jakes trouble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

new writer short first story attempt..

the train rolling on,jake was late he was off to meet his girlfriend at 10pmit was 9pm and the train was just arriving.jake was a slim guy aged 14  he was wearing a grey tracksuit and green t-shirt, his mother had given it him for christmas, he was looking forward to meeting up with his girlfriends and going to see a film..as he got on the train he picked a nice quiet carriage near the doors...it was a 50 minute journey before he would finally get to see his girlfriendso got his phone out and was gonna send her a text to say he was on his way.suddenly it was snatched out of his hand.he looked round to see a hooded youte with it...the youth was calling his mates, hey come here, just got a phone off a little pussy.
jake looked to see three yobs heading towards him, hey what phone you got mate the  one yob said to the other smirking,,,jake shouted to them  "hey give it back"the 1st yob we will call callum laughed and started to push jake..  shut up pussy what else you got he said in a threatening manor, pulling a knife out his pocket and pointing it at jake... move,  as he motioned him out of the carriage towards the small area between the carriages where he could search him properly and get his mates to look down both carriages to keep look out.
callum saying to his mates,,, you keep watch let me search this little pussy,
the train moving fast, jake could see out the windows of the doors, he could make an escape but the train was moving fast and callum was waving a knife.
empty your pockets pussy,jake had no choice he was surrounded,,  ok,ok he cried,,as he empited the loose change and chewing gum from his pockets,
is that it ? the yob said..  take off your trainers, let me see what your hiding,  handing the trainers over,a £10 dropped out the one shoe..callum turned to his mates, look told you this pussy was hiding stuff, what else you got as he grabbed jake by the collar,, take off your socks..jake had no choice, and he bent down to pull off each sock.he could see the blade close,,,as he pulled off the first sock, he handed it to callum,
are you mad i dont want your smelly socks, turn them inside out, let me check them,sock 2 had a £5 note hidden in it....standing there in his bare feet with his socks in hands jake went to put them back on, whatcha doing, you lied to me. you said you had nothing,chuck em out the window as he lowered the window frame.
jake cried no please im sorry ive nothing else, please let me go.the yob grabbed the socks and threw them out of the window,, 
he growled just for making me touch your smelly socks you can hand over your tracksuit now,, my little brother would like it.
jake gulped he was already bare foot, the floor was cold an he was being robbed by these scummy chavs.
seeing no choice he pulled his jacket off and handed it too the yob,,  trackies next the yob smirked, his mates too were laughing at jake, pussy gonna be in his boxers soon they mocked.
jake tried to plead, please ill do anything,give me your trackies now or i stab you, the yob threatened.
as he grabbed the wasteband and said do it now or ill rip them off your skinny arse as he mates watched on laughing....
jake starting to pull the trackies off exposing his bright red y fronts,  he mother was still buying him kiddy underwear and he hadnt reaching puberty yet,,he was very embarrassed cold winter evening stood in train in his red pants with 3 yutes smirking and threatening him.
mummy still buys his pants lol as they mocking, bet he doesnt have hair, one of them grinned,,
taken em off,, the yob growled as he waved his knife, my mates wants to see if you still a little boy.
no jake cried look let me go,please, he pleaded, ill do anything,
the yob enjoying the power, growled okill make a deal, let you keep your t shirt,  his mates grinned,  now take off those silly pants or  ill sharpen my knife on your face,.
jake grunted and resigned to his fate pulling his y fronts down, and covering with his hands.
one yob picked up the y fronts, and rubbed them in jakes face, then threw the window they went flying..
hands on your head the yob growled need a few pictures,he said he was was laughing grabbing at jakes green t shirt.
pull the t shirt over your head and pose for me,as he waved the knife,,  no said jake, the yob punched jake hard and said look ill not tell you again,,move them hands now,  as the yob grabbed jakes hands his mates started laughing looks, hes bald, looks hes as smooth as a baby,  jakes pulling his t shirt down..
the yob said look i said you could keep your t shirt, but if i cant get my pictures im gonna rip it off and you can go home naked.
jake started obeying pulling the t shirt up as instructed, the one yob grabbed it,, and jake cried hey you said i can keep it...  yes but you have to do as we say first,,,
