Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 3.5) Finalized Version

Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 3.5) Finalized Version Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 3.5) Finalized Version

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the finished story of Rachel returning the favor to Mickey.


This is the finished story of Rachel returning the favor to Mickey.


Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012




Rachel Gives Mickey His

Night to Remember


After returning home the next morning, Rachel found Mickey sleeping on the couch. There were beer bottles on every flat surface from the boys being over to watch the fight the night before. Rachel leaned down and kissed Mickey on the cheek, awakening him. He asked how the night out went and what time it was. Rachel said “it’s about 8am and the night was really fun.” She went on to tell him that she and the girls had gone to breakfast after the bar and that she had just gotten home. She told him that she was going to lay down for a bit since she had not slept yet. Mickey said that he was going to clean up and that he would wake her for lunch. Rachel made her way to the bedroom where she stripped down and slipped into bed. It wasn’t long before she was reliving all the things that she had witnessed the night before. Exhaustion finally overcame her and she fell fast asleep.


Rachel awoke to the sound of running water. She lifted herself up out of bed and slid on a robe she kept close to the bed. She then went into the front room to see that everything had been cleaned up with no sign that there had been a bunch of drunken men there the night before. There were a few scented candles burning that had taken that male bonding smell out of the room. A small grin came over her face as if to say “how nice it was that he cleaned up so good for me”. The water that she had heard was Mickey in the shower and soon the water stopped and there he stood with nothing but a towel over his head. He was drying his hair and had not noticed that Rachel had gotten up and was now curled up on the couch. Rachel sat back and waited to see how long it would take him to realize that she was there.


Rachel took in his body. It was fit and muscular with a nice amount of hair in the right places. Rachel could tell that Mickey had been masturbating in the shower since his erection had not totally gone away after cumming. She could see the droplets of after cum that she would have usually cleaned up after he became soft. Mickey’s cock was not the biggest but it was large enough to have good sex. Since Rachel loved Mickey, in her mind it was perfect. Plus Mickey always went the extra mile to make sure Rachel was satisfied. He had never left her wanting for anything in the bedroom.


Soon Mickey pulled the towel from his head and saw her sitting there with a cute little smile. He said “so do you see anything you like?” Rachel replied “why yes I do, and why don’t you bring it over to me”. Mickey walked over to her, standing in front of her. The height of the couch was so that her face was level to his crouch. Mickey’s cock jumped as Rachel took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Rachel sucked down really hard as to pull all of the remaining cum from Mickey’s member. She reached up with her right hand and squeezed his shaft pulling the skin toward her. With her left hand she cupped his hanging balls and gave a slight but ever tightening squeeze and pull. Mickey gasped and grabbed her by the head and simply said to Rachel “oh babe that feels so good” in a low gruff voice.


Thoughts of the previous night’s cocks being sucked raced through her mind. All the while the cock currently in her mouth was growing very rapidly. Soon she found her face being fucked by Mickey. He had a hold of her hair and was pulling her mouth over his cock after each time she would retreat from him. She noticed that he was thrusting deeper and deeper into her throat. Usually she would stop him as she was always afraid that she would gag. Darcy had told her the night before that if she would simply try to swallow every time the tip got close to the back of her throat that eventually her gag reflex would relax and she would be able to take even the longest cock as deep as she wanted. As Mickey noticed that Rachel wasn’t stopping him from going deeper and deeper, he began to really test her.


He held her hair tight and held his cock deep in her throat. He expected her to pull away but instead he could feel her throat closing around and pulling at the head of his dick. Mickey let go of her hair and his cock started to slide out of her throat. That’s when Rachel gave Mickey a little shock when she reached around with both hands and grabbed two handfuls of his ass. She yanked his pelvis toward her, slamming his cock down her throat. He couldn’t believe what she was doing; this was uncharted territory for her. It seemed that she wanted every inch of him in her throat. He could feel her nose buried in his pubic hair and his balls were resting against her chin.


