Ulterior Motive by F. Thomas McGuire

Ulterior Motive by F. Thomas McGuire Ulterior Motive by F. Thomas McGuire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Her day had start fine, until she met him. Now she doesn't know what to do, she can't get him out of her mind. He is the only thing she can think about.


Her day had start fine, until she met him. Now she doesn't know what to do, she can't get him out of her mind. He is the only thing she can think about.


Submitted: August 20, 2011

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Submitted: August 20, 2011



He is standing in an aisle of a large department store, when an attractive younger lady he has never seen before enters the aisle and stops next to him. He turns to her, she smiles, and he says, "In a moment, I am going to whisper a word in your ear, a very powerful word. When I say the word you will begin your orgasmic cycle. You will begin to build an amazingly intense full body orgasm. I suggest that you quickly find a private place to be alone after I whisper the word. Do you understand what I have told you?"

The lady looking into his eyes, says, "Yes, I understand what you said."

"Good," says the man, leans toward her and whispers in her ear. Her eyes widen, she turns and walks away rather quickly.

Fifteen minutes later, as he is comparing two products, she returns, approaching him reluctantly.

Without turning, he asks, "How was it?"

She moves to him, wraps her arms around him, and lays her head on his shoulder.

"Was it that good," he asks?

She nods her head slowly.

"Would you like another," he asks softly?

She shakes her head no slowly but then changes it to a nod.

He wraps his arms around her waist and whispers the word in her ear again. She tries to pull away but he holds her tight. She looks up into his eyes and pleads. "Please." Then she buries her face in his neck, and starts to breathe heavily. Shortly she is moaning softly against his neck and her body is trembling. Her legs give way and he has to hold her up. A minute later she collects herself, and steps back, "I’m wet," she states.

"Go clean up kitten," says the man. She turns and leaves. He chooses the product he wants, checks out and leaves the store.

She leaves the women's room and goes to find him. He is not in the same aisle, so she frantically searches the store for him. Finally giving up, she asks the door greeter about him. The door greeter recognizes his description and tells her that the man is a regular, coming in once or twice a week, always about the same time.

She returns to the store every day looking for him and finally finds him again. She walks up behind him in the meat department and watches him pick out several steaks, some stuffed pork chops and a large package of ground sirloin. Without turning he asks, "May I help you?"

"I. I. We met in this store six days ago. Do you remember? In automotive," she asks?

"I remember you, but we didn't actually meet, you neglected to tell me your name kitten," he replies.

"I'm Kim," she answers.

"Nice to meet you Kim, I am Thomas. What can I do for you?"

"I don't know," she stammers. "I can't get you out of my head."

"I'm sorry, but what do you want me to do," asks Thomas?

Kim cannot look Thomas in the eyes and is embarrassed but finally asks, “Please tell me how you do that. I can't stop thinking about it and just need to know.”

Thomas chuckles, grins and turns to Kim and says, “Kitten it’s not time for you to know that yet,” he continues walking down the meat aisle. Kim is still standing there trying to gather herself. She finally decides she needs to let it go, it’s become all she thinks about and she can’t continue to do that. So she goes down the cleaning aisle knowing this is the least sexual aisle in the store. She stands and stares at nothing and everything just trying to get her senses about her. She knows she can’t go back and ask for it again. She just needs to let it go. So after about 5 minutes of standing there she remembers she does need dishwasher liquid. She bends down, looks at the 3 different kinds and finally just grabs a bottle. As she stands back up; she feels his hands on her waist and his familiar smell from the last time she was nuzzled in his neck. He whispers, “Kim just nod your head if you want it Kitten.” He knows she’s struggling with this and he’s kind of enjoying her inner struggle as he knows her inner being is going to overrun her logical side. Kim at first shakes her head no, and he moves closer and she can feel his whole body behind her. He turns her around with force but gentle force, holds her face and says, “Look at me and shake your head no.” Kim can’t do it. She knows she can’t hold out much longer. Her will is weakening. His hands slowly rub lower and hold her, with one hand he removes the bottle from her hand, placing it in her cart and says, “Tell me no Kitten, all you need to do is say that one word and I will release you, shake your head yes for me and you will feel it again”… Kim slowly shakes her head yes. Thomas leans in and whispers one word in her ear. Her body begins to tremble and shake. She is holding onto him for support and he holds her up. She lets out a moan she can no longer hold in.

