Thirty-One Days A Bitch Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Daisy is a good wife and a bad bitch...........

Daisy feels estranged and companionless; kind of. Preston has fared off to work, and she is all friendless and forsaken in this giant and massive house of theirs, wandering this way and that other, checking how the pack of women and men that she has bade and summoned here are pulling off their business and affairs of gracing and beautifying everything up. Yes. They are honestly doing a serious and massive job. Daisy herself realized that she couldn’t stand to get done and settle this up all on her own and so she appealed for a few more couple hands to relieve and back her up.

Sofia Vaccaro is her darling friend. She is sylphlike-built, long-legged and lanky, flawlessly-shaped and exquisite looking in both form and appearance. Most plump girls back to college days envied and hungered to look exactly the same as her; Daisy herself taken into their account as well. Sofia’s hair is all light blaze brown and gushing and streaming just like Daisy’s, and honestly speaking, at times the two do look like actual blood sisters. Sofia has come here to visit Daisy and see how she is doing at her new home. She works with her at the Graham House of Paparazzi, and they both did the same Journalism course at Wotton University somewhere here in North Las Vegas. It is a brilliant and fresh morning at any rate.

“Daisy,” Sofia greets her with a rapt and blissful smile once she has opened up the door for her to make an entrance. Sofia is looking as renewed and breathtaking as Kim Kardashian. Frankly supposing, what brand of make-up has she put on this precise morning. Daisy’s stomach is already starting to sting and burn from joy commingled with sharp, excruciating pangs of envy on the other hand; this girlfriend of hers? She is a beauty queen her exact twenty-six years of age and a spouseless and bachelor woman in addition. By the way, Daisy isn’t positive whom Sofia is going out with at the moment after being junked by Landon Jonathan, whom she was romantically involved with just a couple of months earlier.

The two ladies both peck on the cheeks and go ahead to lay themselves down in the exquisitely and aesthetically-pleasing furnished living room. It is flavorsome, grand, flashy, and all things good taste and polished-looking. Daisy feels that she will be at ease and relaxation here in her coming thirty-one days, starting from this very instant. After reviewing and eyeing about in consummate awe and adoration, Sofia looks at her in a beaten and baffled sort of way, and then proceeds to interrogate her this:

“You did all this by yourself without grand mama’s help, right, my sweet little girlfriend?”

Daisy scowls and makes an embittered face back at her. “What do you suppose, sweetie? That I could execute and effect all this on my own? Well, I didn’t. I hired a team of hands to lend a hand and succor me out. This place was wondrous and without contents at the same time.”

Sofia helps herself with a cup of tea from the glass-mold kettle laid down on the coffee table besides her. “What is this thing I am hearing about you being married and a bitch at the same time? Are you truly serious about it? You even let Preston—”

Daisy nicks her short straight away. “That is no any make-believe tale here, girlfriend. Please, don’t take the Mickey out of me for it. I have already had enough. You are the only one who can assist me at this very particular moment. I frankly need your assistance and counsel.”

Daisy is shocked and taken aback by this. She asks her nonetheless, “Tell me what is bothering you, dearest.”

“It is Preston. He wants me to get pregnant in thirty-one days. End of story! There are no more days added to this spell, or any wound down what’s more. It must all happen in thirty-one days, do you understand me? Seriously speaking, I don’t know what to precisely do here. Last night he didn’t have sex with me, and that has got me so distracted and anxious. What do you think I can do to make him give in himself to me without any cutoff point?”

Much in contrast to what Daisy is even expecting, Sofia starts to cackle and laugh powerlessly at her. Is she seriously mad? Daisy here is her best friend……..seriously and deeply in need of her assistance and counsel, and she is laughing and poking fun at her like she is dumb-ass and brainless to open all this up to her in the first place. What does she think that Daisy is? A brute, right?

“Stop laughing at me, Sofia, will you?”

Sofia gives in to the plea. “Okay, best friend. Listen; there is no any sort of problem here. If the guy wants you pregnant for him in thirty days, do what he tells you to. I mean, if you are having any serious trouble seducing and getting him to sleep with you, then you frankly and are seriously this childish and stupid. Don’t you know how to make a guy get his leg over with you, Daisy?”

