I love Jeffrey Epstein

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I have written my life story here covering the main parts which include some scenes too adult to post anywhere else. I'm not a writer, I just wanted to get my experience out there. I hope someone, somewhere enjoys it. xxx

Table of Contents

Chapter One

  I was born in 1984 on the Guinness Trust Housing Estate in Hackney, London to an Irish Immigrant Mother, and a black Israeli... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

It was 1995 and at 11 years old East 17 were what consumed most of my time, along with walking to the local shopping center to sniff al... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Thursday 18th September 1997.  I woke up before my alarm for once, and felt genuinely happy, which wasn’t a feeling I was used t... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

My mother’s sister and Nicola and Paul’s mother was called Pauline. She lived opposite us on the Guiness Trust Estate. She was tall... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Standing outside of the Hotel in Notting Hill, with just a black halterneck top and skirt on; I was feeling the chill from the Septembe... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

The next few years passed relatively uneventfully. Being chubby and painfully shy, I was never approached by boys. I got stuck into my ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

My father’s name was Noam. I didn’t know much about his childhood because he would rarely  talk about it. My mother hinted tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

As the plane touched down in Tel Aviv, the round of applause from around the plane was loud and enthusiastic. I was far too shy to do a... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

In August 2005 I arrived back in London with a History Degree, and hope for the future. One thing no one ever tells you when you’re a... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Working in the call center became a comfortable job. I knew exactly what I was doing, it never challenged me, and I had made a few frie... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

In 2008 the S Golds & Son DVD distribution company I had been working at finally collapsed after sales had dropped due to digital downl... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Sitting by my charger staring at my pink Samsung flip phone, I finally heard the beep. It had enough charge to turn on. I quickly turne... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Once the penny dropped for me at work that I was actually very good at my job, and the Salesman had been purposely lying to me about my... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

After taking a break from ruining men’s self esteem for a few months, I became restless and decided to log in to my dating profiles a... Read Chapter