Sex with the girl from Church

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When the hot girl from church broke up with her boyfriend and started hitting on me, I never even imagined that things could get this hot...

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I was never much into church, but my best friend growing up was. He tried talking me into going with him for a couple of years before I caved and decided to go. I was around 15 at the time and I still never latched on to the actual message of it all, but I enjoyed the social aspect of it. The youth group at the church was very active and would go and do various things, play sports, etc. I made a couple of really good friends in that time and still look back on it fondly. I was definitely seen by our youth group leader and everyone else in the group as sort of the wildest of the bunch though. I think they kind of knew I didn’t buy into the whole thing and listened to “crazy” music etc., but I was never disrespectful and I think they enjoyed having me around. I stayed involved in the youth group up until I was about 20 years old and finally stopped going to church.

One aspect of the youth group that always kept the guys interested in coming to events and hanging out was the girls. There were always at least a handful of girls there that were pretty attractive, so it made things exciting and we loved trying to flirt with them. Through the years people dated here and there, but for the most part nothing too substantial. However, there was one girl (Annie) and guy (Jeff) in the youth group that dated for about two years. Annie was the kind of girl that was deceptively hot. If you just met her you might think, yeah she’s cute, but once you were around her a bit you realized she was really pretty. She was half Hispanic/half white, about 5’4”, dark brown hair, skinny, B cup tits, great ass for being so skinny, wore thick black glasses, and looked kind of like Jamie Lynn Sigler.

Jeff was the preacher’s son. He was kind of a dick and I never really liked him. He was cool to me for the most part, but I didn’t have much in common with him and he was kind of a loud mouth. He and Annie would fight regularly and break up it seemed like once a month and shortly thereafter get back together. One of those break ups happened the winter after I graduated high school. They broke up around the end of October (Annie was 18 at this time and I was 19). I was never that close with Annie, but would talk here and there and were decent friends. I think the main reason we never talked more is probably because Jeff would get jealous.

When they broke up this time it felt more permanent than any time before and she slowly seemed to try and talk to me more. We would go to events and she would hang around my friends and me quite a bit and would specifically talk to me the most. I didn’t try to think too much into it. I mean she used to just always hang around Jeff when they were dating, so it made sense that she would try to branch out and hang with some other people at the events now. Jeff would try to act like he didn’t care that she was hanging around us, but I could tell deep down he was boiling.

Time went by and our annual youth group winter ski trip was coming up towards the end of December. It was always a blast and I was excited to go. Over those couple of months since Jeff and Annie had broken up Annie and I became very close. She would call me here and there throughout the week and at that point I could tell she was definitely into me. It was one of those weird things though where she was a church girl, who didn’t use curse words, didn’t drink, and pretty much didn’t do any of the “evil” stuff I thought was fun. I had never dated a church girl and didn’t really know how I felt about the prospect. I did really enjoy talking to her though and she was very sweet and pretty much everything a guy could ask for aside from the “evil” stuff she didn’t partake in.
One night about a week before we were going on the ski trip we met up and were just hanging out at this park by my house that had a lake that was nice to sit and look at. We would go out there sometimes to be alone and talk. She never really talked much about her relationship with Jeff and would pretty much just say they didn’t see eye to eye on some things and that he was overbearing. We kissed for the first time a few days before, so we kissed some more at the lake. We were making out and had one of those moments where we both realized we were in public and needed to chill out, because it was getting hot and heavy. After we stopped the subject of sex came up. I asked her if she was really going to wait until marriage. I had never discussed this with her before, but I assumed based on what I knew about her that was her plan. She kind of laughed and said, “well…” I said, “wait, have you had sex?” She responded, “no no, I didn’t mean that. It’s just…well…that’s kind of why Jeff and I broke up. Well at least one of the reasons.” I was confused and said, “what do you mean?” She told me that her and Jeff broke up because she wanted to have sex and Jeff wanted to wait until marriage. I was shocked. I didn’t even know what to say. I just said, “woahh.”
Apparently it had been a point of contention for some time. After they were together for about a year she said she started wanting to have sex, but Jeff would never give in because of his beliefs and it always caused tension between them. I started to find out that she wasn’t as into the religion thing as I thought. I began to see that some of that religious aura was just a byproduct of dating Jeff. Her family went to the church, but never came off as like “super-church people.” She told me that her and Jeff had done everything, but intercourse. That was the one thing he wouldn’t do, so I guess she decided she didn’t want to wait years and years for that to ever happen. She asked if I was a virgin and kind of laughed. I think she knew the answer to that, I wasn’t. I lost my virginity a couple of years prior. The conversation was somewhat awkward, so we changed the subject and continued to hangout.
The next week rolls around and the ski trip has arrived. We always took this huge tour bus when we went. It was a really long drive to Colorado where the ski resort was, so the trip was always interesting and memorable. By this point I think everyone kind of knew something was going on with Annie and me. Jeff avoided talking to me and even the preacher was kind of giving me the cold shoulder. We got on the bus and Annie sat beside me. There were two seats on each side of the bus, so it was just the two of us.
We were about six hours into the trip and Annie starts dozing off. She eventually slumped down and laid her head on my leg. She grabbed a blanket and threw it over herself and went to sleep. She woke up a couple of hours later when we stopped for gas. We all got off of the bus and went inside to grab some food and drinks. We got back on the bus and hit the road. It was dark now and the inside of the bus was pitch black save for a few reading lights.

