she hadn’t had more success with her efforts. In fact, Martin had seemed rather distracted for the whole week. It was almost as if Gretchen needed Alisha’s presence to bounce off, but just when she was beginning to regret her combatant’s absence, Martin had asked her on this weekend road trip and Gretchen had jumped at it.

On the way up, Martin had again seemed preoccupied, but Gretchen had been her usual chatty and irreverent self, and had managed to elicit the odd smile or chuckle from him as they had driven out into the countryside. This had come as something of a relief. It wasn’t like Gretchen to doubt herself, but she had been beginning to wonder if she wasn’t flogging a dead horse here. Despite her considerable charms, Gretchen knew that she would always be battling the issue of race. Martin and Alisha were both African-Americans of course, and Gretchen couldn’t have been whiter. Not that race had even been an issue between the three of them, but it was a natural and biological fact that Martin was more likely to be attracted to one of his own kind.

Curious to finally discover what was going on around here, Gretchen stretched, quickly examined her face in the mirror, ran her fingers through her long, blonde hair, and went out to the small living room. Martin was standing at the open front door, talking to a squat, ruddy-faced man, dressed in dungarees and rubber boots. He looked like such a caricature of a country rube that Gretchen would have burst out laughing if it weren’t for the rather unsettling sneer playing on his rubbery lips.




“You are heading for a serious whipping, you stubborn cow!” Matthew panted as he yanked on Alisha’s leash.

Alisha knew it, but right now she didn’t care. Anything was preferable to having to face Martin again. Somehow, after their previous encounter at the paddock, she had managed to convince herself that he would not be coming back. That his last visit had been due to some deranged mission that he had obviously had no prior knowledge of, and after reluctantly completing it had returned to the city and wiped the memory of ‘Alisha the show pony’ from his mind. Given the hopeless circumstances in which she now found herself, it was a foolish, unrealistic belief, but one she had felt compelled to cling to nonetheless. Martin – handsome, intelligent Martin – epitomized all that she was fighting for. During periodic moments of mental lucidity, it was always his face that appeared in her mind’s eye when she was able to refocus upon her life and career back in the city. That he had already seen her put on such a totally disgraceful performance the previous week had been almost too much for her to bear – and now these relentlessly spiteful white boys were telling her that he was back!

With these frenzied thoughts whizzing uncontrollably around in her head, Alisha dug her toes deeper into the dirt and braced her powerful thighs again – and with the intoxicating drug cocktail they had been feeding her enhancing her natural athleticism, Matthew was simply unable to budge her!

But just when she thought that she might get away with it, she heard the all too familiar sound of Master Jacob’s voice, and just like that, all of the strength abruptly drained out of her.

“What’s this? Disobedience? I thought we were past all that!”

There followed a sharp crackle, accompanied by the most intense pain searing the cleft of her exposed buttocks. Alisha’s once-virgin asshole had been violated on numerous occasions in recent weeks, but she was ill-prepared for this latest attack upon the most tender of places!

“Aaai!” Her legs buckled and she toppled forward, squashing her milk-laden udders beneath her.

“Get up or I’ll give you another jolt!” Jacob snarled.

Alisha had learned much about coping with pain and discomfort over the past few weeks, but the cattle prod was simply too much for her. Struggling back upright with Matthew’s help, she looked woefully up at her hated master.

“P-please, Master Jacob! Don’t make me! I can’t let him see me like this!”

“Who? Your ex-boss?” Jacob smirked. “Is that what you are worried about? Do you honestly think he still finds you attractive after watching you in the paddock last week? After that disgusting performance, he’ll never see you in the same light again! You might as well accept that you are nothing more than an animal to him now. Look at you, groveling on the ground with dirt all over your monstrous tits! You’re a mess! Matthew, get her into the shed and give her a wash down – and then get her udders lubed up ready for a milking.”

Oh, please no! Surely they’re not going to milk me in front of Martin?

But in spite of her gathering dread, the cattle prod in Master Jacob’s hand was incentive enough for Alisha to allow herself to be led towards the milking shed. As Richard slid the door to one side, Alisha could feel her heart thumping rapidly. Shuffling into the shed, Alisha saw to her dismay that quite a little crowd had assembled to witness her humiliating ritual, and as much as it pained her to do so, she couldn’t help but search out Martin’s face. Sure enough, there he was, his elegant features displaying that same expression of disgust mixed with pity that surely confirmed the sad truth of Master Jacob’s words – it could never be the same between them again!

Just then, before shamefully lowering her eyes, Alisha caught a glimpse of a young blonde woman standing beside Martin. Startled, she looked sharply back up again, but before she had time to refocus her eyes, Richard gripped her by the chin and jerked her head up. Alisha instinctively twisted her neck as she tried to get another look at the familiar-looking woman in the corner, but another pair of hands was upon her now, and then she could taste cold metal as her jaws were forced apart, and a leather strap was fastened under her chin.

“Open her up fully,” Master Jacob said as the straps were tightened, and then Alisha heard a screw being turned beside her ear as her mouth was gradually pulled open wider and wider.

“Ngah!” was all Alisha could manage, her jaws instantly starting to ache.

“Come on, Daisy!” Matthew said, unhooking her leash. “It’s time to get you cleaned up!”




Gretchen stood awkwardly in the corner, very conscious of the fact that she was the only female present. Other than Martin, she didn’t recognize any of the men in the little barn, which, she was fast concluding, was a good thing. Although she had been kept totally in the dark about what to expect this weekend, she had wondered if other law interns from Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon might have been in attendance as part of a company field trip. Now she was convinced that she was involved in something entirely unrelated to work – although she still had no clue as to what it could be about.

One thing she did know was that she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable amongst this quietly chatting group of farmhands – and she was very glad that Martin was standing beside her! There was an unnatural atmosphere in the air, making her think of an eerie satanic cult awaiting the victim of a ritual sacrifice. Just the thought of it made her shiver and she edged closer to her boss, impulsively slipping her hand into his. For a second, it felt as though he might pull away, but when she gripped tighter, he relented, and Gretchen thought again of his protruding erection back in the cottage. Whatever this weird business was, she couldn’t wait to be alone with him again and press home her advantage.

She was just about to ask him what was happening, when the door slid open, casting a square of bright sunlight across the bare floor. To her happy surprise, Gretchen now felt Martin squeezing her fingers, but her attention was quickly directed toward the four figures entering the barn.

She recognized that rude little man Jacob strutting in first, followed by two young men who appeared to be leading a large black sow on a leash. But there was something not quite right about the animal’s awkward gait as the group moved beneath the lights. At first, Gretchen’s brain was unable to process what she was actually seeing, but then her mouth fell silently open as she realized she was actually looking at a female human being! But the term ‘human’ seemed wholly inappropriate for the ridiculous specimen now squatting in the center of the room. First off, Gretchen had never seen a pair of breasts like it! They were absolutely enormous, and jutted out rudely between the woman’s bent knees as if they were filled with helium! And then there was her almost completely shaven head which contrasted with the unsightly tangles of hair that sprouted from the woman’s armpits!

If the intent here had been to humiliate this poor black girl, then they couldn’t have done a better job! And as the beastlike creature looked over in her direction, its deeply pained expression quickly dispelled any brief notion that they were about to witness some kind of bizarre artistic performance - clearly, this unfortunate wretch was not being degraded like this through choice.

Gretchen had taken in all these details with one startled glance, and her next immediate thought was that she was at risk of suffering a similar fate herself. She pulled on Martin’s hand but he gave it another squeeze and right at that moment, Gretchen found herself looking straight into the eyes of the crouching black girl before the latter quickly averted her gaze. It took another bewildering moment of mental computation before Gretchen drew a sharp breath - she would have recognized those beautiful, almond-shaped eyes anywhere!


Apparently sensing Gretchen’s growing alarm, Martin murmured, “It’s alright. Don’t do anything rash. Just stay where you are.”

As much as the idea appealed to her, Gretchen didn’t think she would have been capable of running off anyway, because her legs suddenly felt like lead as she watched the two young men who had brought Alisha into the barn unhook her leash and proceed to fit a sinister-looking black harness over her head. They quickly secured it to her collar with a strap that ran over Alisha’s shaved crown, and another horizontally circling her head just above the jawline. This was attached to a pair of thin steel rods which were now being roughly jammed between Alisha’s pearly white teeth! Gretchen stared in horrified fascination as they proceeded to turn a little key on the side of the horrible device which slowly opened up until Alisha was eventually forced into a grotesque open-mouthed grin!

The distress poor Alisha was suffering was all too apparent as she was then maneuvered by the two young white men into the center of the circle of male onlookers. Listening to their excited chatter as Alisha was hosed down like an animal, Gretchen simply couldn’t reconcile this gurgling, naked, freak of nature with the statuesque African-American law student she had been working with for the past year!





Chapter Twenty-Seven

Just as when he had first witnessed Alisha galloping wildly around the paddock, Martin found himself gripped by a terrible emotional dilemma. On an intellectual level he was both disgusted and saddened by what these evil white folk had done to his young work colleague. If anything, she had been lowered even further with her beautiful long black hair now gone, and her previously voluptuous breasts bloated out of all proportion to her body. There was nothing arousing about this hunched apparition, now being cruelly doused with cold water in front of a rapt, male audience.

So why then was his prick once more stiffening inside his pants? He had never been into sexual perversion of any kind, and the only reason he was bearing witness to this latest sickening spectacle was because his precious career depended upon it. But there was no way he could refute his body’s amorous reaction to Alisha’s awful predicament, and his cheeks burned with shame because of it.

And it seemed that the emotions of shame and humiliation were central to Mr. Van Hook’s unexplained purpose here. Martin had already figured out why Van Hook had ordered him to bring Gretchen along on this seemingly pointless errand – as a friend, and rival, her attendance here was sure to push Alisha’s sense of worthlessness and self-disgust to the limit!

