Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A lover muses over wasted time. Another flees after torrid sex.
And more to come soon!


A lover muses over wasted time. Another flees after torrid sex.
And more to come soon!


Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017



If I had ever told you,

if you had ever told me,

if places had not been foes

to our real meeting.

If people had not envied,

the honesty of our attraction,

if you had been more mature

and I more courageous,

we would have met someday

and welcomed the dawn together.


ll Elusive Lover.

After sex without boundaries,this man asks me,“will I see you again?”


And my answer is “Never.”


So he asks “why?”“It was so good.”


“Precisely,the party has to end at its best.The minute I cross that door, I shall have forgotten you


but not what I felt. Soon you will be history, like all others.”


“What about love? I could love you.”


“Love is fleeting, does not stand the wear and tear of circumstances.”


“And friendship?”


“My dear,we started with the wrong foot. Friends can get to be lovers, lovers cannot be friends.”


“What if I tie you up? I could keep you with me then.”


“But you won’t ,it is too late. Stay with this memory, I am already gone.”


III “Long distance lovers”

He cared for her,

she cared for him.

And in a strange way

they kept apart.

Each busy in his world,

each eager to be free.

They had no time to share,

they had all the time to win.

They saw the world,

they saw life unfolding,

they saw dusks and dawns,

pictures and shadows,

mirrors of their lives,

bridges never crossed.

They said they were fine.

No one knew their pain,

they only shared it

with pillows and stars. 



When they asked him about her

he only smiled,

No one asked her about him,

she always cried.

If he remembered her,

she was not to know,

he left without telling,

kept his memories of her

under key and lock.

She made of him her muse,

her hero and her god.

She bound him to life,

made him live in every line,

regardless of lands and stars.

He would always be

the One,the Beloved.

She defied Time and Death

keeping him in her writings.

Her love and her longing

bought his immortality. 

 V "Memories in the Night"
Sleepless night,
the dawn is not far.
Sleepless night,
your dear memory
keeps me company.
You are in my being,
I carry you in my soul.
I am like a torch,
you are the flame within.
VI.  "You"

And I saw you,standing in the shade,

Beautiful as a statue in a garden,

I saw you and thought of ice and fire,

Of love and passion and no boundaries.

I saw you as a work of art,

Your limbs gracefully sculptured,

I saw you and then you became alive,

left me no choice but to want you,

no way out but to need you,

no life but one full of you in it,

till my body ached desiring you

my soul hurt craving you

and my mind ventured in the dark

unafraid of pain and sorrow,

laughing in the very face of doom,

sure in its fatal innocence,

craving loss and surrender

only to be born again,anew and free.



VII "Departure”

When you choose to leave,

should you do so,

don ´t do it in baby steps,

just do it at once.

No need to kiss or talk,

just say goodbye.

Let me know you´ll be gone,

don´t ease your parting,

just tell me and go,

I can face your absence.

Just don´t look back,

I will not be the same

you used to know well.

Just go without thinking.

I´ll stay to turn off the lights

of a house already crumbling.

It was nice meeting you,

that should be enough.

VIII "There will always be a garden"

There will always be a garden
to hide dreams,pain and joy.
There will always be a garden
to remind us of bygone days
of lost songs and lost loves.
There will always be a garden
where we can meet again,
free from all and everyone,
no one knows it but us,
it exists somewhere in time,
time already lived together,
our time,faded and yet present
in every breath,every move,
every day of our present lives. Buenos Aires,2017.
IX. "Night.Late."
It is late,this night will soon be gone.

It is late and I miss you more than ever.

It is late and I wait for your memory

to come and visit me with stories,

with our laughter and also our tears.

It is late but you are always welcome

in any form you choose to join me.

The map of my life still has a bay

where you and I could meet again

to be born anew to each other.

X "Journey in the dark"

Just pack the least,

there's a long way to go.

Just grab your diary,

your pen,your E reader,

your mobile and sack.

Your journey is long,

your soles are used to dust.

Do not say goodbye,

you are not leaving me,

I left you before in silence,

it was my journey in the dark.

XI "Hear vault"

It is late but my heart loves the night,

it is night and you come to my side.

You have gone but in my heart

there is a secret room for you.

Still,as Autumns turn into Winters

I despair of finding ourselves

as we used to be once,

in a time already lived

and gained just as a memory.



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