Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 2)

Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 2) Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Continuing the growth


Continuing the growth


Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




Rachel Gets Help for Mickey’s Night



When we were last with Rachel and Mickey, he had just finished giving Rachel a night that she had never experienced before. The night consisted of some light bondage, oral play and toys of increasing size being used to give Rachel extreme pleasure. If you have not read the first installment, you should go and read “Something New for Rachel”. This story will make more sense and be a more complete read if you do. This story is Rachel’s effort to return the pleasure that Mickey had given her that night. I hope you enjoy it, because I know Mickey did.


A couple of days after Rachel had been treated to the sexual night of her life; she began to try to think of a way to repay him. It would have to be something pretty good since Mickey had been experimenting with sex for much longer then Rachel had. This made it a tough task to come up with something original and exciting so Mickey would be blown away (no pun intended). Rachel decided to search the internet and maybe ask her friends for any ideas for this. The internet was filled with so much stuff. Some of it was hard to look at and she hoped that he wasn’t interested in anything like those things. Some of it was so predictable and she figured he had either done it or would be bored with it. That’s when she turned to her friends. Rachel being the shy person that she was was having a hard time getting up the nerve to inquire about such a subject.


Rachel decided that she would ask some friends to go out for drinks and once they had a few cocktails in them, she would drop a few subtle questions about different ways they had pleasured their men. Rachel called Sarah, Julie, Michelle, Mary, Darcy and simply told them that she needed a girl’s night out and asked if they would join her for drinks. All of the women replied with yes answers and it was set for the coming Saturday night. Rachel told Mickey that she was going out with her girls and that she would be out late. He told her that he thought it was a great idea and that he would call a couple of the boys and watch the fight that was going to be on that night. Now the night was set and hopefully Rachel would be able to get some good ideas from her friends.


Saturday came and soon it was time for Rachel to head out and meet the girls for an early dinner before the drinking began. Mickey gave Rachel a kiss goodbye and told her to call if she needed a ride. Rachel walked out looking back over her shoulder giving Mickey one last smile and said “if you’re a good boy, you might get lucky with a drunken bar girl later” He smiled, told her to have fun, blew her a kiss and closed the door. As Rachel drove to the restaurant, she was still trying to figure out how she was going to ask her friends the best way to fuck her man in a way that he had never experienced before. She also wasn’t sure she wanted to hear some of the things that they were going to come up with.


Once the women arrived, they all sat down to a nice meal. They laughed and got caught up on each other’s lives. Soon it was time to head to a bar called “Willie’s”. It was the bar that they use to hang out in before they all had started to settle down and get married. When they walked in Rachel said “Wow, this is not how like I remembered it” Willie’s wasn’t a snooty bar but rather was more of a working class hangout. There was live music on the weekend so people could cut loose a little by drinking a few and dancing. It was still too early for the band, but the juke box was playing some classic rock in the back round. The girls found a table close to the dance floor that would accommodate all of them. A sassy waitress came up and took their order and soon returned with their drinks. Everyone settled in and started to loosen up as the alcohol started to hit them.


Rachel was three drinks in when she decided that it was time to see if these friends of hers could help her come up with something original to pleasure her man. Since the band hadn’t started yet it was still quiet enough to talk. Rachel broke all the side conversations by raising her voice and saying “hey I need some advice from you guys”. This quieted the women and got their attention. Rachel explained that she want to completely rock Mickey’s world with something he both wouldn’t expect and hopefully hadn’t experienced before. The ideas started to fly but most of them were the things that she would have come up with on her own. Rachel stopped them and told them the story of what he had done for her. All of them sat stunned, looking at Rachel. They were shocked because they didn’t think that their sheepish, sweet friend was capable of what she had just told them.


Sarah spoke first by asking “so how far are you willing to go with this?” Rachel responded “well, I guess that would depend, but I’m open to hearing any ideas that you guys can come up with”. Sarah suggested that everyone at the table add the wildest thing they had ever done to a list and then they all could put a plan together for Rachel. You could see the evil little smiles start to come over all of their face as they remembered things that they had done with men in the past. In some cases the things they were thinking about were their own secrets and had not been discussed with anyone else ever. Rachel took a pen and paper out of her purse and started to write down the things that they were suggesting.