Rachel pulled Mickey’s cock from her mouth and looked up with a devilish smile long enough to say to him “I want you to fuck my face just like you fuck my pussy, with deep hard strokes”. She then placed his cock at her lips, gave the head a little peck and then slammed Mickey’s cock into her throat again. Mickey reached down and took two handfuls of hair just behind each ear and began to slide his throbbing cock into Rachel’s mouth. He wasn’t sure she knew what she was asking so he started off slowly. After all this wasn’t some no-name slut, this was the woman he loved.


The gentleness that Mickey was showing Rachel was sweet but not at all what she wanted. She was starting to get frustrated. She wanted to be treated like a slut right now and it was time to let him know that she wanted her face fucked so she reached up and gave his balls a quick tug and then a slap. Mickey jumped and said “hey what’s that all about, you better be nice or I might have to skull fuck you”. She glanced up making eye contact with him and then reached up and pulled his balls again, this time a little harder. Just as Mickey was going to say something she reached around and slapped his ass as hard as she could manage. This caused him to thrust forward and deeper into her throat, Mickey again expected her to try to pull away but instead she moaned in approval. He noticed that she didn’t have her hands on the fronts of his legs as usual but rather she had a pretty good grip on the backs of his legs. It seemed to him that being skull fucked was exactly what she wanted.


Mickey gripped the two handfuls of hair a little tighter and began to quicken his pace. He now had a solid rhythm going but was still a little apprehensive about driving his cock as if he was inside her pussy. His apprehensiveness soon was washed away as Rachel started to pull him deeper into her throat. Mickey soon was fully into this and began thrusting until he could feel Rachel’s teeth pressing into the area just above where his shaft disappeared into his body. Rachel was taking all of his 71/2 inches into her mouth and throat. Mickey was now driving his rock hard cock into Rachel as if he were fucking her pussy. He had stopped worrying about whether he was hurting her or if she was doing it just to please him. She clearly wanted this and he of course had dreamed of being able to let loose without retribution or the shame of treating her in a way that she really didn’t want to be treated. She wanted it and was getting exactly what she had asked for.


Mickey had her hair and was pulling and pushing as fast as he could until he started to feel his balls tighten up. He knew he was near eruption and for a split second he thought about slowing and making sure she wanted to swallow his seed but then he re-thought and said to himself “this bitch is mine right now and she will take everything I want to give her, including my load” Just then he felt a jolt and he pulled himself full into Rachel’s throat. Rachel could feel the strength of his hands and her face repeatedly being slammed against him. When she felt the head of his cock swell, she knew he was about to cum. That’s when she felt the slight sting on her scalp as he pulled her throat to him and held his cock deep. She could feel the surging as cum shot down her throat. Shot after shot went flowing down. There was no worry of gagging since his cock was beyond the gag reflex point. The cum wasn’t in her mouth, it was in her throat headed straight for her stomach.


Rachel waited for him to relax the grip on her hair a bit and then simply sucked Mickey until his balls had no more to give. She let him get soft and then proceeded to suck those last precious drop out of his cock. His balls were totally empty. She decided that since her mouth had been fully occupied by his cock, that Mickey’s balls probably needed some attention. She took them in her hand and gently messaged them. She pulled his cock away and flick at them with her tongue and then sucked them one at a time. She took time to lick that area between his freshly washed ass and his balls. Mickey could barely stand as Rachel stood to give him a soft sweet kiss. She said very softly “I missed you last night and that was just a taste of what you can expect from your special night.


Over the next 2 weeks Rachel had been meeting with Sarah and Darcy on a pretty regular basis trying to come up with the perfect night for Mickey. They would meet for drinks after work and discuss various scenarios for Rachel to return the night of pleasure that Mickey had given her. For him to pull off what he had, he clearly had a plan and to his credit he had done an awesome job. Rachel hoped that with the help of her friends, she could come up with something as good if not better.


First thing that the women did was write down things that Rachel knew that Mickey liked sexually. This would allow them to come up with things that they could incorporate those things into. After that list was complete they began thinking about things that every man fantasizes about but most wives and girlfriends either won’t allow or won’t do. Rachel knew that in order to take this to the level that she wanted to give Mickey; she might have to push her own boundaries and potentially experience some new things herself.  