Finally her body stops quivering and Thomas says, “Come Kitten we have a long afternoon ahead of us, and by the way, it only becomes more and more addictive, more and more intense.”

Kim giggles, her hand comes up to cover her mouth, she drops her hand and smiling asks, “More intense, is that even possible?”

“Kitten, you haven’t felt anything yet,” exclaims Thomas!

“Thomas, I can’t focus on anything but you now,” states Kim, “what am I going to do if you make it more intense.”

“I will help you Kitten,” says Thomas. “I won’t leave you in distress. But you need to want my help, want what I have to offer.”

Kim looks up at him and knows her answer, “I do want your help and I want what you have to offer. It scares me but at the same time, my body and mind just can’t leave it alone.” She grabbed his arm and says, “Please Thomas, let me know all of what you have to offer.”

“Come then Kitten, we shall spend the afternoon together.” Kim is shaking and he still has his arm around her to help support her as they leave her cart in the aisle and leave the store. Thomas knows she may change her mind as she walks out but moves in closer so she feels him close. Kim’s body reacts and she gasps, enjoying the feeling of him so close to her. He leads her to his car, opens the door for her, and she never thinks twice. She gets in, not knowing what is in her future or what box she has opened and stepped into.

Thomas gets in and starts the car, turns and faces Kim and says, “Kitten, look at me.” Kim looks over at him. “This is your last chance, I will only ask this once more and you need to tell me yes this is what you want. Are you sure Kitten this is what you want? I need you to use your voice and not just shake your head, tell me, yes or no.” Kim sits there in silence for a moment, looks over to him, and in a shaky voice says, “Yes Thomas, this is what I want”. Thomas backs his vehicle out and they take off to a whole new world for Kim.

They drive along in silence for a short time, when Thomas says, “Kitten I want you to relax, close your eyes and listen to me carefully, will you do that for me?”

“Yes Thomas, whatever you ask,” she replies and closes her eyes.

“ I want you to take a deep breath, hold it, and slowly blow it out through your mouth. Listen carefully to my voice, feeling so calm, so relaxed, taking another deep breath and blowing it out slowly. Each and every breath you take will help you relax, each and ever word you hear me speak will relax you. All other sounds are fading away; my voice is the only important thing right now. Every word I speak relaxing you, more and more, more relaxed with every breath. My voice is all you hear now; all other sound has faded away. The more relaxed you become the better you feel, feeling better and better as you descend deeper and deeper into relaxation. When ever you hear me say ‘Time to sleep’ to you, you will instantly descend to the deepest level of relaxation you have experienced. You will descend into total relaxation when you hear me tell you, ‘Time to sleep’. Do you understand?”

Kim slowly says, “Yes.”

“Floating down, down deeper and deeper, so very deep, so calm and peaceful, feeling better than you have ever felt in your life. Whenever you are with me you are happy, carefree, calm and peaceful, smiling, giggling and laughing. When we are apart you do thing to please me, to make me happy. Your greatest need is to please me and make me happy. So deep now, your body healing in every way possible, regenerating, revitalizing, re-energizing, remodeling your body to be the healthiest it can be. You always choose to be healthy, making healthy choices for your life. Life is glorious and you enjoy and look forward to every moment of every day, making fantastic memories.

Your subconscious mind is now reorganizing your memories, making your memories more available to you. You easily recall any memory in perfect detail whenever you need to remember. Your memory is getting better every day, day by day, in every possible way, you are getting better and better, healthier and healthier.

In a moment I am going to count from one to five, when I say the number five, you are going to stretch, yawn, and feel fantastic for the rest of the day.

Floating downward, 100 times deeper, feeling fabulous. As you awaken you will take these great feelings with you for the rest of the day. One … two … feeling so very fantastic … three …feeling amazing … four … becoming aware of your surroundings …and five.”

Kim stretches, yawns, bringing her hand over her mouth, and sits up straight.

“How do you feel Kitten,” asks Thomas.

“I feel amazing, I’ve never felt this good.”

“Would you like to go straight to my place or stop somewhere for a bit to eat, asks Thomas?”

“Which ever will make you happy,” answers Kim.

“Lean over hear so I can tell you something,” says Thomas.

Kim leans over and Thomas speaks a single word, Kim sits back, looking at Thomas. She starts breathing deeply, small moan coming with each exhale, her body begins to tremble, then shake, she clutches the door handle and Thomas’ leg. Her body goes stiff and she screams ‘Thommmas’ as she orgasms.