The women would tell their story and Rachel would decide if she thought she could do it. Rachel’s mind was swimming with the things that her friends had told her that they had actually done. Things like orgies, toys, double penetration, role playing, threesomes, multiple men, multiple women and bondage were just a few of the things they had mentioned. Just as her friends thought that she wasn’t capable of what she had told them about, Rachel was a little shocked at the things that her friends had experienced. After a while the finished list was ready and now it was time to put the items into a plan for Mickey’s night.


The band was getting ready to start and Rachel knew that once it did, the girls would not be able to talk anymore. She tucked her list into her purse and asked Sarah if she could help her put the plan together in the next couple days. Sarah smiled and said that she would be glad to help. Sarah also suggested that Darcy be included in the planning session. She thought that Darcy would be very helpful in making this thing work. The music started to blast and the girls all got up and began to dance with one another. The bar was getting pretty full and the dance floor was crowded. It wasn’t long before the men in the bar were randomly asking the girls to dance. The drinking continued but now the girls weren’t paying for them anymore. Everyone was having a great time just cutting loose.


Darcy had been dancing pretty consistently with a very hot younger guy named Bryan. He had wavy brownish blonde hair, blue eyes and a great smile. He was very nice but had a quiet cool domineer to him. The thing that Darcy liked most about Bryan was that he was in amazing shape. He clearly worked out quiet a bit since he had very toned muscles but nothing bulgy and gross. It wasn’t too long before Bryan made his move and kissed Darcy. She didn’t pull away and in fact she reciprocated by taking a full handful of his ass and giving it a squeeze. The rest of them watched as Darcy and Bryan basically had sex with their clothes on while dancing. The girls all made their comments and seemed to be judging her but Rachel thought that they were probably jealous that she was enjoying the excitement of something new.


The song ended, Bryan went to the bathroom and Darcy came back to the table looking quite flush. Darcy walked up to Rachel and told her that she had an idea for her project and that she needed to follow her lead when Bryan came back. Rachel knew how crazy Darcy could be especially when she was drinking. This normally would have made her be very wary of anything that Darcy might have in mind. The alcohol must have softened her defenses because as Bryan returned Rachel wasn’t even nervous. She watched as Darcy whispered something into Bryan’s ear and then motioned to Rachel to come over to where they were. As Rachel approached Darcy took Bryan by the hand and led him out the back door of the Bar.


The back of the bar was a very deserted parking lot full of cars. It wasn’t very well lit at all. Darcy led Bryan toward the back and then ducked behind a van. Rachel was apprehensively approaching the two of them when she noticed that he already had her shirt open and her breast were pulled out over her bra. Darcy was feverishly working the buttons on his pants. Rachel first reaction was to turn away and go back into the bar but she couldn’t stop looking at them. They both had an animalistic glow in their eyes and seemed so hungry for each other. When Darcy released Bryan’s cock, it was magnificent. It was at least 9 inches long and had good amount of girth to it as well. Darcy took hold it and looked over at Rachel. “Come take a look at this thing!” Rachel hesitated for a moment but really did want to see it up close. She moved over to them and now could see the full magnitude of Bryan’s member.


Darcy took into her mouth and began to piston pump as much of it as she could take. Bryan leaned back against the van, closed his eyes and let Darcy get into a nice steady rhythm. Rachel could feel her pussy getting very moist while she was watching this happening. Darcy reached out and grabbed Rachel’s hand and pulled her closer. She guided her hand to Bryan’s balls. Almost instinctually she began to massage them. Next Rachel dropped down to her knees right next to Darcy. They were now both working on him with no complaints from Bryan. Rachel had a mouth full of balls and Darcy was still pounding away on his cock.