It was Saturday night and Rachel had told Mickey that he needed to be home a 7 o’clock. She said that she wanted to cook him his favorite meal and spent a nice quiet evening alone with her man. Mickey showed up on time and with a bottle of wine that he knew Rachel liked. She greeted him with a kiss and led him to the table where they sat and had a wonderful dinner. Spaghetti with her home sauce always was a big hit with Mickey. They ate and drank the whole bottle of wine that Mickey had brought. After finishing the meal, Rachel told Mickey that she wanted to give him a backrub and that he should go and get undressed and come back out to the living room. Mickey, never one to turn down a free backrub scurried off to get himself ready.


When Mickey returned he was in a pair of house pants and nothing else. Rachel had taken some message therapy classes and Mickey knew that she was good at giving good back rubs. Mickey had purchased a professional message table for Rachel when she was thinking about doing message for a living. They didn’t drag it out of the closet very often but tonight was special. When Mickey walked into the room, he noticed that she had pushed the dining room table up against the wall. The chairs were moved into the kitchen. This left a nice open space for the table to be set up. Rachel had the table up and covered with a sheet. She had scented candles burning and the lights were turned way down. Rachel was nowhere to be seen but soon appeared from the bathroom. She was totally naked. Mickey was taken a little by surprised but a big smile came across his face. She told him to lie down on the table and to lie down on his belly. She wanted to rub his back first and roll him over and do his front side last. After Mickey was comfortable, Rachel began to rub and message his body. Mickey soon was drifting away as he relaxed.


Soon it was time to have Mickey role over and have Rachel work on the front of her man. She began with his upper torso and worked her way down. When she reached his mid section she stopped and moved to his feet. She then worked her way upward. Rachel wanted to finish with Mickey’s nice cock and balls. Mickey to this point had simply melted into the table. He really had no idea what Rachel was about to do to him. Rachel had been using an almost hot message oil. For this next evolution she grabbed a different bottle that had been in the heater the whole time that she had been rubbing Mickey. She placed a copious amount on her hand and then rubbed her hands together before smoothing the hot oil all over his flaccid penis and balls. Mickey opened his eyes and smiled at Rachel in appreciation for how good she was making him feel. Soon he was back to lying back and taking in the relaxing pleasure that Rachel was administering.


As Rachel began to slide her well oiled hands and fingers all over Mickey’s cock and balls, she could feel him begin to swell in her hands. Soon Mickey was fully erect. Rachel took hold of his member and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft. She could feel the ridges and the veins that were bulging out of it. The head of his cock was starting to change color to a shiny purple. Rachel could feel her pussy starting to get wet just from the sight of his hard cock. The motion of her hand was slow enough that Mickey wasn’t feeling any kind of build up in his balls. It just felt real real good and he was drinking it in.


The new oil that Rachel had used for Mickey’s special area was grape seed oil. The reason she wanted to change is that this oil has no taste and is very slick but all natural at the same time. This was important because the things that she had planned for Mickey involved tasting him and the slickness could be very important later in the evening. Rachel was feeling especially aroused with this hard cock in her hand and the thought of what she was about to try to pull off for Mickey’s special night. Still steadily pumping Mickey, she began to lower her head down and began to lick and suck on his balls. A slight moan came from Mickey. She began to take each one of his balls into her mouth sucking gently swirling her tongue around and around. Rachel still holding Mickey’s shaft firmly in her hand, slowly began to kiss and lick her way back up the head that is very swollen. Once Rachel reached the top of his very hard cock, she started licking and swirling around his very sensitive swollen helmet just before she took him as deep into her throat as she could. She began a slow deep stroke into her throat. Rachel made sure not to pump him too fast so she could him give a nice long blowjob. Mickey was now completely relaxed and taking what Rachel was offering. He still had no idea what she actually was planning. He simply thought that he is getting a very good blowjob and massage. As Rachel continues, Mickey soon could feel the rush of his orgasm coming on. Seconds later Mickey explodes his first load into Rachel’s mouth. She continues to pump and milk his now receding cock for every last drop of the warm cream that he had just served up. Outside of squirming and making uncontrolled sounds, Mickey had not moved and now he was just lying there basking in the amazing feelings that he was experiencing. Rachel grabbed a blanket and placed it over Mickey’s limp naked body. She then leaned into Mickey’s ear and said “you relax for a minute; I am going to get the other room ready”. Mickey soon drifted off to sleep.


