Naked Beauty Part 2

Naked Beauty Part 2 Naked Beauty Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Mia is more beautiful when she strips naked.


Mia is more beautiful when she strips naked.


Submitted: August 02, 2015

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Submitted: August 02, 2015



Mila wished she was a virgin when she married Brandon. She wasn’t. When twenty years old, a jerk not worth her gorged her virginity tightfistedly and ran away. She remembered the first time he took her to his apartment. Unlike Brandon, he did not exercise patience, neither tolerance. He kissed her lips viciously, pinching her breasts almost painfully, then stripped her naked and before long, he was inside her, bobbing upwards and downwards.


With one hand holing inside her vagina, Brandon splintered his mouth and nipped slightly at her breasts using his teeth. She inhaled deeply, this time to puff out with ease. At least for now: Her breath was sane and usual. It just happened. It could be that his practiced fingers stroked at that appropriate site. There was some where-about located in the depth of her womb which he all of a sudden rapped and there she spun in ecstasy and satisfaction. That precise minute, she noticed clouds breaking apart in the sky to unveil an unblemished, godlike Eden. At this, she babbled undertone, “Brandon!”


He picked himself up and grazed his lips over hers another time. “Yes, Mila; you have enjoyed your first orgasm, haven’t you?”


“You are a champion at this. How long have you been rehearsing?”


“Long than you are thinking possible, my sweet wife.”


“Can you do it again? I liked it.”


He knocked the position again……..and there Eden was, splendid and dazzling like it was made of intense, vivid rays. Everything that Mila glanced over was magnificently divine and so out of this world. Brandon thumped the spot again and another time. She could not put up with it anymore. Even sweetness had its own limit. Once its perimeters were broken, pain was the inevitable result.


“Stop, Brandon. I cannot take it anymore. It is enough,” she screamed out as piercingly as she could. The pain ceased the instant he drew his fingers out. Quickly, it dissolved, to nevermore reappear—it seemed.


“Did I bruise you badly?”


“You didn’t; you were starting to do that anyway.”


“Perhaps I should do it again in an altered way?”


“Don’t. I am fine like this. Just give me a little break, I beg you. For now, let us focus on you.”




“Exactly; what do you want me to do?”


Without replying anything, Brandon hopped up on their bed and sat down besides her. His eyes anchored on hers, studying every part of her. Good Lord! She was beautiful…and solely his! Tonight, he was going to fuck the sweetness out of her until she sweated and pleaded for no more sex.


“I want you to stroke my dick with your hand until I come. There is a rule to this: Whatever I spill out must be collected inside your womb. Do you hear that?”


“I get it, Brandon.”


“Good girl; now off to our business.”


Brandon liked it whenever she peeled away his clothing. She was every time steady and gentle. First, she unbuttoned his shirt while flicking her lips guardedly on his. He licked back at her mouth, grasping the nape of her neck with his hand and tugging her towards himself. Calmly, she groaned out, twiddling her massive and fine-shaped hips this way and that other. At long last, his shirt was slumped off to the floor. She then pulled back from him to run an eye over his unclad chest. He looked outright celestial and sexually arousing. Her vagina made peculiar enthusiastic tickles.


To ease the load on her part, Brandon grasped his belt and softly unwrapped it. Mila pulled it off and launched it straight to the floor. In just the ideal time, Brandon was every inch naked like herself. They cuddled for a minute, necking and kissing intensely while Mila laid herself down on the bed as her man tilted himself against her.


“Brandon,” she howled out helplessly.


“What, Mila?” He said the words delicately.


“What are you doing to me?”


“Fucking you, dear.”


“You are turning me into a bitch.”


“I love making you a bad girl; don’t you like everything I do to you, baby?”


His erection was unyielding as a rock and unbendable. To bend it would be to break it; stroking it in her palm made Mila’s vagina tickle in anxiousness. She craved Brandon to lay the damn sweet thing inside her and release his seed as instantaneously as he could. Sex every time made her go insane. She couldn’t think straight. Her mind unfailingly went wild; and her emotions too.


“Hold it like that, Mila. It is rock hard, isn’t it?” Brandon smirked at her gaily. She twinkled back at him. He arched down to suck her nipples temporarily. Damn! Her vagina was on fire. It was fast burning to ashes. The fire brigade—Brandon’s penis—had to come promptly and stick their giant hosepipe in to quench out every flame smoking up and down.


“Don’t you fear that I might break it?” She asked teasingly.


He arched down to kiss her lips complaisantly. “You are mad, have I ever told you that?”


“Mad? We are both mad, Brandon. I thought you realized that. If I am insane, you are more nuts than me. What is your response to that?”


“Sweetheart! Just stroke my dick now—until I come.”


“Your dick—your pride. If it weren’t for this thing, you would have been as good as me, right?”

“This is what makes a man complete, Mila: His penis! It is his ego and dignity.”


“I am aware of that.”


