The Wrong Decision . . .

The Wrong Decision . . . The Wrong Decision . . .

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Could a threesome with Richard Henry be the best or worst thing to happen to Michaela and Jessie?



Could a threesome with Richard Henry be the best or worst thing to happen to Michaela and Jessie?


Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012



A/N This is something i wrote really quick so apologies for errors. Will try to post a novel up soon!Enjoy :D

‘He’s so hot isn’t he?’ whispered Michaela as she glanced over at Richard Henry the hottest guy on campus.

‘Hotter than hot,’ I answered wishing I could get a piece of him all to myself. He glanced over at us and I blushed looking away but Michaela made a come over move. To my surprise he came.

‘So who do we have here?’ he asked eyeing us up. ‘A beautiful blond and a remarkable brunette, both buxom.’

I almost choked. I was the blond and I could not believe he had just said buxom. Michaela however took it in her stride. ‘Oh Richard you know just how to make a girl swoon.’

He grinned and turned to me. ‘And do I make you swoon?’ he asked. ‘Jessie isn’t it?’

I nodded unable to do much else his presence was overpowering and he was so close that I could almost run my hands over his muscles. ‘So,’ he said. ‘Two gorgeous ladies like yourself are you up for much?’ he asked.

‘Well,’ said Michaela. ‘A threesome certainly wouldn’t be turned down.’

I nearly died on the spot. God how we had talked about Richard Henry, threesomes had come into it but I never imagined in a million years that one would happen. His grin only grew wider. ‘Then follow me ladies, by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be mind blown.’

Michaela and I had followed him through campus after we’d sealed the deal with a kiss that had left me tingling right down to my toes. Now we were in his apartment that he rented with his other sports buddies and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I had only recently had sex for the first time and I wasn’t stupid, I knew that Richard Henry was going to have more than the average sexual appetite.

‘Are you sure about this?’ I asked as Michaela began to divulge herself of her summer dress leaving her in just her Ann Summer’s push up bra and panties set. ‘A threesome?’

‘Ah come on,’ she said as she unzipped my own dress and pulled it off my shoulders so that it became a pool at my feet. ‘How bad can I be and how else are we going to get a piece of him?’

I was about to say something when the door opened and a guy that wasn’t Richard walked in. I instantly picked up my dress to hide myself whilst Michaeala looked at the newcomer with glee. ‘Come to join the party have you?’ she asked as she rubbed her breasts. I recognised the guy as being Ash one of Richard’s friends. He was a black guy and was rumoured to be the largest cock on campus.

He raised an eyebrow at us and then he smirked. ‘Ah, I see what is going on here.’ he said.

What was going on I wondered as Ash whistled and two more guys came in. Derek and Paul, Richard soon followed them.

‘So you found my catch,’ said Richard as he smirked at us. ‘Want to start playing now?’

I glanced at Michaela hoping she could explain what was going on but she already had her dress back on and was looking at the men with fear. ‘We’ll go now,’ she grabbed my arm and tried to walk out the room.

Derek blocked the door. ‘I don’t think so,’ he said as someone slapped my ass causing me to squeal and drop my dress in surprise giving the guys a free for all gaze at my generous breasts. Derek ripped the dress away from Michaela and said. ‘Let’s get this party started.’

What, had we gotten ourselves into this time?




Derek slapped Michaeala across the face the force of it making her fall to the floor where she remained whimpering. Derek got to work on her, tying her hands together as the other three guys began to descend on me as I backed away.

‘Please,’ I said. ‘Don’t do this.’

‘Don’t do what,’ chuckled Richard. ‘This?’ he questioned moving forwards quickly and squeezing my breast. ‘I thought you wanted a threesome, this,’ he gestured to the guys. ‘Is much more fun for you.’

I felt sick that I’d ever liked this guy. How could one of the most popular guys in school get away with this? My eyes darted around looking for an escape but there wasn’t one. That was when Ash grabbed me yanking my arms behind my back I struggled against him as the other two guys watched my breasts as they bounced as I moved. I stopped, I couldn’t give them anymore, I had to make them bored with me so that they wouldn’t do anything.

‘So Jessie,’ said Richard as he came up to me kneeling down and pulling my pants off making me step out of them. ‘I hear that you’re a virgin, is that true?’

It wasn’t true and it sounded like they were hoping I was, I tried to resist as Richard pushed a finger inside my pussy but it was futile, Ash’s hold was simply too strong.

Richard laughed. ‘She ain’t a Virgin boys!’ he said and the groaned in disappointment. ‘Not too worry though, she’s as tighter than all the others.’

They wooped in the air as Derek chuckled Michaela on the bed. ‘This one’s more useless than a whore.’ he said as the chucked me beside her, I wasn’t tied though, Michaela was crying. What had Derek done to her?

‘She can still be of use,’ said Derek. ‘After all we have to take turns. She can be the spare.’

They agreed and turned to stare at us like the predators they were. Ash grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed as I screamed knowing it was futile as the others tied me down.

'Please don't do this,' I said again but all they did was laugh. That was whenI realised . . .