Martin had caught the distraught expression in Alisha’s eyes just before the head harness had been fitted onto her, and if she hadn’t spotted Gretchen in that instant, she would be painfully aware of her presence soon enough. And what must Gretchen be thinking right now? Martin could hear her rapid breathing beside him and he made sure to keep a tight grip on her hand just in case she decided to make a run for it. Van Hook had assured him that Gretchen would be treated with respect and come to no harm whilst here on the farm, but how could the poor girl be certain of that after the unexpectedly shocking display she was now beholding?

After her undignified public shower was over, Alisha was guided by the white youths onto a low wooden dais beneath an iron frame. Martin had been so preoccupied with the preposterous appearance of his young protégé that he hadn’t noticed the large black dildo that now sat rudely upright in the center of the platform.

While one of the boys cuffed Alisha’s raised arms to the metal crossbeam, the other lifted one of her thighs and guided the tip of the phallus towards her crotch. After a few seconds of wriggling accompanied by some gargled protestations form their hapless victim, they succeeded in lowering her onto the dildo and the force of gravity did the rest. Alisha was now directly in front of them and with her wrists secured both to the crossbeam and the collar around her neck, she had no option other than to face her seemingly entranced audience. Martin himself dearly wanted to look away, but he discovered to his chagrin that he was unable to tear his eyes away from his once-favorite intern,

Two thick bushes of hair now flourished under her arms, and from what he could glimpse beneath her mammoth breasts, another large thicket covered her genitalia surrounding the visible base of the dido. Unable to help himself, Martin looked back up at Alisha’s face, pausing briefly at her gaping mouth and wiggling tongue before finally engaging her eyes. But Alisha wasn’t looking back at him – instead she was staring at Gretchen with a look of absolute horror in her usually gorgeous eyes, now as round as saucers as she uttered an unintelligible noise from the back of her throat.

The poor kid looks as though she wants to die right there on the spot! How can she possibly be feeling with Gretchen seeing her in this mortifying situation?

Alisha tore her stricken eyes away from Gretchen’s face and looked down at their entwined hands. Martin instinctively freed his fingers – but not before noticing a little tear develop in the corner of Alisha’s eye. The reality of what he was doing to her now came into sharp focus and he suddenly despised himself for his inability to stand up against Van Hook and the unfeeling white establishment he represented.

Oh, how Martin wanted to tell Alisha that she could find a way back from this horror. He knew that she was a strong and resourceful girl, and how hard she had worked to better herself. In time, her hair would grow back, and surely they could do something about having her breasts reduced. Then she could resume her studies, with nothing to worry about as far as he and Gretchen were concerned, and they could all pick up where they left off. But not only was he forbidden to say such things, he knew in his heart that they were patently untrue – having brought her down this far, Van Hook and his sick circle of accomplices were never going to let Alisha go!




For a blissful moment, Alisha thought she had escaped from this relentless nightmare. Her body became quite weightless and her leering audience zoomed far away, finally providing her with the privacy she desperately needed. In this state of detachment, none of this farcical drama mattered and she almost pitied them in their basal cruelty. But another part of her brain told her that this karmic state was merely a cerebral safety device to buffer against the emotional overload she was now experiencing – and it wasn’t going to last out for long.

Sure enough, with a light-speed rush she was suddenly hunched back down on the dais, all of her senses alert to her devastating situation: the plugging sensation of the thick phallus deep inside her lubricated vagina, the sight of her disgusting udders wobbling in front of her, and most of all Martin and Gretchen, holding hands!

Gretchen! Her work colleague and rival! The last person on planet earth that she needed to see her like this! The sight of the tall, attractive blonde, with what surely looked like a slight smile of satisfaction on her rosebud lips, had an even more devastating effect on Alisha than Martin’s arrival had done.

Even if Alisha ever succeeded in turning back the clock and returned to her city life, how could she ever look Gretchen in the eye again after this? There would always be that knowing look in the white girl’s eyes, even if Martin swore her to secrecy. With a sudden epiphany that tore her heart in half, Alisha now knew that their rivalry was over. Gretchen had won. Of course she had. Martin was holding her hand, wasn’t he? All this time, while Alisha had been suffering one abuse after the other – valiantly clinging to her inner dream of eventual liberation – Gretchen had been working her way into Martin’s affections. With Alisha out of the frame and unable to usurp her, the playing field had been Gretchen’s to control, and she had obviously grasped the opportunity with both hands!

And now I haven’t even got a chance of fighting back, Alisha groaned wretchedly inside her head. Look at me now, and look at her!

As if tuning into her thoughts, Martin abruptly pulled his hand away, which provided Alisha with a momentary crumb of comfort until she heard the sound of Master Jacob’s voice. “Mister Martin, it’s time for you to butter Alisha’s milk-jugs, if you please.”

Alisha’s view of her work colleagues was briefly blocked by Matthew’s grinning face as he placed a metal pail on the dais in front of her. Alisha didn’t even have to look to know that it would be brimming with the sickly smelling butter oil that the boys always coated her breasts with before a milking session. This, she had deduced, was the potion that kept her breast tissue and skin firm and buoyant – ironically something that her former, more sensibly proportioned self, used to take great pride in!

But apart from doing a far better job of improving skin tensility than any other commercial product she had ever encountered, the Johnsons’ homemade butter oil had another, rather more unsettling side effect. It was usually young Matthew’s job to slather the oil over her bloated breasts, and he had become rather adept at handling them. So much so, that after a few minutes of feeling his hands massaging the oil into her skin, Alisha would rapidly find herself spiraling into a state of deep arousal.

Getting turned on during such a demeaning business was embarrassing enough, but now she was going to have to try and control herself while none other than Martin Price actually touched her sensitive boobs while she was impaled on a huge, black dildo – and Gretchen would be witnessing the whole thing!

At first Martin made no attempt to move – another sign, Alisha hoped, that he too was here under some form of duress. That wish was duly confirmed when Master Jacob said, “Mr. Price. I would remind you that I have been instructed to report back to your superiors should you fail to carry out any of your duties.”

Despite the superficial reverence with which Master Jacob was addressing her immediate boss, Alisha was now under no illusions about who was in charge here on the farm. And that meant Martin would have no choice other than to comply or face whatever repercussions were due. As much as he had respected her before, Alisha doubted that he would jeopardize his career to save her blushes, and sure enough, albeit with a loud sigh, he stepped up in front of her.

“Just dip your hands in the bucket and then give them a good kneading,” Matthew advised helpfully. “The harder you squeeze them, the more she likes it!”

Alisha closed her eyes in mortification as Martin squatted down behind the pail, her buoyant breasts quivering between them. She could feel Gretchen’s eyes upon her as she heard Martin’s fingers squelching into the sticky oil. How could this moment possibly get any worse? Well, that question was answered a second later when she heard the telltale electronic whirr from beneath her as the big black dido suddenly juddered into life!

Oh, you horrible, wicked pigs! You’re not going to give me the slightest chance, are you?

As the vibrator began to churn around inside her, Alisha felt Martin’s fingers lightly touching her breasts and she emitted a grunt of surprise. Hearing her, he immediately withdrew his hand, but then after a brief pause, he placed a palm under each of her wobbling breasts. As he slowly began to move his fingers, Alisha gulped in a deep breath and then snorted through her nose like a lowly beast. The dildo was already doing its vile job down below, and the tantalizing contact of Martin’s hands threatened to send her rapidly into a frenzy.

More than once she had fantasized about how it would feel to be touched intimately by this well-built and handsome man, but never in her wildest fantasies had she imagined that their first sexually-based encounter would be under such demeaning circumstances as this!

“Come on, man,” Master Jacob said. “Get her worked up. The hornier she is, the higher quality milk she produces.”

Alisha’s utter devastation at being treated like a mere animal was fast being overwhelmed by her growing sense of euphoria. The daily dosage of whatever they were keeping her on was gradually altering her physiology, not just externally, but within every cell of her being. Not only did she look like a human-animal hybrid, but her bodily responses were becoming increasingly bestial by the day!

As Martin smeared more of the butter milk onto her udders, Alisha’s knees began to jerk spasmodically and she started emitting guttural grunts from the back of her throat. Unable to stop it, Alisha let herself go as the first wave of her orgasm pulsed through her, and she opened her eyes and gazed up lovingly at the man of her dreams – but the look he was giving her back was filled with anything but love!




Chapter Twenty-Eight

It was difficult for Martin to figure out exactly where to put his hands, such were the colossal proportions of Alisha’s drug-enhanced breasts. Quite apart from the unseemliness of having to touch the young lady in a most improper way with an audience of white farmers standing directly behind him, Martin simply felt unequipped to deal with these freakishly large appendages!

Although not a womanizer, he wasn’t exactly inexperienced with the fairer sex, and he had most certainly never had any doubts about his masculinity. But what exactly was he dealing with here? He was unable to equate the gasping, trembling creature in front of him with the Alisha that he had become so fond of at work. And now she was looking at him with a lustful gaze that almost made him want to run out of the barn! Could she possibly be enjoying this twisted depravity, after all?

Aware of the wholly undeserved precariousness of his work situation, Martin continued to coat his hands in the revolting oil and smear it all over Alisha’s shiny jugs. The buzz of the vibrator grinding away between Alisha’s thighs, her garbled utterings, and the squelching sound of Martin’s hands moving over her skin, were the only sounds in the room. Then Alisha started to jerk violently and an absurdly bestial grunting sound reverberated from the back of her throat.

Oh shit, she’s coming! I don’t believe this!

Martin was forced to step back quickly as Alisha’s gravity-defying udders danced wildly before him. She threw her head back, her mouth still thrust apart into a wide and imbecilic grin, and then her whole body tensed as she drew in a deep lungful of air.

“That’s my girl,” Jacob said, after Alisha’s shaven head had slumped forward. “Boys, fetch the milk buckets.”