Rachel left her man napping and went to the bedroom to prepare. Rachel stripped down to nothing and slipped into a silk robe that accented her body. Rachel also grabbed her phone and texted her friends to let them know she was ready for them to come over for the next couple of evolutions in her plan. She then went to the front door and unlocked it for them to have easy access when they got there. They also could get in without Mickey knowing they had arrived. Rachel then went back to the dining room and slowly and softly kissed Mickey until awoke. She smiled at him and took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. Mickey was a little groggy but he could see that she had lit candles and heard the soft music playing. The bed was pulled down and there were something he had never seen before. There were four black straps, one from each corner. Rachel asked Mickey to lie down in the middle of the bed and relax. Mickey placed himself as instructed and before he knew it Rachel was coming toward him with something else that he had not seen before. As she came closer he made out that it was a blindfold. She smiled and placed the eye covering on him. After Mickey was blinded, she took his left hand and placed the restraint around it. Then his left leg and so on until he was completely bound. Mickey had come to realize that tonight Rachel was up to a lot more than a quiet night at home. His imagination was now starting to run a little wild with what could be coming down the pipe the rest of the night.




Rachel left the room and left Mickey waiting without the ability to move. He simply had to be patient and trust that what Rachel had in mind, were things he would be ok with.


Rachel returned to the living room and proceeded to straighten up the oils and the sheets from the massage table. Soon the door crept open and in walked Sarah and Darcy. These two were going to be her partners in crime for the rest of the night. They made no sounds and since they had already laid out the sequence of events and who would be doing what to Mickey. Sarah and Darcy stripped out of their clothes and into their silk robes. It was important that they all had the same type of robes so Mickey would not know that there were three of them until it was time for him to know. The ladies all sipped on a glass of wine and let Mickey wait for the unknown things that Rachel still has in store for him.


Rachel deliberately did not cover Mickey when she left him. She wanted him to be a little chilled when they returned. When the ladies all walked into the candlelit room, the visual was overwhelming. Right before them lay a naked restrained man, blinded by a silk blindfold. Mickey’s cock was soft and appeared somewhat small. Sarah and Darcy had never seen Mickey naked and were taking a good long look at what they were being allowed to play with this night. Rachel spoke to Mickey asking “are you ready the best sexual night of your life?” A smile came across Mickey’s face but before he could respond, she leaned over him and kissed him very deeply and passionately. Even though she was in total control here, this was way outside her comfort level. She had never thought in a million years that she would be so comfortable and love someone enough to do whatever it took to fulfill them. There was a definite fear that this could go the wrong way and even worse would cause him to not want her anymore. They had come too far to turn back now. Rachel pulled from him, took a deep breath and then reached for his flaccid cock.


Mickey’s skin was cool to the touch, actually he was cold. Rachel thought to herself that maybe she had left the poor guy sitting too long. Then she put it out her mind since he was about to have every guys dream. Sarah and Darcy had taken a seat on chairs and were watching as Rachel worked Mickey’s cock back to life. It really didn’t take too much with the feeling of her warm hands and her pulling and stroking of his cock. After a couple of minutes he was standing at attention and ready for battle. Rachel glanced over to see Darcy motioning to Sarah that it was bigger then she thought it was going to be. When the girls realized that Rachel was looking at them, they both gave her a thumbs up.