Thomas smiles to himself, even as her finger dig into his leg through his pants.

She straightens up again in her seat. She tries to straighten her cloths, and reaches down between her thighs. “I’m very wet, can we go to your place please?”

“Alright, but let’s stop to get some take out,” says Thomas.

“Sounds good to me Thomas, whatever you want, and I mean whatever,” states Kimwith a smile.

“Remember Kim, it will only get more and more intense, and more and more addictive.”

“I remember Thomas,” she replies.

Thomas reaches forward, pushes a button on the dashboard, and says Edwardos. There is the sound of a phone ringing and then the answer,” Edwardos, how may I help you?”

“This is Thomas, I need food for two, nothing elaborate, the chiefs recommendation will be fine. I will be there to pick it up in fifteen minutes.”

“Very well Sir, two chiefs choices will be waiting for you Sir.”

“Thank you Gregory, include the proper gratuity for yourself and say hello to your lovely wife for me.”

“Yes Sir, she will be pleased that you remembered her Sir,” answers Gregory.

“Have her call me, and we’ll set up another session,” suggests Thomas.

“Good, I know she will be happy to hear that Sir.”

Thomas reaches up and pushes the button again, hanging up. Then he says, “Mellow Music 3, and the stereo starts playing soft instrumental music. Kim gets comfortable in the seat and drifts off to sleep. She wakes up suddenly to another building orgasm, she grabs the armrest on the car door and for Thomas but he isn’t in the drivers seat. Her body shakes violently and she screams her orgasm. She stops shaking, the car door opens and Thomas offers her his hand, helping her out of the car. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he guides her into the house.

“My bedroom is through that door, there is a robe on the back of the door, please go remove your clothes and I will wash them for you.”

“Thank you Thomas, I’ll be right back.”

Kim goes into the bedroom, removes her clothes, and slips into the velour robe. Enjoying its warmth and Thomas’ scent. She slips into the bathroom and washes between her thighs, removing the stickiness. She then re-enters the living room where Thomas is lighting a fire in the fireplace.

“Please have a seat and relax, I’ll get your clothes and start the washer.” She sits down on the couch and watches the fireplace for a moment and Thomas says, “Time to sleep.” Kim slumps down on the couch as Thomas goes to his bedroom for the clothes.

She stretches and yawns, feeling so amazing. She looks around for Thomas as he comes from the dining room.

“Would you care to join me for dinner?”

Kim stands, a little wobbly, and walks over to Thomas. As she gets close to him, he reaches out offering his hand to her. She reaches out taking his hand, as he guides her into the dining room. He has arranged the food on the table with a single red rose and a burning candle. He sits her down on his right side, pushing in her chair, and he sits at the head of the table. Thomas lays his right hand on the table, palm up, closes his eyes, and bows his head. A few moments later, he lifts his head, opens his eyes, and removes his hand. Kim then realized that he was praying and wished that she had taken his hand. Thomas picks up his fork and begins to eat. He swallows his first bite of food and says, “Jazz six,” and the stereo begins to play. Kim picks up her fork and eats. They both finish rather quickly, leaving food on their plates. Thomas begins to collect the plates, when Kim stands and collects her own. She follows Thomas into the kitchen, watches as he scraps the food into the disposal, rinses the plates, places them in the dishwasher, and she does likewise. Thomas then walks into the next room, and Kim peeks in as Thomas is moving her clothes from the washer to the dryer. Thomas comes back to the kitchen switches on the dishwasher and again offers his hand to Kim. She quickly takes his hand, he spins her around and she finds herself trapped in his arms.

“Would you care for some wine or a drink,” asks Thomas in her ear.

It feels so good to be in his arms, like she was always meant to be there, and she answers, “Yes please.”

He walks her in front of himself, his arms still around her, through the dining room and back into the living room. He sits her on the couch where she had sat before, and asks her, “What would you like?”

Instantly a thought jumped into her head, ‘Your cock in my mouth,’ but she fought that impulse and asked for some wine.

Thomas opened a cabinet behind a small bar next to the fireplace and asks, “Anything in particular?”

Again a thought jumps into her head, ‘The wine of your passion,’ but she shakes her head and asks for a sweet wine.

Thomas selects a bottle, and pours them both a drink. He leaves the bottle on the bar and carries the drinks to the couch. He hands a glass to Kim and sits down next to her. He looks to the stereo and says, “Mellow 12,” and the Jazz is replaces with soft instrumental music. They both take sips of the wine and Thomas asks, “How do you want me to help you Kitten?”