Martin just about stopped himself from wiping his dripping hands on his shirt while Jacob’s sons quickly replaced the buttermilk pail with two more empty buckets. He looked helplessly back at the line of spectators in the vain hope that somebody might step in and relieve him from this ungodly chore.

“Come on,” Jacob said. “Start milking her before she comes down from her high. It’s the oxytocin in her bloodstream that intensifies the aphrodisiacal quality of her produce.”

What the hell did that bumpkin just say?

Martin nodded numbly as if he should have known this already, and then hesitantly at first, he placed his thumb and forefinger around one of Alisha’s dark, distended nipples and gently pulled. Martin had never milked any kind of animal in his life, but even so, he was ill-prepared for the powerful spray of white liquid that issued forth from Alisha’s teat, totally overshooting the bucket and splattering over the barn floor!

“Don’t waste it, man!” Jacob snarled. “There are customers willing to pay top dollar for that nectar! And get to work on the other nipple at the same time. We’ll be here all day at this rate!”

Again feeling in some way negligent, Martin took hold of Alisha’s other protuberant nub, and this time he pointed them both into their respective buckets before giving each one a tug and a squeeze. As the sound of Alisha’s breast milk hitting the bottom of the metal buckets reverberated around the room, Martin heard his deviant audience mutter in approval. It felt as though he had just passed some kind of bizarre rite of passage, and a part of him actually felt a somewhat guilty sense of achievement at having managed to accomplish this awkwardly personal task.

As the buckets began to fill up, Martin settled into a rhythm that he found wasn’t altogether unpleasant. For her part, Alisha seemed to have drifted off into a kind of semi-consciousness, induced no doubt, by the whirring vibrator inside her as well as what must have been an overwhelming sense of relief judging from the high pressure with which her milk was still being ejected. In spite of his early sense of revulsion, Martin was now feeling rather proud of the fact that he was being permitted in some way to assist the poor girl – and his difficulty in even thinking of her as human at this particular moment made his job just that little bit easier to handle.

There had been more than a few times over the past year when he had caught himself fantasizing about having sex with Alisha Royce. But the desirable woman that figured in his nocturnal dreams was a world apart from this slobbering beast! Sadly, he realized, Alisha the dignified law student, had simply ceased to exist. And in truth, how could she possibly be expected to come back from this?

When Alisha’s milk had finally filled the two buckets, Martin halted his milking action and Jacob’s boys took them away. Relieved that it was over, Martin straightened up and prayed that his duty was done for the day – alas, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

“I don’t know if you are aware, but one of my best customers also happens to be one of your very own employers,” Jacob said. “Our colleague Dr. Schafer has discovered that Daisy’s enhanced milk produce has a powerful effect on the virility of middle-aged and elderly men. It’s possible that Mr. Van Hook may ask for your opinion about this batch, so why don’t you go ahead and take a free sample – direct from the tap, so to speak.”




Outlandish didn’t begin to describe it! Grotesque, weird, barbaric, came a lot closer. Gretchen watched mesmerized, while her boss pulled alternately on each of Alisha’s long, dark, nipples, powerful jets of white milk loudly spurting into the two buckets with a force that showed no sign of letting up.

Such was the entrancing effect of this outrageous scene that Gretchen’s initial state of shock had now settled into a detached curiosity. At first she had been gripped by an all-consuming urge to get the hell out of this lunatic asylum, but a sudden image of herself strapped into the frame with her own breasts implausibly enlarged to the point of permanent ruin had given her pause enough to remain.

That sense of danger had now passed, and she was beginning to understand that her part in this obscene rite was to contribute to Alisha’s dismantling simply by being there to see it. Gretchen didn’t need a question and answer session to deduce that Alisha had been somehow coerced into this awful predicament, despite the two farm boys’ assertion that she was actually deriving pleasure from it. The true nature of the horror that Alisha had to be suffering was suddenly underlined by the powerful orgasm that juddered through her body, and Gretchen stared in fascination at the way Alisha’s eyes rolled around in abandonment!

One of the things about Alisha that Gretchen had always admired and envied was the immense aura of self-control that she exuded as she went about her work. This was a young African-American professional woman with poise and purpose, and Gretchen had to admit that she had modelled more than a few of her own mannerisms on those of her rival. Evidently, somebody very powerful – not to mention, extremely sick-minded – had observed the same traits, and as part of some sort of social experiment, had set about systematically stripping away every last vestige of Alisha’s self-restraint. And watching the wretched girl jerking around on the buzzing dildo, with glutinous droplets of milk dangling from her nipples, they had surely succeeded!

Sharp girl that she was, Gretchen had already figured out from Martin’s uncharacteristic mental impotence that this crazed directive had been issued from the highest echelons of Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon. And intentionally or not, Jacob had just confirmed her suspicions by mentioning David Van Hook, one of the most powerful senior partners at the firm!

So now Gretchen figured if she played her cards right, she could take advantage of this insanity to her full benefit. If she got with the program and provided her own personal input into Alisha’s suffering, then who knew how many brownie points she might score back at work? At the same time, she could consolidate her fledgling position with Martin by bringing Alisha down even further in front of him. Suddenly this whole thing was becoming a win-win situation!

As she turned over these tantalizing prospects, Martin squatted down in front of the helpless black girl again, and lowering his head, raised Alisha’s left breast with his hand, and then to Gretchen’s breathless amazement, he closed his lips around her distended teat. As he started to suckle her, Alisha’s eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she let out a high pitched whine of ecstasy. From her viewpoint at the side, Gretchen could see that the impressive lump in Martin’s pants had returned with a vengeance – and not entirely to her surprise, this perverted display was starting to have a rather stimulating effect on her as well!




Chapter Twenty-Nine

“I can’t do this,” Martin said, looking at the two large, blue suppositories in his hand. They were back at their little guest cottage, just the three of them, Martin Price, J.D., his attractive young assistant, Gretchen… and the creature that had once been Alisha.

Exactly what is Alisha now?

Martin could not pretend that he didn’t still have a degree of sympathy for the wretched young woman, but the more time he spent with her in this current manifestation, the harder it was to relate her to the woman he might just have fallen in love with. He knew that there was absolutely no chance of that happening now, especially with the way she had repeatedly climaxed while he had been sucking on her obscenely distended nipples!

He knew that she wasn’t in this dire situation by her own choice, but there was no hiding the fact that she was drawing a great deal of physical gratification from her demeaning treatment. Yes, these evil white folk had drugged her and fucked with her mind, but however it had come to pass, the fact was that Alisha had changed mentally as well as physically. This was no longer the same person he had hoped to somehow save.

To his chagrin, he was also suffering from a kind of post-coital hangover. Okay, they hadn’t exactly had sex, but he had drunk enough of her milk to put him on the verge of throwing up! He could still taste it in his throat now as he stood over the poor wretch. Why had he drunk so much of it? For a while, he had felt powerless to stop swallowing as the sticky issue had poured down his throat! This had been the cause of much merriment for all the uneducated rubes in the milking shed of course, most likely because they had known it was going to happen.

There had been something rather addictive about Alisha’s ‘moo juice’ – how had that coarse expression just popped into his head? – and it had only been when Jacob’s boys had laughingly coaxed him off Alisha’s nipple, that he had remembered where he was. Filled with shame, he had returned to Gretchen’s side, but instead of being disgusted with him, the slim blonde girl actually looked rather dreamy-eyed. His mind in a whirl, and now aware that his cock was pushing hard against his underwear, Martin had tried to pull himself together as Jacob had issued him with his next set of instructions.

The walk back to their cottage had been totally surreal, Martin choosing to follow behind because his erection simply refused to subside. He had watched in a daze as Matthew and Richard had led Alisha along the footpath back to the cottage, the exhausted young woman waddling along clumsily on the end of a leash between them. Gretchen had taken his hand again, and kept giving him these little nods and smiles that he found more worrying than reassuring.

The boys had left them at their front door with the parting caution that Alisha should not be left out of their sight, and then Richard had presented Martin with a plastic Ziploc bag containing two blue suppositories. Now it was just the three of them together in the little kitchen. Martin looked down at the cropped crown of Alisha’s head below him. She was wobbling on her haunches and looked ready to keel over. How the dynamics of their little triangular alliance had shifted!

“We could wait until tomorrow…” Martin said hopefully.

“No,” Gretchen said. “They’ll find out if we disobey them, I’m sure of it. You heard what Jacob said. Our careers depend on doing this right. Besides, I think Alisha needs them real soon – she looks exhausted.”

Even though Gretchen sounded as though she had Alisha’s best interests at heart, Martin was beginning to think otherwise. She no longer seemed afraid of this place, and he sensed that she was now a lot more comfortable with this vile situation than he was. For some reason, while he had been demeaning himself with Alisha in the milking shed, there had been a noticeable change of mindset within Gretchen.

“I’ll tell you what,” Gretchen said, holding out her hand. “I’ll do it. Why don’t you go and take a shower? I can see how unsettled you are.”

Martin looked up at her, hating himself for his weakness. Back in the office he was the strong and purposeful one, and his girls were always coming to him for advice and encouragement. Now he felt emotionally emasculated, although by no means physically. If anything, his libido, always strong, had been considerably amplified. But it didn’t feel like a manly act as he tipped the hateful suppositories into Gretchen’s palm. She squeezed his shoulder with the other hand and said, “Go on. You’ve had a tough day. This is something better handled between us women.”

Glancing down at Alisha’s abject form, Martin still had trouble identifying her as a woman any more, but grateful for the unexpected respite, he nodded distractedly and went into the bedroom. Their overnight bags were still on the dresser where they had left them, and the bed cover remained imprinted with the shape of Gretchen’s slender body. Martin slumped heavily on the bed, the sweet taste of Alisha’s milk still strong in his mouth. He placed a hand over his crotch and absently stroked his insistent erection through his pants.

