Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 1)

Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 1) Rachel & Mickey (Chapter 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A young couple begin a journey of discovery in their sexual relationship. They learn a whole meaning to things like trust, submission, pleasure.


A young couple begin a journey of discovery in their sexual relationship. They learn a whole meaning to things like trust, submission, pleasure.


Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




Something New For Rachel


Mickey is average looking guy who understands that he is not going to get women simply by walking into a room. He is no ones fantasy at first sight. He does however have the gift of gab. This guy knows exactly how to get woman’s panties from around her waist to on his floor without being a pig about it. He prides himself on acting like a gentlemen until it is time not be a gentlemen anymore. He doesn’t have a massive dick so other creative things had to be learned and perfected to be considered a good lover. Mickey is still friends with most of the women he has slept with for the most part because he always treated them with respect. When it comes to the bedroom he had to learn to be a smart and patient lover. Learning what women liked and what they thought they didn’t but knowing to push the envelope and when not to. Mickey’s father had told at a very young age that if he could get a woman to have at least two orgasms before he has his first, he would have a much easier time convincing her to do things that she might not be so willing to do without having those tension relieving orgasms first.


Mickey is of the mind set that fantasy is a good thing and that communication is crucial for a good and satisfying sex life when in a relationship. This is a story of a night while Rachel and Mickey were dating when he showed Rachel about trust and surrendering totally to him in bed. Rachel was the woman he was with now and was the one he believed he would be with for the rest of his life. She was a beautiful blonde woman with very large breasts and a great ass. She had a smile that literally lit up a room. She was very shy until she got to know you and got embarrassed fairly easily. She didn’t have a skinny little body but rather had a nice curvy body with those curves being in all the right places.


He had dated her in high school and had always kept in touch with her through the years since they broke up. Mickey and Rachel both had been married to other people right after high school. They both thought of each other often and wondered what if? Now that both of them were divorced and free to do what wanted they started to date but said that they would start out just being friends with benefits. Mickey was very comfortable with Rachel. There wasn’t any of the getting to know you shit that always seems to come at the beginning of dating someone. They spent a great deal of time together and began to have sex almost every time he would go over to her place, which was becoming more and more often. Rachel was sort of conservative and had not tried a bunch of “outside the box” things when it came to sex. Mickey decided that he was going to introduce her to some new things.


Rachel likes sex but is sort scared of the unknown. It was time to give her something new and something that she had not experienced. Mickey was going to go to Rachel’s place and told her that when he came over that night that he had a surprise for her. He said he thought she was going to like it a lot. He showed up and they sat down to the small dinner that she had prepared for them. She kept asking what he was up to with this surprise. He would give her an evil smile and simply say “you’ll just have to wait”. Mickey saw Rachel as passive even submissive. She seemed to care nothing about her own pleasure and only cared about satisfying Mickey. He had thought of a way to be pleased and more importantly please her at the same time.


While Rachel straightened up the kitchen and got things put away Mickey slipped into the bedroom with the bag that he had brought with him He lit all the candles in the room and he pulled the comforter down and folded it nicely at the foot of the bed. He slipped a nice soothing CD into the player next to the bed. Mickey unzipped the bag and placed it next to the bed. He then undressed and put on a pair of house pants and a loose tee shirt. He placed the shirt that he had been wearing over the bag as to hide it but still have it be easily accessible when he needed it later. He returned to the living room and sat on the couch, waiting for her to finish what she was doing.


When Rachel turned around and saw him sitting there she said “well don’t you look comfy?” Mickey smiled. She then told him that now she needed to go and get into something more comfortable as well and with that she went into the bathroom for a bit and returned wearing one of his dress shirts that she had swiped for him a while back and nothing else. It was buttoned with only one button just below her beautiful tits. The shirt covered her just enough that she wasn’t exposed completely but there was plenty for him to see and imagine. She went to the kitchen and poured a couple of glasses of wine. Bringing them back to the living room she looked at Mickey, smiled and again asked “what is this surprise you been talking about?” He simply responded with “it won’t be long now.” They sat there sipping on the wine and petting and caressing one another. The thin fabric of his house pants was clearly not heavy enough to restrict his erection from showing. She noticed and reached for it with a smile on her face and then said coyly “What do we have here?” She took it in her hand and with the house pants wrapped around it, began to stroke it in its full length.


