The Strangest Stranger 1

The Strangest Stranger 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A mysterious stranger winds up bleeding at Sam's doorstep and asks for help with a gunshot wound, little did he know, he would be engulfed in a world he only thought existed in the imagination.


A mysterious stranger winds up bleeding at Sam's doorstep and asks for help with a gunshot wound, little did he know, he would be engulfed in a world he only thought existed in the imagination.


Submitted: October 19, 2015

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Submitted: October 19, 2015



I remember meeting him. That night I sat on the porch smoking my cigarette like I always do. The thick humid hot air was alive with clouds of mosquitoes, gnats and other insects as the sun began to disappear behind the Cyprus trees. The musty earthen smell of the swamp water was always strong enough to overpower even the stink of sweat from a hard days work that clung to my unwashed body as I sat there watching the tops of the trees sway in the breeze that only stirred the wet heat of the day instead of cooling me. I could hear Laney's collar buckle clink as she scratched herself. She was content inside with the a/c.

I stretched my arms and relaxed my neck. I had the next 3 days off and was determined to spend every hour of them drowning in whiskey and pussy. After I rest up a bit at least. Today was a shit day mentally and physically. I had to put down Miss Thoreau's dog Millie. I grew up with the Thoreau boys and lost my virginity to the Thoreau girl so Millie was comfortable enough with me and had a bit of calm before I put her down. She stared at me as if she were saying thank you, she was suffering. She was ready to go.

I also had to help Sheriff St.Claire round up a few stray cattle. Buck should dig new fence posts instead of digging in Miss Haveshom's fertile soil.

While I was picturing Buck's fat sweaty body heaving on top of Aggy's Haveshom's skinny, skeletal body which was as awesome as seeing your grandparents making sweet love with asper-creme scented candles burning all around them, I was pleasantly distracted by Laney barking at the front door. I stood up, and flicked my butt into the swamp, following the glowing ember as it burned brighter as it flew into the water. Entering the coolness of the house was jarring but welcome.

I made my way to the front door and asked Laney to settle down. She complied but let a series of low growls escape before heeling at my bare feet.

"Who's there?" I asked


I brushed my ruddy brown hair out of my eyes and swept it back to peek through the peep hole.

No one.

I opened the door after grabbing my shotgun. I didn't hear a car pull up. Might be the assholes that broke into the Griffin's house. I flung the door open and Laney lunged forward.

"Laney!" I shouted. She stopped dead in her tracks fixated on the steps.

I nudged her aside and commanded her to stay and walked to the edge of the stairs.

There was blood. A lot of blood. I also could smell burning flesh. Someone had been shot. This would not be the first time a low-life came to me for discreet patch-ups. I was held at gunpoint and forced to remove buckshot from some guy's ass. They beat the shit out of me and drank all my beer.

The ass whipping I could take, but no one drinks my beer.

I pumped my shotty and got ready. I was all out of bubblegum.

I turned the corner following the trail of droplets and blood. The bastard must have went around back when I didn't answer quick enough. Good luck getting into the house from the water asshole.

I walked past the winter-berry holly bushes alongside the stilts and saw him.
He was at least 6'7 and had to weigh 290 lbs easy. Pure muscle. He had dark hair, no clothes and the greenest eyes possible, they almost seemed to glow. He was holding his abdomen where blood was leaking in a dance of red down past his freakishly large cock. He was panting like a dog, and looked near dead.

He slowly raised his hand for me to stop. I could see small wisps of smoke rising from underneath the hand that covered the wound. Strange.

"Don't shoot, I'm unarmed." He spoke weakly.

"I beg to differ mister. You you got a deadly weapon right there." I joked pointing at the poor bastard's penis. "Could club a motherfucker to death." He was not amused.

I joke when I'm nervous, and he made me nervous.

"What, you get caught using that thing on someone's wife and he shot you?" I asked as I put my shotgun down to help him into the house.

He said nothing.

I slowly half walked half dragged this big sonofabitch into my house and laid him on the couch. Laney focused on him the whole time and did not make a peep as I got my supplies and the emergency kit from the kitchen.

I watched as he outstretched his hand to her and she slowly stepped forward to take a whiff. She then stood up on her hind legs and put her paws on his side and began licking his wound.

"Thank you Laney." He said.

WTF??!! Has he been watching me? What does he want?

Laney stopped licking and put her paw on his shoulder then walked toward me and sat staring at me as if I was the fucking one who was being weird. Did he just call her by name? I have never seen him before today, not once and Laney seemed a hell of a lot calmer now than she has ever been.

I stared at her as I walked by with the emergency kit. I looked at him starting to ask if he wanted me to drive him to the hospital but maybe the wife he was banging was Doc Crawley's or the sheriff's. I could do this.

He looked at me with those almost alien green eyes and said "Thank you too Sam." I stood there dumbfounded and a bit pissed off.

"How do you know my dog's name and how do you know mine? Who the fuck are you?

He looked at me, holding back pain and what seemed like amusement.

"She told me her name." He said as he turned his head and winced in pain. He sounded almost like Laney when she whimpers when her joints get to aching.

"Told me yours too." He said and smiled, the life draining from his eyes faster now.

I turned to look at Laney, my mouth still open with the realization that I was going to have to shoot this nutcase.

Laney sat there wagging her tail like a 6 month old puppy. Her coat looked shinier, her eyes were clearer, she looked..... healthy. I turned back to the stranger who had fallen unconscious and noticed his nails were long and pointed. His ears were slightly pointed too. His open mouth showed an incredibly long canine for a human.

I had no idea the shit-storm this man would bring into my world.

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