Love A Long The Way

Love A Long The Way

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


For months Laura has been talking Bob, their relationship started off innocent and then slowly as they became more and more comfortable with each other it became romantic long distance relationship. Bob used his text messages to tease Laura and soon to Laura's surprise she acted upon Bob's text request.


For months Laura has been talking Bob, their relationship started off innocent and then slowly as they became more and more comfortable with each other it became romantic long distance relationship.

Bob used his text messages to tease Laura and soon to Laura's surprise she acted upon Bob's text request.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Love A Long The Way

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For months Laura has been talking Bob, their relationship started off innocent and then slowly as they became more and more comfortable with each other it became romantic long distance relationship. <br /> <br /> Bob used his text messages to tease Laura and soon to Laura's surprise she acted upon Bob's text request.<br />

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Chapter 1

For months Laura has been talking to a fellow gamer named Bob.  Their relationship started off so innocent most of the time the two just spoke about poker and strategies of playing better.  At times the conversation would wander to football or jobs and once in a while there would be a flirt or two.  So many scheduled games were played together and other times the two would join a game and just work havoc on the table. Often one would end up with a majority of the chips.  Many times it was Bob as he would taunt the other players and force them to go all in.  For Laura it was fun to watch as the other players would go crazy trying to take out Bob.

Weeks turned into months and months into a year it was all so humorous.  Then out of the blue the game we loved so much announced that it was closing down and would be removed from the gaming system.  Instead of dwelling on the loss they knew they had 8 more weeks of play and decided to make the best of it.  In the final weeks of play they met online so many times to play and talk.  It seemed to be growing into more than just a gaming relationship.  It was blossoming into a true friendship. 

Sadly, the last day of the game had arrived as silly as it sounds Laura took the day off from work so she could play as much as possible in the final hours.  The bright point of the day was when Laura saw Bob pop on to the game.  The two joined a session and began to chatter just like all the other days.  As the end of the game was minutes away, Laura started to wonder if this would be the last time she talks to Bob.  And then it happened, not really out of the blue but with a quick flash on the screen the game disappeared.  Poof, just gone, in a blink of the eye no more poker online.  Bob talked with Laura for about an hour after the game disappeared.  Their conversation flowed so easily.

Laura spent the next few weeks looking for a new game to play: monopoly, dominoes, chess and a few other games but none kept her so entertained as the poker game.  With each day she was online less and less and she felt as if she was losing her friendships she had created in the gaming world.  Could these avatars actually be friends? she wondered.  Would she really miss their fellowship.

Then one day when she signed on there was a message from Bob.  He said hello and asked when she would be back online.  She responded back to him through the message system and this started a new avenue of communication.  Both Bob and Laura continues writing each other via messages on the Xbox.  At times for Laura this way of communicating took way too long.

One day Bob asked Laura for her phone number and he began texting her.  Once again their friendship seemed to grow more and more with each message.  They would play games with one another but both seemed to favor 20 questions which really helped both of them get to know each other more.Laura always wondered if this person she was talking to was the perfect guy or was he just playing a role to keep her texting with him.  She however always told him the truth about herself.  How she looked, her age the children she had and that she works way too much.

During these texts, Laura learned that Bob lived in the UK with the time difference being five hours ahead of the United States.  This makes texting during the day the easiest time for them to connect. But with  Laura working it was still difficult since she had to focus on her job. 

One day Laura met a friend for lunch and as they each slid into the booth facing each other she put her phone on the table.  Unknown to her she had dialed Bob's number and he could hear their whole conversation.  As Bob listened quietly he realized that Laura was eating lunch with a guy. A tight, sore feeling swelled up in Bob's stomach.  He had so many questions about this unknown man.  Was Laura dating him?  Was she married?  Why was she at lunch with him? Are they sitting close together? It surprised him that he felt jealous of the guy and he has never even met her before.

As the waitress walked up to the table Laura noticed the lights on her phone and she hit the red button to end the call.  She never picked it up to see if anyone was on the other end of the phone.  Laura and her friend ordered and continued to talk and they were enjoying their time together when Laura's text alert went off "ding".

Bob: what are you up to?

Laura: at lunch with a friend

This struck Bob oddly as his jealously continue to grow.  Why was she being so vague?  Maybe she was dating him.  "Ding"

Bob: what are you wearing at lunch?

Laura:  a skirt and blouse, why?

Laura thought this was strange that he would ask this question.  Then she remembered that her phone was on when the waitress walked up, she clicked on the phone and took a look at the history.  Laura smiled to herself when she saw that it was Bob on the phone for 4 minutes.  She chuckled to herself and then she knew why he starting asking personal questions.  "Ding"

Bob:  what color bra are you wearing?

Laura: black lace

Bob: prove it

Laura: huh, I am at lunch with a friend.

Bob: so go into the bathroom take off your blouse and take a selfie

Laura was laughing to herself, if only her friend knew what he was writing while they were sitting there having lunch  together.  And for a few moments she thought about Bob's request.  She is all business while she is at work.  That is a side of her he will never see living so far away.

As the two friends wrapped up their lunch they said their goodbyes and Laura thought about Bob's request of a selfie with her bra exposed.  As she looked around she felt a little naughty so she decided why not?

Laura walked to the ladies room and went inside.  She looked at herself in the mirror and then grabbed the brush out of her purse and she brushed her hair for a minute until she heard the flush of the toilet in the handicap stall.  As the lady walked out she walked in to the larger stall. 

Laura was pleased to see a sink and a mirror in this stall. She looked at herself in the mirror and she wondered if she should do this or not.  Is this what they call sexting?  What if Bob shows this to another person? Would he post it online for others to see? This is challenging Laura's mind as she wants to do it but her mature side is making her think twice.  But she loved how Bob's texts make her feel so sexy and pretty.  During the time they have been texting they have each shared photos of themselves to the other.  Laura thinks Bob is handsome and loves the way he lets his beard grow out fully.  She wondered what Bob's reaction would be to seeing her in just her bra.  Would he find her sexy?  Does he like black lacy bras? She has never sent Bob pictures of her so revealing or sexy.  That's just not in her nature.

Laura started washing her hands and she looked at her blouse and thought for a minute that she could lower the neck line so her bra would be exposed.  She lifted up her phone and snapped a picture or two.  The shots didn't look all that good and you really couldn't see her bra.  So after moving around and posing in different angles she thought that she had to think of a sexier pose.And with a quick snap Laura unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.  She stood in front of the mirror and thought her breasts looked so creamy white in her black bra.  The darkness of the bra made her two round perky breasts stand out and with this bathroom lighting she thought she looked pretty. 

Laura took a number of photos both in the mirror and by holding the phone out away from her.  Her favorite was one where she had her back in the photo and she turned her face to look back over her shoulder at the mirror.  She thought this was the cutest shot but she thought Bob would be disappointed with this back angle.  So she continued to look at the photos and found one that was a front view and her face is in a shadowy part of the photo.She decided these would be the two she shares with him.

Bob was watching the news as he heard his text message alert go off.  He was cooking dinner and busy so he decided to ignore the alert.  After he placed his pasta bake in the oven he reached over and grabbed his phone.  As he clicked on the message he smiled to himself as he saw the two photos Laura sent.  He thought she looked so lovely in the photos the lights reflecting in the mirror made her hair shine and her smile looked so coy but he lived the photographs.  And under the photo was a short text message "you like?".

Bob did like these photos and he decided to text her back and he sent the following:




Laura was back at her desk working when these 3 short messages came in on her phone. As she looked down she smiled to herself and decided she was pleased that she sent Bob the photos.

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