Through the years, Mickey had become very fond of Fellatio and liked to compare the differences between how different women would perform it on him. Very rarely did he ever stop a woman from doing it but some women were better then others. Some women did it more as a chore to get to what they wanted and some loved it so much that when it was over they were somewhat disappointed. On occasion a woman would have no idea what the hell she was doing and either hurt him or it was so bad that he would politely stop her and then take his frustration out on her pussy by fucking it a little harder then normal.


Mickey had been very forward with Rachel telling her that she was going to have to start to get used to the idea of sucking his cock if they were going to continue to date and have sex. She never got mad at him for his forwardness but wasn’t sure if she could ever get good enough at it to satisfy him completely. The night was filled with flirty sexual tension and Rachel played along and seemed to be up for whatever he had in mind. She had a pretty good stroke going on his cock even through the material of the pants. She suddenly stopped and said that he should take the pants off so she wasn’t restricted from his cock. He complied and as he sat back down, she told him to slide his ass forward to the edge of the couch with his feet flat on the floor. She knelt between his knees pushing them as far apart, as far as she could make them go. Now there in front of her was a very erect penis and a nice pair of cleanly shaved balls hanging below it. Grabbing the shaft and pulling taught, she lowered herself down and started to lick his balls. They were very clean and being shaved, she didn’t have to battle the dreaded pubic hair getting caught in her throat. He had clearly taken the time to shower and groom before coming over. Being in his house pants for a bit, his balls had been aired out and now they had a soft musky smell. Unlike some guys that their balls smelled like their ass. The cleaned area had her wanting to treat his balls to more then she usually did. She actually really didn’t spend much time down there so he was enjoying this very much. He also now knew that she was very horny and he was about to give her a night that she would not soon forget.


Rachel sucked and licked Mickey’s balls for a bit but soon had risen up and taken the tip into her mouth. Her tongue started to swirl around the helmet and she licked the length of the shaft like a lollipop. Meanwhile she was pulling on his nut sack with her free hand. In the past Mickey had coached her on the things he liked and she clearly had taken some mental notes because she was giving him one hell of a blowjob. She continued to tease the tip until he could not take it anymore. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and ever so slightly nudged her downward on his cock. She took her cue and slid his cock into her mouth as far as she thought she could. He wanted it deeper so he slightly put a little more pressure on the back of her head. His cock slid about a half an inch further and then he let her come up to the tip again. He was sort of waiting for her to express her disapproval of the extra help he had given her. It never came and down she went again this time all the way to where he had forced her to go the first time around. A smile came across his face as she started to slide his cock deep into her throat at a nice even pace. Occasionally she would go down and hold his cock as deep as she could. Mickey would take these opportunities to assist her in getting it even deeper. His wish was to have her be able to take his cock deep enough that he could feel her nose press against his pelvic area above his dick. He wanted to feel the back of her throat squeezing the head of his cock. She was doing a fine job of trying to get the whole thing into her mouth. She only gagged a couple of times. The more she worked at it the deeper she was able to take it. Mickey was in heaven because the way she had him sitting on the couch he could see everything she was doing and it was so hot.


In the past Rachel had never expressed any interest in swallowing Mickey’s cum and he had not really pushed her to do so as it was not that important to him. He was getting to the point where he was going to have to make a decision on whether to be a good guy and warn her or just let it go and watch to see what her reaction was going to be. He decided since she was sucking him better then she had ever done before, she deserved the prize (sort of selfish, I know). Rachel seemed to know that he was about to cum because she started to pull back. Mickey reached out and grabbed the back of her head stopping her from taking her mouth completely off of his member. She still had about half of it still in her mouth when he began to shoot his load. She squeezed his cock and pumped the remaining inches that were not in her mouth. She seemed to be trying to milk every drop from him. Mickey was a little shocked because she had never let him know that she liked cum before. She held it in her mouth and once she thought that there would not be anymore, she rose up and looked directly into Mickey’s eyes and swallowed the mouthful of semen he had just deposited. Mickey was stunned and seeing a whole different side of this woman. Rachel took a drink of her wine and dropped down and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. It was cold and felt so good.