Annie was snuggled up next to me and tried to kiss me. I jumped back a little since we were on the church bus full of church people. She giggled and whispered, “sorry, I’m really horny.” Instantly my eyes widened and my cock got rock hard. I had never heard her talk like this before. The most I heard her say about sex was the other day at the lake. I guess that should have been an indicator that there was more going on under the surface than I knew about though. I responded, “well that’s good to hear and now I am too.” She smiled and said, “really?” I squirmed a bit and glanced down and said, “yeah, obviously.”
She laid her blanket over my legs instead of just hers. She reached down and felt my rock hard cock from outside my jeans. She whispered, “oh my god. It feels huge.” We sat there like that for a good twenty minutes, with her running her hand lightly up and down my cock from outside my jeans. She decided to get more daring and very slowly started trying to unbutton my jeans. I was about to have a heart attack thinking someone was going to walk by and notice what was going on. In reality we were pretty well covered by darkness and the blanket.

She managed to unbutton my jeans and work my zipper down. She slid my underwear down just enough to reveal my cock. She took it in her hand and squeezed it lightly and started stroking it. I couldn’t believe Annie was giving me a hand job on the church bus. I was staring at the back of one of the parent chaperone’s head. They were two feet in front of me and had no idea what was going on. Annie wasn’t making a sound, trying her hardest to go unnoticed. She kept stroking and stroking. Her hands were so soft and petite. About 10 minutes in I started feeling my orgasm coming on. It took every ounce of energy not to make any kind of noise. It slowly came on and then boom I started shooting cum all over the blanket and Annie’s hand. Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes got big when she started feeling my warm cum on her skin. She pulled her hand out from underneath the blanket and I saw it covered in white. She quickly wiped it off on the blanket and leaned over and gave me a light kiss on the cheek and whispered, “that was sexy.” I wanted to rip her clothes off right at that moment and have hot passionate sex right there on the bus, but I obviously couldn’t and didn’t even know if she would.

We got to the ski resort and headed to our rooms. We stayed three to a room with chaperones in rooms nearby. The first day of skiing went well and we all had a blast. The whole time I was thinking about what happened on the bus and really wanted more alone time with Annie. We all went to dinner that night and afterwards Annie and I were waiting outside the restaurant together. She said she really wanted to kiss me. I told her I agreed and said that is sucks we can’t get any alone time while we’re here. She said, “we need to figure something out.” I said, “yeah I wish, but I don’t see how.”
I wracked my brain for the rest of the night trying to come up with something. Late that night it hit me. I was staying with two of my best friends. I could ask them to leave the room late one night for an hour or so and then sneak Annie in. They would go along with it because they are good friends of mine and they wouldn’t expect anything too bad to be going on, because they thought Annie was super non-sexual (just like I had thought). From being there for a couple of days I realized that the chaperoning was pretty lax and it wouldn’t be too hard to pull off sneaking people around. I ran the idea by Annie the next day and she got a huge smile on her face. She said, “lets do it.” Now that I knew she was in I ran it by my friends. I explained that we just wanted some alone time to talk and makeout. They laughed and were kind of excited by the whole scheming and sneaking around thing. They said they were definitely in.
That night rolls around and about 1:00am my friends get up out of bed and head into the hallway. There was a game area that was pretty secluded that they were just going to hide in and try to be inconspicuous. I’m peaking out the door waiting for Annie to walk up. A couple of minutes later she walks up and quickly slides inside the room. She looked adorable in flannel pajama pants and a tight white t-shirt. She is just kind of giggling and we both felt a little awkward at first not knowing what was expected and what the other was thinking. We sat down on one of the beds and leaned in and started kissing. We kissed for what seems like forever. In reality it was probably only 5-10 minutes. I didn’t want to be the one to try to push things any further. I still had that thought in my mind that she was the very reserved Christian girl.

