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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Nothing, Your elusive presence

still haunts the persistent silence.

Nothing. Your boyish smile of old

still dances wrapped in memories.

Nothing. Your voice of soft tones

still echoes in the growing distance.

Nothing. Your body of graceful lines

still rests nearby in a time long lost.

Nothing, nothing, just faded hours,

just broken crystals, just empty rooms,

just silence broken by droplets of blood

dripping slowly from a grieving heart.


Submitted: November 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Not nothing at all. The memories have lasting impressions as longing for used to be prevail.

Mon, November 9th, 2020 6:03pm


Thank you so much, dearest Amy. Love, Lizzie.

Mon, November 9th, 2020 12:46pm


What a tragic tale of love lost.....beautifully written

Mon, November 9th, 2020 8:27pm


Thank you. Love, Lizzie.

Mon, November 9th, 2020 12:42pm

Dark Eyed Stranger

Emptiness and echoes linger long after the pinnacles of pleasures perish. You meld my mood and recall echoes I have lost. Greetings from my pensive parallel.

Fri, November 13th, 2020 1:49am


Thank you so much, Dark-Eyed Stranger! Love,Lizzie.

Thu, November 12th, 2020 7:46pm

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