Kim looks at him, reaches forward, placing her wine glass on the coffee table in front of her, and says, “I don’t know, all I want is to be with you, to make you happy if I can.”

Thomas takes another sip of his wine, places it on the coffee table, and asks, “Why?”

Again, another thought pops in her head, but this time the thought feels so right that she says it, “I want to belong to you.”

Thomas looks deep into her eyes, she feels like she is floating on deep blue clouds, as she is lost in his eyes. Thomas says, “I’m going to say the word again and it is going to be ten times stronger than your last one.”

Kim tries to move away but Thomas whispers the word and she stops. As she starts breathing deeper, she moves closer to Thomas, wrapping her arms around him. Thomas pulls her head to his chest and he holds her tight. “Tell me you love me, say it over and over again Kitten.”

Kim pulls back, trying to look in his face, and says, “Thomas I love you, Oh, ohhh, oh my God,” as she orgasms. She holds him tight and again says, “I love you, ahhh, ohhh, hold me, ohhh myyyy, Thommas.” She looks up at him, leans forward and kisses him tenderly. “Thomas I love you, OOOOh, my Gawwwwd, Thommmmas, Thommmmas.” Her body trembles and shakes in his arms, she almost slips to the floor. He helps her back on the couch, before she can say the phrase again; he puts his finger to her lips.

“Would you care to dance, once your legs will hold you,” he asks?

Kim looks at him and whispers, “Yes.”

Thomas reaches over and picks up Kim’s glass and hands it to her, then retrieves his own and takes a sip. Kim leans closer hoping for a passionate kiss. Thomas leans in and licks her lips before kissing her delicately. She leans back, tips the glass to her lips and takes a sip, and then returns the glass to the table.

“How are your legs,” asks Thomas?

“They’ll hold me or you will.”

Thomas puts down his glass, stands and smiling offers Kim his hand. Kim reaches up to accept his hand, and allows him to pull her to her feet. They move around the coffee table, and into the open expanse of the living room. Kim wraps her arms around Thomas’ waist, and lays her head on his chest. Thomas looks down at her with a smile, and moves around the room with her to the mellow music.

“How about some music that is a little more alive,” asks Thomas? “I’m afraid you’re going to fall asleep in my arm.”

Kim rubs her face against his chest and remarks, “That would be so nice.”

“80’s dance one,” says Thomas and the stereo switches the music.

After dancing for a short time, a buzzer goes off, “Your clothes are dry Kitten.”

“Unless you want me to put them on, I don’t need them right now,” states Kim.

“As you wish babygirl,” replies Thomas.

They dance, laugh, and giggle for a couple hours, when Kim returns to the couch. “I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time,” comments Kim.

“You are an excellent dance partner,” states Thomas. “I am quite fatigued, I need to lay down for a while. The fire will burn for another two hours, the television and stereo are available, and down the hall to the left is a door to the utility room. After the utility room is a bathroom, two guest rooms, and you know where my room is, if you need or want anything. Please feel free to make yourself feel at home.”

“A nap sounds really good Thomas,” comments Kim.

“Both guest rooms have queen size beds,” states Thomas.

“And your room,” she asks?

“My room? Well my room has a king sized bed as you must have noticed when you disrobed earlier.”

“Yes, it looked very comfortable,” remarks Kim.

“It is, and there is plenty of room, if you wish to join me,” says Thomas.

Kim jumps up and runs into his bedroom before he changes his mind. Thomas walks in and finds her lying in the middle of the huge bed.

“I didn’t know which side you prefer Thomas,” says Kim.

“I don’t have a preference, I usually fall asleep in the recliner in front of the fireplace,” answers Thomas.

Kim pates the bed next to her, “Come, let me cuddle with you and take a nap together.”

Thomas sits on the edge of the bed, removes his shoes, and then lies down. Kim moves closer to him and says, “Come away from the edge, I won’t bite unless you ask me to.”

Thomas moves closer to her, raises his right arm, and Kim slips under his arm laying her head on his shoulder. She stretches out her right arm over his chest and her right leg over his.

He brings his right arm down to lie on her back. He turns his head to the side and says, “Dreams one.” Soft flute and violin music begins to play. Kim squeezes his chest, readjusts her head a bit, and begins to breath deeply. Thomas lies there for a few moments thinking about this younger lady lying beside him, in his bed, in his bathrobe, with nothing underneath. He adjusts his head so his cheek is on top of her head and he drifts off.

