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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"Close the door". 
She hurried to do as he had told her. The minute the door was closed he approached her and made her turn towards the tiled wall of the posh restaurant restroom.
"Put your hands on the tiles and spread your legs"
She did as told and with one quick movement, he lifted her skirt to her waist. She wore no panties as instructed and her ass cheeks trembled in anticipation. She felt her pussy getting wet and tried to touch herself to release some of her tension.
"You know better than that. Put that hand back on the tile. I will provide you with what your pussy needs in due time, slut."
His hands kneaded her ass cheeks for a while while he whispered in her ear what he´d do to her, adding to her need for him. Then one of his hands reached for her clit and started rubbing it in circles while the other took care of her asshole, invading it with his fingers till she cried out.
"Shut up, slut, we are in a public place and you are to behave."
He withdrew his fingers and knelt behind her. His tongue licked her till she writhed in spasms of pleasure. When he stopped she tried to turn to him but he held her in place and whispered, "No more for now. I want you hot and desiring more. Always."
She kept looking at the wall, the cold tiles were a sharp contrast with the tingling and burning she felt in her pussy and also her asshole.
"Bring your skirt down. We shall go now."
"To the car park, to finish this, slut."
Once in the car park, he made her lean on the trunk of his car and lifted her skirt again.
"People might see us"
"There's is no one else here now and if someone comes, let them see how I use you for my pleasure, slut."
He positioned himself behind her and entered her roughly, she gasped and soon found herself coming violently. Not done yet, he aimed at her asshole and rammed himself inside it. She moaned, in pain and also pleasure. He went on relentlessly, eager to come in her ass. One of his hands reached her dripping pussy while the other played with one of her tits, tugging at her nipple viciously. 
"Come,slut.come for me!" he commanded.
She did as told, unable to hold herself any longer. He kept on fucking her ass till he reached his climax. He exploded in her ass and then removed his cock, draining it of its remaining cum
on her ass cheeks.
"Ready for more, slut?"
"I can´t..."
"Oh, yes, you can. We are heading home to rest a bit and then start again, I have not taken your 
mouth yet and you know I enjoy that quite a lot."
So they got into the car and headed home, eager to go on celebrating their contract.

Submitted: February 04, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Oh yea, the contract! Signed in Semen.
There's just nothing hotter than sex in a posh restroom - the kind where the dude is standing by the sink handing out towels. You just have to pick an 'off hour' so you don't have too much company.
This is a hot little piece of work right here, Lizzie. And I love the extension into the parking lot as well - another fan favorite! Taking it from behind on top of a warm hood is like...is like...is like - maybe the perfect arrest for drug trafficking. Make it a Maserati.

Thu, February 6th, 2020 4:03am


Ok, a Maserati will be! I like to please, especially when it comes to a person like you, dearest Kitten!

Thu, February 6th, 2020 6:59am

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