Hunting Silver

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Silver Cozart, a recent college grad with huge amounts of debt, interns at the library in her hometown of Henderson, NC. Her bland existence is soon colored with the knowledge of Shifters, or supernatural beings who have the ability to transform from human to beast. After the death of her husband, Walker, leaves her sick and depressed, she finds herself thrust into the hidden world of Shifters and into the arms of Zane Wrightblood, a Shifter military general tormented by visions from his past. The sudden attack on Zane's pack appears to be connected to the death of Silver's husband, and Silver begins to fall madly in love with the shifter who, like her, is on a road to find the truth and heal from the past.

Part One of the Hunting Silver Duet.

Table of Contents

One: Silver

SILVER I’ve never been a believer of serendipity, but the story of my and Walker’s relationship can only be based on that concept... Read Chapter

TWO: Zane

ZANE I could feel the temperature rising not around me, but inside. My chest felt that all too familiar ache as did my gut, craving... Read Chapter

THREE: Silver

SILVER “Walker, I love you with all my heart. I’ll never leave or betray you. My life is, inextricably, tied to yours. Forever, m... Read Chapter

Four: ZANE

ZANE The run to the Wrightblood Estate within the woodlands was always a strenuous one. Panting, Priscilla and I shifted back to ou... Read Chapter

FIVE: Silver

SILVER “You have a visitor, Mrs. De Silva.” Came Corinne at my bedroom door. I cleared my throat, sitting up. “Oh, excuse m... Read Chapter


ZANE “I don’t know, General, this looks like a huge task to accomplish in the amount of time you’re asking.” Avir said cagily... Read Chapter

SEVEN: Silver

SILVER “We sure did miss you, Miss Silver!” Constance enthused from behind the circulation desk. “We really did.” Ms. O... Read Chapter

Eight: ZANE

ZANE I waited about ten minutes outside the small-town library, Bishop’s. The library, while small and surrounded by trees, provi... Read Chapter

TEN: Zane

ZANE “Did you hear the news, sir?” Priscilla’s cool voice broke my concentration from completing paperwork. I stood to greet ... Read Chapter

Eleven: SILVER

SILVER “Silver, you’re broke.” Eli Melendez, my on-site construction manager, told me with his broken accent over the pho... Read Chapter


Eight hours remained. Eight tiny little hours remained until the nuptials between the Puget and Wrightblood Pack commenced. This was ... Read Chapter


Silver   Adrenaline shot through my veins as I raised the hammer to my former best friend and housekeeper, Corinne. A br... Read Chapter


Zane   The warm spring air splashed into my bare chest as I ran nakedly through the woods. Despite my frantic running, need ... Read Chapter


Dante   Zane has officially lost his shit, I thought as I revved the engine of my lexus from the parking lot of Bishop’s L... Read Chapter


Silver Fog. Darkness and fog surrounded the empty place in which I walked. Wait, was I even walking? I could feel my legs moving th... Read Chapter