Somehow, Daisy does feel embarrassed and ashamed. “I know all that stuff, Sofia. But Preston is no easy a man as you think he is. He is dissimilar and unlike from most men out there, and malicious and indifferent and insensitive too what’s more.”

“Aha! There you have it. Unusual! Do something unusual from what you are used to, girl. Show me that you have got some bit of brains and intellect in you.” Daisy starts to feel and think that Sofia is right. Getting a man to have sex with her is such an easy thing after all! There is no love here; there never will be love here between the two of them. All that they have to do is make a baby, a son as a matter of fact, and that’s just it. She has to do something different from what Preston expects her to do. Maybe then he will fall into her snare and give her the exact son that he wants her to give him. She will start by giving him some sex-kindling type of drink. Exactly!

This very same afternoon, Daisy and Sofia go out shopping for their own exclusive fun and amusement. They both enjoy and adore it; they are like the two ridiculous but good best friends in the entire world; they do anything it is that feel like; they talk and chat on just about any kind of topic; simply put, they love and are mad about being stupid ass-holes. While they have lunch at some restaurant here in Downtown, the food of which it is exceptionally appetizing and mouth-watering, Sofia flatly asks her sweetheart pal, “And what is the name of that sex powder that you just bought?”

Daisy can’t clearly remember its name. It seems like she has forgotten it, but then in the coming moment, it is up there in her head, fresh and brand new like nobody’s business. “It is something the sort Chinese branded and named. Something like, ‘Quoi Zeugma.’ Something like that,” Daisy tells Sofia calmly and as hushed best as she can get her voice to be. Sofia then pinches her eyes and starts to think things over, and suddenly and abruptly mentions out to her:

“I think that you should have gone for Lingui. It works best and efficient. Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try, my dear girl?”

“If you say and believe so.”

Following lunch, the two go to a lingerie and underwear store to peruse and browse through the never-ending and plentiful assortment of stuff here, all in hope and anticipation to pick one that might better suit and look gorgeous on Daisy tonight. The shopping assistant, who is all blond and willowy, offers to help them out but Sofia nicely turns down her well-bred proffer. “Don’t worry about us,” she reassures her with a vividly and dazzling smile. “We are bad sweet bitches and we beyond any shadow of a doubt do know how to get our way around here.” Even if they are both now far and distance-apart from the dazed woman, she is still looking at them in that edgy and uptight kind of way.

At noticing this, Daisy asks Sofia, “Was it really basic to add all that up to her?”

Sofia is carefully and closely eyeing this product of black stockings, going on to grab and survey it directly with her touchy-feely hands. “I don’t care. Well, if she believes that we are actual bitches, she must be one herself. It takes a bitch to know another bitch, you know, Daisy?”

Daisy merely shrugs. “All I truly know is that it takes a thief to catch another thief, but this quote and saying of yours—it all sounds brand new and unfamiliar to me.”

“Okay ! Try these out, will you? And don’t you wear any kind of bra with them. I want you to look like an absolute and undeniable bitch.”

When work and labor liably and most likely becomes dull and mind-numbing and uninteresting at the same time, Preston Dick purely has got one remedy and relief to all this—masturbation. It is what he habitually and unfailingly does inside his office. At one time, he even worked and effected it out in a Board session and gathering full of people, and if not by a needle’s break and look-in, the chairman would have straightforwardly and without any bit trouble caught him in the act.

This afternoon, he is all weary and by himself, listless and sick and tired with all of the office task and function that he has to do. There honestly isn’t any much left to do, and in his weariness and irksomeness, he makes up his mind and reaches a decision to masturbate inside here—a leisurely pursuit and pastime as he dubs it. Having unlocked and unfastened the zip of his fly, he tugs and draws his penis out, and out it stretches and unrolls, great and giant, extensive and immense in bigness and largeness. No! This is not the fruit and outcome of any surgery. He turns out to brag a huge dick naturally.