My dear God, I actually milked Alisha Royce today! Milked her! And then I drank her maternal juices like a hungry infant! How much more intimate can you get with a person other than through actual coitus?

But yet again, he couldn’t reconcile that vulgar act with the kind of sexual encounter he had always imagined having with Alisha. In his nocturnal dreams, there had been touching, kissing, and gentle, mutual caressing. Today, he had simply taken her bodily produce from her while she had been powerless to stop him!

Aware that he was still stroking his groin, Martin stood up abruptly and went into the bathroom.




“So how on earth did this happen to you?” Gretchen asked, straddling one of the kitchen stairs and resting her chin on her arms. Crouching on the floor in front of her, Alisha had allowed her head to hang forward, and Gretchen took a moment to study the remaining little patch of fuzz on the top of her head.

“You must have made somebody very important, really, really mad for them to do this to you, huh?”

With some effort, the exhausted black girl managed to raise her face towards Gretchen, but seemed to have some difficulty focusing her eyes. Her jaws remained cruelly jammed apart by the uncomfortable-looking gag, and a steady stream of saliva ran profusely over her lower lip.

“How silly of me,” Gretchen said. “You can’t speak with that ridiculous gadget in your mouth, can you?”

She straightened up and then turned the little ratchet mechanism on the side of the metal gag, forcing Alisha’s mouth open a little wider.

“Angh!” Alisha’s eyes suddenly regained their focus.

“Oops! Sorry!” Gretchen tittered.

Gradually she succeeded in closing the gag until she was able to free it from behind Alisha’s teeth. She threw the saliva-soaked contraption into the sink, and Alisha painfully wiggled her jaws.

“Is that better?” Gretchen asked.

“W-water,” Alisha croaked.

Gretchen found an enamel cup and filled it from the faucet. Then she retook her seat and held the cup to Alisha’s lips. As she watched her colleague greedily swallow, Gretchen examined the collar to which Alisha’s wrist cuffs had been attached. They were padlocked in place, and to her knowledge, they hadn’t provided Martin with a key. In fact, apart from giving them the suppositories, they hadn’t left them with any specific instructions at all expect to keep Alisha under close supervision at all times.

Alisha gulped back the last of the water, and exercised her jaws again. Gretchen couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it must feel to have your jaws stretched wide open like that for hours on end – and she hoped she would never find out! Another good reason for staying on the right side of these depraved people.

“Can you talk now?” Gretchen said, but Alisha remained silent and kept her eyes lowered. “I know it must be terribly embarrassing having me see you like this, but I’m curious – Martin hasn’t told me anything.”

Alisha raised her head again, but this time her eyes located the two blue suppositories sitting near the edge of the table. Although she had been forced to absorb a great deal of startling information in past couple of hours, Gretchen was a quick learner, and it was evident that the drugs played a very central role in Alisha’s subjugation. If she hadn’t been a user before – and Gretchen seriously doubted that she had – Alisha’s expression suggested that she was fast becoming addicted to these things now.

Gretchen wanted to know more about what was contained within the shiny, blue torpedo-shaped capsules because she was sure they would explain much about what was going on with Alisha’s altered physiology. She had no way of knowing what suffering Alisha had been subjected to recently, but even the milking session she had observed today would have been way too much for a normal person to handle. Granted, Alisha looked to be out on her feet, but if Gretchen had been the one tied to the dais, she would have probably been in a coma by now!

Gretchen picked up one of the tablets and waved it slowly past Alisha’s face, and the black girl’s eyes tracked it back and forth intently. Observing Alisha’s dilated pupils, and the way her pink tongue flickered over her lips, Gretchen was now convinced that regardless of how these men had first managed to compromise Alisha, getting her hooked on these suppositories was an effective, not to mention humbling, way of keeping her under control.

Well, it was time to put that to the test. Martin said he simply didn’t have it in him to anally administer Alisha’s drugs, but Gretchen decided that she did. In fact, she discovered to her surprise that she was actually looking forward to it.





Chapter Thirty

“I want you to lean forward onto your knees and elbows,” the pretty blonde girl said. “Rest your cheek on the floor and stick your butt up in the air.”

The pretty blonde girl? What am I thinking of? This is Gretchen, from work! A jealous colleague who used to follow me around and mimic my style. Another painful reminder of my previously happy life back at the law firm.

And just why was Gretchen, of all people, out here with Martin? It was as if the very last people on earth that she wanted to see her in this demeaning condition had been hand-picked in order to maximize her emotional suffering. But what possible reason could anyone have to put her through this? Initially, Alisha recalled, Darius Nash had told her she would only have to endure this terrible place for a couple of weeks. She had been through so much since her arrival that she had lost track of the days, but she had to be nearing the end of this trial by now, surely? The worrying part was the way Master Jacob kept talking about Martin’s responsibilities. That had to mean that this horror had not been contrived by Nash at all, but by some higher authority at the firm. Although she had been in a mental haze at the time, she was half-certain he had mentioned Mr. Van Hook’s name back in the milking shed – and if a man as powerful as that was involved, then the implications were too awful to contemplate!

As tormenting as these questions were, they remained secondary to Alisha’s primary need right now, and sadly that was what her life had boiled down to these days – basic needs. Mercifully, her milking ordeal was over – God, she could still feel Martin’s wet lips closed around her sensitive nipples! – and that would not become an urgent concern again for another forty-eight hours. But now she needed her medicine badly, and as much as it devastated her to have to prostrate herself on the floor in front of Gretchen, if it was the only way she was going to get her badly needed fix, then she had no other choice!

As she began to topple forward, Gretchen caught her by the armpits – and then immediately jerked her hands away and wiped them on her jeans.

“Eew! Gross!” Gretchen said. When was the last time they shaved you? Never? Just look at those tangled forests!”

Holding her by the forearms this time, Gretchen eased her forward onto the floor. Although her cheeks were burning with shame at Gretchen’s quite justified observation about her underarm hair, Alisha was not oblivious to the note of amusement that carried through Gretchen’s voice.

Somewhere in her mind, after Martin had left them alone together in the kitchen, Alisha had wondered if there was a faint chance she could persuade Gretchen to help her get away from this rural hell. That hope was seriously diminished now as she pressed her cheek against the floor tiles. Gretchen didn’t seem particularly shocked at Alisha’s plight at all. If anything, her former colleague now appeared to be more fascinated than repulsed by Alisha’s grotesque appearance. As Gretchen moved around behind her, Alisha felt her sphincter flexing in anticipation – yet another embarrassing trait her body had recently adopted!

“Oh, my goodness! Here too?” she heard Gretchen exclaim. “It’s grown all the way up to your butthole!” Now Alisha did hear a delighted giggle. “They really have turned you into a wild animal, haven’t they?”

Alisha’s shame at having her workmate commenting about the excessive hair growth in the most private recesses of her body was tempered only be the urgency with which she needed that suppository inside her. It was obvious by now that the capsules were responsible for her humiliating breast expansion, as well as the clouded thinking bouts that frequently washed over her, and to add insult, these awful people had ensured that she physically craved the very thing that was destroying her life!

But what was Gretchen waiting for? Alisha was physically exhausted and her knees ached on the kitchen tiles, as did her super-sensitive nipples squashed beneath her body. Once the required dosage had been administered, she knew she would rapidly regain her strength, and with it for a short period of time, clarity of thought. She just needed Gretchen to get the fuck on with it!

“So do I just give it like, a quick shove? Or do you take it slowly?” Gretchen asked.

Did she really just say that? Does she think I care how the revolting thing goes in? She’s making it sound like she is doing me a favor!

Sadly for Alisha, the fact remained she would have to play whatever silly games that Gretchen came up with if she wanted her fix. That was the hopelessly submissive position she had been relegated to. Miserably, she croaked, “S-slowly… please.”

“Okay,” Gretchen said. “Here goes.”

Alisha’s anus had become accustomed to being stretched by a variety of foreign objects over recent weeks, but it still took her breath away when she felt the fat capsule penetrate her tender opening as Gretchen suddenly forced it deep inside her.

“O-ooh!” Alisha gasped in pain and surprise.

“There, it’s done!” Gretchen said. “Sorry for deceiving you, but it’s the best way. Just like removing a Band-Aid!”

Alisha stayed in position as she caught her breath, too tired to be affronted by Gretchen’s puerile drollery. The main thing was it wouldn’t be long before the narcotics began to work their magic, and the terrible hollowness deep in her gut would gradually disappear. The downside was that once her faculties returned, having to deal with Gretchen would be even more unbearable, so Alisha resolved to remain on the floor with her face averted for as long as possible. However this plan was abruptly terminated by Gretchen, who yanked her upright by the shoulders with surprising strength, and Alisha found herself up on her knees facing the chair which Gretchen had quickly reoccupied.

As the familiar soothing warmth of the drugs started flowing through her, Alisha now noticed the second capsule which Gretchen had left on the table top. In her anxiety, Alisha had temporarily forgotten that Matthew and Richard always gave her at least two suppositories, one immediately after the other. There had to be a very good reason for that minimum dosage and fearful that Gretchen was going to inadvertently leave her in a semi-sated no-man’s land, Alisha wheezed, “Other one…”

“I’m sorry, what was that, honey?” Gretchen asked sweetly.

Alisha nodded at the table again, and in a slightly stronger voice said, “I must have both!”

Gretchen glanced at the capsule but made no attempt to pick it up. She regarded Alisha curiously and said, “Look at you. They’ve really got you hooked, haven’t they? Don’t worry, I’ll give you your little fix, but first I want to have that little chat, okay?”

Alisha was most certainly not in any kind of mood to be having a friendly conversation with her old rival under the current circumstances! The first capsule was kicking in big time now, and as her cognitive functions started coming to life, she was becoming increasingly more self-conscious about her naked and freakishly transformed body. The overhead lights, the cool tiles beneath her bare toes, and most of all, Gretchen’s smirking white face, all started coming into sharp focus, along with a sudden urgent need to cover herself.

