Of Subs and Doms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

An imaginary request from a loving Sub to her passionate Dom.
A series of episodes prompted by desire and also love.
I owe the Beloved my inspiration.



Would the Dom check on his Sub to see if she is ok?


Would  the Dom give at least one order his Sub can carry out to please him?She

does not know otherwise


Would the Dom tell his Sub what he wants from her this day?


Would the Dom keep in mind his Sub is devoted to him so as to try not to hurt her?


The Sub will always be available,physically and emotionally.


The Sub agrees to be told what to do sex wise.


The Sub agrees to light spanking and flogging.


The Sub agrees to be chained but only for a short time.


The Sub agrees to wear a collar.


The Sub refuses to be hogtied,gagged and or treated like a human pet.


The Sub refuses to be used as furniture,receptacle of anger and /or slave.


The Sub is a free spirit and will not be subdued,this is just a game for her.


Her feelings are not a game ,though.She has fallen in love with her Dom.



Episode l. 

"Twilight revisited."

It was the twilight and the city was receding Into darkness, the darkness that speaks of a primal hunger, the search for fusion and absolution, the merging into someone else's flesh .She loved the twilight, even though this made her despondency more acute.

She questioned his absence and  founded it unbearable, she searched for him in the eyes of strangers and failed to  find him, she went through motion and pleasure in her search and both proved lacking.She learnt them she was either chosen or dammed or maybe both.The yearning in her was like a burning scar;  if he had branded her he wouldn't have owned her more. She had come to him one day, afraid only of his rejection. Was he amused, surprised? In the past she had always known with others, in this case she feared her own perception.Still,she felt a part of him.Time would pass and she  would get to feel as if she were his watch,his  his phone,his laptop.  Perfect gadgets till their inevitable breakdown... would she break down? A part of her feared this and another part envisioned perhaps she was stronger than what she had always thought.


He had bound her in the apparent freedom of his smile and his easygoing ways. If he had been otherwise she would have been able to leave him without looking back ,as she had left so many others before.She would have felt their skin_ their memory to be exact_ for some days, relived the moment and then moved on.That was  what she was good at:leaving, remembering, putting things on hidden shelves in her mind. No one  had prepared her for this  torture, expectation,this need. If someone had described it to her before, offering this terrible gift, she would have turned it down, she would have  walked away. The fact this time she couldn't proved the  strength of the shackles she had helped him place on her willing soul and  on her all  too

eager body. If only she had walked away in time... If only she had resigned herself  to her life of stories and embroidered reality...she hadn´t.

. When she asked herself if she wanted to go back to her old life a part of her welcomed the idea  and another part rejected it violently. As she couldn´t  use herself,  as she could only get by,  she placed  herself in his hands. Others would say she had a chance to go, she saw the chance but failed to see it as such. She would be his,as she had always been,she would remain his till her last day,together or apart ,in any place or time.Her skin kept the memory of his,her eyes the sight of him walking unhurriedly,her soul his mark,till there was nothing left in it but his name.


Episode 2.
Triskelion unfolded.

As Theodore before her,she stood naked in front of her master. He appraised her,his dark eyes were not without warmth.His small smile told her he was pleased with what he saw.

And then he spoke to her in soft tones,his voice had the richness of cymbals in a dark,hot night.


“You please my eye and ignite my heart. But...will you keep doing so when you are no longer here? Will you linger in my memory ,will my flesh want you after the inevitable encounter? WilI I

trust you with my desire? Or will I go on looking for the one before you,the beloved one who is no more? Will her memory return to me every twilight,eager to renew and cherish her bond to me,her master?”


“Do not speak yet..You must know I am a man of terrible desires,of unbound passion and also

soft heart at times. But do not let this fool you,my tender heart never rules me,only my will does.

You will bend to it ,of course,not because of any imposition on my part but because you will want to ,I shall create this need in you. You will want to belong to me,if you do not already.”

“I …”

“Do not speak ,not yet. You can leave anytime you wish,of course. Should you do so,know now I shall not pursue you,I shall not inconvenience you. Should you join the world outside,should you

marry and beget children,do not tell them about me. I refuse to belong in your sweet memories,I

only belong in dark secrets,in unconfessed desires,in dungeons where whips can also be soft and chains protect you from the world. You will be mine,from the moment you agree ,naturally.

You will not be expected to give up anything you like,be this jobs,studies,whatever and whoever.

You will just be expected to remember and honour our agreement. There will be times your company will not be asked,you are not to bother me in those occasions. But,should I ask for you

you are to come and soothe me .You will surrender your body,charm me with your submission and sleep chained by your own devotion,no other bondage will be needed.  And,in the event you choose to leave me,bear in mind I am a man approaching the twilight of his life. The years have given me a tolerance and patience that eluded me when young. I shall consider you as

the one who truly and secretly holds the power in this contract we are about to enter. And now,you may speak.”


Her voice was soft and yet,it matched his in its strength. Her posture was demure and yet it matched his ownership of the situation,his absolute command of the moment.


“I have been trying to find someone like you,I had always despaired of common liaisons and

easy loves,I had found early they did not suffice. So my gift stayed in its wrapping,till I could find

someone who would challenge me to unveil it. I used to wake up to an unbearable loneliness,

a craving of the body and soul for the will of another ,for the hands that would hold me,  probing into the secret, recesses of my body and mind,for the mouth that would make surrender. I used to cry in frustration at finding only myself in my small bed,my body unused and my soul hungry .

Please allow me to stay,master.”


The room lost its shape for a moment,it seemed to spin strangely. It was as if it had become a

capsule where only they could dwell,oblivious of the world and its challenges. Both felt the jolt

through their bodies,the moment of recognition, they had met at last. It was death like in its

Inevitability and yet,it gave them life.