How about playing some porn? Yes. This will aid him to masturbate well and successfully. He relishes the yielding and soothing screams whispered and soft-toned out by a woman during sex. This is sufficient and as much as is necessary to make his dick go up straightly upright. Shit! Young Preston is so large and massive. That is his name. Preston names his penis too without any speck of embarrassment and shamefacedness. For instance, in that very same meeting where he jacked off beneath the desk and almost got caught by the chairman, who was strong and an in-good-shape man too just like him, he went on to smile at him apologetically and openly confessed, “I was just monitoring on how Young Preston is doing down there. Hey dude, do you as well have a name for your dick?”

While the porn video plays, Preston cuts and lets fall low its volume so that anyone standing or simply strolling out there will not overhear anything. The woman in the video has got giant, hulking breasts that are looking so arousing and kissable. Preston loves the manner and style that she caresses and has fun with them. If only Daisy can be able to do something like this. Daisy is his new bitch and wife at home. She looks great and irresistibly beautiful. But he hasn’t disclosed and coughed out all this to her. As much as he wants to fuck and spank her up in his bed, he wants to afflict and rack her first. Daisy is one such wealthy, spoiled girl who has got some bit of womanly satisfaction and pleasure in her. All this must be dealt away with. Only then will he charm and cheer and gratify her as she deserves to be tickled and humored. For now, he just wants to crucify and torment her snobbish and egoistical ways. He is the Man after all, isn’t he?

Without taking the time or burdening herself to knock, Chloe Gonzales, his bitchy and barbed assistant, tosses open the door and swaggers and struts herself straight into his office, going on to shut the door behind her charily and discreetly. Outraged and wrathful, Preston leaps back in his present state of shock, but it is too late to feign or falsify anything. Chloe has seen and observed it all. He hurriedly stands up and drags his penis back into his trousers, then at last discontinues the playing porno video where this woman is all shrieking and squealing out in consummate pleasure.

Chloe looks down at him with a bent, twisted smile. Her hair is all darkly red and far-reaching and extensive. She compassionately asks him, “Does your new bitch and wife make you die from lack of sex there at your new home? Is she any better than I myself am?”

“Go out, you miserable bitch. She fucks me a lot more harder than you did.”

“Oh—really? Then why are you masturbating here? You should have by now quitted for home so you can fuck and spank her up as you feel like, or isn’t it so?”

“Mind the way you talk to me, Chloe. I am your boss, remember?”

“Fine then! I will be going out. I just wanted to hand over this to you.” She launches some files of paper work straight on his table and then smoothly adds on, “Keep this to your mind: I will not rest a bit until you fall back into my bed and loving arms. No, I won’t.” At this, she wheels around gracefully and tramps away like she is a famous model or something that class. Fuck her to hell, Preston thinks.

Daisy can almost feel the rain out there as it cuffs and batters and thumps on the roof of her house. It is bleak and freezing even. She nearly congeals and hardens up into concrete, unshakable ice where she is standing right now. Preston is standing here with her, grasping and clinging her waist to himself with his convulsing but stout hands. Honestly speaking, she doesn’t exactly know why he wants them to do this. But she believes and figures out that it is a magnificent and outstanding idea on the other hand. Making love in the brutal and untamed rain? This will be absolutely their very first time to ever do such kind of a thing. He looks down at her leisurely and gently, and then inches and drags his lips so close to hers such that cannot painlessly breathe or sigh out as she feels like doing.

“Are you sure about this, honey?” She asks him in an unruffled but rickety voice. She is in some way afraid and terrified. What if she ends up catching a cold out there? And all that dirt and mud that they will have to crawling and wriggling themselves in? This surely does appall and sicken her in some kind of way.

“Don’t be scared, sweetheart. You will love and enjoy this. I promise you.”