On the other hand, she instinctively knew that she really needed that second capsule. With her hands secured behind her head there was nothing she could do except play Gretchen’s game – so as much as it pained her, Alisha, glumly nodded in compliance.

“Excellent!” Gretchen said with a triumphant look in her eyes. “So the last I heard at the office, you had a family matter to attend to, and I have to add, a lot of people have missed you – especially the men. I have too, although I’m sure you can imagine that it’s given me a chance to get closer to Martin.”

At the mention of her beloved mentor’s name, Alisha forced herself to look into her antagonist’s eyes. Just what had been going on at Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon, while Alisha had been on her enforced ‘sabbatical’?

“Oh, yes,” Gretchen said, reading her mind. “You know how much I want him. But with you there, I was always going to be playing second fiddle, wasn’t I? After all, you were his ‘African Princess’ with your voluptuous curves and your flashing eyelashes. I didn’t really stand a chance. But then you suddenly disappeared, and I found myself in the front seat. At first, Martin was a little aloof, and I assumed that because he missed you so much, he was deliberately distancing himself from me. But last week, things began to change. Poor Martin started to look distracted and vulnerable, which allowed me to get a little closer to him than I ever could when you were in the way. Now I know what must have happened – he came here and saw you like this, right? His angelic Alisha was destroyed beyond repair!”

As Gretchen babbled on, Alisha stared at her with growing dismay. Everything she had feared was coming to fruition. Not only would Martin never be attracted to her again, but Gretchen had every intention of moving in on him!

In desperation, Alisha muttered, “Martin loves me.”

“Well, he probably had feelings for you before,” Gretchen conceded. “But I don’t see how he could possibly do so now. I mean, really, do you have any idea what you look like?”

An unbidden vision of her reflection in the glass flashed into Alisha’s mind, and she miserably lowered her eyes again. How would she ever forget that humbling image?

Gretchen leaned back in the chair and cocked her head to one side, her eyes roaming over Alisha’s bald head. “It’s funny how a loss of hair can totally alter a woman’s appearance, isn’t it? I mean, you still have those stunningly pretty eyes that you used on Martin so effectively, but because your face is no longer framed by those long black tresses, you look so different. I know how much you prided yourself on your hair, as well. I used to watch how you flicked it behind you when you walked through the office. I suppose you are taking some salvation from the fact that you can always grow it back again, but there’s not much you can do about those absurdly huge boobs, is there? I mean, no way will they ever fit into a bra again!”

As much as she craved the second suppository, Alisha couldn’t handle Gretchen’s taunting any longer.

“B-Bitch…” Alisha mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re… you’re a spiteful bitch!”

“Now there’s no need to be like that,” Gretchen said, clearly amused by Alisha’s unexpectedly defiant stand. “You should be more graceful in defeat. The better woman won, that’s all.”

Alisha indignantly raised her chin and glared at her. “Better woman? You just said that you didn’t stand a chance with me around.”

“That’s true, I didn’t. But where has that beautiful, intelligent, Alisha Royce gone? All I see is a groveling animal, whose only use is to produce milk as an aphrodisiac for old men. A distinguished attorney like Martin Price would never associate with you now – you’re spoiled goods, Alisha. Or would you prefer to be called Daisy now?”

Alisha opened her mouth to respond, but words failed her. Everything Gretchen had just said, however hurtful was completely true. How could Martin, or any man for that matter, be interested in her like this? She had always been clinging onto the idea that this whole nightmare was somehow reversible, but hearing Gretchen say it, she now fully accepted that she had already passed the point of no return. Would she even retain a modicum of her former self-confidence at work after all she had been through? The legal profession was a tough enough business as it was, where only the mentally and emotionally strong survived. Alisha had certainly possessed the mettle before, but would it be there after having been forced to suffer all of incessant abuse?

Gretchen slid back off the chair and said, “Stand up. We’re going into the bedroom.”

A knot of dread turned inside Alisha’s stomach. Martin was in the bedroom! She stared up at Gretchen and shook her head, but in that moment a spark of understanding flashed between them. There was nothing more to be said because they both instinctively knew that Alisha would obey Gretchen’s every command from here on in. Resistance was futile. Their relationship in the office was now a thing of the past. Alisha was the black slave, naked and on her knees, looking up at the white girl who now had all the power.

To underline her dominance, Gretchen held up the precious suppository. “If you want this, I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”





Chapter Thirty-One

Perched on the edge of the bed, Gretchen listened to Martin showering in the bathroom and waited confidently for Alisha to follow her. It was a new and rather intoxicating feeling to know that the woman whom she had once so admired had no choice other than to do whatever she told her to. The final telling look that had passed between them in the kitchen had confirmed it – no matter how hard she tried to fight it, Alisha had been ground into submission by these simple rubes.

It wasn’t just about her addiction to the drug, either. Day after day of relentless persecution had gradually altered Alisha’s psyche, and although Gretchen was pretty sure that her former colleague wasn’t afraid of her directly, she represented something that most certainly did. Gretchen had no idea who was ultimately behind all of this, but with Mr. Van Hook being involved, they were dealing with a stratum of individuals who controlled the most powerful institutions in society.

But it was beyond Gretchen’s personal remit to try and figure out what the purpose of all this was – if indeed there even was one. She was merely a pawn in a much bigger game, and she was savvy enough to know that all she had to do was play her part. And with everything she wanted seemingly falling into her lap, it would be a pleasure to do so!

A shadow fell across the carpet and Gretchen looked up in wonder as Alisha’s astonishing breasts emerged through the doorway. Defying gravity, they trembled and bounced as the black girl walked unsteadily into the room. After having spent several hours observing Alisha down on her haunches, Gretchen was momentarily taken aback by Alisha’s height. She had always been an imposing sight in her heels back at the office, but even in her bare feet she was a tall girl – no wonder that short-assed Jacob preferred to keep her down on the ground!

Alisha glanced nervously at the bathroom door and then waited with her head bowed. Gretchen doubted that this was a show of deference, but it made her feel good anyway. Wanting to draw out the moment, she dragged her eyes away from Alisha’s mesmerizing breasts, and stared with interest at the thick, rich bush of pubic hair between her legs. Following the contours of Alisha’s muscular legs, she said, “I always thought you had more feminine thighs under your pencil skirts at work. You’re a lot more butch than I imagined. Or perhaps you’ve developed those muscles while you’ve been working here on the farm?”

Without responding, Alisha kept her bald head bowed, staring down into her own sizeable cleavage. Taking her silence as a minor rebellion, Gretchen said, “So would you like me to stick this other capsule up your ass? Your call. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

A second or two passed, and then she heard Alisha mumble, “Yes.”

“Look at me when you speak to me,” Gretchen said. “Don’t be rude.”

Slowly, Alisha raised her head, the resentment in her eyes now quite evident. It was interesting, Gretchen noted, how quickly Alisha’s demeanor was shifting – one moment, weak and frightened, the next, angry and defiant – and she suspected that this was one of the various effects of the mysterious drug that she now so craved.

The sound of the running shower in the adjacent bathroom came to an abrupt halt, and both girls looked at the door and then back at each other. Martin would soon be joining them, and deciding to maximize Alisha’s disadvantage, Gretchen said, “Turn around and bend over the dresser with your legs spread… and up on tippy-toe!”

The venom in Alisha’s eyes now morphed into a round-eyed panic, and she shook her head in horror. “Please, I don’t want him to see me… down there.”

“Really?” Gretchen sniggered. “After all this, you think there’s still a chance that you can redeem yourself in Martin’s eyes? I don’t think so. Now, if you don’t do as I say right now, you won’t get the second capsule at all – and I will also make sure that Jacob hears all about your disobedience.”

A quiet whimper escaped Alisha’s lips and with a final look of desperation at the bathroom door, she shuffled around and assumed the undignified position. With her cheek and elbows on the dresser, and her pendulous breasts dangling freely below, she raised herself up onto her toes and thrust out her round ass until it was only a few inches from Gretchen’s face. For the first time, Gretchen was aware of Alisha’s musky scent and it was surprisingly agreeable considering the primitive conditions in which they had apparently been keeping her.

Moving Alisha’s left buttock to the side with her thumb, Gretchen located her asshole with the tip of the capsule, and slowly nudged it forward. Alisha gave a little undignified grunt and braced her legs on the floorboards as Gretchen stretched her sphincter a little further with the thick pellet. Leaving a good inch or so still exposed, Gretchen let go of the suppository to see whether Alisha would be able to suck it in by herself. Apparently not. She watched transfixed as the wrinkled aperture tightened in vain around the blue-coated capsule, and then let her eyes wander down over Alisha’s hair-covered perineum to her damp sex, the outer lips bloated and damp.

Gretchen caught another subtle whiff of Alisha’s animal essence and it struck her then of how successful Jacob and his boys had been in transforming this once-elegant city girl into a carnal beast. There was absolutely nothing sexy here, and yet Gretchen was quite overwhelmed by Alisha’s bestial aura. She was an organism of brown, silky skin stretched over well-toned muscle, beckoning soft orifices, and life-sustaining udders.

Hearing the latch on the bathroom door, Gretchen snapped out of her reverie, gave the suppository a little push with the tip of her pinkie, and then watch inquisitively as Alisha’s anus drew it in. The bathroom door swung open just as Alisha’s body gave a little spasm of gratitude, while the tormented black girl turned her head away towards to window.

Martin was naked except for a towel around his waist, and Gretchen scanned his tightly muscled torso, his broad shoulders, and significantly, the shape his long shaft that was so clearly defined underneath the towel’s white fabric. Gretchen wasn’t sure whether it was Alisha’s aura, or just a culmination of the sexually surreal events of the day, but she felt her nipples stiffening under her shirt as she stood and went towards her boss.