Rachel gave them a nod and motioned for one of them to come over. Darcy jumped up, walked over and took the very hard cock in her hand. She leaned way in and examined it real closely. Her warm breath was giving Mickey goose bumps and a quiet whimper comes from him. Darcy takes a tight grip on Mickey’s cock and pulls it up as far it will stretch without causing pain. She then lowers her mouth and places her tongue right where the scrotum meets the base of his shaft. The warmth of her tongue and the tension of his cock made for a remarkable feeling as she began to nibble and lick all around that area. Slowly taking each one of his balls into her mouth and gently rolling them around and sucking them until they pop out. Darcy is not stroking him at all. Rather she is stretching and making the skin tight and very sensitive. Soon Darcy decides that she has teased him enough. She hovered over the head of his purple head with her mouth opened as wide as she can. She slowly lowers her hot wet mouth down around his cock, trying not to touch it with any part of it. Mickey could feel the heat all around his member but hasn’t felt very much contact at all. He really isn’t sure what she up to since he can’t see anything. Just as he starts to say something, the head of his cock hits the back of Darcy’s throat. Right after he felt that he felt her lips close down around him. His whole cock was now engulfed and Mickey had forgotten what it was he was going to say. Darcy began to stroke his cock with very long and deep stroke into her mouth and throat. She was taking great care to keep Mickey at a tempo that would not cause him to cum. When the girls had discussed this plan, Darcy and Sarah asked if Mickey was a guy that came fast or if he could last a long time. Rachel told them that she wasn’t sure beyond the first load. They usually had tender soft sex and Mickey was always way more interested in giving her pleasure then getting his own. “That’s why we are doing this tonight”. Darcy didn’t want to have him blow and then the night be over because he wasn’t able to get it up again. Just then Sarah stood up and quietly walked over to the bed. Darcy noticed her and slowly pulled Mickey’s cock from her mouth.


Sarah smiled and took over. With a very tight sucking pose to her mouth, she took Mickey all the way to his base. What Sarah had not told Darcy or Rachel was that she love to swallow cum, the more the better. So without any regard for the outcome, she sucked as hard as she could as she pumped Mickey’s cock into her throat. It wasn’t long before Mickey said to who he thought was Rachel “Babe do you want to swallow again??” Sarah just moaned as the cum shot into her mouth. Not a drop was wasted and when Sarah pulled up and looked at Rachel, she was grinning. Sarah waved Rachel over and without saying anything she told her to straddle Mickey’s face. It wasn’t time for Mickey to find out that they weren’t alone yet and another pussy may tip him off.


Rachel did as instructed and slipped off her robe and threw her leg over her man. She was facing the girls and leaned down to suck on Mickey’s limp dick. Mickey wasted no time and began to do what was expected of him. He darted his tongue in and out her with intermittent circling of her clit and gliding the tip through the lips surrounding the place he loved to be inside of. Rachel was losing herself in the feeling of her man eating her. While her eyes were closed, Darcy decided that she did not want to watch anymore. When Rachel opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Darcy had opened the little box that Rachel had left out by her dresser. She kept her toys in there and Darcy pulled out the biggest one. She had Sarah sitting right at the edge of her chair and she was fucking Sarah with the fat dildo and licking her clit as she did so. Sarah’s head was thrown back and soon she was grabbing at the dildo and trying to stop Darcy from making her cum. Darcy conceded and let Sarah up but then turned and sat down herself and start to work the fat cock into herself. When Sarah gathered herself and saw Darcy trying to fuck herself, she drop to her knees and took control of the dildo and returned the favor of licking her clit. It was quite a site and Rachel was not only getting licked, she was watching a live girl on girl sex show. This was making Rachel even hotter and she knew she was going to blow at any minute.


Right then Rachel let out a loud scream and said that she was cumming. It felt so good that she began to grind into her lover’s face. Mickey couldn’t do anything except be smothered but what away to go if he were to be suffocated. Rachel raised up and flopped over on the bed. She looked over to see Sarah finishing off Darcy. They all needed a break, so Rachel softly told Mickey that she would be back in a minute. She promised that she wouldn’t leave him for as long as she did last time. All the ladies got up and left the room together as quietly as they could.


