The Girl from the Gym

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

One night at the gym a smoking hot Adriana Lima-looking girl stole my attention and work ethic away...what happened next was the best workout of my life...

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I was in my second year of undergrad. I was going to the college gym about four or five days per week, often fairly late at night. Some people would treat going to the gym as a social event. They would go and talk with their buddies for five minutes in between sets, or go to try to hit on girls. I wasn’t really interested in the gym as a means of socializing. It was a way for me to go and relieve all of the stress I built up that day. It was almost a form of meditation for me. I would go and block everything out and just focus on the weight I was lifting, the distance I was running, the way my body felt as I pushed its limits, and how my muscles ached when I would strain for that last bit of strength. I would walk out drenched in sweat and spent of all of my energy, but it always felt amazing. In that fractured physical state I always somehow felt more complete.

One night my attention was shaken. I was doing dumbbell bench press and I sat up to rest in between sets when a stunning girl walks in front of me. I would see girls at the gym that were attractive, but normally ignored it and focused on my workout. I did plenty of girl chasing outside of the gym, so that was my time to focus on me. I couldn’t ignore this girl though. She was exactly my type. She was thin, in great shape, dark brown hair, about 5’6”, mixed descent (Hispanic/Italian), perky round ass, C cup tits. I am going to compare her face to someone, but understand I am not saying she is as hot as this person. Her dark exotic features and something about her face reminded me of Adriana Lima. Like I said, she was more like Adriana Lima’s hypothetical pretty, but not as pretty younger sister or something. All of that focus that I talked about earlier that I have when I workout, yeah, that was out the window. The rest of that night at the gym my eyes would wander over to wherever she was. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I wanted to talk to her so bad, but I didn’t want to be one of those guys at the gym that interrupts a girl’s workout to try to hit on her. It always struck me as rude/creepy to do that.
I ended up leaving that night without speaking to her. It was somewhat painful to walk out without making an attempt, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went home and hoped that I would see her at the gym again. When I got home that night I jacked off thinking about her.

The next week or so I didn’t see her at the gym. There was a little pang of disappointment each time I didn’t run into her there. I was also on the lookout when I was walking around campus. I really hoped that I would see her in that context, because I would be more comfortable striking up a conversation with her outside of the gym. So, about a week after the first time I saw her it happened again. I was doing the same exercise and she walked in front of me and over to the treadmills. It was almost like I was dreaming and reenacting what happened the first time. I was hoping she would glance over at me, but I don’t think she ever did.
Once I was finished with my workout I decided to take a detour from what I normally did. I normally didn’t do cardio on days I lifted weights, but in hopes of catching her attention I decided to forego my typical routine. I headed over to the treadmills and passed in front of her. I was looking in her direction in hopes of making eye contact with her and I did. She glanced at me as I was walking up and gave a polite smile. I gave a polite smile back and got on a treadmill that was a row behind her. I didn’t want to get on the one right beside her or anything and be a total creeper. I watched as her legs worked and her muscles moved. I could see her ass bounce slightly with each step she took in her skintight spandex pants. I wanted to walk up behind her and rip them down. There was a mirror in front of the rows of treadmills. I could see her face and I tried to not make it obvious I was staring at her ass. There were a couple of times I think she caught me, but she didn’t seem to mind or at least didn’t give me any dirty looks.
I didn’t talk to her that night either. This kept on for a couple of months. I would see her at the gym a couple of times per week, but never initiated a conversation. We got to where we would acknowledge each other and say a passing hello. I felt like I had fucked up though, because I let the chance pass me by. It was almost like being in the friend zone or something. We were in too much of a routine and it felt weird to all of a sudden break that routine and try to talk to her now. I fantasized about her a lot and one day I decided, fuck it I am going to talk to her.

When I walked in front of her as she was running on the treadmill we gave our usual smile and nod. This time though I stopped and introduced myself and asked her if she had a minute to talk after her run. Her name was Isabella. She said, “yeah sure” and smiled. I went and jumped on a treadmill and tried to prepare for what I was going to say to her. After about fifteen minutes she hits stop on her treadmill and she jumps off. She walks back to me and says, “so, you want to chat?” I said, “yes” and got off of the treadmill.