Martin, his eyes fixed on Alisha’s bent over body, stammered, “Oh. I-I thought you were still in the kitchen…”

Without hesitation, Gretchen placed her hand over Martin’s rock-hard erection, and with the other, untied the knot at his hip. As the towel dropped to the floor, Martin made no attempt to cover himself, and Gretchen wrapped her fingers around his thick, warm, cock while he continued to stare over her shoulder at Alisha. Astonishingly, Gretchen realized that even with all the odds stacked in her favor, she was even now going to have to compete with Alisha for Martin’s attention!

So be it!

Feeling the skin of his penis moving under her fingers, Gretchen said, “You poor man, you’ve been through so much today. Let me see if I can make you feel better!”




He hadn’t expected them to be in the bedroom, and seeing Alisha’s naked form bent over the dresser, Martin’s first instinct was to retreat back into the poky bathroom. Too late, Gretchen was upon him before he had time to react and as soon as she grabbed his dick he knew he was helpless.

And yet, as attractive as she was, it wasn’t Gretchen that was causing his rampant member to swell up so hard – it was the mesmerizing sight of Alisha’s mammoth udders hanging beneath her. His intense arousal was confusing. They were way too big to be beautifully shaped, but there was something awesome about their brown-skinned luminosity, their vulgarly elongated nipples, their sheer, mind-blowing size, that utterly captivated him.

He swallowed and licked his lips, the memory of the taste of her milky issue coming back to him in a rush, and in his hot-headed confusion, it occurred to him that the effects of the drugs she had been forced to take might have been passed on through her milk that he had so hungrily ingested. Could it be that he was already addicted to her?

Whatever the cause, Martin realized that he was, possibly for the first time in his life, in a situation over which he had no control. He could have argued that he was only protecting his career in allowing Van Hook to manipulate him into coming here, but there was no excuse for going any further with this steamy encounter.

Despite his overwhelming feelings of guilt, he continued to stare at Alisha with her absurdly bloated tits while she submissively bent over and offered him her broad, black ass and her disgustingly hairy cunt. God help him if he didn’t want to just mount her right then and there! His animal desire shamed him intensely but still he couldn’t bring himself to turn tail and get the hell out of there as he knew he should. He would have to face these young women again in the office eventually, and unless he got a grip right now, they would all be breaking a cardinal rule of Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon.

But did any of that matter right now, he wondered, as Gretchen let go of his cock and yanked her shirt over her head. He dragged his eyes away from Alisha and gazed at her skinny white torso, drum-tight belly, and her pert little breasts punctuated with childishly small pink nipples. She popped the button on her jeans and in one swift movement pulled them down along with her panties. Martin couldn’t stop himself from staring in awe at Gretchen’s shaved vulva, so tight and pale in comparison to Alisha’s pouting, damp jungle.

He allowed Gretchen to literally lead him by his dick to the bed as his eyes automatically returned to the sight of Alisha’s voluptuous rear end. This was so wrong, but resisting was useless. He was intoxicated by the pungent carnal scent of these two girls that he had come to know so well. And now they were all naked together in a tiny bedroom somewhere in the back of beyond. This was most definitely not the way he had ever imagined it might be with either of them, but he lay back helplessly on the bed as Gretchen straddled him, still stroking his increasingly hardening cock, and said, “Alisha, stand up and turn around – I want you to see this.”





Chapter Thirty-Two

I don’t have to turn around! Alisha weakly reminded herself. This wasn’t Jacob, or even Richard or Matthew talking to her, it was just Gretchen, a guest, a visitor, a mere spectator.

Just Gretchen.

Gretchen, the somewhat awkward white girl who had always followed Alisha’s lead back at the office because she hadn’t quite known what to do to really catch Martin’s eye. Because she hadn’t understood the unspoken subtleties that Alisha and Martin so naturally and culturally shared – the very same Gretchen who was now sharing the bed with handsome Martin!

Despair merged with a swelling indignation as Alisha raised her head off the dresser. It was all so unfair! She was supposed to be the winner! But these cruel and evil people had snatched her inevitable victory ruthlessly away from her, and now she was going to have to witness Gretchen consummating her interracial union with Martin. It was a sight that Alisha dreaded and yet paradoxically, she simply had to see it with her own eyes to believe it.

Slowly she turned, shamefully conscious of her heavy cow-boobs swinging freely in front of her, and of her ugly denuded head, and her disgustingly bushy armpits, and she willed herself to be strong. Gretchen was kneeling on Martin’s thighs, with his engorged penis in her hand. They were of course both naked, Martin’s darkness contrasting with Gretchen’s almost translucent skin.

Martin however, wasn’t gazing passionately up at his imminent lover. Instead, his head was turned in Alisha’s direction, and for a moment she felt a brief glimmer of hope that he would suddenly remember who he was, and launch Gretchen unceremoniously off the bed before coming to Alisha’s rescue. But that fleeting prospect was quashed as she followed his gaze, because his unblinking eyes were solely fixed upon her mammoth breasts. As they jiggled, so his pupils followed, hypnotized by the sight of them, and this surely confirmed that she was now nothing but a sex object to him in the most literal sense.

She would rather be objectified in the workplace than have to suffer the greedy infantile look in his eyes as he ogled her long nipples. He was after her milk, and that was all! He had got the taste, and he wanted more! And he was now about to make love to his new white girlfriend, his ardor fueled by the sight of his milk bitch standing obediently by the side of his bed!

Gretchen stroked Martin’s thick, black rod with the familiarity of a longtime paramour, and said, “What does she look like now, Martin? Is she still beautiful to you?”

His eyes still glued to Alisha’s distended teats, Martin remained stupidly silent. Gretchen edged forward, rubbing her vulva against Martin’s shaft. They were practically fucking in front of her now, and Martin was making no attempt to resist. Standing pathetically to one side with her hands behind her head, it suddenly struck Alisha that this moment in time could never be reversed. No matter what happened after this, even if she won her freedom and returned to her old life, the memory of having to watch her beautiful mentor copulating with her inferior rival would stay with her forever. How could she ever face them again?

“Who do you want to fuck, Martin?” Gretchen asked as she ground her pubis against his cock. “Do you want me, or that fat-titted cow?”

Still Martin stared at Alisha’s breasts, but now his lips parted and he emitted a low sigh of pleasure as Gretchen’s hairless cunt slithered along his length. Gretchen leaned forward and placed her hands on either side of Martin’s head. “You know Jacob’s boys have been fucking her, don’t you? They must have been. Two horny white boys with their own black slave to play with? I bet she’s been fucking and sucking them every which way, like a good little nigger bitch!”

Even as the next wave of the stupefying narcotic began to sweep over her, Alisha was struck by Gretchen’s racist language. It went without saying that she couldn’t speak like that in the office, but had she forgotten that the naked man she was sitting on – her boss, no less! – was an African American too? For the first time, Martin turned to look up at Gretchen, but before he could say a word, the blonde intern lowered her head and forced her pink tongue into his mouth.

You manipulative whore! Alisha seethed as the lewd sight of Gretchen sliding her body up and down over Martin begun to swim before her eyes. He’s confused and weak, and you’re taking full advantage of that!

With a rude sucking sound, Gretchen pulled her lips away and gasped, “She’s black trash, Martin, you know that don’t you? Alisha is the white man’s whore now. Let me be yours!”

Alisha swayed back unsteadily on her feet, knocking her ass against the dresser as the erotic scene before her shifted in and out of focus. She blinked twice, trying to clear her vision, and managed to catch a last look at Martin’s cockhead tapping against Gretchen’s cunt. Gretchen reached down and parted her lips with her fingers, allowing Martin’s bulbous black glans to snuggle inside, and then she groaned out loud as she slowly lowered herself onto his long shaft.

It’s too late! Alisha though woozily. He’s inside her now. Whatever happens in the future, she will always have been the first!

She closed her eyes, no longer wanting to witness the truth, and allowed herself to slither onto the floor. In a semi-daze, Alisha tried to ignore the sound of the creaking bedsprings and Gretchen’s whimpering sighs. After a year of vying with each other, this was the end result. Gretchen had her man, even though she had done nothing to earn him, and for the first time, Alisha caught herself wondering if she even wanted to leave the farm after all – suddenly, the outside world seemed like a very cold and unfriendly place!




A sharp rapping at the door woke Gretchen with a start. She sat bolt upright, initially confused by her surroundings, surprised by her nakedness, then seeing Martin’s nude black body beside her, she remembered.

My God, we did it! Me and Martin! I can’t believe it just happened like that!

The knocking resumed, more insistent this time, and she knew it had to be that creepy farmer, Jacob again. She quickly pulled on her jeans and shirt as Martin began to stir. She slid off the bed and saw Alisha slumped against the dresser, her head on her chin, her hands still fastened behind her neck, and her fat boobs covering her torso and thighs.

Martin rolled over and blinked, and looking down at himself, he place his hands over his groin. “Wh-what is it?”

“I think it’s Jacob,” Gretchen said.

While Martin fumbled for his clothes, Gretchen answered the door. It was indeed the red-faced little farmer, grumpy as ever, with Matthew, the younger son, behind him. Jacob’s lecherous eyes lingered on the points of Gretchen’s nipples through her shirt, before he said, “Where’s Price?”

“Sleeping,” Gretchen said.

“With the black cow?” Jacob asked with a contemptuous grin.

“No, he was with…” Gretchen caught herself, and continued, “What do you want?”

“New orders for Price,” Jacob said. “Not you. Go get him.”

Resisting the urge to slap the arrogant pig, Gretchen turned to fetch Martin, but he was already behind her, his eyes bleary, and his clothes disheveled.

“Couldn’t resist it, eh?” Jacob chuckled.

“I… what do you mean?” Martin stammered, glancing nervously at Gretchen.

“Never mind,” Jacob sneered. “Matthew, give him the bag.”