standing there bare assed naked with these three goons inspecting him and laughing taking pictures, and videos, getting him to turn around to get different shots..  look at his bare ass and bad cock.
wank for me if your able to, the one lad scoffod,  or im gonna switch on facebook live and show all your friends on your list your pathetic bald cock,
jakes gave in and started pulling and stroking,videos and more pictures were taken,,  look hes gettin a little boner,lol ,let me give you a hand as the yob grabbed him by the penis and got him to the point of no return, as jake sprayed cum over the yobs hand,,,the yob was angry, dirty pussy and dried his hand with jakes t shirt and jakes hair.
totally humiliated standing in a cold train bare assed naked and covered in cum and  3 yobs laughing,
here kid use your t shirt  wipe your cum on that..the other 2 yobs took a piss on it first and gave the wet stinky t shirt back to back to jake,here put this on cover your pathetic bald body...
jake put it on, he had no choice it was better than going home naked.
quick our stop, yelled the one yob,  as the 3 exited the train..jake standing thier in piss soaked t-shirt, which just about covered his bald bits,
he just remembered he was on his way to meet his girlfrind she couldnt see him like this,,he had about 20 minutes to make choice, there was no one about,  so he went into the toilet to think.
washing his t shirt in the sink to get the smell out, least he wouldn have to explain the cum or piss  smell to anyone.
hearing a noise past the toilet there was another boy,,aged about 12,  he seamed to be on his own,  maybe he could ask him to lend him some clothing, or even steal his..  he was desparate and his stop was getting nearer.
he could sneak up on the kid and steal his clothes,,
as jake left the bathroom pulling his t shit down as far as he could, he aproached the boy.
sneaking from behind covering the kids mouth so he wouldnt make any noise,jaKE began pulling at his clothes, grabbing the t shirt off the boy and the trousers and trainers, even though they were probaby too small. they would be better than nothing,, he planned to leave the boxers and socks on the kid, but got carried away and pulled everything off the struggling boy, his cock was also small, after all he was a kid,, jake was getting revenge for how the yobs had stripped him and this kid was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
the kid was struggling and realised he was getting stripped.he doesnt know why,and was scared it was some sicko.
after stripping the kid, naked, the kid was so scared and his clothes were being pulled off.
jake was holding the kid on the ground and about to put the kids clothes on him, when he heard a hey.
hey you, what you doing to my little brother,  big brother had come and seen a near naked jake lying on top of his naked little brother.
what are you doing to my brother you sick pervert,
jake crying please mister i was robbed i just wanted some clothing..
furious after seeing his little brother in this state of undress,  you stripped the wrong kid,, thats my brother, 
take off the t shirt or ill smack you up..jake had no choice but to give up his last article of clothing, the little brother has cheered up after the seeing his hero brother stripping his attacker naked.
pubeless little sicko, get away from me.
get off this train you sicko,  the older brother shouted.
his stop was here,  he got off the train completely naked with his hands covering his small cock.
his girlfriend was there watching and gasping at the naked jake..
oh my god she said giggling,,  quick call the police i was robbed a crying jake shouted as people watching laughing at the naked teen tryig to cover as much as he could.
he was in for a lot of explaining to do as the police car aproached,  the older brother also got off,, and said hey that pervert stripped my little brother,the police officer put jake in handcuffs naked and exposed to everybody and he was placed in his squad car.
his girlfriend in disbelief as her pubeless boyfriend was naked in front of her and everybody, jake how could you show me up like this, were finished you pervert, fancy stripping a little kid, sicko.
jake had lost his clothes, he reputation and now his girlfriend.and his dignity,  as he sat in the police car, he thought about the yobs and the videos and pictures they had off him and they had access to his facebook.

Submitted: April 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 longtimereader. All rights reserved.

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Callum white

Great story, loved it!

Wed, April 7th, 2021 10:08pm


from you that is a compliment, thanks.. your my favorite author.

Wed, April 7th, 2021 6:00pm


Good first story. The idea of him riding a train with his girlfriend waiting for him at the end was quite novel I thought.

Fri, April 9th, 2021 12:32am

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