Sex du Jour: Kiss Sex

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I basically don’t know what to do anymore. I can run away; I can put down everything behind me; but is it in truth the finest and equitable most thing to do. I heave a sigh out as I mull over and reflect as regards all this, to some slight modest bit of degree feeling a bit piece worn-out and pooped in. Damn it! It is not like things have to be all the time and inescapably be like this or do they? I plainly don’t know. I am so baffled up and mad and gnashing my teeth and heart-rent and cast down and distraught with all this deep down the very base and footing of my heart. For sure! Dammit a second time! I don’t know how I can actually assist and help this out.


His lips tap and graze and sweep over mine. Bit by bit but slickly good and finicky. I am in love with it, I am so stuck on it, and I relish it what’s more; that is just this purely and nothing more. Stian! I love him like nothing else in this complete world. He is mine; and I am utterly lock, stock and barrel his as well. For a speck while, he pulls back from kissing me to gaze and gawk at me smoothly and quietly. The look and phrase in his eyes strokes and rouses and stirs me like nothing else. It is as sufficient and more than enough on its own as to prove to me just how much he loves and cares about me. I avow and give your word on  it. Stian loves me bad and sincerely. Really!


“Ragnhild,” he murmurs and whirrs out my name in that gracious and easygoing way that I cannot help but be fond of and helplessly and strongly fall for. His pitch has got a particular pleasurable and saccharine feeling to it that makes my skin prickle and itch and tickle with glee and delight. I almost laugh out, only affording to smile warmly and welcomingly. Stian’s eyes beam and lighten up at this. He is rather fairly awed and impressed and lured by my behavior and manners. Screw him for it, I say.


“Yes, Stian,” my voice is wan and in poor vigor and resonance as I say this. Arghhhhh! That at least sounds so much better than if I had aimed to be a bit noisy and shrill with him. Yes. It reverberates sweetly and beautifully to some minor point.


“I love you so much,” he makes known to me, cool and meek faced. I only grin at him lightly and lovingly before he progresses on to stir closer towards me and carry on kissing and snogging and canoodling me. There is just a certain craze and infatuation to his kissing and snogging that I find to be a little bit what sugary but hard to clarify and explain. It is just there even though I cannot simply and straightforwardly explicate and put it in plain clear words. Certainly!


I inhale in for a momentary while before I consent to him taking full and overall sway of me. He tows and hauls me into his tender armrests and shoulders, doing everything so fast but yet so calmly and mildly at the same time. This is admirable; this is brilliant and dazzling indeed! I love and adore it so, so, so very much—don’t you yourself? Never before have I felt more appreciated and prized, more secure and more confined and sheltered than right now. Nothing can hurt and harm me in Stian’s adoring and tender arms and shielding shoulders.


His kisses are concentrated and strong and forceful with excitement and enthusiasm and keenness. I can feel it to the very heart and deep. It is addictive and neurotic on either hand to be frank and sincere with you. The way that he feels and handles and strokes my hair, and in addition to that move about his balanced, calm, and hassle-free hand down my back and behind—or hips in more perceptible words—it amazes and flabbergasts and overwhelms me. I grunt and whine out cheerfully and contentedly. Stian sounds contented and pleased and thrilled in the approach and manner that he is grunting and growling out back at me. Yes. We will be making love today; we will be shagging and banging and hammering each other right here on this settee. Not the way that prostitutes and whores do it; but like factual and genuine lovers do it.


His lips burrow and plow deep and more deeper down my neck and throat, making me raise my head up straight away and sigh and moan and heave out a great lot mad deal as I do so. Gosh! This is amusing and exceptional. I feel like I am about to orgasm solely from these gentle, avid, and outstandingly kisses, but then I do not. Do you yourself?