Matthew passed a large canvas bag to Martin, his eyes roaming over Gretchen’s braless chest as he reached forward, and igniting in her that initial spark of trepidation from the previous day. How easy it would be for these crazy rustics to hold her captive as they had done with Alisha! Just one word from Van Hook and she could be spirited away from the world, and transformed into whatever disfigured creature they so desired! She shuddered at the thought and edged a little closer to Martin.

“You are to call your boss,” Jacob said. “He has some new instructions for you. When you leave the farm today, you’ll be taking Black Beauty with you.”

Although Gretchen hadn’t heard them use this name before, it was obvious who they were talking about. But what did it mean? Was Alisha free to go? Would she be returning to work? In her current condition, Gretchen thought that highly unlikely, but she needed to find out quickly. She had yet to consolidate her position with Martin, and she couldn’t afford a scenario where, awash with guilt, he were to spend all of his time and energy in helping Alisha reestablish her career path. Before Martin could respond, Gretchen asked, “Alisha’s going home?”

Jacob shot her a look of disdain and went on, “She’ll be under your care from now on, Mr. Price. As far as I am concerned, my work is done. Your boss will decide what happens next.”

Hearing these words, Gretchen immediately felt a little more at ease. It didn’t sound like Alisha was going to be set free at all. On the contrary, it seemed that her subjugation was set to continue back in the city under Martin’s direct supervision – and Gretchen was damned if she wasn’t going to be a part of that!

“Black Beauty’s traveling clothes, suppositories, and some other items are in the bag,” Jacob said. “Mr. Van Hook will explain everything else. Now, I’ve got things to do, and I’m sure you’ll be keen to get back to the city, so I’ll leave you to it.”

And without even so much as a goodbye, Jacob turned on his heel and started down the path, but Matthew lingered a moment and then said to Gretchen, “Take care of her for me. I’m going to miss her.”

To her amazement, the stupid rube had tears in his eyes! Gretchen had to hand it to Alisha – she certainly had her way with the men! She watched Matthew hurry after his father, and then pushed the door shut with her foot. Martin leaned against the wall and blew out along breath.

“Now what?” Gretchen asked.

Martin looked at her uneasily, “I’m going to have to make that call.”





Chapter Thirty-Three

“Yes, Mr.Van Hook, I do understand… yes, I will, sir.”

Martin stared at the hang-up icon blinking on his phone screen for a moment and then gazed numbly out across the pastures. On the one hand, he couldn’t wait to leave this depraved place, but on the other, he hadn’t been at all prepared for what that sick bastard had prepared for them next. The only saving grace was that Gretchen would be alongside to help him – provided she didn’t decide that this was all getting way out of hand and simply quit the company. However, judging from her remarkable change of attitude since yesterday, he somehow doubted that.

He pocketed his cell phone and symbolically wiped his hands together. He always felt dirty after speaking with David Van Hook these days. What possible motivation could that man have for wanting to destroy a young woman’s life like this? Some kind of twisted revenge? Had Alisha once spurned his advances? That was all Martin could think of. Surely he wasn’t doing this to her for mere sport?

Yes, sir. I understand, sir. Of course, sir. Three bags fucking full, sir!

Martin could hear his own ingratiating voice still echoing in his head. He felt thoroughly ashamed of himself. He should be helping Alisha to escape from this horror, not abetting this depraved gang of evil perverts. But that was the hard truth he had to face, wasn’t it? As much as he had loved, and indeed lusted after Alisha, when it came to the crunch, his career meant more to him. He was far from happy with this realization, but there it was.

There was another, troubling aspect to all this – he simply could no longer deny the intense sexual arousal he was deriving as a result of this abominable enterprise. Certainly, drinking Alisha’s breast milk had affected him deeply, and the urge to suck on those inviting teats seemed to lurk constantly in the back of his mind now. And just looking at the poor girl’s bloated mammaries was enough to send an immediate rush of blood to his dick! But it wasn’t just about Alisha – he still couldn’t believe that he and Gretchen had had unprotected sex and that she had allowed him to come inside her! Had she taken precautions? What if she got pregnant? What the hell was wrong with him? He was breaking every rule in the book!

Martin rubbed his eyes and with a deep sigh, went back into the cottage to tell Gretchen what Van Hook expected of her now.




“Oh, my, look at this!” Gretchen giggled. “Put this on and I bet we’d look just like sisters!”

Alisha stared forlornly at the blonde wig that Gretchen was raising up for her to see. Quite apart from the fact that with their contrasting skin color, and radically mismatched body shapes, there couldn’t have been two physically dissimilar women on the planet, the Shirley Temple wig was totally different in shade and texture to Gretchen’s natural, soft tresses. It was so obviously false that it had clearly been purchased from a fancy dress store, and was never intended to look real.

But that was the whole point, wasn’t it? To make Alisha look as ridiculous as possible. An ebony-skinned girl with unfeasibly large breasts, and a garish, curly blonde hairstyle? Who wouldn’t stop to look? And that question led to Alisha’s latest cause for worry. She had heard Master Jacob talking to them in the doorway, and had picked up the gist that she would be leaving the farm. Her initial elation at having apparently made it through this ordeal had been tempered when Gretchen had returned to the bedroom lugging the big canvas bag.

As Gretchen had started investigating the contents of the bag and placing them one by one on the bed, Alisha’s heart had begun to sink. She tried to recollect what she had been wearing the day she had been brought to this terrible place, and incredibly, that humiliating first day when she had been stripped in the open air in front of everyone had come flooding back to her with full clarity. Piece by piece she recalled, she had removed her sweater, shoes and socks, and then of course her underwear, and she had been kept effectively naked ever since! How long ago that seemed!

But there were none of her personal clothes amongst the items that Gretchen was producing now, and even though there was no way Alisha would ever be able to fit into her old bra, the fact that she was being provided with new personal items suggested quite clearly that she was not going to be returning to her old existence.

Laying the absurd wig to one side, Gretchen delved into the bag again. She had already uncovered a couple of ugly frocks which from the look of them, would be more than sufficient in size to cover Alisha’s gigantic breasts. A pair of sandals and three pairs of large frumpy knickers followed. There was also a plastic bag filled with the familiar blue suppositories with which Alisha had developed such a deep love-hate relationship.

Now Gretchen chuckled again. “Oh, look. They’ve even remembered to pack your favorite toy!”

Alisha needed no introduction to the long, black phallus that Gretchen was now waving in front of her. She had been forced to ride the disgusting thing on many occasions, the most recent of course being this morning in the milking shed! And in spite of Gretchen’s cruel taunt – not to mention Alisha’s supercharged body having its own ideas – she despised the sex toy intensely, not least because of its color, which had presumably been chosen to mock her own skin pigmentation.

A big, black cock, for the nigger slave!

Alisha remained quietly on the floor while Gretchen enjoyed herself examining the bizarre contents of the bag. Cautiously, she straightened her legs and wiggled her toes. Gretchen didn’t seem to notice. At some point over the past few hours, Alisha had come to subconsciously accept that she was under now under Gretchen’s control, but if in fact she was about to leave the farm, then didn’t that mean she had only Darius Nash to answer to once again?

Deductive thinking, once her strong point, didn’t come as easy these days, but she still recalled the terms of Nash’s blackmail agreement, and specifically regarding this interlude on the farm. If she was correct in her reasoning, then with the exception of the weekends at Nash’s brownstone, she would soon have her freedom back again. Her stomach began to flutter as she processed this possibility, but the feeling was more of anxiety than excitement – the concept of being in control of her own destiny suddenly seeming rather daunting. With her body and mind so badly knocked out of shape, how in the hell was she supposed to prepare herself for life back in the city?

To her growing dismay, it suddenly occurred to Alisha that she may no longer be capable of facing the future by herself – or at least for the time being. As much as it galled her to admit it, the idea of having Gretchen and Martin by her side suddenly felt rather more appealing than being left to her own devices. What a heartbreaking comedown from the independently-minded free spirit she used to be!

As she wrestled with this troubling realization, the bedroom door swung open and Martin appeared in the doorway. Alisha’s eyes were involuntarily drawn to his crotch, and although not as aroused as before, the shape of his substantial member was still visible under his pants. Forcing herself to look up at his face, Alisha saw that he was wearing his now-familiar troubled frown.

“So here’s the thing,” he said, looking at Gretchen. “Alisha is to return to work, but she won’t be living at her own apartment anymore – she’ll be staying with you.”

Gretchen laid down a rather complicated leather gag she had been studying, and said, “With me?”

“That’s correct,” Martin said. “Mr. Van Hook says that from now on, you are to be Alisha’s guardian.”

Unlike Alisha, Gretchen didn’t appear particularly stunned by this turn of events, and merely asked, “And what exactly will this entail?”

“Well, everything, I guess,” Martin said, and then turning to Alisha, added, “Mr. Van Hook asked me to remind you that the arrangement you had with Darius Nash is still in effect.”

Alisha had almost forgotten about how she had originally been caught up in this nightmare – the threat of being exposed as a drug user (one stupid mistake!) which would have most certainly ended her hard-earned position at Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon. She had almost compartmentalized that off, as if it were a separate issue to the one she had been facing here on the farm, and yet it remained the core reason for her being here. For the first time, fragments of that one-sided conversation in Nash’s living room now came drifting back to her. The sick pervert had informed her that she was to be ‘reconstructed’ and ‘altered’ and had mentioned something about an ‘experiment’ in which she would be reduced to a ‘less-than-human-status’. But it was the final part of his ‘sales pitch’ that now reverberated in her mind: …will gradually rebuild you in the new mold that we have decided for you.”

Rather than being the end of her ordeal, was this now the beginning of the ‘rebuilding’ stage? Now that Alisha was psychologically crippled as well as physically modified possibly beyond repair, it seemed that Gretchen, of all people, had been charged with the task of reintroducing her to her old environment – but in what form? With this much unexpected power to wield, there was little to no chance that Gretchen would help Alisha return to her former status! The thought of playing a poor second fiddle to her former rival in front of the entire office caused Alisha to fleetingly consider asking if she could stay behind at the farm!