Episode lll.

"Last homage."


And thus,she came to the house of the one who used to be her master years before,in another time. She remembered the girl she used to be,the illusions and the dreams. She remembered him vividly. And ,a woman now ,she silently thanked that man who was no more for all she had learnt from him. The sun found her hugging the steps to the entrance door,much to the disapproving glances of passers by.


She stood up,proud of herself,safe in the hope she would find him again,somewhere,sometime,

perhaps in a higher dimension,whatever that was.



She walks straight,

she finds the house,

she knows it by heart.

She knows it is empty,

her master is no more.

She crosses the gate,

she sees herself again,

just as she used to be.

She kneels and embraces

the steps to the door

In a last homage.

Just like a faithful dog,

refusing to leave a grave,

she lies,all yearning.

The morning sun finds her,

passers by look at her

oh so disapprovingly.

She rises ,savouring

the humiliation

she takes gladly

In her self proclaimed altar

to her only,long gone master.


Episode V



the one that makes you love life,

And also curse and dread

distance and the sands of time.

Love that burns your body and soul

and makes you bless the flames,

Love that carries you through life.

Oh love,the one that permeates all,

Lives within you till you are no more,

Love that knows of tears and laughter

of a longing beyond your very sadness,


 of  a yearning that nurtures and kills.

Love that keeps you alive and wanting,

Cheerful and sad,hopeful and despairing,

taking the very air of your breathing,

choking the muffled sounds of your throat..

Love that ties you mercilessly,body and soul,

the one that needs no chains,no ropes

no collars with keys,no heavy padlocks.

Love that seizes you and takes its own.



Night mind lover.


Don´t look for me in daylight,

look for me in your memories

of another time.

You have put me there,

I live in the dark recesses of your mind.

And I learnt to love darkness,

just because you lived there.

I left the green fields of my peace

to join you in the grim joys of dungeons.

I became pale in the moonlight,

just because you avoided the sun

I once used to love…

So,somehow I became you

in my desperate longing

for togetherness.


"Beloved Master"

I have searched for you

in the darkest corners 

of my mind and memory,

I have searched for you

in my wounded heart 

and open being,

I have searched for you

in the countless nights

of our meetings,

and the countless nights

of our departures.

I carry your mark,Master

no amount of time

can erase it ,lest forget it.

In the solitude I live,

the scent of your touch

still lives on my skin,

the sound of your voice

still echoes in the past,

your beloved sight

never fails to be at my side.

I sleep every night

at the feet of a memory,

safe in my bonded heart,

proud of your mark

and my loyal presence.



Just remember,

night is our time.

Dark hallways

and mossy steps

veiled entrances

and faded colours,

hidden streets
and lost arches.
Your body and mine
in the loved city
of our encounter.

" Mistress, I have something to confess"

" Do so"

"I have been touching myself"

"Have you made yourself come?"

" Yes"

"But you never asked for my permission either to touch yourself and /or to come."

"I could not help it."

" You have misbehaved."

" I know ,that's why I confessed ."

" It seems you crave punishment."

"Oh, oh, I..."

" You will go without, punishment is not for your pleasure but for your training."

" I know mistress,please forgive me."

" Enough of this. You shall tell me exactly what you were thinking while touching yourself to orgasm."


" You heard me,all the details."

" I was thinking of you,mistress.I was gaping at your beauty, I was begging to be allowed to touch you and was aroused at the thought of your strict orders not to do so."

" Is that all?"


" Your fantasy fails to please me,it is too soft."

"Forgive me,I ..."

" I will tell you what to fantasize about, you are to think of me completely naked getting my clothes out of the closet to get dressed unhurriedly. You are to think of me putting on a tight black dress, with no lingerie whatsoever under it. You are to see me choosing shiny stockings and stretching them over my legs, to be held in place by means of black garters. And then you are to see me dabbing drops of perfume behind my ears and combing my hair. And then, you are to see a man kneeling at my feet,wearing a mask,a white mask. I ask the man to take me roughly and he does so, bending me over a table, crushing my breasts on the board. When it's over the man drops his mask. The man is no other than yourself."


"Say no more,this is the fantasy you will indulge in and I command you to come every time you lose yourself in it. Through this you will see you are the one what allows me to exist as a mistress. Without you, my power is gone. It came from you, I return it so as to share it ."






"Where are you,my Lord"?
"Where are you,my Dom?"
Only silence answers,
minutes sharpen hours,
hours come and then die.
Only silence and tears
in a now empty mansion.
Only memories blended
in the coldness of mirrors.
She still wears her collar,
he still holds the key.
She gave it to him long ago,
and questions her nights.
The answer maybe lies hidden
in the silvery laberynth
of her love and his silence.






Submitted: October 17, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Loved this and the way she found what she needed.
Look for me in your dreams. I'll be there naked wearing a mask waiting for you.
XoxoX Ron

Tue, March 6th, 2018 5:17pm


I love masks.

Sun, March 11th, 2018 4:24pm


You in your mansion, I to my hovel... You in your passion, I, here I grovel!
You, wearing nothing, I watching on; Wishing for touching, twitching my schlong.
You would ignore me, yet still be my wife ~ That is my chaining, that is my strife!

Mon, March 25th, 2019 9:07pm


I’m sorry if my comment here was inappropriate my sweet friend!

Mon, June 24th, 2019 11:49am


Not at all, everything is fine, Spyguy. Love, Lizzie,

Wed, July 3rd, 2019 11:10am


It is your gift, to torture our minds with useless impossibilities, & hold our present thoughts as a hostage to your words!

Thu, November 21st, 2019 10:55am


Thank you! I take your words as a compliment...Love, Lizzie.

Thu, November 21st, 2019 3:16pm

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