* * *

Kim wakes up, sits up on the bed, stretches and yawns, and notices that it is beginning to get dark out. She looks around the bedroom, noticing that the bathroom door is closed and there is a light under the door. She hears water running, then it stops, the door opens, and Thomas comes out.

“Did you have a nice nap Kitten,” asks Thomas as he walks over to the bed?

“Oh yes, it was very nice, and I dreamed of you,” exclaims Kim!

“Really, well I hope it was a good dream.”

“It was a very good dream Thomas,” says Kim blushing.

“That’s good. Your clothes are down here on the foot cabinet, feel free to use my bathroom. I’m going to go straighten the living room.”

Kim gets off the bed, goes to the bathroom, where she uses the bathroom and jumps in the shower. After getting out and drying off, she picks up the robe and walks back into the bedroom. She looks at her clothes for a moment, and then slips back into his robe. She walks back out to the living room, finding Thomas sitting in his recliner, watching the fire in the fireplace die down slowly. She walks over to his recliner and kneels down in front of him, laying her head in his lap.

“Is there something wrong with your clothes,” asks Thomas?

“No, I just didn’t feel like putting them on,” answers Kim.

“It is getting late, I thought you might want me to take you back to your car.”

Kim readjusts her head in his lap but says nothing.

“Kitten, tell me what you are thinking,” asks Thomas.

Kim turns her head and looks up at Thomas, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong Kitten, why the tears?”

Kim gets up, crawls into Thomas’ lap, and lays her head on his shoulder.

“I don’t want to leave you,” Kim cries.

“You have to say more than that Kim, make me understand.”

“I have never felt this way before. I know that if I walk out that door and you take me back to my car, I will lose the best thing in my life,” answers Kim.

“Kim, you don’t even know me,” states Thomas.

“I know enough, and I will learn. I will do whatever you need me to do, let me make you as happy as you make me.”

“What about your friends and family Kim,” asks Thomas? “They’re going to wonder where you went.”

“I can take care of that, as long as I know I can come back to you Thomas.”

“If that is truly what you want babygirl,” comments Thomas. “Do you want me to take you to your car, or your place?”

“If we go to town, it will only be to take my car to my apartment,” states Kim.

“Is that something that you want to do Kitten,” asks Thomas? “Is there anything you wish to drop off or pick up from your apartment?”

“Nothing I can think of at the moment,” replies Kim.

“How about a change of clothes for tomorrow,” asks Thomas? “I’m sure there must be other things if you are spending the night.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not thinking clearly,” Kim apologizes, leans over and kisses Thomas lightly on the lips. Thomas reaches up, runs his fingers through her damp hair, massages the back of her head, as she closes her eyes and moans softly. Thomas pulls her to him and kisses her passionately and Kim orgasms during the kiss. Thomas holds her tight against himself during her orgasm, and she gasps for air and pants to catch her breath when the trembling ends.

Thomas kisses her forehead, “Why don’t you go get dressed and we’ll run into town.”

Kim reaches for Thomas, pulling him to her, kisses him deeply, then smiles and get up from his lap. She walks back to his bedroom seductively, swaying her hips, dropping the robe just before passing through the bedroom door. She quickly dresses, checks herself in the mirror and walks briskly back out to the living room.

"Are you ready," asks Thomas as she walks up to him?

She falls into his arms; reaching upward she captures his lips in a passionate kiss that almost knocks Thomas off his feet. Thomas breaks the kiss and moving to her right ear, he teases her lobe and then whispers a word in her ear. She instantly begins to tremble as she holds onto Thomas tightly and says, "Oh God Thomas!!!"

Thomas holds her tight as she has a massive orgasm and then sits down next to her on the couch. Kim leans over laying her head on his shoulder, "Thomas, may I ask you a question?"

"What is it kitten," asks Thomas?

"Thomas, you have made me orgasm several times, each better than the one before, but Thomas, why haven't you made love to me?"

"I'm sorry, it really is very simple kitten," answers Thomas, "when I make love to you, you will forever be mine. I do not want to rush you, or force you into anything. I want you to decide, be very sure of your decision."

Kim looks at him with huge beautiful eyes, a tear rolling down her cheek, "Thomas, I."

"Stop kitten," Thomas interrupts her, "I want you to think about it seriously when you are driving your car home, and then you can tell me."