Rachel pulled back to watch Darcy when she pulled back and off of the grand penis that was before them. Darcy pointed his dick at Rachel as to say that it was her turn to take part in his meat. At first Rachel shook her head and said no but she didn’t pull away when Darcy put it up to her lips. Rachel opened her mouth and let it slide in. It stretched her mouth and she could feel her teeth dragging a bit as it slid deeper in her mouth. Rachel closed her lips down around it and the retracted back to its head. She didn’t remove it form her mouth but instead plunged this massive tool as deep into her throat as she could get it. Bryan let out a moan and Darcy said “Damn!” Rachel had just buried about 8 of his 9 inches into her throat. She gagged a little when she started back up towards the head again, but nothing to serious. Soon Rachel was the one pumping away with her mouth while Darcy sucked his balls and admired her friend give such a great blowjob. Darcy noticed that Bryan’s balls were starting to pull up inside of him and warned Rachel that Bryan was close to cumming. Rachel had no intention of swallowing a stranger’s cum so she pulled from him and placed his cock right in Darcy’s face. Darcy thought for a second and said to herself “if I swallow it, it won’t get in my hair.” With that she guided the “ready to explode” cock into her mouth and pumped his shaft violently until Bryan was shooting a very large load of cum into it. Rachel sat back in amazement at the amount of cum that had come out of him. Darcy looked up at Bryan and swallowed with a big gulping sound. Bryan went limp, holding on to the van so he didn’t fall down. Rachel got up, helped Darcy up and they all went back into the bar where everyone else had been wondering where they had gone.


When they all saw the three of them return through the back door, little smirks came over the faces. Bryan went back to his friends. Rachel and Darcy joined their friends at the table. Both ordered drinks and sat down to answer all the questions that their friends had started asking. Rachel wasn’t going to say anything but Darcy began to tell them how Rachel had just sucked off Bryan in the parking lot. At first Rachel was a little ashamed but soon was describing Bryan’s cock in detail. All the talk of Bryan’s cock and what they had done to it was making Sarah horny. That was when she said “I say we pick a guy, take him out back and all have our way with him in different ways.” “We need to find a guy with a big dick.” Darcy said that Bryan had a tremendous cock, size wise. Rachel nodded in agreement. Sarah looked over at Bryan and then motioned him over to them. Bryan worked his way through the crowded bar until he reached Sarah. She whispered in his ear and a big smile came over his face. Bryan leaned in and said something to Sarah that seemed to make her happy. Bryan went back over to where his friends were and grabbed his coat. Once he returned, he took Sarah by the hand and took her toward the kitchen.


Bryan led Sarah in through the kitchen to a stair case in the back. It went up to a loft that Bryan was renting. They climbed the stairs and went into the room. It was a typical bachelor pad. It had a big TV, big stereo, big refrigerator and a small bed. This place was going to be perfect for the girls to all show Rachel some things and put together a plan for Mickey’s night. Sarah and Bryan went back to the party down stairs. Sarah took Rachel up to the loft and told her that she was to observe and decide the things that she wanted to do and not do with Mickey. Sarah went to the stereo and put some decent music on. Then she took a chance and opened the cabinet under the TV to see if he had any decent porn to put on with the sound off. She had guessed right, there was about 20 porn DVDs to pick from. She popped one in and left Rachel there to wait for her first show to arrive.


Rachel pulled one of the chairs over and placed it in the corner out of the way. She sat down and waited. It wasn’t long before the door opened and in came Michelle with Bryan in tow. Michelle was a fiery redhead with green eyes. She wasted no time and was quickly naked. She had a nice body with smallish tits and a shaven pubic area. She kept herself in pretty good shape. Michelle looked a good 10 years younger then actually was. Michelle had been married for about 10 years and really never stopped complaining about how her husband was so boring in bed since they got married. Bryan was taking in her fabulous body when she grabbed his pants and with one motion had them unbuttoned. His eye widened as Michelle lowered her self down toward his member. Michelle took him in her hand and said very loudly “holy shit this thing is huge!” Of course this was said with a big smile on her face. Bryan watched as Michelle engulfed his cock over and over again. She couldn’t get it all down but was giving all her effort. Soon his semi erect dick was standing at full attention. Michelle paused and admired the length and girth of it.


