Whiskey Road Pt.3

Whiskey Road Pt.3

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


In an attempt to take his best friend's mind off the traumatic memories of his tour in Iraq and the betrayal and divorce that was waiting when he returned home, Cooper and his wife invite Aden to spend the summer with them in at the lake. Cooper finds himself dealing with strange new feelings for his friend.


In an attempt to take his best friend's mind off the traumatic memories of his tour in Iraq and the betrayal and divorce that was waiting when he returned home, Cooper and his wife invite Aden to spend the summer with them in at the lake. Cooper finds himself dealing with strange new feelings for his friend.


Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



  The sun began to rise, the light seemed to penetrate me and reveal my darkest thoughts. I looked over at Allie. She looked beautiful. Guilt flooded over me. I started trying to make sense of what happened last night. I looked over at Allie again. She must have sensed it because she turned and gave me the sweetest smile. My heart tore in two. I turned to look at Aden. He was sitting straight up and grinned at me.

  "Morning princess."

  "Morning." I replied as I turned back to look ahead of me.

  "We are almost there boys!" Allie said excitedly. She was right. 50 miles to Whiskey Road.

  We spent the rest of the time talking about what we wanted for breakfast. Aden, who had lived at the lake house in college before I bought it, suggested Lucia's. He described it as the best place to eat in the small town of Red lake.
  My car pulled from the dirt road onto the property. The pines were beautiful, the air was clean and crisp, and the birds were singing. I pushed last night into the recesses of my mind as best I could. I didn't want a stupid dream to ruin the trip for me. I was just aroused by the dream, that's all.

  But why did you look back at him? My mind questioned itself. Why did you cum when you did?

  I shrugged the thoughts off. I came because Allie was rubbing my cock and it was exciting that Aden could have woken up at any moment to catch us.

  Yeah, that's it.

  I needed a drink badly.

  We unloaded our luggage and made for the porch. This was the most beautiful place in the world to me. I remember Aden's parents would drive us up here, we'd swim and barbecue every day, chase frogs and try to find foxes and rabbits to take back home as pets.

  When we learned to drive, we would bring girls up here. Things were great then. I missed the fishing too. We would come up twice a year and fish, Aden and I. Just us boys. He would tell me all about Miranda, a girl he met while visiting his brother upstate. He would talk about her and I would talk about Allie. We drank, played guitar and sang folk songs. Life was simple. Now he has been screwed over in a divorce at 27, besides the P T S D from fighting in a war, and I was managing my own software company that exploded seemingly overnight.

  The lake house was built by Aden's great grandpa, passed down to his dad and was due to be passed down to him. When Laney, his mom, got sick everything changed. The hospital bills were enormous and the lake house was put on the market. Guess what the first purchase I ever made was? You bet your ass. I was secretly planning to hand the deed over to Aden on his birthday this summer. Allie protested, but who gives a fuck. It's his house. She had no choice but to agree, I was not going to change my mind. It was the right thing to do. I'd like to see her try to survive on veteran's benefits. My buddy needs this. I plant to keep the utility bills in my name too, just to ease the burden a bit on him. He needs to be carefree for a while. We even discussed him and Pop living in our guest house.

  I looked over at him, standing by the tire swing we outgrew far too soon. He was so still, looking out over the lake that he could have been mistaken for a statue. I had always wished I could be like him, and even in this shitty period of his life, I still envy his calmness. His striking handsomeness and his confidence.

  "He'll be okay hon." Allie whispered into my ear as she wrapped her arms around my ever increasingly stinky torso from behind. "He's got you looking out for him."
I spun around and planted my lips on hers. Picked her up and carried her inside. We fucked like mental patients and I put her to sleep in the same musty old room that I had lost my virginity in.

  I went into the bathroom to take a shower, washing our juices and my stink away. I could hear Aden chopping firewood for the barbecue later, and peeked out of the window just behind the shower curtain. He was shirtless. Sweating like crazy. The muscles of his back were rippling as he raised the axe and brought it down on the wood with his huge arms. He was in great shape. his dark hair, wet with sweat, clung to his head. He turned to grab another log. Dark wet hair shining with sweat covered his chest and abs. He looked pissed. He was likely imagining each log was Miranda's fucking head.

  I found myself hardening. I looked down at my cock, sticking straight up and winking at me, begging me to choke it. I shook my head and let the curtain drop back into place. I began to caress my own hairy chest with soapy hands, giving in to the image of my best friend's body in my head.