We gaze and stare each other in the face as we punch and smack our lips and mouths against the other’s. It is so sweet…it is so brilliant and breathtaking. I like it; I love, love, love it way, way, way too far. “Are you enjoying this, baby?” Stian puts to me thoughtfully and unperturbedly brief. I only nod and wink an eye at him without saying anything out loud. Then, speedily and hurriedly quick, I carry on to brush and sweep up and slap my lips over his. He groans and growls out noisily and ecstatically, but then he gets used and familiarized to it until he is cuffing and hitting his lips back against mine. Arghhhhh! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is enjoyment and contentment merged and mingled together. I swear!


I go on to seat and settle myself on top of him. Somewhere down there inside his pants, I suppose that I start to feel his dozing penis become stiff and straight. Yes. That must be it. It is it for sure and indisputably! It sweeps and brushes and strokes me quietly and agreeably in such a way that drenches and wets my vagina. Crap! I cannot be soaking drenched so soon, can I, much less this simply! No! There must be more stimulations and rousings before I come to this phase. I will do my best to not get damp this too soon.


“Is everything okay?” Stian solicits and requests me. He is apprehensive and bothered…somehow…perhaps so it seems.


“I am faultlessly fine, Stian,” I state and assert out to him. That calms and quiets him down a little. Why has he asked that? Is it because of his penis stroking me fad and I myself becoming all of a sudden edgy and restless and fretful? Is it because of it or what closely?


“Well, I thought that…made you somewhat itchy and uncomfortable,” he mumbles gleefully and with joy as he smirks and beams at me.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh! There we go yet again. Just like I had envisaged and seen coming. It is the penis matter that got him this concerned and fussy. “What do you think it is that might have got me to become this unexpectedly uncomfortable?” I ask him intentionally and on purpose. I just want to hear his answer to that. That’s just it!


“Well, my John Thomas. You seem a bit shocked and terrified. You shouldn’t be worried of his size and range. It is common and average for him to be this large and giant you know, Ragnhild?”


“Oh. I get it. Is that it in fact?”


“Is not it, precious.”


“What makes you suppose that your penis is so giant in this world?”


“Come on. Are you trying to scoff and laugh at…him?”


“No in actual fact. It is factual and precise that he is big; but he isn’t all that full-size and huge actually.”


“What if I tell you that I have the most biggest penis in this whole town of Rovich. True, we do have thousands of men out there with joysticks and penises. But none of them come as near massive and well-formed as mine is. Do you have doubts about this?”


“Who told you that flattering piece of lie? I mean you are good at complimenting and buttering up yourself, you know?”


“This is an unearthing based on an assessment, Ragnhild. We did the assessment at Rovich Hospital and the finding was rather scandalous and shocking.” This makes me a bit green-eyed and jealous. Stian claims and brags he has got the biggest dick in town. A fucking damn hospice research executed at Rovich Hospital establishes and confirms so, he alleges. For this, I will entitle him Mr. Big-giant-monster Penis. I myself have got what exactly in contrast and comparison with him? The largest and biggest boobies (breasts) in Rovich? Come on. That is not what I even yearn for! Well, he has beat and crushed me on that one. He is a record breaker when it comes to the penis and male genitalia stuff…while I myself am…totally nothing at whatever thing!


“Are you annoyed with me, Ragnhild?” He is taunting and making fun of me. I don’t answer him directly and straight away. “Come on, babe. Be mad with my penis then. Will you please, my beautiful one?”


Pin-nail him for it! I glower at him and as I am about to shift away from him, he tows and lugs and drags me all the more closer and tighter towards himself. I can feel his record smashing penis jab and punch and strike me all the more closely and intimately. Pin-nail it too for what it is! Screw everything! Du------uh!


“Let me go, Stian, I beg you,” I implore and entreat him.


He promptly snaps back at me, “I won’t let you go anywhere until after I have fucked and hammered you up, Ragnhild, do you hear that?”


Fuck him for it! I am livid and irate with him right now and all I want him to do merely is to free me and let me go. Is that stiff and solid enough for him to achieve and get done? Is it really and truthfully? Too late, I become aware of it. He has placed his hand down into my short skirt and he is fingering and brushing and stroking my pussy even right this very second. It feels so good and pleasurable…I cannot resist or stand firm against it. No, I cannot!