They laid there for a few minutes before Mickey said to Rachel “are you ready for your surprise?” She said that she was ready so he stood up and took her by the hand to lead her into the bedroom. She noticed that the candles had been lit and all the different smells had filled the room. Mickey told her to lie on her back directly in the middle of the bed. She did as she was told but was keeping a close eye on Mickey as he moved through the room. He walked to the bedside table and turned on the music that he had staged earlier. Rachel smiled to show her appreciation for him taking the time to set up the room for their night of passion. He then sat at the edge of the bed, looked deep into her eyes and asked her “do you trust me?” She replied apprehensively “yes…why?” He explained that he wanted to give her more pleasure then she had ever had before. This was going to take her trusting him a great deal. She said “I don’t want to be hurt in anyway.” He promised that he would not do anything that would harm her. Mickey reached down and uncovered the bag he had hidden earlier. Inside the bag were many things including some soft rope and a blindfold. He pulled them out and told Rachel to close her eyes. She stared at him for a couple of seconds and then closed her eyes. She was obviously nervous about what Mickey had in mind. Mickey placed the blindfold over her eyes leaning in to tell her to relax. Rachel laid back but she was not relaxed. He then took the ropes and tied her wrists and ankles to the head and foot boards. She objected at first to this but he calmly assured that she was safe and he promised that she would enjoy every minute of what was about to happen. He did not tie her bindings very tight at all.


Now that Rachel was blinded and unable to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her body, Mickey walked out of the room and went to the kitchen leaving her alone. He knew she would be wondering where he had gone and how long he was going to leave her there. When he returned he picked up the bag and began to take out the items left inside and place them on the night side table. There were several toys in various sizes and shapes. A full box of condoms, a couple of bottles of oil and a tube of KY jelly. Rachel had no idea what he was doing and was feeling very vulnerable just lying there spread eagle and unable to move. Mickey left one more time. He had gone into the bathroom. She heard him rustling around in her shower. She was saying to herself “what the hell is he up to in there?” She soon would find out. Before long she knew exactly what he had retrieved from the shower. She felt him slide onto the bed and seemed to be down close to her pussy. She could feel his breath against her skin but he wasn’t close enough to think he was going to return the oral pleasure that she had shown him. This was something different.


She heard the sound of an arousal can. Then she felt coolness pressed against her vaginal area. He was putting something all around her pussy. With out a word from either of them, Mickey began to shave the hair away from her pussy. Very gently and taking great care not to hurt her in any way he worked diligently to clear all the hair from her. She could hear him rattling the razor against what sounded like a bowl of water. Rachel laid there taking in the sensation of having a man shave the private area that she had not ever shaved herself. She could feel the cool air touch her skin after he would clean an area. It felt wonderful and this seemed so erotic to her that she could feel herself getting wet inside. Mickey took one of her legs and released it from its binding. Lifting the leg high and placing it over his shoulder. He now could get at the underneath region better. This also allowed him to get to those delicate places that he would not want to give her any shaving cuts. As soon as he was finished, he placed her ankle back into the rope. He took a wet wash cloth and wiped her down clearing any shaving cream that he might have been left behind. She was completely bald down there except for one strip of hair shaped in an arrow pointing toward her pussy. Mickey sat back and admired his handy work. It was now time for her to experience some blinded sensations.


When Mickey had gone to the kitchen he had put a few ice cubes in a glass and brought them into the room. That is what he reached for first. He placed one in his mouth and sucked it for a couple of moments. He leaned over body and slowly positioned his mouth over her chest. Rachel had larger then normal tits with decent sized nipples. They were pretty erect and he hadn’t even touched her yet. She was lying there not sure what he was going to do her next. She could sense that he was there but had no idea what to expect. The anticipation was killing her. Mickey opened his ice cold mouth and took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked it firmly and nibbled at it. The cold sensation shot through her body as she let out a low moan of approval. Now that she knew what he was up to, he took the ice cube and circled her nipples and ran the ice down to her pussy. He enjoyed being control like this very much. He took a couple more ice cubes and concentrated putting them around and in the folds of her pussy. She squirmed around because she could feel the water that her pussy had melted, running down her slit and on across her asshole. This was something that she had never had done to her before. Once he was sure that her pussy was cold enough, Mickey lowered his head down and placing his whole mouth on her pussy lips he started to lap his hot tongue in full length strokes on her slit. He did not concentrate on her clit but simply tried to warm up all the parts that he had frozen. The contrast in temperature was almost more then she could stand. She bucked her hips into his Mickey’s face and her low moans had now turned to full out screams of pleasure.