At that moment she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast from outside her shirt. I started squeezing and caressing and was glad she was being clear about what she wanted. She began moaning lightly. I then felt comfortable enough and reached my hand under her shirt and slid my fingers down inside her bra. I caressed her nipples and she began moaning a little louder. Our kissing intensified and she began kissing my neck. She reached and lifted my shirt up over my head. She kissed down my neck to my chest and down my abs. As she was kissing my stomach she reached into my shorts and began stroking my cock.
I didn’t know where this was heading, but I was really enjoying it. She pulled my shorts completely down and stared at my cock for a moment before lowering her mouth down onto it. She slid her lips up and down slowly on my cock before picking up the pace and sucking wildly. I was completely naked and she was still fully clothed and I wasn’t going to leave that room without seeing her naked. I reached over and pulled her shirt up over her head making her stop sucking for a moment before continuing. I then reached over and tried pulling her pants down, but couldn’t quite manage. She helped out and pulled them off. When she pulled them down I was surprised to see she had no panties on. That made me somehow even more turned on than I already was.
I lay back on the bed and grabbed her leg and motioned for her to turn around. We got in a 69 position and I began licking and fingering her pussy. She had the tightest pussy I had ever felt in my entire life. I fingered her with two fingers; because I was worried more would hurt her. I began rubbing and licking her clit and she let out a yelp of pleasure. I could tell she had probably never messed around with someone that had the slightest idea what they were doing. I started getting worried someone would hear us, but we kept on. She stopped sucking for a moment and said, “I really want to have sex with you.” I sat there kind of stunned. I really didn’t think she wanted to have sex. I honestly thought she probably just wanted to mess around. Like she said before she messed around with Jeff a lot, but they just never had sex. I figured she still wanted to at least wait to have sex with “the right guy.” I said, “really? Like now?” She said, “yeah.” She asked if I had any condoms. I said, “well no I wasn’t really planning on having sex on a church trip.” She wasn’t on birth control, but she said, “I don’t care let’s do it.” I could tell she was so turned on that she didn’t really care about anything at that point and I was feeling the same way. I said, “you’re sure?” She said, “yes, please. Just don't cum in me.” I’m not one to argue, so she lay down on the bed and I aligned my cock up against her pussy.
I really didn’t know if this was even going to work after feeling how tight she was. I’m not a small guy (8 inches and pretty thick), so this was going to be dicey. I slid the head in and she kind of bit her lip and said, “go slow.” I pushed a little more and she gasped. I slowly went in and out a few times and her body relaxed a little. Her mouth was open wide seeming to be in slight pain and pleasure. Her beautiful eyes stared up at me and I realized this was going to be her memory for the rest of her life of her virginity being taken. I began going deeper, but still going very slow feeling every inch of my cock slide in and out of her. The tightness was one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever felt. After about ten minutes of kissing and fucking slow like this we began to pick up the pace. She began getting more and more into it and seemed not to be in pain anymore. She began moaning and I had to place my hand over her mouth to keep things as quiet as possible.

After a while she said “can we try something else?” I said, “sure.” She got up and got on all fours. I was slightly surprised that she wanted to do it from behind her first time since it’s one of the least romantic positions, but once again I’m not one to argue. I slid my cock back in her pussy from behind and it took a minute or two to get her used to having me inside her again. We slowly picked up the pace again and as we started going faster I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. She was so tight and it felt so amazing I just couldn’t last anymore. I felt it build up and I pulled out and shot streams of cum all over her ass and back.
I ran and grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned her up. She pulled me back down to the bed and we kissed for a while. She said, “thank you.” We both had those blissful smiles you get on your face when you are in love or had really great sex. We snuck her out of the room and snuck my friends back in with no problem. My friends never suspected what actually happened that night. That was the only night we did that on the trip. Once we got back home Annie and I started dating. She got to do plenty of sexual experimenting with me and we had a really great time together. We broke up after about 6 months, because she was moving a few hours away to go to college. We talked about staying together, but both knew it wasn’t really going to work. I still talk to her maybe once a year through text, but it’s mostly just recalling memories. I think she will always feel a connection with me since I took her virginity.

Submitted: March 13, 2015

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