Sex du Juor: Bedroom Games

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


As Stian Elberd slams and seals shut the door to our bedroom, I know what it is that he is specifically going to do to me. Which is spank and smack me carnally and sexually till I am all condemned and certainly and dreadfully ill-stared and ill-omened. Yes. He is vaguely going to do that and so much more. That, I cannot doubt or question about in any way probable. Buy into it or not. I do not give a damn at all No, I do not in any way thinkable.


I sigh to myself as I turn over to gaze at him. He is all pleased and cheerful. Which, to me, by all likelihood and potential, is one comparatively and relatively good sign indeed.


My inner vagina and womb does her blissful could-nine dance. I am so glad and relieved that she has done that. To me it is all a bitchin’ capital and magnificent and symptom and indication that she is still animate and living. Yah! I love and adore it to the very hilt and drop. I really and completely do. I am not versed in as regards you.


“Stian?” I whoop and yell out, blinking and winking my eyes apprehensively and speedily.


“Yes, sweet baby,” he answers harmoniously and beautifully.


My goodness! That almost thaws out and dissolves me. I love and adore it so very much indeed. For sure. Didn’t you yourself? I myself indisputably and with conviction did. Yeah, I in fact and in truth did. I don’t know about you. I forthrightly and candidly don’t. Phew! It is time to ask and press forward that much-longed and much-craved question of mine, don’t you consent so? I do so myself.


“Stian, are you really and truly going to fuck and ramp up my anus tonight?” I raise this to him and his consciousness warily and circumspectly. Why? I simply and plainly am afraid and terrified of the answer and reaction that he is going to give me. Truly have a word with you. My goodness! He quickly and gamely grins at me in that iniquitous and irreverent way that he is all the time fond of carrying out. Does that mean he is going to have us do it? I can’t exactly tell. My anus is relieved and thankful about it on the other hand. Yes—she surely and beyond doubt is.


“Yes, Ragnhild, we’ll actually and in fact do that. Don’t you like the idea and thought of it?”


 I don’t. But then I do on the other hand. So what now? Duh! I can’t make out which is which now. Damn me for it! Censure and scold and slap and nag me for it if you feel like. I will cheerfully and blissfully accept and receive it.


“I like it, Stian,” I confess and disclose it to him. Though I am afraid and scared on opposite hand and side that…he may leave and be dissatisfied with me if I tell him the whole truth about this topic and affair. Yeah. I truly and earnestly am afraid about that.


“Good,” he tells me coolly and properly well.


I shudder momentarily and shiver at where all of this is going. Where to exactly? Disaster or goodness and bliss all in all? I cannot exactly tell—much less this too soon.


“Curvature yourself down, Ragnhild, will you?” Stian orders me in a slightly tow-fisted, rugged, but churlishly nice voice as well. I tremble and get quite thrilled and keyed up about it. So? Duh! I do like I am told to. I kneel down before him, wagging and shaking my behind or ass when he asks me to do thus so that he slaps and smacks it well and nicely. Arghhhhh! This is so nice…and enjoyable indeed. I wish I could be in this delectable and enormously delicious state of existence all day and night long. Yuh indeed!


Suddenly and hurriedly, he puts his long, charming-shapely fingers into my ass and starts to dance and whirl and sway and jig them inside there. Arghhhhh! I cannot feel the pain. Only the pleasure and delight! Hip—hip—hurrah! Asho-oo-ooh! Life is great and enjoyable indeed, aren’t you of the same mind and opinion with me? Crap!


As Stian fingers and jabs and stirs his finger inside of my anus, I feel all the pleasure and kick bounce and bound and spring up and leap and jump inside of me. Cool. This is oh…so…delicious and lovely indeed, don’t you agree and coincide with me?


“Ragnhild,” he ultimately sighs and words out to me, relatively nice and coolly. I wish that I could emulate his honey-like sweetened voice or speak in just about anything close to it.


“Yes, Stian,” I retort sweetly and softly, hoping that I have succeeded in making my voice as amiably and harmoniously best as I can make it. Or have I?


“I am going to blow and release air into your ass. So I want you to prepare and get ready for it. Will you?”


“Why do you have to say that, Stian?”


“I want to lick and thrash my tongue your ass real mad and real nuts.”




“Aha. Now pull your legs farther apart and furnish and present your ass to me real hard and real good.”


I do just that. Then his tongue is suddenly and quickly wagging and wiggling inside of my arse. My goodness! I was not expect him to be this much quick and speedy. Wow. He took me by absolute surprise and shock. Goodness! As his tongue moves and stirs deep into the deepness and profoundness of my arse, I open wide my mouth in total incredulity and downright skepticism. This is utter and sheer pleasure—satisfaction in its deepest and most finest ever form. Whah! What a life and a night indeed? Glorious and idyllic for sure.


“Ragnhild,” Stian buzzes and whirrs into my arse, and even though I am taken aback and winded out of my breath and senses as his air drones and hums through me, I make out the words that he is saying and airing out to me.


My goodness! This man will kill and butcher me with too much pleasure and enjoyment. I have no any other alternative but to stand and bear and tolerate all of this. I honestly have no other selection and preference here. No, I don’t at all. Do you yourself?

Submitted: March 04, 2015

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