Mickey could tell that she was going to cum soon. Her pussy was very wet and she was making very uncontrolled sounds. He decided that it was time to give her what would be the first orgasm of many tonight. He placed his tongue on her clit started to flick and nibble at it. Rachel soon started to hold her breath and this usually meant that she was about to blow. Mickey took two of his fingers and pushed them into her. She gasped and pushed against his hand as to say that she wanted them deeper. He pushed harder and his fingers went deeper into her. Still licking her clit and now fucking her with his fingers she soon exploded. She was bouncing all over the place but was somewhat restricted because of the ropes that she was bound with. Mickey slowly removed his fingers and let her enjoy her moment. Neither of them had spoken except the screams and moans coming from Rachel. Mickey waited a couple of minutes and then told Rachel that for the rest of the night she was his to play with and that he would not be letting her bask in the glory of her orgasms anymore. If he did that they would never get through all the things he wanted to accomplish. He also told her that she was so sexy and letting him play with her body and it was turning him on more then she could possibly know. He lifted himself up and kissed her very gently and passionately. He wanted her to know that she making him a very happy man by submitting to this night of him pleasuring her.


Mickey went to his table of toys and picked up and small vibrating dildo. It was a bit smaller then his own cock, but his didn’t vibrate. He placed a condom over and lubed it with some of the warming oil that was there. He then moved to her right side and sat along side of her. He placed the plastic cock at the entrance of her wet pussy and slowly pushed it inside of her. She let out a moan of contentment as he started to fuck her in and out. Mickey was seated perfectly so he could easily lean down and suck on her nipples and he did this off and on while he fucked her with the first toy. Mickey got into a good solid rhythm but not too fast. Her head was soon lashing back and forth and again she was holding her breath. An orgasm was approaching and before long it arrived with gusto. Rachel moaned and groaned a bit and then simply relaxed into the bed. She must have accepted the fact that Mickey was not going to stop and since to this point he had kept his word of not hurting her, she was going to just lay back and let him fuck her how ever he saw fit.


Mickey reached for the next toy in line that he would pleasure her with. This one was a multi functional toy that rotated, pumped up and down and also vibrated with a little extra piece that hit the clit. It also was a little bit bigger around then the first one. The shaft had little ball bearings that spun around and the head actually rotated in both directions and pumped up and down at the same time. This thing offered so many different sensations that once inside and working in full, Rachel wouldn’t know that she could have this many things going on inside her pussy and have them all feel this good all at the same time. There was a small control panel at the base which let Mickey decide what Rachel was going to feel. Each one of the settings had its own speed or direction control. Mickey watched her face as he would change the speed or rotation of the different settings. Rachel was in a trance and was laying there trying to cope with everything that was going on in her pussy. It was difficult for her to grind against this toy since there were so many different things happening at the same time. If she moved in one way it would change how something else felt. Rachel soon relaxed and let Mickey play. She stopped trying to keep up with everything and simply laid back and enjoyed all the different sensations.


