Mr Whisper and his Flat Battery - Night One

Mr Whisper and his Flat Battery - Night One Mr Whisper and his Flat Battery - Night One

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Without Mr Whisper Kristy is lost, is there any way she can get what she wants?


Without Mr Whisper Kristy is lost, is there any way she can get what she wants?


Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012





Kristy lay back in her bed, opened the draw of her bedside cabinet and reached inside for her Vibrator. As usual it was right at the top and she plucked it out, giving it a nice clean before she twisted the end to start up the vibrations.

Nothing happened.

She twisted it to the max and back again, nothing happened. She began to panic wondering if her Vibrator was broken. It couldn’t be broken! It was a bank holiday and the shops were closed this late at night. If it was broken that would simply ruin everything. Mr Whisper had to live!

Twisting the bottom the other way she opened the end of her vibrator and checked inside making sure that the battery hadn’t exploded. The battery. She thought back to the last time she’d changed it. Oh no. She rummaged in the draw to get the device that checked how much juice was left in the battery. She got it and slowly, closing her eyes as a feeling of dread rising in her stomach, put the battery into the device.

She opened her eyes and gasped.

Flat Battery!

‘No!’ she screamed and footsteps came running down the hall, she scrambled to put Mr Whisper under the covers as her housemate Frank burst into the room.

‘Everything okay Kristy?’ he asked looking concerned. Kristy couldn’t help but gaze at Frank like a lion would a zebra every time she saw him. He was two years older than her, with dusty blond hair that fell just short of his shoulders and oh god. She closed her eyes for a brief second. Well, he looked just like Thor from the movie. All tanned, muscled and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top revealing a dusting of golden hair. Stop it Kristy!

‘I’m fine,’ said Kristy her voice higher than it should be. Frank narrowed his eyes before slowly retreating from the room. ‘Actually Frank,’ said Kristy remembering that the flat battery had been her last one. ‘Do you have a spare AA battery?’

‘How many?’ he asked.

‘Just one.’ said Kristy.

‘What kind of thing needs just one battery?’ he asked sounding bemused.

‘Oh I have one,’ said Kristy holding up the flat battery. ‘Just needed one to go with it.’

Frank shook his head. ‘I’m afraid not, you’ll have to go shopping in the morning for it. If you can find anywhere that’s open that is. Goodnight Kristy.’

‘Night,’ Kristy said to the closed door. Frank didn’t wait around. With a sigh Kristy put her Vibrator and flat battery back in her draw. It would make sense to have a stash of batteries or a spare vibrator just for an occasion like this. All she had was a dildo and that was about as much use Andrew had been with his cock.

Kristy settled down for the night, snuggling into her covers knowing that she wasn’t going to get anywhere without Mr Whisper. It was such a shame, considering she hadn’t used him since that night out last week, she’d just been too busy. She was way overdue on orgasms.

That, was when the noises started.

It was coming from Frank’s room.

If Kristy didn’t know better then she would have thought that Frank, was having an orgy but nobody was in tonight except for them both and from the other room she could hear the cries of a woman along with the grunts of a man. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Frank was watching porn. It was a weekly occurrence for him that she knew of, it took him the entire porn episode for him to jerk off so Kristy knew she had at least fifteen torturous minutes to wait until she could get to sleep. She laid flat out on her bed and tried to cover her ears with her pillow.

The sounds seemed to get louder and Kristy closed her eyes.

Images of Frank masturbating overflowed her mind, and she redirected them, wanting to get rid of them but instead she imagined herself and Frank getting intimate.

The images quickly turned into one of her many fantasies . . .

She’d be too worked up to go anything but hard and fast and, being a man, Frank would be only too willing to oblige. As she imagined Frank storming into her room and roughly spreading her legs as he settled himself between her thighs Kristy grabbed her dildo wanting to make the fantasy she was thinking of even more real.

In her mind Frank slowly entered her, a torturous stroke with his thick cock that made her want to order him to go faster, but she kept silent as she slowly began to thrust the dildo in and out of her wet vagina wondering whether the action, the fantasy, would leave her worse or better off than she had been before Frank had started watching porn.

When Frank began to grunt along with the movie Kristy increased the intensity by which she was fucking herself with the dildo. Wrapping one hand over her own mouth in order to stop a moan or perhaps a scream from escaping.

Frank would be touching her now, fondling her breasts and being dominant as he was, he’d hold her hands down as he thrust into her, making her head collide with the board of the bed. A cry escaped her hand and the sounds from the other room paused. Frank’s bed gave a creak and Kristy willed everything to be silent and hoped that Frank didn’t come an investigate and find out what she was up to. He’d think she was such a horny woman. Perhaps he’d like that, perhaps he would take over, take the dildo from her and replace it with his cock. Kristy suppressed a groan, she bet his cock would be magnificent when erect.

The floorboards creaked and Kristy’s heart began to race, pumping blood double time throughout her body as she still slowly began to fuck herself with the dildo turning herself on even more than she thought possible. She was just about to scream to make Frank come running when his bed creaked again and the noises resumed. Perhaps silence was best for now.

Kristy worked the dildo as she imagined Frank pumping himself with his fist and as the people in the movie began to cry out Kristy could feel her own release coming, her first G-Spot orgasm since forever and it was so close, so close that she could almost - Kristy screamed and Frank came running bursting through her door even as Kristy felt spaced out from the Orgasm’s intensity. She was on cloud nine. Frank looked absolutely gorgeous, she wondered whether he’d come and finish her off. ‘What’s the matter Kristy?’ he asked as she wondered how he’d managed to get his boxers on so fast.

She couldn’t bring herself to say it. ‘I thought I saw a spider,’ said Kristy. ‘You know how they freak me out.’

He smiled and nodded to her. ‘Have a good night then,’ he said. ‘Let me know if you need anything.’ He closed the door and she could have almost sworn that he winked.

Frank, never winked.

Perhaps Kristy’s fantasies could become her reality?

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