"I'm not going to change my mind Thomas," replied Kim.

"Please humor me in this babygirl," asks Thomas.

"Okay, I'll think about it while driving home, you will be following me right," asks Kim?

"I will be right behind you all the way, you will see me in your rear view mirror," promises Thomas. "We should go before it gets much later Kim Love."

They both stand and Kim excuses herself to the bathroom and Thomas takes the wine glasses to the kitchen, rinses them and puts them in the dishwasher. He returns to the living room only a few moments after Kim. He puts an arm around her shoulder and they walk out of the house and out to his car.

They pull out onto the street and Kim leans over on Thomas' right shoulder and gives a soft moan. Thomas smiles and drives back to Kim's car, listening to her soft breathing as she sleeps. Softly he says, "Soft one," and music starts to play softly.

He pulls into the store parking lot and up next to the only car in the lot.

"Babydoll, time to wake up," says Thomas as he gently shakes Kim. "Kim, Kim, time to wake up."

Kim stirs, stretches and looks at Thomas with a huge smile, "Mmm, I'm glad it wasn't a dream, I love you Thomas."

"It must have been a very nice dream kitten," states Thomas with a grin.

"We didn't make love on the beach under a full moon," asks Kim puzzled?

"No sweetness, but it sounds like a very nice idea," answers Thomas with a wink.

"Okay, you are Thomas, and we did dance and drink and take a nap together right," asks Kim confused?

Thomas reaches over and takes her hand, "Remember, I was taking you to your car, so you could take it home, you fell asleep shortly after we left my home."

"Yes, I remember Thomas, I remember the bed, the fireplace, the dinning room, and feeling so happy and safe with you," declares Kim.

"And you are going to think about something when you're driving home alone," asks Thomas?

"Yes Thomas, but, exactly what do you want me to think about," asks Kim?

Thomas opens his car door, gets out, walks around the car, opens Kim's door and helps her out. "I see two options, unless you come up with another one while driving," states Thomas. "First, I can follow you home and you can tell me you had a good time and we say good night and good bye, or you pick up a few thing and return with me to my house. Then we see how it proceeds from there," explains Thomas. "Or actually you could tell me good bye right now and save me the extra driving, it's totally up to you Kim."

Kim looks up into Thomas' eyes, stretches up and kisses his lips tenderly, and whispers, "I don't ever want to lose you, I want to be yours forever Thomas!"

Thomas takes her hand and walks over to her car, opening her door, "I will be right behind you, talk again when we get to your home."

Kim wraps her arms around Thomas, squeezes him tight and gets into her car. Thomas closes her door and walks back to his car. She pulls out of the parking lot with Thomas close behind her. Kim turn her radio off, the music is distracting her thoughts, so many thought going through her mind.

Thomas sets his radio and relaxes as he follows her. A grin on his face, knowing that she is now his.

Kim pulls into a driveway and into a garage and the door closes on the car. A moment passes and Kim comes out a side door and waves to Thomas to follow her. He switches off the ignition, gets out, and follows her into her home.

"It's going to take me a few minutes," states Kim "is there anything I can get for you Thomas?"

"No, I'm fine," answers Thomas, "take your time. I'll just look around, if you don't mind."

Kim smiles, "please do."

Kim briskly walks into her bedroom, over to the closet, and pulls out a suitcase. Drops it on the bed, and opens it. She moves over to her dresser and pick up a small jewelry box and places it in the suitcase, followed by items from different drawers. Some items looked at and returned to the drawer, others packed in the suitcase. She glances over toward the head of the bed and smiles. She goes to the bedside table, opens the single draw and removes a couple items and buries them under her clothes in the suitcase. Looking around the room, she turns back to the suitcase and zips it closed.

Thomas slips a book back into the bookcase and turns as Kim walks out of the bedroom, suitcase in hand.

"Well goodness lollipop, if I knew you were packing I would have offered to help," exclaims Thomas!

"Which is why I didn't tell you," giggles Kim.

"That looks pretty heavy," states Thomas. "I thought you didn't need anything."

"Well, I had time to think about it," answers Kim, "better safe than sorry."

"So I understand that you have chosen to come to me, to be mine," asks Thomas?

Kim drops the suitcase and walks over to Thomas. Looking up into his eyes, her hands on his chest, "There is no other place I ever want to be but by your side." She stretches up, her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. He wraps his arms around her, and lifts her off her feet.

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