Mickey had pushed the 6 inch pleasure tool as deep into her as he could and held there so the clit stimulation tool could do its job. He had the head rotating round and round but would occasionally change the direction of its rotation. He left the pumping option off because he wanted to save it till she was closer to her next orgasm. He thought after she got use to all the other options that’s when he switched that one on, it would push her over the edge. Rachel was very quiet and seemed to be concentrating when she began to shake. Mickey reached down and switched on the shaft pumping option. He could imagine this thing that was already as deep as he could make it go; now thrusting even deeper as it expanded and recoiled at a very high speed. He could tell that this took her by surprise by the look on her face and the sudden push of her hip upward. He held the toy firmly inside of her and watched as she exploded again. She was trying to bend her knee but couldn’t. Her hip rose and fell as if she was fucking a live person and since this really was the only part of her body she could freely move, she was really going to town trying to get as much out this orgasm as she could. Mickey shut off each option slowly one at a time. Soon Rachel lay there limp as a noodle and somewhat in a coma…an orgasmic coma. There had been only one night that he was able to last long enough to give her 3 orgasms in such a short time and he was very drunk and had whiskey dick. She was drunk as well that night but that’s for another story. There was no time to linger as Mickey moved to the bedside table to collect the next pleasure tool.


The next toy to be deployed was one that was going to give Rachel yet another feeling and pleasure in a somewhat different way. It was quite a bit larger then the first two were. It was closer to Mickey’s length and girth. Mickey remembered holding it next to his own fully erect cock and it being the closest to what he had to offer. This one was a little bit spongier then the others and it had a remote control attached to a long wire. It also had a light on it. The variations of the settings were different in that they didn’t just speed up and down but the vibrations were completely different in how they pleasured a woman. It had 4 different vibration settings. Setting number one was simply like a normal vibrator. Number two started off a real slow and then gradually sped up to a very fast speed and then would reset and start over. The third setting was a strobe like thing that would pulse and vibrate at the same time. Number 4 was combination of the other three. Mickey’s favorite part of using this one was that it was more like a real dick then the other ones were. He could fuck her with it as well as have the option of having the extra sensations going at the same time. Mickey rolled a condom over it and lubed it up with some cherry flavored oil and positioned himself to give Rachel a good sound pounding with it.


Rachel was finally sort of coming to her senses and asked if she could have a drink of water. Mickey grabbed the glass of ice from earlier (which was now water) and ran to the bathroom and filled it up. He helped her take a few swallows and then placed the glass on the table and proceeded to return to his place along side of her. As he placed the next toy at her entrance, he softly whispered to her” this one is a little bit bigger then the first two.” He then pushed just the head of it into her pussy and paused for her to relax her muscles around it. The head was slightly larger and if she could get use to it then in theory the rest should be easier to take. With just the tip in he began to rotate the rest of the dildo round and round and then slid it in about two inches more.


Mickey started to fuck her with only about 2 to 3 inches. She began to thrash around pushing her hips forward to try to get more of it inside of her. Mickey was careful not to let that happen as he wanted her to be begging him for more of it. For about 5 minutes he did this and he could see that she was clearly getting frustrated. Without any warning at all, he rammed the whole cock into her. Her head flew back and her hips bucked straight up into the air. Mickey drew back and went right back to only giving her 3 inches at a time. Rachel still had not said a word.


This shy quiet passive woman suddenly screamed “I NEED THE WHOLE THING!!” Mickey chuckled and replied a little louder then a whisper “all in good time babe…all in good time” Rachel knew that Mickey was toying with her wanted her to beg him to be fucked and normally she would not play this game with him and toy with him right back. But in this case he did have a lot of control over what was going on and she really did want to feel the full length of her new artificial lover. Nothing she was doing with her body was getting that cock deeper inside. She wasn’t sure what to do.


Rachel conceded that Mickey had her right where he wanted her and if she wanted to get what she was starving for she would have to go along with what she thought he wanted. With that in mind she stepped way outside of her character and started to tell Mickey to fuck her with that fat cock. Mickey was somewhat taken back as she had rarely spoken out loud in such a fashion. Rachel yelled “come on fuck my wet pussy, fill me up; I know there’s more of that big fat cock…give it to me!!” This kind of startled Mickey, so he began to push it into her deeper and increased the speed of his thrusts. He thought maybe when she started to get what she was begging him for that she would stop talking dirty but that wasn’t to be. Her screams got louder and more raunchy. Mickey realized that Rachel was now messing with him and thought he had better get back in control since there was still one more toy to go. If he lost control of the night, she might not let him finish with the plan he had set forth.


