He Watches by F. Thomas McGuire

He Watches by F. Thomas McGuire He Watches by F. Thomas McGuire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Unexpectedly her life changes and she can't wait for the adventure to begin.


Unexpectedly her life changes and she can't wait for the adventure to begin.


Submitted: August 20, 2011

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Submitted: August 20, 2011



He watches her from a distance, watching her body sway as she walks, her voice as she talks to the grocery staff, her little giggle and laugh. He follows her home and watches through the curtain.

 She feels alive, and loves the freedom that comes with a day of sunlight. For some reason she does not feel as alone as she normally does. Shrugging to herself she goes to the kitchen and puts the groceries away. Fixing herself a glass of tea, she heads to her bedroom to get out of her town clothes.

The wind blows the curtain as she undresses, the slider just barely cracked to let in the night breeze.

There is something deeply sensuous about the caress of the night breezes on her naked skin, and the smell of the flowers from her garden comes in through the door

 As she puts her town clothes in the hamper, the slider slowly and silently creeps open. She walks into the bathroom softly humming to he self .

Lighting the cinnamon candle on the back of the sink, she turns and lights a vanilla one on the edge of the tub. Reaching back, she turns off the overhead light. She bends down, places the plug in the drain and opens the taps to as hot as she can stand. She pours baby oil into the rushing water and drops in sea salts to help her relax more

He enters her bedroom cautiously, looks around and moves to the closet, stepping inside with the door open a crack through which he can see perfectly into the bathroom where she is naked preparing a bathe.

She carefully places the icy glass of tea at the head of the tub, and then eases herself into the bath. Using her toes she turns the taps off. She sits up quickly, and twists her hair up and off her shoulders, clipping it up. Leaning back, she slides deeper into the hot water, closing her eyes for a moment. She then uses her hands to massage the oil into her skin

He quietly moves from the closet and wanders around the room examining things as he goes; looking for things that he may be able to use.

Moving languidly she reaches for her razor and glides it down her mound, shaving herself. She has no idea why she bothers with this ritual anymore, but it just seems like once started it is easier to maintain that to start up again when she accepts another lover. Besides, it is a wonderful feeling to be smooth from the razor, and even smoother from the oils

He finds some nylon knee-highs and drops them to the floor next to the bed, and finds some material that could be used as a gag. Then to his surprise he discovers a few sex toys and smiles to himself but leaves them where they are for now.

She stretches a bit, and then she reaches carefully for her tea. The cold glass against her lips, the icy drink across her tongue, and the subtle but stimulating motion of the hot water across her just shaved freshness eases the last of her day away. She pulls the plug and watches as the water starts to retreat. Standing, she uses a cloth to wash herself quickly under the shower.

He hears the shower start and he moves over near the door, watching her wash herself under the shower spray, her glistening body begging to be touched, tasted.

Feeling a bit agitated she thinks about how wonderful it would be to have a shower partner, a bed partner. It has been so long she no longer remembers when she last admitted a man into her bedroom. She reaches down and starts to stroke herself, but decides that pleasuring herself is just not a pleasure. She turns off the shower, grabs her towel and makes sure that the vanilla candle is out. Roughly toweling off, she is dry fairly fast. She lets her hair down, grabs her tea and starts to leave the bathroom. At the last minute, she turns back and places the cinnamon candle in the sink to burn safely for a while longer. After all, cinnamon is the scent for love, isn't it? Who could blame a girl for dreaming?

As she walks past him, he reaches out, hand over her mouth and one around her waist, whispering in her ear, "DON'T make a sound, I do NOT want to hurt you." He pauses a few moments to see what she is going to do, and she relaxes in his grip, "Good girl, we are going to play a little game, and when we are finished I will leave, no damage, no harm done, do you understand?"

She tries desperately to think who would be silly enough to play a game like this with her. Neither the voice, nor the scent is familiar. Tensing slightly, she has a flash of fear, what if it isn't a game?

She slowly nods her head that she understands, "good girl, there is no one anywhere near here, any screams will only upset me, and you do NOT want to upset me. I promise that you will not be harmed if you play along, do you agree?"

Not seeing any way out, she nods her head that she agrees and tries to force herself to relax again. He is right, she is alone and no one lives close by.

 He smiles to himself, caresses her belly with his left hand and drops his right hand to her breast.

 She shudders at his too familiar touch, but forces herself to stand still

He whispers again in her ear, "You are my little slave girl, you will call me Master and you will do everything I tell you to do, your only desire is to please and be pleasing. Do you think you can handle this simple game?

She closes her eyes and feels disoriented. Slave girl?? But, then, she realizes that he is waiting for an answer from her. She stutters out, “ y-yes, Master.”

 "Good Girl, very proud of you. Do you have other clothes anywhere else in the house?”