Michelle stood up and pushed Bryan down on the bed. He lay there with his knees bent and his feet flat on the floor. He looked up at her as she threw her leg up and over his lap area. Michelle took three fingers and sucked them. She then slid her slippery with spit fingers down to her already wet pussy. Michelle then made sure her outer lips were nice and lubricated. Bryan felt Michelle grab his cock and guide it to her entrance. As the tip started to enter into her she let out a moan. It took a few tries but Michelle had finally worked that monster cock all the way inside of her. She became to ride him slowly but his size must have been more then she had ever experienced because within a few seconds of rocking back and forth she was screaming in pleasure. Michelle had already cum once and she hadn’t been there more then 5 minutes. Michelle picked herself up and off of him, turned and reverse herself, and put that nice hard cock right back where it had come from. Bryan hadn’t moved at all but now Michelle was facing away from him. She braced herself on his knees as she began to rise and fall onto him. This girl was cowgirl riding this boy like it was the last thing she would ever do. Soon she was screaming again but never broke her rhythm.


Bryan really wasn’t doing much except letting this woman fuck the living shit out him. Michelle started to slow a bit so Bryan reached and took hold of her hips and helped her keep her pace. Bryan suddenly pulled Michelle down tight against himself and began to get up. The thing was that he never let even one inch of his cock retreat from her. He lifted her and then turned her so that she now was bent over with her feet flat on the floor. They had gone from cowgirl to doggy style and never separated from one another. Rachel sat there stunned by what she had just witnessed. Bryan was now driving his swollen cock into her. She was screaming in painful ecstasy. Soon Bryan was making grunting noises as he quickened his pace. He had his eyes closed and it didn’t take much longer when he let a loud groan and slammed himself into her one last time and held himself tightly and deep inside of her well fucked pussy. Rachel assumed he was cumming inside of her since all motion had stopped and he was now slumped over her. They both crashed onto the bed and lay there for a couple of minutes. After gaining their composure Michelle jumped up and told Bryan that he needed to get up and get dressed. She told him that this was just the beginning of the night and it was already getting late. Bryan looked up at her smiled and proceeded to get dressed and go back down stairs.


Rachel slipped her panties off and was quietly stroking her wet pussy. She was taking great care not to make herself cum during the events that were taking place. Now that she was alone she hoped she could get herself off before the next show began. She could feel herself building but just as she was reaching the edge the door burst open again. This time it was Mary but not Bryan. Rachel thought that she remembered that this guy’s name was Todd. He was an average looking guy but he to seem to have a nice hard body beneath his loose fitting clothes. Todd grabbed Mary and kissed her long and passionately, moving his hands all over her body. He caressed her ass and squeezed her tits through her clothes. These two seem to be less rushed and they might take a bit longer to get each other to where they wanted to be.


Mary and Todd undressed one another slowly and Rachel couldn’t see much of Todd’s naked body but she could tell that he was in great shape. Mary was also average looking but she also had a great body. She had sandy blonde hair and had a kind of school teacher look to her.  Soon they were lying on the bed with Mary on top of him. They kissed and the petting was getting pretty heavy when out of the corner of Rachel’s eye she saw the door to the loft open. Sarah had come back into the room and motioned to Rachel to not say anything. Sarah proceeded to undress and move toward the bed where Mary had Todd’s full attention. Mary must have known that Sarah was coming because she silently acknowledged her presents. Mary turned herself around into a 69 position. As Mary lowered her pussy down onto Todd’s face, she took his cock in her hand and pulled it straight up. It was quite impressive. It was long and thick with the largest head on it she had ever seen. As Mary buried his cock into her mouth, all of Todd’s attention was now being given to Mary’s pussy. It was a pretty hot visual for Rachel as she sat in the shadows of the room. Rachel still wasn’t sure what Sarah was up to but she seem to be watching very intently as Todd and Mary were getting into each other.


Sarah started to head over to the bed. Mary pulled up off of Todd’s cock and was now sitting straight up. Sarah reached out and took hold of Todd’s very hard cock. A huge smile came to her face as she gave it a couple of strokes. Todd didn’t seem to know that there were two women with him in the bed or he did know and didn’t care. Sarah leaned down and started to take him as deep as she could. She went and up and down on him with slow deep strokes. Mary was starting to grind on Todd’s face. He must have been doing a good job on her pussy with his tongue. Rachel noticed that he had moved his right hand up and placed his thumb in her pussy and his middle finger into her ass. He was rocking his hand back and forth as he licked the juices coming from her. Mary’s head was thrashing back and forth and it seemed that she was going to be cumming very soon.