Mickey kept pumping the toy into her but was moving himself around into a position that he could put his cock in her mouth and quiet her down a bit. Mickey lifted himself up and straddled her face. He let his balls hang over her mouth until she realized what he was wanting and soon had her mouth wide open waiting for something to be inserted there. Mickey lowered his balls into her mouth and she began to suck them hard, rolling them around inside her mouth with her tongue. Meanwhile he was starting to give her what she had asked for. Mickey was plunging the full 8 inches of cock deep into her, pumping in and out of her at a good fast steady speed. The whole balls in the mouth thing seemed to be working as her screams were now much quieter. They had turned to muffled moan and heavy breathing.


Mickey reached down and bent his hard cock downward and replaced his balls with his cock. Being upside down gave his penis a different feel from her tongue and she seemed to be able to take it farther down her throat. Mickey tried to match the inward strokes of the dildo into her pussy with his inward strokes of his cock into her throat. Now she was getting face fucked and pussy fucked at the same time. He could feel his orgasm approaching and since she had another whole toy to experience yet, shooting another load down her throat seemed to be a good idea since he would have plenty of time to recover if she wanted him to fuck him after the toys were finished with her. It was now time get Rachel back into her coma so Mickey took a good grip on the cock and began to feverishly fuck her pussy with it. Rachel must have been pretty close to cumming because she blasted off. Even with his cock deep in her throat, he was sure the neighbors could probably hear her screaming.


Mickey pulled the toy form her and buried his face in her pussy licking and flicking her very sensitive clit. He could taste the cherry oil he had used to lube the toy up with. It was mixed with her cum and tasted awesome. His balls tightened up and pushed his cock deep into her throat and let loose with his second orgasm of the night. Rachel didn’t gag and swallowed it with out any trouble at all. Mickey crawled off her and sat at the edge of the bed recovering from emptying his balls (that will weaken a man’s legs.) Rachel finally spoke and said that she wasn’t sure if her pussy could take much more. Mickey said that there was only one more thing to do. He told her that this last thing wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t gone through everything she had been through to this point. He told her that she had about 5 minutes before the next evolution would begin. She smiled a very tired and worn out smile and seemed to fade away a bit.


Mickey needed a break as well. He hadn’t planned to cum that second time until he had finished using the toys on her. He went and filled up the water glass and took a big drink himself and then offered Rachel a drink. Rachel accepted and told Mickey that he had better get started soon or she was going to fall asleep. Mickey reached for the final toy of the night. This thing fascinated him to look at and he could only imagine how Rachel was going to react to it. It was a 10 inch long latex penis. Mickey could barely get his fingers around it, so it was very thick as well. It had big veins and was ribbed much like a real cock. It really was a no nonsense tool. It didn’t vibrate or light up or rotate. It simply filled and stretched pussies. He didn’t think that she had ever had anything this size inside of her. He wasn’t sure why this turned him on so much but it did.


He stretched a condom over it and pulled out the KY jelly. Before he lubed up this monster, he took the jelly and lay down beside her and began to apply the KY in copious amounts in and around her very well fucked pussy. She actually like the cold jelly as she was starting to get a little sore and it was soothing.  Once he thought that she was lubricated enough he stood up took the huge cock in his hand and started to lather it up as well. He wanted her to take this monster and he knew that it would probably hurt some but with her being fucked by increasingly larger toys and cumming so may times, he thought with enough lube she could stand it and be able to relax once he stretched her out with it a bit. The huge cock was now glistening with lube and her pussy was shimmering with her juices and lube. It was now time to try to get it inside of her.


Mickey placed the head on her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, sliding down and into the opening. Rachel’s body jolted and she said very firmly “Wait…you need to go real slow” Mickey already knew this and had no intention of quickly pushing it inside of her. Over the next ten minutes or so Mickey worked the first 2 inches inside of her, pushing in and stopping waiting for her to relax her pussy around it. After about 20 minutes Rachel said to Mickey that she thought she was ready to have him move it in and out but to do it slowly. Mickey started to move this monster cock in and out a couple of inches at a time. Rachel started to moan and almost growl as Mickey fuck her with this big guy. Suddenly she told him to stop. She lifted her head asked if he would remove the blindfold for a minute. Mickey removed it and she looked at him with exhaustion in her eyes and said that she had never been fucked till she couldn’t think straight until tonight. She then asked Mickey if she could please be taken out of her bindings. Mickey looked at her and started to take the ropes off of her wrists and ankles.