Clothes? What is he talking about?? Her thoughts are not processing. She shudders again, then manages to tell him, no, Master. Only what is in the bathroom hamper and over there in my closet

"Good, then this room is off limits to you unless I am with you. Your car is disabled and the phone line disconnected, so please do NOT try to run, I really do NOT wish to harm you. Do you understand?"

 Off limits, Omg, he is going to really hurt me, she thinks. Her mind keeps screaming at her, slave girl? Master? Omg. She tries to control her panic and takes a deep breath in. “Yes, Master.”

 "Very good, please me and I will leave it up to you if I ever return again. Now do you have any lingerie?"

 Lingerie? Return?? Oh, god, no! He wouldn't return, would he?

Then again, a deep breath, “Yes, Master. I have a few teddies in the closet, on a shelf in the closet.”

"I would like to see you in something very revealing, very sheer and soft, like you."

She nods at him, and then catches herself. "Yes, Master." She goes to the closet and pulls down a soft shell pink teddy and matching panties. She bought it, but had never worn it because, whom would she wear it for? The panties are just a hint of lace with straps. The nightie is tied with one string at the breast, where her nipples are.

She brings it to him and he examines it, tosses the panties aside and hands her back the nightie, "Yes that will do nicely, do put it on for me, slave."

She shakes hard when he says the word slave, but hurries to obey him. He had said he wouldn't hurt her if she behaved. Oh, god let that be the truth.

She puts on the nightie, trembling as she does so. He walks closer to her, "No reason to shake like that sweetness, perhaps later you will shake and much enjoy doing so. You look fantastic in the nightie, you look delicious. Now I would like something to eat and drink, I will be waiting in the living room, please don't take too long; I have limited patience with new slaves.

She cannot look at him as he talks to her. When he is done, she says "Yes, Master" again and then hurries to the kitchen. She pours him a glass of iced tea, and then grabs a beer out of the fridge too. She quickly slices cheeses and some roast chicken off the bone. She looks at the tray, and then adds the large white grapes that she had bought earlier.

Carefully, she carries it to the living room and places it on the coffee table

He is sitting on the front edge of a recliner; "I want you on your knees, right here in front of me, sitting back on your heels.

Confused, she looks at him a moment, then she does as he as ordered.

"A little closer, put your knees right up against the foot rest."

Shaking again, she does as he has told her, moving as close as she can get.

He reaches over and picks up the plate from the tray and hands it to her, "hold this with both hands." She takes the plate in both hands, looks down at it for a moment and then back up into his dark eyes, eyes that seem to look into her soul, leaving her more naked than just the lack of clothes. He reaches down and picks up a couple grapes. He puts one in his mouth and the other he presses to her lips.

She feels the pressure of his touch, and the more intense pressure of his look. She opens her mouth slightly and takes the grape from him

"As a slave you are not allowed to feed yourself, the only food you will receive is by the hand of your Master as it pleases him. Your every need depends on your Master's willingness to allow it or not. Obedience is necessary for your survival." He picks up a piece of chicken and holds it before her lips.

 "Yes, Master," she responds. She tries to process what he is saying, with the fear and the newness all clashing inside her head

Struggling with her fear, she opens her mouth to the chicken that he holds.

 He smiles and places the chicken in her mouth, "Good girl, very proud of you. I have not lied to you, so think about everything I have said. You must understand your position." He eats slowly, placing chicken, cheese and grapes in her mouth when he feels like doing so. He reaches over and picks up the tea and looks into the cup and puts it in front of her mouth.

 Her position? Why doesn't he just rape her and get it over with? She swallows the last bite of food that he had fed her, and moves slightly, to accept the drink

The words, slave, master, position and game all swirl in her head

He expertly tips the cup to her and pulls it away when she tilts her head up slightly, then he finishes the cup. "Very good, my little delicacy. You may be the best girl I have ever had." He reaches forward and caresses her check, running his fingers delicately down her neck, and shoulder.

 Best girl? She shivers from his touch and feels tears prick at her eyes.

 "Thank you, Master"

He smiles, reaches back up and catches her tears on his finger, and places it in his mouth, "No reason to cry sweetness, other than being mostly naked and serving me a snack, nothing has happened. Do you want something to happen, sweetness?" He takes the plate from her and places it back on the tray. "I think I would like you to dance for me, show me how vital and alive your body can be."

“ Dance, Master? But there is no music.”

“Close your eyes and find the music, and dance for me little one, dance pretty for your Master.”

 She starts to rise up, stumbles a bit from the unexpectedness of the body shift. She backs away from him, closes her eyes and fears that she will anger him by being awkward. Slowly, she starts to move, almost a tremble only, but it begins to take shape and her arms and legs begin to move almost on their own. She keeps her eyes closed and tips her head back just a bit, as if she truly hears music

 "Very good, little one, now touch your body, bring it to life, caress it as I caressed your cheek and neck."