Daisy gives in to him, and he hastily pecks and brushes his lips on hers delicately and smoothly for one nippy, straightforward moment. Then she watches him amble away from her to open the door and in due course walk out. Once he is standing out there in the plummeting rain, with the showers quickly splashing and hammering down on him so as to straight away make him immeasurably drenched and soaked to the very skin, he turns back towards her and calmly and peacefully stretches out his hand for her to get in touch with and dependably seize hold of it—what’s more. She then marches after him silently and quietly without any furthered opposition to surrender her hand into his.

It is much colder and unpleasantly icy here. Being with Preston makes her feel a bit safer and sound too. She quivers and wobbles as the rain flogs and whacks down on her, soaking and drenching her helplessly from head to toe, from left to right. Preston goes on to place his hands on her waist this time again, and while he glances and looks straightly into her eyes, he tows and hauls her towards himself so he can place and lay his lips against hers. Daisy can feel his breath whizzing and whistling out direct into her face. Then his lips are suddenly and rapidly sweeping and brushing hungrily and excitedly on hers. At this, she takes hold of the back of his neck and then starts to war and fight her lips on his impressively. His tongue sneaks its way out of his mouth so it can nudge and crash on hers, licking and lapping it up at the very same time, and all this makes her tingle and itch with lust and desire for him. She wants him now in his entirety!

The world around Daisy seems to be not there and inexistent at all. She don’t even care or give a slight damn about the thundering rain anymore. She solely craves to be Preston here and nothing else. While consuming and devouring his lips wonderfully, she begins to unbutton and undo off his shirt. As she does this, she realizes and figures out that she must shift and move backwards to get this eager task of hers done. Nevertheless, Preston is quick and fast alert to follow and hound her snatched, rushed-like movement. She then proceeds to feel and caress about his bared, wide chest. It feels……….breathtaking and tantalizing! It is all hers tonight and no other bitch’s.

Next, she switches my hands to his behind there. His buttocks, that is. This is the chunk and piece that she idolizes and worships madly. Not that she brags and crows any dick to fuck and spank it up. It is just that powerfully and strongly thrilling and delighting to graze and caress and feel and brush as she feels like carrying out while he sports and has fun and amuses himself with her very own lips up there. His buttocks are the most velvety smooth and comfy stuff and material that she has ever clasped and braced and touched mischievously in her entire life. She all the time tingles and burns and twinges at their feel with this enduring lustful desire and passion that steers her to act insanely wild and crazy things. She can’t imagine what life or sex would be like if Preston turned out to have no ass or behind in the first place. Honestly speaking—would that make him fully and every inch eye-catching and gorgeous and beautiful irresistible as he now for sure is.

There she has them. His smooth like a baby’s cheeks, elastic-seeming, and boggy style of ass. Goodness! It feels so enjoyable and great to touch and lay hold of. While she kisses and smooches him back, she taps and slaps and spanks it with her individual hands as she feel like carrying out, detaining and arresting her breath back at the same time. The rain is this heartlessly fierce and pounding. It doesn’t seem or look like it will cease any time from now. This is also true with the libido and sexual tingling and tickles that Daisy is undergoing right this very moment. Her own breasts are swelling and hardening simultaneously. She thinks she is about to burst and erupt from this too great sexual desire and want. Is there any possible remedy for it? Is there really?

Uh! She strokes and caresses hands about Preston’s backside smoothly and gracefully. She what’s more grabs and tweaks and pulls them to herself. He bites and nibbles her ear playfully and dubiously still for this mad, inconsiderate, and idiotic action of hers. Daisy grins and giggles out. Preston and sex! She knows that he is good and a mastermind at this reproductive-touching game. It has taken him quite a length and breadth of time to be able to toss and hurl his cards freely on the table like he is doing now. He has eventually and at long last done it! That is what is more important than anything else in the world, she is imagining and assuming to herself in perfect, blissful silence.

Submitted: April 28, 2015

© Copyright 2023 livbeornwulf. All rights reserved.

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You really need to use paragraphs, wall of text deters the quality of the story. If you enjoy stories that have BDSM themes but are not all out erotica, please check our story Curiosity Killed Humanity (on booksie, not silk). And for the perverts, yes, there will be sex scenes, but it's not the main focus of the story.

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