Once they were all in the other room they whispered to one another asking if everything was still cool and if they were going to continue or not. They all agreed that it was going better than expected and that they all wanted to continue. They all grabbed a quick drink of wine and headed back into the bedroom. It was time to take this night to the next level. To this point Mickey didn’t know that he had been being pleasured by 3 different women. Now it was time for him to not only know but with the blindfold on, he would now have to figure how many there were and if he knew them.


All the pussies had been licked and all had been fucked, except Rachel’s. So Rachel straddled her man and once she did, Mickey’s cock came to attention. Rachel placed the erect member at her wet opening and lowered herself onto it. Riding him at a nice steady pace and having him in sort of a trance, Rachel motioned to Sarah, to come over. She did as  requested. She crawled on the bed and that is when Mickey realized that he and Rachel were not alone. As Mickey began to speak Sarah lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Since he couldn’t move his arms or his legs, the best thing to do was to go with it. It wasn’t like he was being tortured.


Mickey began to show off his talent for eating pussy and soon Sarah was cumming and now that he knew he wasn’t alone the girls could make as much noise as they wanted. Sarah began screaming while grinding her super sensitive pussy against Mickey’s mouth and nose. Rachel was still riding her man, but watching Sarah explode all over her man’s face was too much and soon she was also moaning and Mickey could feel her pussy clamping down around his cock as she came. Since Mickey had cum more than a couple of times, his erection wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rachel rolled off and just lay on the side of the bed. Darcy crawled over and began to push two fingers into Rachel’s cum filled pussy and began to pull Mickey’s cum out of her. Darcy then proceeded to have the girls share Mickey’s creamy treat by helping her lick and clean her fingers.


Once Rachel’s pussy was clean, Darcy mounted Mickey’s face. Mickey again began to eat another pussy being offered to him. This time the pussy was extra wet and tasted different, not bad but different. As he continued to flick the tip of his tongue at and on her clit, there was so much more pussy juice flowing onto his face. He knew that this was not Rachel. Darcy soon was leaning forward and started sucking Mickey deep, fast and hard. Mickey wished he could get a hold of her hip so he could get the right amount of pressure against her clit. She was sucking him so fast and hard, she kept lifting up and away from his tongue. He also would love to slide a couple of fingers inside her or maybe a toy. Not a possibility since he was still strapped down. Darcy must have been close to cumming because she sat up and put a lot more pressure on Mickey’s mouth.


Mickey’s could hear that Darcy was working her own clit while she was riding his face. It sounded very wet and suddenly, he could feel a stream of hot liquid flowing down over his chin and neck. There was also a great deal flowing into his mouth. He was having to swallow the hot salty liquid. Mickey thought to himself, “man this chick really cums a lot”. He had never had a woman that cum so much physically before. It was a turn on and he liked it a lot.  Soon Darcy was exhausted and simply laid on top of Mickey. Sarah and Rachel came over to the bedside and helped Darcy up and off of Mickey. There was one last thing that Rachel wanted Mickey to experience. Darcy put her robe back on and the three ladies took positions on the bed around Mickey. Rachel removed the leg restraints to allow Mickey to bend his knees. It felt good for him to be able to move, even if  his arms were still bound. Rachel had the girls help her set up some pillows and prop Mickey up against the head board. She wanted him to see what was going to happen next. Once he was all set, she signaled to Darcy and Sarah. They both lowered their heads and began to tag team his cock with their mouths.


While the girls took turns sucking Mickey, Rachel kissed her man tenderly and passionately. When she pulled away she also pulled the blindfold from his eyes. Mickey could now see who was giving him the greatest sexual night of his life. He was a little surprised that it was Darcy and Sarah. He would have never thought that Rachel would share him with anyone, let alone her good friends. Now he focused on the two beautiful women that were intermittently taking his cock into their throats. Rachel joined them and now he was tasked with watching 3 women pleasure him and occasionally seeing them kiss one another. (Bummer for the guy)


With three of them doing this it was hard for Mickey to concentrate since every inch of that area was being tantalized with tongues, teeth and lips. Seeing his cock sliding up and down through Darcy’s and Sarah’s lips and feeling their teeth drag along his shaft was stuff he had only ever seen in porn movies. Meanwhile Rachel had gone lower and was sucking his drained balls into her mouth and then swirling her tongue around them. The multiple sensations were sending Mickey to a place he had never felt before. It was one thing to feel it but now he got to watch as well. It made it 10 times hotter to see it.


