Elle: Candy Sex

Elle: Candy Sex Elle: Candy Sex

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


CaNDY sEXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CaNDY sEXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted: March 23, 2015

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Submitted: March 23, 2015



I try as much best as I can to be kind and loving and affectionate with Lana. She is kind; she is likeable and very much sociable. As Doug and I sit for a meal or two, on the large dining table, where we await for our food to be served by his obliging and obedient house keeper, I look at him quietly and shyly somehow a little bit. His eyes are intense and serious and frightful in some way, and he has them fixed and glued straight on me. I don’t know what the hell is exactly going on in his mind. I am not a mind reader. And I only wish that I had that divine ability and power to unravel out what goes on in people’s secretive minds.


“I guess that I am not making you a tiny bit uncomfortable and nervy-like with my presence and actions here, or am I?” This, Doug asks me coolly and composedly. Damn! What is he supposed to mean with this? What exactly?


“I am comfortable and very much fine; thank you, Doug,” I say and make known to him. He smiles at me happily and affectionately. Is he excited? Or merely seeking to make me feel fine and good about all this? I can’t exactly and spot-on tell!


He is a few breathes or inches away from me. He kisses and caresses me tenderly and gently. I like it. I love and adore it. Nothing could be any much better; nothing could be this more thrilling and desirous. I can’t breathe. I can only look and stare up into those dark, mannish, and lush-like eyes of him. Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to literally think or do right now. I don’t…I don’t…I don’t know…………….Damn it!


He kisses me right then, gently and steadily—passionately and brilliantly. I kiss him back, pushing and shoving and ramming my lips right straight against his. He is steady; he is patient with me; he is possessive and magnificent and wonderfully. To be honest and upright and truthful with you, this is just as much as heaven and paradise as it is itself. I swear that it surely is. We hold and embrace each other; we caress and stroke the other; we inhale and exhale right in the face of the other. The candles are burning and flickering about; they are lightening and engulfing us in tastefully-like red, green, and yellow-brown flames. It is like we are made of light as we kiss and hug and stroke each other lovingly and unhurriedly. That is what it seems like. Yes…definitely!


We are at breath last having dinner. Lana has served us and she is standing right behind us in the distance exactly between us. She is all quiet and motionless, brooding and ruminating about God knows what and why. Doug’s calm and reflective eye rests on me temporarily and every once in a little jot while. I like how he bites and nibbles hungrily at his food. I wish that he could do the same to me, biting and nibbling at my nipples and breasts and pussy sweetly and harmoniously beautiful. Yes! That would be ecstatic and divine indeed!


This is nakedness;
This is brilliance
This is bliss,  happiness, and
The land of dreamland and cloud nine


His eyes are a dark blue
They haunt me even when I am bathing
They survey and gaze deeply and affectionately at me
Even when I am immersed and taken on in deep into sleep


A thousand sunsets are lovely to look at
A thousand ocean waves swirling and pirouetting
Are something mortal eyes can never stray away from
But is it also true?
With a clothe-less and stripped bare me?


His touch is gentle and smooth
His kiss is sweet-like than honey
When he touches me I become all sugar and candy
My blood sings and flushes and swirls in pleasure and excitement
My soul sings and carols musically
My world becomes heaven and cloud nine


I miss him tonight
Bathing alone
I miss a naked him
Staring at my naked self in the huge bathroom mirror
I wish he was close to me
Close so that I might touch and stroke him
Close so that I might scrub and scour him


Doug, are you there?
My voice is shaky and wobbly on my cell
I am quivering and trembling too
What if he is no more?

No more to love and adore me?
No more to graze and fondle me?


You are frightened for me, aren’t you, Elle?
That’s right!
That’s true and definite
But it is no longer true after this
My fears and anxieties are all washed away!


I love you, Doug!
I miss and cherish you;
You mean the world to me
You are everything to me
I have and will always more love you, dear!


Cry, baby; cry yourself till we fall asleep
We are all lonely here tonight
We have no one to touch and kiss us
Lust shall kill and evanescence us
Yes, it surely shall!


That is me
That is my breast
That is my waist
Those are my butts
That is my dearest vagina


She is cold;
She is freezing and quivering;
She is helpless and miserable;
She has no one to talk to or play with.
Poor her;
Poor me;
Oh; poor us!


What one statement have you
To tell my vagina?
I want something sweet and enjoyable
I wasn’t something pleasant and delightful
Tell me, Doug, please!
Tell me: I beg you!
Tell me, honey!
Tell me, now already!


You are more beautiful than a rose flower
I expect that you know it already
Oh yes, you are the most beautiful
Thing that has ever happened to me
You are cherry pink and lovely
You are divine and super-awesome
You are just like the celestial


Is this all not flattery and deceit?
Tell me you are not misleading me, I beg;
Convince me that you are not lying


There are only five precious words
That can verify that 
There are only five letters
That can prove this to you:


Do you believe me now, honey?


Yes, I do, my love!


Goodnight now****************************
Till we embrace and kiss and make love anew------



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