She starts a bit, when he speaks again, then still keeping her eyes closed she begins to obey him. Just lightly skimming her fingertips around her tummy, her shoulders, down her arms, across the tops of her thighs

 "Ah, my little one is a natural, so fantastic you are my little muffin, don't forget the important areas, don’t neglect your Eros"

 Unconsciously she shakes her head no, but begins to work her way inward. She moves her fingers across her nipples, and then back down her tummy, going lower each time

 He smiles, and starts clapping his hands slowly to the rhythm she is exhibiting. She starts at the first clap but continues, as he increases the rhythm and she sways and caresses herself more boldly.

 It is an out-of-body-experience; this just cannot be her doing this. She feels something inside, but she cannot identify it yet.

Maybe she has just lost her mind?

"Little one you dance divinely, and with no music, your body is vital and alive."

 She hears his words, and ponders the word alive, could that be what she is feeling? Trapped in her own home, unable to escape, a stranger calling himself her master???? And she is... alive?

"Little one, you look so confused, if you ask me now, I will leave and you can return to the death march you have been on, or you can accept a gift only a very few are offered. You will have no want, no need, few responsibilities, your beauty and your obedience all that is required of you."

 She hears him, and feels shock that she is dismayed at his words

 "Little one, I offer you more than you can understand, I can leave, or I can continue your training in your room, upon your bed, and when I am finished you may still ask me to leave and never see me again. BUT you must decide now."

 She feels tears drop and nods her head yes, and then she says , “Please, Master, continue with this girl.”

 "Excellent my little lotus blossom," he walks over to her, picks her up, carries her to the bedroom and kicks the door open.

She shivers in his arms, and hides her face against his shoulder

He gently places her on the bed and sits down next to her, his warm hands caressing her silky clean skin. Whispering he says, "I have desired to touch you for a very long time sweetness. I have waited for a proper time, but my patience lost in the end. I had to touch you if only for a brief moment, that would have been enough if it was all you would allow."

 She marvels at his words, he has wanted her for a long time? How can that be?

She feels his touch and warms to it. And she wonders at his soft words.

She looks up in his eyes as he massages her breast, but is careful to avoid her nipples. Nipples that beg for touch, any touch, his touch. She searches his face; his eyes, and pleads, "Please Master, pleeeeeaaasssssse."

She begs for his touch, his mouth. She cannot understand why she needs this so much, but she feels inside that she does

 And she needs to touch him, too. To please him

He smiles broadly again, leans forward and sucks her hard little nipple into his mouth, pulling on it gently, his tongue darting forward to drum on the tip of her nipple.

 She feels a sudden explosion of wetness between her legs, where earlier her own touch had started nothing

 He notices her breathing, her hip movement and her soft sigh. He moves his other hand to the other breast and teases the nipple.

 She moans her need to him, shocked at her wantonness and begs again, “’Please, Master." She moves as if to pull him closer to her, arching her back and still pleading.

 He reaches down with his left hand and strokes her delicate shaven pussy, running his finger up and down the slit, pressing a little harder when over her hidden clit, sliding his finger down to her channel and inside slightly and moving upward with wet fingers over her slit and clit.

 She feels herself responding quickly to him, and feels tiny tremors every time he glides over her clit. How can his slightest touch make her react so fast?

He reaches up with his right hand, caressing her left cheek and moving behind her ear, into her hair. He grips the back of her head and pulls her up toward him. As she is pulled upward she closes her eyes and prepares for a kiss. As their lips touch, his finger slides deep into her, pistoning into her depths.

 The shock of his harsh motion, the excitement that comes with his hands controlling her makes her orgasm with sudden sharp reactions.

 Feeling herself clench onto him makes her even more excited and she feels her mind slip a bit; less mind and more emotion.

 He crushes her lips to his, his tongue slipping between her lips, her tongue meeting his and they dance upon each other. He separates his fingers making it feel larger inside her drenched channel, caressing the walls as he slips them in and out of her wetness.

 She attacks his mouth as if it were a last meal. She feels him fill her inside and even more, she feels him taking her apart, atom-by-atom.

 She gasps a great breath, her back arches and she lets out a fantastic moan into his mouth, delivering her passion to this stranger. He slowly removes his fingers and places them at her mouth, for half a second she is repulsed by the action, but then she opens her mouth and sucks off his finger as if it was candy.

 The girl who started out this evening alone and cold is now a girl who is hot, inside and outside. All she can do is feel, there is no more thought.

 He pulls back from her greedy mouth and smiles. "I have taken up to much of your precious time, I think I should go."

 Her arms reach for him and she cries out, "No, please, Master, stay with this girl."

 He stands up, walks a couple steps, turns back and says, "Did you ask something, little one?"

 She slides out of her bed and onto the floor. She drops into the position that he had shown her earlier, and looks up at him, "Please, Master. Please, stay with this girl. Don't leave her."

