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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Just by chance...

Table of Contents

The beginning.

Every affair has a beginning... Read Chapter

The club.

The beginning goes on... Read Chapter

The invitation.

He had called early that day. She had not expected him to call, she had thought their first encounter had sufficed for him. It had for he... Read Chapter

After the call and before the club.

It was around 6 o´clock when she closed her office to go home and prepare for whatever awaited her in The Exclusive. There was no hurry,... Read Chapter


The car arrived on time so she had not much of a reading. The driver had rung the bell downstairs and she had answered “Yes?” “... Read Chapter

A simple dinner

They entered. The hall was as she remembered,semi-lit and with some suggestively dark corners. It was not that late so there were not man... Read Chapter

The room.

They walked in silence to a closed door. He opened it and taking her hand led her in. It was a medium-sized room, semi-lit, built for lus... Read Chapter


It was late when they left the club. Before leaving she looked at the room as if she were afraid to forget it. He smiled at her, with tha... Read Chapter