Rachel told him to lie down and get the big toy ready. Mickey thought the night was over and now was not sure what Rachel was going to do. Mickey lay there on his back with a huge dick in his hand (not his), then Rachel crawled up and put her pussy over his face and told Mickey to finish what he had started with the big fella in his hand. She simply wanted to be free of her shackles and be able to touch him. Mickey pushed the head of the cock into her and it seemed to go in without much resistance. He pushed it deeper and deeper but did it very slowly. Rachel was now pushing her ass back against the beast forcing it to go deeper. Rachel also had taken Mickey cock into her mouth and started to give him head again. She soon was in a rocking motion, taking Mickey into her throat and taking the big dildo into her pussy. Mickey was completely mesmerized by the sight of what was going on.


Before this night, Mickey had seen Rachel as this shy, quiet, conservative beauty but she now had shown him what she was capable of. She took his cock out of  her mouth long enough to tell him to keep fucking her no matter how many times she came, she didn’t want him to stop until he came again. She also said that she was use to its size now and that he didn’t have to be as careful as before. She knew he wanted to fuck the shit out of her with the final toy and have her cumming over and over again. These words gave Mickey the green light and he slowly began to really fuck her with long deep strokes. The tempo was one that Rachel could keep up with as she swallowed Mickey’s dick into her throat. Rachel came at least 5 more times and was soon begging him to cum. She was saying “please cum in my mouth; I’m not sure I can take much more!” It was rare for Mickey to cum 3 times in one night and he was having trouble getting himself to boil up. Mickey soon pulled the monster cock out of Rachel and admired the way her pussy hole stayed open. He leaned up and gave her a lick and then took her by the hips and flipped her underneath him. She was done, she had nothing left. He pulled her over to the edge of the bed so that her head was hanging over it. She knew exactly what he had in mind as she opened her mouth and Mickey slid his member into her mouth and down her throat. She could just lie there and let him fuck her face until he came. Mickey did just that except for the cumming part.


This position open up her throat and he was able to bury himself all the way into it. Since this was one of his dreams, this excited him but he still wasn’t feeling like he was going to cum anytime soon. Rachel could also tell that he wasn’t going to cum either since his balls were still loose and swinging into the bridge of her nose with every thrust. As Mickey continued to fuck Rachel’s face, he noticed that Rachel had reached her hands up and grabbed his hips. She was pulling him even deeper into her throat. She was digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks. What Rachel did next shocked Mickey and would help him reach his best orgasm of the night. As Rachel was clawing at his torso she took her right hand, swung it down in between his legs and began to squeeze his balls. Then she slid her hand up and buried her thumb right into Mickey’s ass. He jerked forward so hard that he made Rachel gag a little. Rachel soon pulled her thumb out and replaced it with her middle and fore fingers. Mickey wasn’t sure how react. Should he make her stop or just go with it? Before long Mickey was realizing that what she was doing was feeling real good. He could feel his cock getting harder as she fucked his ass with her fingers. Soon Mickey could feel his balls tightening up and before he knew it he was cumming again. Rachel never stopped pumping her fingers into Mickey’s ass until the last shot of cum had hit the back of her throat. Then she removed her fingers.


Rachel sucked him until he was totally soft and she was sure that she had cleaned him thoroughly. Every last drop of cum had been consumed and both of them were totally exhausted. Mickey walked around and blew out all the candles and pulled the comforter up over his lady. She slipped away to sleep and he soon was in dreamland with her. They woke mid day and Rachel said to Mickey that he could take her anytime he wanted. She now trusted him completely with her body. Mickey smiled and told her “believe it or not it was as good for me as it was for you.” Mickey also told her that those types of nights were now called “Rachel nights” and if he ever said that it was time for a Rachel night that she now would know what to expect. She responded by saying that she was going to have come up with some kind special night for him and call that night a “Mickey’s night” He could only imagine what that would entail.


Stay tuned……..

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