We walked off to the side and kind of out of the way. She said, “what’s up?” I said, “I didn’t really have a plan of what I was going to say to you. I’ve just been seeing you in here for a while now and you really caught my attention. I wanted to talk to you and hoped to get to know you a little.” She responded with a big smile, “that is really sweet. I actually wondered if you were ever going to come up and talk to me.” I said, “really? I wasn’t even sure that you wanted me to talk to you. I didn’t want to come off like one of those creepy gym guys that hits on girls all the time up here.” She laughed and said, “umm if you didn’t want to come off like one of those guys you probably shouldn’t have run on the treadmill behind me every time staring at my ass.” My face turned red and I got a sheepish look on my face. She laughed and said, “don’t worry I didn’t mind. I thought it was cute.” I asked her if she wanted to go grab some coffee. She said she would love that. We each headed to our separate locker rooms and met back up just outside of the gym.

We went to a coffee shop that was just off of campus. We sat and talked and drank coffee for a couple of hours. She was a very sweet girl. I was afraid she might be bitchy or stuck up, because she was so hot. That wasn’t the case though. She was very down to earth and had grown up in a small town. She was born in Italy, but moved to the United States when she was three years old. I could tell she had kind of a wild side though. She was very flirtatious and there was a seductive feeling to the way she talked and in her eyes. It was getting very late and my eyes were beginning to feel heavy. We decided we should head out. When we walked outside she said, “just so you know. I’m not going home with you tonight.” She laughed as she said it. I said, “wow, harsh! What makes you think that’s what I want?” She said, “I can see the way you look at me. I like it, but it isn’t always so easy.” She winked at me and said, “will you be at the gym on Thursday?” I said that I would. She responded, “I will see you there.”
I got to the gym on Thursday and started my routine. She arrived about thirty minutes after I did. She walked by me as I was doing deadlifts and teasingly said, “hey sexy boy.” I shot her a smile and she headed to the treadmills. Once I was finished lifting weights I walked over to her treadmill and asked how she was doing. We talked for a few minutes and then she said, “by the way, you can come over to my place for a glass of wine after this if you want.” My cock almost got hard hearing her say that. I didn’t expect that. I thought I would have to put in a lot more work before I could get anywhere alone with this girl. I tried not to seem too excited and said, “yeah, sure that sounds cool.” She said, “give me about ten more minutes” and winked at me. I headed to the locker room and showered. I wanted to be clean and not disgusting just in case anything happened when we got back to her place. We met just outside of the gym again. She said, “follow me.” We each got in our cars and made the 5 minute drive to her apartment.
As we were walking up the steps to her apartment she said, “I have a roommate, but she is pretty cool. We can go back to my room and hangout. I have a TV and stuff in there.” I’m getting extremely excited at the thought of hanging out in her bedroom. It’s an even better scenario than I imagined. I really thought we would just be hanging out in the living area and that she would tease me a little and I’d probably head home with blue balls. Obviously that could still happen, but I felt like my chances were better if we were hanging out in her bedroom.

We headed back to her bedroom and I stood there and looked around at her room. It was nice and very clean. It seemed like a very adult/grown up bedroom for a twenty year old. She said, I’m going to shower real quick. Her bedroom and bathroom were connected. I sat down on her bed and listened as the shower turned on. I imagined her completely naked with water running all over her body. I wanted to just walk in and join her, but I knew that would be a terrible decision. After a few minutes I hear the water turn off and then a couple of minutes later she walks back into the bedroom with her hair soaking wet and just a towel wrapped around her. She heads to her closet and says, “sorry, forgot to grab clothes.” I stared at her and hoped that she would accidentally drop her towel. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. She grabbed a few things from her closet and headed back into the bathroom.

She emerged a few minutes later after drying her hair and putting on clothes. She had on little cloth shorts that ended just below her butt cheeks and a tight t-shirt. She said, “I’m going to grab us some wine. She headed to the kitchen and brought back two glasses and a bottle of wine. She sat down Indian style on the bed and we began talking. We talked for about an hour and ran through a couple/few glasses of wine each. She asked if I wanted to watch a movie or listen to music. We decided we didn’t have the attention span right then for a movie, so we turned on music.
We talked about life and past relationships. We eventually got on the subject of sex. I told her about how I have never been able to cum from just getting a blowjob. She said, “whatever, you are a liar.” I said, “I am being serious. I’m not saying that to try to intrigue you or something. I honestly never have.” She said, “good, because that isn’t going to get me to do it” and kind of laughed. We continued talking about sex for a while and eventually got on another subject. We cracked open another bottle of wine at some point and were a couple of more glasses into that one.