I was about to get raped.

I clenched my eyes shut but that didn’t stop me from hearing what Ash had to say. ‘You know what boys,’ he said. ‘I’m going to make her beg for me to be inside of her.’

My eyes opened in fear. Could he honestly think that I’d beg? That was when he started. . .

First he spread my pussy, his fingers starting at the edges slowing touching my working their way closer and closer to my clit, over my lips and making me tingle. I’d been used to using my vibrator every day but with exams I hadn’t had time. His touch sparked a reaction in my body, a reaction which I cursed. I started to get wet and he hadn’t even gotten to my clit yet. ‘Stop,’ I pleaded even though I knew it was futile. Richard cut my bra from my body and began to touch my breasts as Ash’s fingers teased circling around my clit. I heard the slaps of flesh and Michaela’s cries and though I didn’t want to I turned my head to the right.

Derek was fucking her ass. Richard grabbed my chin. ‘You look and I’ll do that to you,’ he growled as he savagely kissed my mouth just as Ash touched my clit making me gasp. Richard laughed. ‘I bet you like that don’t you, give her more.’ he instructed as he moved down and started suckling my nipples.

Ash slowly kept touching me as he rustled around for something, I had no idea what Richard meant by giving me more but I knew it could be anything good. I had no idea how to get out of this situation as I heard Derek’s guttural shout as he came and collapsed on top of Michaela causing her to cry out in pain.

That was when the noise of buzzing reached my ears and I knew what Ash was going to do to me. I tried to wriggle away but it was no use being tied down and with Richard ontop of me. I wondered whether I could orgasm just from him sucking my breasts as Ash stopped touching me and I felt myself getting even wetter. By body was betraying me. I didn’t want this to happen.

The buzzing noise came to my clit and I realised that Ash was using a vibrator on me, I couldn’t help but buck against it wanting more even though I knew it was wrong. I could normally have three, four orgasms a day and not be sated and as Ash turned up the intensity I knew I was going to have one.

Maybe more than one.

Richard leaned back to watch as I felt the orgasm build. ‘Oh God,’ I said just as it came and I moaned in satisfaction. It felt so good.

‘Make her come again!’ Richard ordered and Ash obliged turning up the intensity as I would have done had I been on my own to start my multiple orgasms. I had no idea what vibrator they were using my I felt like I was on fire as I came and came and came. It was the longest orgasm I’d ever had but I still felt empty. Still felt incomplete now I knew what Ash meant by making me beg. If he kept going, I would beg.

By the time he was finished I’d come five times and my legs were shaking. Richard had during this time divulged himself of his clothes and was bearing over me aiming his cock at my mouth. ‘If you bite,’ he said. ‘Your friend gets Ash in her arse.’

If that happened to either of us, we’d be scarred for life. Not that we would be already. I opened my mouth as Richard pushed in and began to fuck my mouth ordering me to suck him as Ash began to tease me by dipping the vibrator just inside my pussy. God how I wanted it, I couldn’t think of anything else. Even of sucking Richard. He seemed to notice and pulled out. ‘Do you want cock Jessie?’ he asked as Ash started to push the vibrator inside me. ‘Do you want it?’

I nodded. I needed it inside me, the vibrator anything! ‘Say it he growled. Tell me to fuck you!’

‘Fuck me,’ I pleaded and I heard Michaela scream ‘No’ followed by a slap as Richard ordered Ash a way and slid into me in one smooth stroke. He came instantly. ‘God she’s tight.’ he said as he slipped out. ‘Fuck her hard Ash!’

I leaned up as I watched Ash unzip himself, I was so unsatisfied and I wanted more. When Ash sprung free and I saw his thick engorged length I groaned bending my legs at the knees at offering up my pussy to him.

He didn’t enter me but rather brushed the head of his gorgeous cock through my slick folds. ‘Do you want it Jessie?’ he asked as he slipped over my entrance. ‘Do you want me in you?’

‘Yes!’ I all but screamed and Ash obliged slipping inside me and fucking me hard. He was so much better than Richard. He brushed against everything! He made me come so hard as his cock brushed over my G spot and I wrapped my legs around his waist making him slide home. Fuck he was huge. ‘Yes!’ I screamed again as he made me come and I could feel all the guys watching me. ‘Do me more!’ I said as I felt Ash begin to slow and shrink inside me. I tried to urge him on with my legs but he resisted and pulled out. ‘Fuck me!’ I ordered.

‘No,’ said Ash. ‘I don’t want to fuck her, its no fun if she wants he.’ His eyes roved over Michaela. ‘I don’t want her either.’

Richard agreed and only Derek seemed to want to continue. Huh, seemed like me wanting to have fun was no fun to them at all. Awkwardly they untied us and gave us hoodies and slacks to wear. Murmuring apologies Richard showed us out and I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be doing that ever again.

Michaela whimpered as I took her hope but I could that help but feel that though this may have been the wrong decision for us. . . . I had just had the best mind blowing orgams of my life and I couldn’t wait to get some more . . .


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