  What the fuck was going on with me? This is beyond a bro-mance or a man crush. It was more than just physical as well. I wanted to comfort him, to let him cry on my shoulder. To make him feel good, that he was loved and that that bitch was crazy to choose Alan over him. I wanted to take his pain away, make him forget her. Make him understand that in the end, it would be just the two of us like always.


  I lathered my cock furiously. Even though I was still sore from the pounding I gave Allie, I stroked until my cock was redder than I had ever seen it. I came so hard i nearly fell backwards. I kept seeing him in that chair, in the dark room holding that gun, feeling his head in my hands, feeling his tongue in my mouth.

  I looked at the water swirling down the drain. What the fuck was I going to do? Does all this mean I'm gay? I dried myself off and looked in the steamy mirror. I would deal with this later. I was starving and I could think better, process this better on a full stomach.

  I decided that I would drive alone to pick up breakfast, I needed to clear my head. I got dressed, making sure I did not wake Allie, and left the room. I looked at my watch. 9:45am. I walked out to the back of the house where Aden was chopping wood still.

  "I'm going to grab some food from Lucia's and bring it back, anything special you have a taste for?" I asked.

  He stopped what he was doing, turned to face me breathing like a mad man dripping with sweat. Brushing wet hair out of his eyes, with the back of the hand that still held the axe, he smiled.

  "Blueberry cream cheese pancakes and a pound of fuckin' bacon!" He said in a damned near ecstatic growl through labored breaths. My aching cock jumped a bit.

  "You got it." I said, turning to walk away.

  "Hold up a sec, I'll go with you." He said. My body tensed.

  He walked over to grab his tee shirt from the cord of wood and lifted it over his head. I could see the pubic hair where his Khaki shorts hung off his hips. I could smell his sweat in the breeze. He got his shirt on, sweat darkening the fabric as it absorbed and walked over to me smiling.

  "You stink, so you have to stay in the car once we get there." I said, jokingly holding my hand over my nose and mouth.
He grabbed me, pulled me close and pushed my head down to his chest rubbing my face across the damp cloth, then he lifted his arm so that the side of my face passed through his right armpit. He let go and walked away.

  "Now we both stink." He said smiling devilishly.

  "Aww shit Aden...I just showered!" I yelled, wiping my now Aden infused face and hair, both annoyed and excited. He was halfway to the car and I heard him let out a sinister laugh.

  "Son of a bitch." I said, jogging to catch up.

  I got in, buckled my safety belt and punched him hard in his left arm. He recoiled in pain. and looked at me with a surprised expression.

  "Shit Coop! You been workin' out? That fuckin' hurt!" He asked, rubbing his sore arm. He looked proud. He protected me from all the bullies through middle and high school, and always bitched at me to toughen up a bit, and it seemed to sink in. I was a far cry from the skinny little nerdy kid with the huge cock I was then.

  I nodded, and flexed my arm for him to see like a little boy wanting approval from his father. He grabbed my bicep and squeezed. "Maybe we could hit the gym together. Randa' and I had a membership at Bogi's, and Bogi says I can keep the membership and bring in a friend to take her place. He fuckin' banned her.

  He laughed. I nodded in agreement. "Or you could come live with us in the city, I have a home gym." I said.

  "A jump rope and a gallon of water does not a proper gym make, my friend." He mocked.

  "Fuck you, I have everything that the gym downtown has and more, nothin' but high end equipment as well as a guesthouse you could live in rent free. If you weren't so Goddamned stubborn, you and Pop could be living in comfort."

  "That farmhouse has a lot of history Coop. Can't just up and leave it all so easy."
I understood, and shook my head in agreement.

  "Well, talk it over with Pop and let me know what he thinks..."

  A buzzing sound interrupted me.

  "Do you hear that?" I asked.

  It sounded like it was coming from the door. I pulled to the side of the road and and opened the door. Allie's phone was set to vibrate and was receiving a call. I looked over at Aden. "That woman would lose her tits if Dr.Owens hadn't sewn em' on right." with a big grin.

  I picked the phone out of the door pocket and looked at the display.

From: Doug
Babe, I know you said we were done, but I miss you. Plz call me. I want to see you.
May 31 10:07 a.m.

To be continued.......

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