“Every woman wants this thing at some point in time. Well, not every woman generally. Some women would kill to lay hold of this stuff.”


“That’s a lie. The only thing that you men would kill to enjoy is what I am having amidst my legs. You would do anything to enjoy it, wouldn’t you?”


“I would, honey pie.”


With one hand fondling her clit, Mila clasped Brandon’s dick and carefully begun squeezing it; not in a painful way, but progressively with care. He closed his eyes straight away and kissed her without skimming the expression she was manifesting on her face. He was pleased with her performance thus far. She was impressive in bed, breathtaking outside bed—one good reason he was not going to stand another man nicking her away from him; except the moron was fixed on losing his life.


When he came, Mila was mindful of it. His teeth bared and pressed together as though he was experiencing some nature of pain. He wasn’t. His eyes, still shut, pinched the more. He poured out semen and Mila promptly kept apart her legs, opening her vagina widely with the utility of her fingers. It was delectable to have his juice pitch freely but mightily into her. The saying that sex was wonderful was true in this sense.


“Yes, Mila! You know perfectly how this ought to be done.”


She shoved herself up after him and begun slamming her lips against his. He pushed himself down on her, pinning his hands on her back and clinging to her tautly. This time, he was not going to have mercy. He was going to bulldoze his way inside her and finish the affair they had begun. With speed akin to lightning, his eyes opened and checked her quietly.


“Are you ready? I can’t hold my urge anymore. This minute, I want to devour you and do nothing else.”


Mila sucked in a deep breath. She could never be ready. The only way she could prepare herself was by mentioning, “Yes,” and meeting surprises along the way. “Do what you feel like doing, Brandon.”


With wakefulness, he parted her legs further with a sweep of his hand and placed his dick inside her. It was so big it actually hurt. Not much, but minimally. Tears slinked their way out and carried on to drench Mila’s cheeks. Brandon effaced them with a stealthy stir of his hand. Then he kissed her brow in silence. “Don’t be afraid. I am not going to hurt you again. I will be wary of whatever thing I will be doing to you.”


“Why does sex hurt oftentimes, Brandon? Particularly to us, women?”


“You want to know why it hurts to eat something sweet?”


Mila nodded her head without a sound, like she was a ghost.


“Love is consistently like that. There is no love without pain. If there was no pain, love wouldn’t be strong and solid. As there is agony, love gets fortified and vitalized to the degree where it is not easy to break or wreck. That is why sex sometimes hurts, principally to you women.”


First, he was slow-moving. As time lapsed, he swelled his pace and might. Mila hastily shut her eyes and rested her head on the pillow beneath her. She moved her hands behind him and steadfastly clutched his hindquarters. In the meantime, he slid in and then out of her, getting her ready for the actual thing that was soon to commence. She didn’t like crying during sex. It was a habit she couldn’t find a remedy to. Her tears were stubborn and obstinate. They every time gushed out on their own against her willpower.


After Brandon had picked up that he could pump in faster than he was now doing, he spaced Mila’s legs further apart and persistently slammed in and then out. She was so thrilled she could only keep her head unmoving where she had laid it. She could feel the cranium of his penis stroking the depths of her vagina and bestirring all range of tastes and sentiments that only sex can excite.


Brandon arched himself again. His breath rippled into her face slickly. Every breath he made; every sweat that plummeted off his skin—it breezed across her skin and crashed down on her. As he went on and on, she clutched his buttocks the firmer, vowing to herself she was going to latch on to him with all the might she possessed. Yes; even if it would cost her final breath.


“Mila, you are very sweet.” The words were like honey spilling into her ears. She could not fight back the influence they had on her. Her heart melted at once. 


“Brandon, you are killing me with your words, do you know that?”


“I don’t think that killing you is the correct phrase for this. What I have in mind is to win and bewitch you to myself. You are solely mine and you belong to no one else.”


“I love you; so much that words are not suffice to express the emotions I feel for you.”


“I love you more than you love me. Tonight, I don’t want us to argue. I just want us to make love and do nothing else. Promise me you are not going to leave me tonight; that you won’t run away from me so that I will be sleepless and troubled hunting you back into my life. I want you here inside my bed with me, Mila. Don’t go anywhere else, I beg you.”


“I won’t leave you, Brandon. I promise. You must also promise that you are not going to lay one on me. Vow this to me, my love.”


“I take that oath with all my spirit and strength. I am not going to hurt you tonight. I won’t forgive myself if I do anything like that.”


Mila smiled to herself gleefully. Tonight, things were okay and wonderful. She wasn’t certain about tomorrow. Brandon’s mood changed over and again. This special night, he was her guardian angel. Tomorrow he could be Lucifer—wicked and bent on wrecking her life without showing her the least of concern and friendliness.


“I love you, Mila.”


“I love you too, Brandon.” The two kissed at last, seizing and squeezing each other. Life was sweet, wasn’t it?













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