It was getting really late. She said, “you can stay over if you want, so you don’t have to drive. No funny business though.” She was being very silly and giggly at this point. I said, “yeah, I probably should.” Of course I wanted to stay for obvious reasons, but I also knew it was the smart thing to do. I got in her bed and she went and brushed her teeth. She took her t-shirt off and shorts off and was only in her bra and panties. I was a little taken aback. She said, “don’t stare” and laughed. She said, “I can’t sleep in a bunch of clothes.” I laughed and said, “fine with me.” We laid in bed for a couple of minutes talking before she leaned in and kissed me. We started making out and my cock became extremely hard.

After a few minutes she said, “okay I lied, I am intrigued and I’m up for the challenge.” I was confused for a moment wondering what she meant, but she made it clear when she reached down into my shorts and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I said, “are you sure?” She didn’t say anything and just threw the covers off of us. She pulled my shorts down and held my eight inch cock in her hand for a moment looking at it. She began licking up and down the sides of it. She took my cock in her mouth and plunged down onto it sucking vigorously. She played with my balls as she did this, making sure not to neglect any part of me. Her ass was facing in my direction, so I started grabbing it and rubbing her pussy from outside of her panties. She began moaning lightly as she continued to focus her attention on doing a good job sucking. She was getting really sloppy with it, but in a good way. She was drooling down my cock making it extremely wet. The wetness ran down onto my balls and she would occasionally take my cock out of her mouth and begin licking the wetness back up off of my balls as she stroked my cock.

I slid her panties to the side and began fingering her as she sucked me. She was soaking wet and began moaning intensely as my fingers slid in and out of her. I started rubbing her clit, which instantly made her remove my cock from her mouth. She let out loud yelps and moans. She said, “oh fuck, you can’t…you can’t do that and…oh fuck, you have to fuck me now.” She was overwhelmed and extremely turned on. I guess I found her sweet spot and there was no turning back. I pulled her panties completely off and unclasped her bra. She got on top and straddled me. She slowly lowered herself down onto my cock. I’ve never seen someone with such sensitivity. Every stroke of my cock into her she was shaking and overwhelmed with pleasure. We had to go extremely slow and even stop a few times. She said, “just give me a minute and we’ll be able to really go at it. I just have to adjust.”
We were slowly able to pick up the pace and she leaned down with her chest against mine as I grabbed her hips and lowered her up and down onto my cock. She was still extremely sensitive, but was able to harness the pleasure a little more. After a while I turned her over onto her back. I slid my cock into her pussy and began really long slow strokes in and out of her. I watched her face as she squirmed and writhed with pleasure. We were both covered in sweat, but her body glistening made her look even sexier. I began going fast in and out of her. She started rubbing her clit and quickly orgasmed. She was screaming louder than anyone I had fucked before and I was afraid her roommate would hear.

After she orgasmed I decided to change positions. She got on all fours in front of me. I thought back to when I was 15 and how fucking lucky I would think the modern day me was. I would have killed to be in this position back then. It was a reality now, so I tried to appreciate every moment of it. I slid my cock in her from behind. I was going at a medium pace, enjoying watching my cock slide in and out of her beautiful body. She started saying, “I want you to cum for me baby.” She kept on, “please cum for me.” Her saying that was turning me on like crazy. After a minute or two I felt my cum welling up inside of me. I asked her, “where do you want it?” She responded, “cum all over my ass baby.” A few moments later I pulled out and started shooting ropes of cum. The first stream shot all over her asshole. The rest of the streams shot all over her ass cheeks. She reached back and started playing with my cum rubbing it all over her ass and on her asshole, even sliding her finger in for a moment. I sat back and just watched for a moment. We got cleaned up and eventually fell asleep.

Submitted: March 08, 2015

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