 "Little one, I am inappropriately dressed to stay with you, I am dressed for travel and the night is young."

 She drops her head a bit, and whispers, "Then please take me with You, Master."

 "It is not for you to accompany me yet, but if you desire to serve further, you may undress me."

 She smiles up at him, and bends to remove his shoes. Gently, she removes his socks and gives his ankles a kiss.

 She looks up and makes sure that it is okay with him as she works to unclasp his pants and slide them down his legs, leaving kisses behind.

 She stands to face him and works her fingers into his shirt, running her fingers along his ribs and eagerly kissing after them.

 He smiles down at her, "Little one you are a marvel, do you so easily give up your freedom, your exciting life?"

 She stops a moment, and tips her head up at him. She thinks carefully before answering him.“Freedom is solitude, and I am not made for that. And my life was not exciting until you made it so."

 "Perhaps I have waited too long to collect you little one, you hide your loneliness well. You shall never be alone again. Strive to be perfectly beautiful and perfectly obedient, and you will do very well my little love. Remove my clothes and I will show you what you have missed as a free woman."

 She smiles at him again, and returns to removing his shirt. She then slides her hands into his underwear and once again goes to her knees. She leans in and kisses him softly on the head of his penis, and then uses her mouth to warm him there.

 She leans back a bit, to drink him in with her eyes.

 She feels full of wonder at the changes wrought in just a few short hours.

 He reaches down to her and moves her head back to his now half erect penis. She looks up into his eyes and takes his member in her mouth, taking as much as she is able deep into her mouth and back out again.

 She works him over lovingly, using her tongue to massage circles onto the bottom vein. Then giving hard suckles and soft kisses.

 She slides her hands along his thighs, making the same circles and instead of kisses she lightly scratches at him.

 "Mmmm, my little manx, you do that very well. He reaches down and lifts her up and tosses her to the bed. He moves over to the end of the bed, takes her ankles and pulls her to the edge of the bed, and drops to his knees. He looks up at her, "This is the elixir of life, one must give in order to receive, and it is a universal law.” He leans forward, the tip of his tongue entering her passage. Making his tongue flat and wide he slides it up her pink valley and over her clit.

 She whimpers at his touch

 He circles her clit and drops to her channel and slides up slowly again.  Over and over he laps at her kitten, moaning and growling as he does so.

 She feels her orgasm building again, and tosses her head. She wriggles a bit, it feels too good!

 She begs, panting, that he enter her, "Please, Master, let this one please you, too.

 His left hand slides up her side, cups her breast and his thumb softly caresses her nipple. His right hand comes down and two fingers slip into her depths to a long gasp, and her thighs try to close. She shudders and starts to move wildly against him, passing from too much feeling to not enough, back and forth.

 He feels her moisture increase, and he pulls her further off the bed. He lifts up and slowly slides his manhood into her drenched passageway, in and out, as her hips dance on the bed. Her head flailing from side to side, long deep moans and gasps as he drives the last couple inches hard, and backs out slowly.

 She attempts to chase him with her hips, and her hands reach out for him. She is nothing but emotions and feelings, nothing left but those two things.

 He looks up into her eyes, seeing the desperate need and pleading, he pulls out to the edge and slams deep into her. Her head flies backward and she screams her orgasm to the sky beyond her ceiling. He pounds hard and fast into her, her orgasm fading and stronger, fading and stronger, like a roller coaster, up and down as he pounds his need into her; his long awaited desire being fulfilled with every deep stroke into her being. Then he clenches and his strokes slow. He shoves in deep as he empties his seed into her begging depths, greedily sucking every drop from his motionless penis inside her.

 She looks up at him with very different eyes than the ones she first turned towards him. All that is left of her is everything that is vital; feelings and needs met.

 She now knows what it is like to love and to crave. "Thank You, Master, for teaching Your girl to know who she is."

 "What is your desire little manx, what would you have of me, speak your heart, your truth now."

 "She would be Your slave, if it pleases Master." She sits up, takes his wet penis in her mouth, sucks it clean, and looks up into his eyes.

 After a few moments he says, "I will return for you my pet. Prepare to leave your entire life behind, when I come again you will no longer exist, only a poor love slave who adores her Master."

 She looks down and smiles softly, new in her emotions and says, "Yes, Master. As You command."

 He slips on his pants, his shirt, grabs his shoes and runs out the slider, she moves to the slider and watches him run across the back yard and effortlessly hurtle the fence. Running gracefully and powerfully into the night. Tears well up in her eyes and down her cheeks, her chin falls to her chest for a moment and she sighs and remembering his words, "I will return for you my pet," she smiles.

 On the air she smells their union, and within her she feels Him.  She gets up and dances again, feeling their union run down her inner thighs and reveling in it.


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