That’s when Sarah decided it was time to crash this party and let everyone in the room know that she there and wanted to play. Sarah pulled her mouth from Todd’s cock and swung her leg up and over his hips. She placed his cock at her entrance and slowly lowered herself down onto it. With her eyes closed she let out a low moan of pleasure as Todd’s cock disappeared inside of her. Once all the way in she paused and reached out and grabbed Mary by the hair, pulling her toward her. Sarah kissed her and fondled her tits. After a couple of moments Sarah and Mary were kissing each other and rocking in rhythm. The two of them moved back and forth using Todd’s mouth and cock in unison. Todd’s body was starting to tense up. The sensation of two women riding him must have been getting to him. Soon Rachel heard a semi muffled groan coming from Mary’s crotch and she could see Todd’s hip pushing upward into Sarah’s pussy. After about 30 seconds Todd’s body went limp and the girls got off of him but continued to play with one another.


Mary stood up and pushed Sarah down on the bed and then kneeled down between her legs and started to push her fingers inside of her pussy and pull Todd’s cum from her. Mary was licking and sucking her cum covered fingers. Todd pulled himself up and sat back and watched as Mary pleasure Sarah with her tongue and fingers. It didn’t take long for his cock to respond. Once he was hard enough for action, he got up and came around the back side of Mary. Todd knelt and positioned himself behind Mary. Once Mary realized that Todd was going to take her from behind, she leaned forward and arched her back to give him the easiest access to her pussy. Todd smiled as he reached out took hold of her hips.


Mary’s pussy was so wet from her orgasms and Todd’s saliva that his cock slid right in. Todd pushed himself as deep as her pussy would allow. He held himself inside for a moment before starting to pump in and out at a medium pace. Rachel could hear low muffled moans coming from Mary as he started to pound away on her. Sarah was staring up at Todd and could feel every stroke since Mary’s nose, mouth and fingers would push into and against her pussy every time that Todd pushed into Mary’s wet pussy. Rachel couldn’t help but notice that Todd was picking up his pace and was really giving it to Mary now. Suddenly Todd’s knees locked and he slammed himself inside Mary one last time. Mary pulled her face away from Sarah’s pussy and let out a loud scream of pleasure as she felt Todd’s milky load fill her.  Todd soon pulled himself from her and sat down on the floor next to the bed. They all just sat there for a bit and then they all got dressed and returned to the party down stairs.


Rachel wasn’t going to waste any time waiting to see when and who would come through the door next. She was going to have her self administered orgasm before anyone else showed up. She slid two fingers from her left hand inside her pussy as her right fore finger went to work on her swollen clit. It didn’t take long and Rachel felt a rush of energy swim through her body. Her muscles started to convulse and contract. She could feel her cum flowing from her pussy and onto the chair. Her breathing was very heavy and rapid and she was glad that she had waited to be alone before getting herself off. Suddenly the door swung open and Julie walked in but she wasn’t with anyone.


Julie couldn’t see Rachel sitting over in the corner in the dark. She called out “Rachel are you still in here?” Rachel replied “yes, I’m over here.” Julie smiled and walked toward her. “It’s time to go, the bar is closing and everyone has paid their tabs. Rachel stood up and started to walk forward when she realized that she didn’t have her panties on and her skirt was still hiked up. Julie chuckled and asked if she had gotten any good ideas for her night with Mickey. As Rachel pushed her skirt down and picked up her panties from the floor she said “I’m not sure I’ll use everything I saw tonight but it sure was a good show.” “I think I need to process everything and then come up with a plan for Mickey.” The two women went down the stairs and met up with their friends at the front door of the bar before deciding to go to breakfast at an all night diner. This would be a night that Rachel would never forget and one that she would dream of often.


Mickey’s night is next……

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