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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

And for this you are about to read many went to the flames that lit the nights of Medieval darkness...

And he took some sparks of energy and shut them up in pleasant shapes.

He created them male and female, gave the male the desire to conquer and the

female the ability to survive.

 He also created animals of both gentle and fierce natures and to please

 his first creature he told them they had dominion over them.

He also came up with a set of norms they would call religion and promised

eternal life to those who would follow those rules blindly. They were naive enough

not to realize this was a punishment more than a reward for their pitiful efforts to

please him.

 He also tried to deny the animals souls and intelligence so his first

creatures could use and exploit them without guilt but as he had his limitations

he failed miserably. He had thought working with sparks of energy would be easier

but then, he only had the power of the fallen. So he had tried to do the same with

the female but she had outwitted him.

He learnt then why the snake had approached her, both had superior intelligence.

He had to admit he had given his first man a rather primitive nature so to cover up

this mishap he punished the woman and her descendants with some sin of a

dubious nature.

 And then, before banning them from his garden and presence he

made sure they had their own set of passions ready to create a species that

would rule the world and eventually destroy it. They would also destroy their own

species and all the others, ruling by cruelty and the fear they inspired. 

Before they left he instilled in them the idea they could only survive eating corpses of

slaughtered animals so he set them against the meek and the innocent. And

thus he banned them from his garden, knowing he could trust them to destroy

themselves and his creation, just for fun.

 He then learnt he should rest, as more than seven days had passed

 since he had captured sparks of energy in the shapes of humans and non-humans.

And,-uncomfortable knowledge- he also knew someone pitied him enough to

respect his creation and allow it to exist. He hated that being for his mercy so

in retaliation, he created ideal conditions for earthquakes, storms and all sorts

of disasters, just to provoke him.

 But, he failed at that, as he had been failing since the beginning,

 that time when the Light had spiraled on itself and sparks 

had flown in all directions, feeding the darkness of the universe.

And, upon learning this, he cried.

 His only comfort was that the species begotten by his first creatures

 would deny the very truth that could help them and they would resort to him

 every time, under innumerable names and forms of worship.

 Only the rebellious ones would go to Nature and meditate in

forest and caves. They would not be fooled by his rules, they knew they were

prisoners in his game of power so they shunned his rules. They defied his

laws and felt comfortable in light, the little light that filtered through

the darkness.

 He made sure darkness would be present, he also allowed some

mysteries to be discovered so his creatures would get to something

they would call progress.

 Following their knowledge, they would create potions and

other elements able to poison nature, animals and also

themselves. He could count on them to do that, he always could. It was

his pitiful victory over the Other one, the one he resented so much, 

the  One his creatures searched for in vain. There was a reason for this

endless search, he had stolen the sparks of energy from the Other

one and his creatures bore a part of that energy. 

The only ones who had never strayed from their true nature were the animals.

So, he hated them and made his humans turn them

 into mere animated objects to be used mercilessly.

And thus, his humans ignored the plea of the innocent and deprived

them of their lives without guilt. They became perfect copies of him

the creator of a world bent on its own destruction. The earth cried in

Despair, rivers became poisoned and the forests were decimated

Gigantic slaughterhouses thrived, proclaiming the lethal supremacy

of the children of the destroyer.



And all this we knew it would come to pass and the world would go in that sad 

fashion towards its end.

In the meantime, the pyre at the bottom of the mountain is being built.

We are almost there, twisting in the flames. We fear and yet fear not, for we are

after all, going to the Other one, the Love that was is and will be.

We might come back in other bodies, though. If so, we will recognize one

another and we will join in a gathering.

We will also fight for the innocent together.

We just hope to die with their dignity.


Submitted: December 31, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Fascinating stuff, Lizzie.
You have presented a disturbing, twisted allusion to Biblical creation; reference to Eden and the seven days...but you have reversed the sources of good and evil. I'm curious about your reference to 'the Other One'. There's an implication about reincarnation, which is not a Biblical teaching. God is not specifically referenced, but his likeness is implied and his intentions are deeply called into question. We can't know for sure that this isn't some parallel universe to our own (as a potential option to what otherwise borders on blasphemy, suggesting the Bible is rhetoric and God is an evil, manipulative deity.) None the less, this is a 'dark' account of what many Christians perceive to be a symbolic account of man's beginnings and relationship with God and his creatures.
I thought it interesting you should include the concept that animals do not have souls. I'm not sure if that's really referenced in the Bible. If it is, I don't know the passage.

But I thought you might be interested in a couple of poems:
Regarding animal souls, take a look at:
"The Heaven of Animals" by James Dickey
Regarding Creation, look at:
"The Creation" by James Weldon Johnson

Sat, January 4th, 2020 2:55am


Dear Kitten, thanks for your review. To grasp the story you must have some knowledge on the Cathars and Dualism (I am not saying you don`t know about them but just in case) ...
And definitely, I don`t think non-human animals have no souls and this is not exactly what I meant in the story either. I said the Creator denied them souls, or rather, he denied the existence of their souls but they existed nonetheless! He did that to erase the guilt of what the rest of his Creation would do to them. Non-human animals are the only innocent ones in the story, Kitten and I make some connection between the Cathars and vegans of today.
It is not a parallel world, it is this world and what humans have made of it, following their god, who created them after his image...

Fri, January 3rd, 2020 7:14pm


Oh, "The Book of Two Principles"
To be honest, I don't know much about the Cathers and dualism, but I just read up on it briefly. The religion is suggested by my reading to be antiquated but the history is interesting. The believers were all but wiped out by persecution mainly from the Catholic Church? Little of their doctrine remains available for study since it was destroyed as well. Apparently, there were variations of belief, but I see where your reference to reincarnation came from; the evil god of the Old Testament and the good god of the New Testament. They had an interesting perspective on Jesus and refuted the resurrection. All material things were of sin, including man himself.

Sat, January 4th, 2020 4:25am


That`s it! You got it right! Thank you, dearest Kitten. Love, Lizzie,

Fri, January 3rd, 2020 8:29pm

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