Darcy pulled away and motioned to Rachel to Mickey’s cock. Darcy then lowered herself down and began to suck Mickey’s balls. She had an idea and it was something that had not been discussed when this whole thing was planned. While Darcy sucked the balls she also was lightly licking the space between his balls and his asshole. It was really sensitive and an area that had not been touch during sex ever. Mickey was uncomfortable with at first but every time Darcy slid her tongue down there, he realized that it felt amazing and maybe he should just sit back and see how this would play out.


Soon Darcy had Mickey’s balls pushed up and was exclusively focused on that area. She was squeezing and massaging his balls and licking and nibbling at the new spot. Darcy could see that Rachel and Sarah were having a great time sucking his cock and she could feel that Mickey balls were starting to tighten up. Darcy had a plan to have Mickey explode with a bang for the nights finish. Darcy whispered to Rachel to go and kiss her man, then told Sarah to continue sucking his cock. Once the ladies were all in their positions, they all went back to giving Mickey pleasure. Darcy also continued to explore the newest area for Mickey. Darcy was going to send him over the moon. Right then she whispered to Sarah “Start pumping him and standby” She then slid her thumb into her mouth, getting it nice and wet. Sarah took a tighter grip and began to really pump and bury Mickey’s cock into her throat. Mickey’s hips tightened and muffled moans came from he and Rachel’s mouths. Without any warning to anyone, Darcy pushed her wet thumb into Mickey tight asshole and began rotating it around and around. Mickey thrust his hips upward causing Sarah to gag a bit but she recovered in time to take Mickey’s last hot creamy load of the night. Mickey pulled his mouth away from Rachel and let out a scream as Sarah swallowed his cum and Darcy fucked his asshole with her thumb. Darcy had often slid a finger into a man’s ass right before he was ready to cum. It always gave that extra thrust and usually made him cum even harder, even if it was the third or fourth time in that session.  Something about the prostate and the fact that straight men usually don’t have that area played with makes them cum harder than they ever have.


Rachel turned and helped Sarah finish cleaning Mickey’s now semi limp cock up. Darcy had gone to the bathroom to wash her hands. Soon she returned and the ladies all sat at the foot of the bed looking at Mickey kind of hanging there from the headboard. Rachel turned to her friends and thanked them for this night. She told them “I think we pulled it off”. Rachel then stood up and released Mickey’s hands. He swung his legs over and sat at the side of the bed for a moment. He then tried to stand and found that his legs were not very stable at all. He smiled and told the ladies to come over to him. They all got up and walked over to him. He then stood and first took Sarah by the hand. He smiled at her and then kissed her deeply. As he pulled away he simply said “Thank you”. He then turned to Darcy and pulled her in and also kissed her. As she pulled back he asked “I bet you were the one with her finger in my ass, weren’t you” She smiled and nodded yes. Rachel didn’t know about it until just then and was more then shocked that Mickey had not fought that more. Then Mickey asked if she was a squirter and again she grinned and nodded yes. Mickey said to her “It was awesome…Thank you”.

Sarah and Darcy hugged Rachel and left. They made a plan to talk the next day. Rachel wanted to make sure that they knew that she was really ok with all that had gone down. She didn’t want thing to get weird between them.


Rachel returned to the bedroom and Mickey. He had gotten back into bed and was pretty much exhausted. Rachel crawled into bed and cuddled up next him. He kissed her and told her that she had given him the most incredible night of sex he had ever experienced in his life. He then thanked her and then kissed her again. They fell asleep holding one another, in the wet spot that Darcy had left with her gushing cum. They were both way too tired to worry about it and quickly slipped away to sleep.

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