The Bitter Sweet

The Bitter Sweet

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kyle and Malena have been dating for the better half of a year now, and have finally decided to deepen their connection. Now, will the world around them let them have it their way?


Kyle and Malena have been dating for the better half of a year now, and have finally decided to deepen their connection. Now, will the world around them let them have it their way?

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Bitter Sweet

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Kyle and Malena have been dating for the better half of a year now, and have finally decided to deepen their connection. Now, will the world around them let them have it their way?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2013



She laid there naked and nervous, clutching the sheets tightly between her fingers with her legs pressed together.


We had been dating for almost 8 months in our junior year, and for the most part we had been completely happy with one another. We were always able to tell each other how much we loved the other even without sex. It was rough for me at first, but after awhile I adjusted. Eventually it came to a point where Malena felt that we were missing something. In the entire duration of our relationship, we had never even attempted to brush third base, let alone sex. I respected her wishes, and never had the intention to rush her until the moment she told me she was ready.


“Are you nervous?” I whispered while climbing into the bed besides her. She tucked her legs closer to her body and pressed the sheet against her skin.


“Just a bit.” she muttered. I looked into her eyes and softly brushed away her hair. She blushed and twitched against the slightest touch. Her skin had a pale hint to it, which caused the color of her eyes to bold. Her lips were a soft red, but it shined with lust as her body warmed.


I couldn’t help myself.


I cradled her neck and chin in my hand and softly placed my lips against her neck.


“I’ll be gentle.” I whispered again, even quieter than before, almost to the point where she could only hear my voice from the vibrations it sent across her skin.


“Promise?” she whimpered with a warm and quickening breath.


“I promise.”


My tongue rolled against her neck lustfully; teasing her while my lips began to part. I slid my hand slowly up her body, following her curves until I met the demanding beauty of her waist. She released a small breath that tickled my ear and seemingly called me to attention. She was craving something that she was far too shy to admit. I pulled her in for a kiss and drew the nervousness from her tongue. I could feel her melt between my fingers until she slowly released the sheets and revealed herself. She was bare, naked, and sweet to taste.


My hand moved on its own along the outline of her body as our tongues glossed across our lips. She was slowly becoming daring. Her legs loosened until it was obvious how much she craved me. I kissed her neck again, then slid my tongue lightly across her collarbone; tracing my way across her body. Her pant quickened  I hovered gently over her nipple, letting my breath tease it until it slowly began to perk.


I slid her nipple softly between my lips and sucked it. My tongue craved a dance similar to before; lusciously circling her nipple. A wimper was coaxed from her velvet lips;pulling something out of me. I wanted more of her. I wanted to know her taste.


Our eyes met again, and this time she gave me a look unlike any before. Her eyes were greedy, and her cheeks had flushed red with passion. Her once velvet bottom lip had slowly began to lose color as she bit into it.


She wanted what I wanted.


I split her loosened legs and pulled her hip until her thighs were cushioned on my broad shoulders. My tongue began to glide across her thigh, up behind her knee, and onward until I could lightly kiss her ankle. She kept her eyes on me, refusing to look away. I laid my head slightly above her hip, breathing warmly above her.


“Mmh” she whimpered weakly with her body begging and her eyes begining to soften.


I slipped my tongue between her lips tenderly until they slowly separated. Her body shoved against my tongue, begging and pleading for more. I scooped her clit between my wet lips and began to suck.


Wait!” She cried out as her hands grabbed for my head, and her legs clenched tightly against my face. I continued; letting her body contract with lust, grinding against my blushed lips, and loose tongue.


Uhn!” She moaned again, louder and no longer sweetly. Her fingers gripped and slid across my neck, screaming for something to hold onto before she lost control. Her legs continued to swing open and closed, confused between lust and modesty. Her eyes pulled away from me to hide behind their lids, and her lips beautifully burned with desire and thirst. The bed squeaked violently while she moved harder against the pressure of my tongue.


I could swear time froze instantly when her hips shot up, pulling away from my face as if I had drew the final breath from her lips. Her skin was flushed red, and her nails had left marks across my shoulders. I slid away from between her now completely relaxed legs, and lightly wiped my face with a nearby towel.


Mhm”  she gasped, pulling herself together, “you didn’t have to do that babe.”


“I wanted to.” I replied, placing my waist against hers, letting my skin meet hers.


“Why’s that?”


“Well for one, you’re a lot less nervous now aren’t you.” I smirked, sliding my hand across her thigh.


“Anything else Kyle?” she asked, batting her eyelashes..


“And I love you.”  


She blushed and loosely placed a soft and breathless kiss on my lips.


“Are you ready?” I asked, brushing her hair from her face again.


“Mhm” she whispered, “I’m ready.”


I pulled her thighs tightly against my hip and unbuckled my jeans. Before I could even begin to lower my pants, her bedroom door swung open.


Aww shit.


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