Only 24 hours.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

“You will be granted a wish and you will be able to enjoy for twenty-four hours,” said a voice.

I looked around, trying to find where it had come from. A shadow emerged from one of the corners of my room, its face was veiled and still, I felt its piercing eyes on me.


“Twenty-four hours. Now, state your wish, your deepest desire.”

“Who are you? How did you enter?”


“Never mind, I am who I am and there is no wall I can´t go through. Now hurry, my stay on this dimension is brief.”

“Why me?”

“Because you grieve for someone you lost and I am allowed to grant you one wish.”

“All right. I want to see this lost lover again and indulge in sexual pleasures with him.”

“Your wish is granted. Just wait for a while and you will see.”


And with these words the shadow disappeared, leaving me in a mixed state of wonder and disbelief. It was then that my phone rang. When I picked up I heard a familiar voice,” Hello, were you thinking of me?”

“Yes, I answered, unable to say any other word.

“Good. How about meeting in an hour or so?”

“Yes, come over, you have my address.”


After hanging up I rushed to my closet to choose my clothes: a mid-length dress buttoned at the front for easy access to my body, a cupless bra to hold my tits erect and a G-string to give him the pleasure to tear it off my body and high heeled shoes. 

Having this matter settled I started my shower, conjuring images of wild sex in which I was his fuck toy and he proved insatiable. I felt so hot I came in the shower, while the hot water and perfumed foam cascaded down my body.


I was already dressed when the bell rang. It was him, as tall and sexy as ever. He came in and we sat in my small living room. He only had to look at me with his piercing eyes for me to come closer and kneel between his legs in a submission that would soon become dominance once I got him in my mouth. When he flooded my mouth with his cum I felt elated, my feeling his surrender to the pleasure I gave him.


“That was good, now stand up and take off your clothes for inspection.”


I did as told. He went around me, pinching a nipple, slapping my tits and ass cheeks and invading my holes with his fingers. I became wildly excited while he said.,” Look at you, slut, you are so demanding, so eager for this and all I can deliver, you have no shame at all.”


“I am demanding and I have no shame at all.”

“Kneel on all fours on the carpet to be fucked.”


Once I was on the carpet I felt him behind me, then I felt my pussy stretching to accommodate his cock. His rhythm was hard and fast, I felt I would lose control soon.


“Am I allowed to come?”

“Are you about to come, slut?”

“I am so hot, please…”

“You have to wait, arousal is the best part, enjoy it.”


After a while, he whispered, “Come, slut.” 


I came noisily, crying out his name. Soon my climax intensified when he withdrew his cock and invaded my asshole, bringing me to more rapturous sensations. And then he came, spurting his load in my ass and on my cheeks.


Exhausted, we lay on the carpet for a while. Then we headed for the kitchen for some wine. And then he said, “I think we must get ready to go to the club. It will open in an hour or so, our afternoon went fast.”

“The club?”

“You will like it, trust me.”

And as usual, I trusted him.


Once we were showered and dressed we headed for the club. We only had a few blocks to walk and we were there. There weren¨t many couples when we arrived, it was, after all, quite early. My high heels sounded too noisy on the polished floor so I followed my lover walking in small steps. He chose a place to sit, it was kind of private but not that private we could not be seen by those nearby.


“Go on your knees and suck me.”, he commanded.

I did as told, enjoying the scene as if I were also an onlooker. I noticed some had taken notice of us and were paying attention to the cock filling my mouth and to my eager sucking. Once, when lifting my eyes, I saw a buxom redhead looking at us.. Her hazel eyes shone with raw lust and her smile bared her white teeth. I went on, feeling my pussy completely wet. And then, my lover exploded in my mouth. 


The redhead was with a tall man who looked at us with some interest. After a while, he sat her in his lap, with her back to him and grabbing her big tits, fucked her till she climaxed. Then, he removed her from his lap and approached us,


“Hello, I was wondering if you would lend me your lady,” he said, looking at my lover.

“You must ask her. Tonight is her night.”

He looked at me. Before he asked I said “Yes, but what about your lady? Will she watch or join us?”

“Ah, the practical mind...she will do as she pleases. Tonight is also her night.”


And so, I knelt between the legs of the stranger and sucked him eagerly. After a while, he picked me up and sat me in his lap as he had done with the redhead, fucking me from behind. His cock brought me to a violent climax. Not done yet, he lifted me a bit and rammed into my asshole, impaling me on it, picking me up and bringing me on it again till I came again in pain and pleasure. And then he pushed me to the floor to bathe my upturned ass with his cum.


I remained there for a while, while my lover fucked the redhead, bringing her to several climaxes. Her man said to me,” Let´s not waste time, let´¨s go on.”


And so our fucking resumed with him mounting me from behind and using my tits as his playthings, squeezing them with force and pinching my nipples. I came panting and moaning while he slapped my ass. 


Our activity had attracted some eager onlookers. Soon we were surrounded by three couples who watched us intently. When my partner came his place was taken by another man who picked me up and sat me on his cock while he lay on the floor. His cock was massive but it glided easily into my soaking pussy. Another man positioned himself behind me and when I lifted myself in the rhythm of fucking he grabbed me for a while and entered my asshole. His thrusts enhanced the pleasure of having my pussy fucked. Soon I was delirious and when I felt I was about to explode the third man opened my mouth and rammed his cock inside.


While I was such used and pleasured I could see my lover fucking another woman vigorously while the redhead licked his ass. It made me so hot I felt myself approaching my climax. Just then the man in my mouth withdrew his cock from my mouth and bathed my tits with his cum. I shouted my pleasure while the two other men went on and on till they withdrew their cocks and flooded with my ass cheeks and belly with their hot cum.


I was left on the floor, bathed in the juices of lust, to be picked up by my lover who kissed me deeply to the applause of the others..


“We must get going sometime,” he whispered.

“What time is it?”



It was late but I still had time, an hour or so. We said goodbye to our occasional partners and after a quick shower we took on the first floor we left the club. My lover walked me home and once at my door he said,” Goodbye till we meet again.”

“Thanks for the evening, it was great.”

“I ´m glad, we both needed it”

I watched him while he walked away for a while, then I entered my home, took off my clothes and completely naked I got into bed, falling asleep instantly, grateful for my twenty-four hours of bliss.




Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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I'm breathless...
Okay, I'm ready to go clubbing

Sat, January 23rd, 2021 4:58am


Haha, remember you only have 24 hours to do what you want...Thanks for reading and commenting, dear Kitten. Love, Lizzie.

Fri, January 22nd, 2021 11:01pm

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