But as these considerations churned around in her mind, Alisha already knew that she would be going with Gretchen. Yes, technically she had a choice, but something irreversible had been burned into her psyche now, and she was no longer the same Alisha Royce that had arrived here. She hated Gretchen with a vengeance already, and she was sorely disappointed at Martin’s newly-revealed weakness, but deep down she knew that she needed them both in the short-term at least. Perhaps in a few weeks, when she was a little mentally stronger, she would begin to plot her escape plan, but for now she would just go along with whatever they wanted her to do – it just seemed easier that way.

“I’m okay with that,” Gretchen nodded. “You can be my little pet, Alisha! We’ll have lots of fun together, won’t we?”

“Alisha?” Martin said, forcing himself to meet her eyes. “Mr. Van Hook wants to know if you are still prepared to honor your part of the agreement.”

Honor? Agreement?

Legal-sounding terms that seemed so out of place right now! Trying to ignore the ramifications of Gretchen’s last sentence, Alisha nodded wordlessly.

“Okay then,” Martin said, sounding a little relieved. “That’s settled then. Now we need to tie up another loose end. Your mother lives alone I understand, Alisha?”

Instantly snapped out of her mental disorientation, Alisha said, “My mother?”

“Yes,” Martin said. “According to your HR records, she is divorced and your sister has moved to California, am I right?”

“Y-yes, but why do you...?”

“Don’t worry, nothing bad is going to happen to your mother,” Martin said hurriedly. “On the contrary, she has already been generously compensated as a result of your… situation.”


“What have you told her?” Alisha said, her stomach knotting again.

Martin cleared his throat. “Before your departure for the farm, you told her you would be on an intensive study retreat in preparation for your exams, is that correct?”

Alisha nodded again. It was the only story she could come up with which would explain why she couldn’t be reached.

Martin continued, “The company has been in touch with her again – and told her the real reason for your absence.”

Alisha’s eyes widened. “Sh-she knows about this?”

“Oh no, absolutely not!” Martin said. “But she does know that you are a drug addict and that you have actually been in rehab for the past fortnight. The company has sent her a substantial check which they have explained is a payment from your medical insurance. They have explained to her that you are in good hands and that you specifically requested to be left alone during this difficult time of healing.”

Martin sounded as though he was quoting from a staff memo, but Alisha had no reason to think that he wasn’t telling the whole truth here. Her eyes welling up, she said, “My mom thinks I’m a drug addict?”

From the bed, Gretchen waved the bag of suppositories, and said, “Well she’s not wrong, is she?”

“B-but I’m not… I wasn’t before…” Alisha sobbed.

“The point is,” Martin interjected, “she has asked to speak to you on the phone. So far, Mr. Van Hook has managed to keep this whole thing sounding plausible, but it’s time your mother heard your voice.”

Sniffing back tears, Alisha said, “I can’t talk to her now!”

“I’m afraid you must,” Martin said softly.

Through her tears, Alisha became aware of a hand resting upon her shoulder, and she looked up to see that Gretchen was crouching beside her with a big fat suppository in her other hand.

“Come over to the bed,” she smiled, “and I’ll stick a couple of these up your ass – then you can phone your mom!”





Chapter Thirty-Four

They were ready to leave the farm. Alisha had walked – actually walked like a human being – with Gretchen along the footpath to the farmhouse where Martin was parked. Not that Alisha had brought much with her, but her original clothes had been packed in a shopping bag which she now placed in the trunk of Martin’s Escalade. Even if she had been allowed to wear them, there was no way that Alisha’s grossly oversized breasts would have remotely fitted underneath her sweater!

But of course she hadn’t been given a choice in the matter anyway, and it was Gretchen who had selected her clothes from the canvas bag, clearly relishing her new position as Alisha’s official baby-sitter. Alisha cringed inwardly at the way she had meekly allowed Gretchen to position her ass-up on the bed, and then insert the two capsules into her asshole. To her added embarrassment, Martin hadn’t left the room this time, but had watched on curiously as Alisha’s fix was being administered in such a vulgar fashion.

Still terrified at the prospect of having to speak to her mother, Alisha had buried her tear-streaked face in the pillows with her breasts squished out beside her, as the soothing effects of the narcotic compound had quickly taken effect. While she was prone, Alisha had heard the clink of metal and then for the first time in what felt like years, her wrists were freed of their cuffs. With a little gentle encouragement from Gretchen, Alisha had slowly raised herself up onto her knees, and then climbed off the bed.

Then Gretchen had dressed her, first selecting a pair of frumpy black knickers that, for some unimaginable reason had a coarse strip of fibrous material sewn inside the gusset that had immediately started irritating Alisha’s swollen labia.

Then, still under Martin’s inquisitive gaze, Gretchen had worked a brown burlap frock down over Alisha’s head, no more than a sack really, but large enough to drape over her prominent bust and hang down to her knees. Finally, she slipped a pair of leather thongs onto her feet and her unflattering attire had been basically complete – but not quite.

Gretchen had delighted in taking her time to adjust the hateful Shirley Temple wig until she had it just so. Gretchen had even made Alisha pose for some pictures, laughing happily as she had shown her the images on her smartphone – a dark-skinned face framed by cute, blonde curls, wearing a sackcloth dress over a gargantuan bust! Even in her stressed-out, drug-clouded state of mind, it was not lost on Alisha that she had been deliberately turned into this caricature, and that these ludicrous props had quite obviously been selected and prepared by somebody with a little more imagination than the idiot rubes dwelling on this farm.

Noticing the strange, pitying look in Martin’s eyes, Alisha wasn’t sure if wouldn’t have been better to have remained naked – no more secrets to hide from him there anyway. But that was not her decision to make. Gretchen was in control now, her authority apparently sanctioned by one of the most powerful partners at Bale, Thomas, and Farringdon, and if Alisha still harbored hopes of salvaging her career, she would have no choice but to accept it – for now.




Martin’s emotions had been on such a rollercoaster ride for the past twenty-four hours that he had been unprepared for how painful he had found it to call Alisha’s mother. He had met her once at an office function, a decent, if uneducated woman, but her tired, almost defeated demeanor had made him wonder where Alisha had inherited her inner strength from – the absent father, maybe?

Despite Mrs. Royce’s obvious concerns about her daughter’s welfare, Mr. Van Hook had calculated correctly in sending her an obscenely large check under the guise of an insurance payout. No matter how difficult or complicated the circumstances, money always had a way of sugar-coating the pill. By emphasizing that the funds were only available due to Alisha’s own prudence and forethought – a lie of course, because although Alisha was indeed contributing to a pension scheme, there was no way she could have accrued such a generous payout at this early stage of her career – it was hoped that Mrs. Royce’s shock and disappointment at her daughter’s failings might be somewhat assuaged. Or on a more practical level, Martin understood, the woman was really being paid to stay away and not poke her nose around during Alisha’s ‘treatment’.

If Martin had found it difficult to lie to Alisha’s mother, his discomfiture had paled into insignificance when he had handed the phone to Alisha. Gretchen had administered another two capsules anally, a sight that Martin had found revolting and yet oddly enthralling. The sight of these two young women in such close and intimate proximity, had the effect of triggering yet another semi-erection, but for reasons that he couldn’t explain, he hadn’t this time felt compelled to leave the room.

After allowing herself to be dressed by Gretchen, and then fitted with the blonde, curly wig, Alisha had looked totally unreal and cartoonish, especially with the front of her burlap frock thrusting out like a pair of gigantic elongated balloons. Was Van Hook really expecting her to return to work like this? Martin was just grateful that it would be down to Gretchen to oversee the details of Alisha’s return to the office, and not himself.

Alisha’s exchange with her mother had been brief, with the majority of the dialogue coming from the other end. To her credit, even though tears of shame had soaked her dark cheeks, Alisha had managed to keep her voice reasonably level as she had assured her mother that she was in good hands and was on the road to repair. Apologizing for letting the family down had been rather more harrowing for her of course – particularly as it now transpired that there was an element of truth to her guilt. Even if Martin had had prior knowledge of Alisha’s single indiscretion, he would have let it pass with a quiet word of advice, nothing more. It would have been seriously naïve of him to think that she was the only member of staff to have partaken in the occasional illegal stimulant outside of office hours. But of course, poor Alisha was being portrayed as a hopeless user whose whole future hung in the balance, and this to the person whom she wanted to impress the most – her mother! How that must have hurt!

While Martin had almost cringed on Alisha’s behalf, Gretchen, he noticed, had sat right beside Alisha, holding her hand encouragingly, but all the time maintaining a little smile on her soft lips as her blue eyes had sparkled with satisfaction. What a complex and devious character that one was turning out to be. And not only was she now deeply entwined in their little ménage et trois, but after their passionate rutting session earlier, she now had something on him too!

Confession time over, they had made their way to Martin’s Escalade, packed their belongings, and then Alisha had been forced to endure one final indignity – a kiss goodbye for both Matthew and Richard who had turned up to see her off. Martin could only imagine how galling that must have felt for the poor girl given the anguish these two deviant young white men had inflicted on her this past fortnight.

Anxious now to get the hell off this farm, Martin fired up the engine with Gretchen in the passenger seat beside him, and their odd-looking charge sitting miserably in the back seat. He took a final glance in the rearview at the farmhouse and the paddock where he had first witnessed Alisha’s outrageous show pony routine, and with a deep sense of foreboding about what lay ahead, he turned out of the main gate.

All three occupants of that SUV were now very changed people from when they arrived at that strange and heinous farm. And the more he thought about it, the more Martin was convinced that David Van Hook and whoever else might be manipulating them, intended to escalate their depraved little alliance when they returned to work in the city – and for a long time to come.




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