Holy sh*t! This is all too quick and unforeseen. Since I like and take pleasure in it, I let him do and keep on with it all the more leisurely and laid-back and cheerfully. I groan and howl out, thrilled and contented with him and his sexual exploit and accomplishment towards me. Yes! This is exceedingly implausible and enjoyable. It should be after all, don’t you imagine and agree so yourself? With one hand inside my vagina and pussy, Stian budges and moves his other free hand towards my breasts and nipple, and having grasped and gripped them, he amuses himself and has fun with them as he sees healthy and fit. I like it. I love and enjoy it what’s more!


“Yes; yes,” he tones out to me, grudgingly and with pleasure, “Cry out the louder and piercing, baby. Cry, my baby, cry. Yeah…just like that. Weep out loud, will you please?”


I groan and sob and howl out. Not because I am hurt and wounded and injured. I am glad and delighted and contented. What could be any better and preferable than this, huh? What exactly? The pleasure…the joy, the bliss, the ecstasy…it thaws and softens and melts me up. I am all sugar and ice cream and vanilla and chocolate merged and coalesced. Yeah. Everything is so amazingly and brilliantly sweet and sugar and syrupy. He is thumping and nudging his fingers deep into my vagina quickly and more swiftly and hurriedly; he is clutching and grabbing hold of my nipples and breasts all the more firm and pleasantly and delightfully. I am going to come…I am going to come…a few minutes away from now…I am going to surely come…


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Even the air I breathe in is all too saccharine and pleasant and enjoyable. Yes. My vision itself is all the more fine and exceptional and pleasurable. It truly and in fact is! What is this verily? Dreamland or what emphatically? I am puzzled…I am glad and content too…I am nervous and petrified at the same time. Stian is good at this—sex; he is so, so, very superior and excellent at it. Yeah! I love and adore him for it! Don’t you as well? Don’t you in truth?


In good time, I unfasten and untie the zip of his pants so that I can fetch and draw out his big penis and beautifully knob itself. It is gigantic; it is unbreakable and upright. I like it this way, don’t I? Yes, I utterly and of course do. Stian himself shoves and pushes my skirt further up so that he can eye and stare at my uncovered vagina itself before I go on to settle and seat myself over his cock and penis. Arghhhhhhhhh! It is a spectacular and breathtaking feeling indeed. The feel of his cock inside my twat is so great and pleasurable that I have to shut and close my eyes so I can feel and sip and suck up all of it. Yes! I mean—why shouldn’t I do such a grand and breathtaking thing. Why, I solicit?


“Fuck me, Ragnhild,” Stian mumbles and mutters softly out to me. “Ride me like a wild, gone-nuts horsewoman. I am your horse right now. Ride me, baby, will you?’


I do just that. Bit by bit and at my own leisure at first, and then raising and boosting up speed and momentum as I go on. Ashoo-oooooooh! This is excellent and brilliant…this certainly and unquestionably is…my head twirls and twists and revolves. I enter into paradise straight away. That is what it veritably seems like.


Whenever I haul myself up myself solely to plummet and dive myself down on Stian, there arises and booms out an earsplitting slap and spanking sound that is all too sweet and sugary to express and give a portrait of. Yes. He is gawking and gawping straight at me; and his gaze itself is so authoritative and prevailing enough to make me orgasm and come—all too hastily and rapidly and out of the blue. Arghhhhhhhhh! I sob and whine and howl out. I can feel him spill out and leak semen and loads more of sugary semen into me. Yah! This is it…this is indisputably it and nothing else! This is it for sure!


Shit! I like how male jism or cum feels inside the shelter and fortification of my pussy twat vagina itself. That is its own dwelling and residence. That is where it must be for Stian and I to formulate and manufacture and bring into being babies of our own. We have no aims and objectives of having children right now. For now, we just want to savor and take pleasure in sex. That is just solely it and nothing else!




Submitted: March 02, 2015

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